German Aid Workers Kidnapped by US Backed Terrorists in Syria

Friends of Syria

German aid group Gruenhelme says three of its members who had been reported missing in Syria for more than 45 days have been kidnapped in Idlib Province.


“It has been 45 days since three members and employees of Gruenhelme were kidnapped overnight on May 14-15, in the village of Harem” of Idlib, the group’s founder Rupert Neudeck said in a statement on June 28.

The three members have been identified as Bernd Blechschmidt, Simon S. and Ziad Nouri.

Neudeck added that Gruenhelme (Green Helmets) has asked the German Foreign Ministry, German police, and the Syrian opposition in Germany for help, but the identity of the kidnappers has not been clarified yet.

The German Foreign Ministry confirmed that three German nationals have been “reported missing” in Syria, without giving further details.

Neudeck said his group was “very surprised to see that… the media in Germany have been silent” on the issue.

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In Defence of the Syrian Arab Army by Tim Anderson

In Defence of the Syrian Arab Army by Tim Anderson


Attacks on the Syrian Arab Army have come from all sides, most western media claiming it has been ‘brutal’, defends a ‘dictatorship’ or represents an ‘Alawite regime’. While the army has confronted violence with violence, a series of ‘false flag’ accusations have been levelled at it, the most recent over the use of sarin gas.

However, in defence of this army, I ask two questions: one, after two years of foreign backed attacks, mostly from religious-fanatics, how would secular Syria have survived without its national army? and two, what legitimate function does any army have, if not to defend a nation from foreign backed attempts to violently dismantle the state and constitution or, alternatively, to partition the country?

To properly understand the gravity of the attacks on the secular Syrian state we have to appreciate that all violent insurrections in Syria in the post-colonial period have come from the Muslim Brotherhood’s attempts to impose a form of political Islam, dismantling a secular Arab nationalism established by the Baathist system. The idea of a ‘secular’ uprising is simply a convenient western myth.

Indeed, the major regional competition has been between secular nationalism and political Islam. When Egypt’s Gamel Abdul Nasser was the great hero of the former, the big powers promoted the Saudi monarchy as the Islamic alternative.

In Daraa in March 2011, just as in Hama in February 1982, the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood seized its opportunity for violent insurrection. Their opening gambit was the same: rooftop snipers killed police and civilians, the army was drawn in and then blamed for ‘killing civilians’, leading to cries for foreign assistance. In the recent conflict, thousand of foreign fundamentalists have been flocking to Syria (mostly paid by the Saudis and Qatar) precisely because it is seen as a religious, and not a national, conflict.

A 28 March 2011 statement by Muhammad Riyad Al-Shaqfa, Syrian Muslim Brotherhood boss, leaves no doubt that their aim is sectarian, the enemy is ‘the secular regime’ and that ‘we have to make sure that the revolution will be pure Islamic, and with that no other sect would have a share of the credit after its success’.

Amongst current western media clichés is one that the Syrian conflict is becoming ‘increasingly sectarian’. This is linked to simple characterisations of the conflict as one ‘between Sunni and Shia’, or ‘between the majority Sunni community and the Alawite regime’. These clichés are quite misleading.

The Muslim Brotherhood, for historical reasons (mainly its competition with secular Arab nationalism and dependence on Saudi sponsorship) has long represented a particular extremist sect within Sunni Islam. In doctrinal terms this is a salafism which makes use of ‘takfiri’ ideas, by which all other sects can be considered apostates or unbelievers (infidels, kafir) and, for that reason, open to attack. This is an extreme sectarianism which in Syria has given birth to the genocidal, salafi slogan ‘Alawis to the grave, Christians to Beirut’. The FSA has acted on this.

Yet this is not a ‘Sunni’ view. Opinion polls in Syria and around the world show that Sunnis, including conservative Sunnis, are inclined to be tolerant to people of other faiths. A recent Pew Research Centre poll found that, while strong Muslim majorities in many countries support sharia to be ‘the official law of the land’; similarly strong majorities also support freedom of religion for people of other faiths.

Syria’s secular nationalism, enforced by the Baathist regime but reinforced by Shami or Damascene Islam traditions, has nurtured a powerful ecumenicism which sees Christians recognise Ramadan and Muslims recognise Easter. In other words, Syria, on the cross roads of civilisations, has an even stronger tolerant tradition than others.

This is a great problem for the Muslim Brotherhood, which has relied on ‘takfiri’ ideas to advance its political cause. The Brotherhood dominates both the exile ‘opposition’ and the armed groups which make up the ‘Free Syrian Army’, and does have some support amongst the Sunni merchant classes. But it relies on sectarianism. It is the Brotherhood, along with its foreign and Al Qaeda linked allies, that has promoted the idea of the Assad government as ‘an Alawite regime’, murdering Alawi and Shiia civilians, in attempts to incite wider community conflict.

The Brotherhood pretends to represent all Sunnis, or at least ‘real Sunnis’. In practice most Sunnis reject them. The western media reported a series of FSA commanders in Aleppo (an overwhelmingly Sunni city) complaining about lack of support from the local people. ‘I know they hate us’ one told The Guardian, while Time magazine reported another saying: ‘The Aleppans here, all of them, are loyal to the criminal Bashar, they inform on us’. This was later confirmed by a report carried out for NATO which estimated that 70% of the Syrian population backed President Assad, and that much of this support came from secular Sunnis who were horrified by FSA atrocities.

The Syrian state, whatever its other flaws, has certainly represented a strong secular tradition. There are many signs of this. President Bashar al Assad himself is married to a Sunni woman. The Grand Mufti of Syria, Sheikh Ahmad Hassoun, is a strong Sunni supporter of the secular state. Sheikh Mohamad Al Bouti, murdered along with 42 others by an FSA suicide bomber in March 2013, was a senior Sunni Koranic scholar who backed the secular state. The western media tag on these men as being ‘pro-Assad’ rather misses the point.

Syria’s secular tradition is nowhere stronger than in the Syrian Arab Army. Making up about 80% of Syria’s armed forces and with half a million members, half regulars and half conscripts, the army is drawn from all the country’s communities (Sunni, Alawi, Shiia, Christian, Druze, Kurd, Armenian, etc). However they identify as ‘Syrian’ and ‘Arab’ and confront a sectarian enemy which brands itself ‘real Sunnis’.

A key objective of the Brotherhood’s insurrection was always to split the Syrian Arab Army, along sectarian lines. Indeed, a number of army officers did defect, mostly those with family links to the Brotherhood. FSA atrocities against Alawis and Christians (most of which were blamed on the government), must have raised community feelings. However, towards the end of 2011 the FSA-aligned spokesperson in England Rami Abdel Rahman, who calls himself the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said less than 1000 soldiers had deserted.

By mid 2013, more than two years into a bloody conflict, it is quite clear that the army has not fractured on sectarian lines. They have held together as a national force, very clear that they are facing sectarian and often foreign opponents.

The entry of Lebanon’s Hezbollah into the fighting to re-take the town of al-Qusayr hardly represented a sectarian turn in the fighting. Hezbollah, with many allied Shiia communities close to al-Qusayr, was fighting alongside a secular Syrian Arab Army and in defence of the secular Syrian state. Indeed Hezbollah, while Shiia Islamist, also supports a secular (or at least pluralist) state in Lebanon. Through its alliance with Lebanon’s largest Christian group (led by Michel Aoun) it now forms part of the Lebanese government. Hezbollah rejects the salafis’ ‘takfiri’ ideas.

So when commentators claim the Syrian conflict is becoming ‘increasingly sectarian’, they are simply paying more attention to Muslim Brotherhood arguments and ignoring the fact that, across the region, secular nationalism remains an important force.

The ‘elephant in the room’ in this discussion has been the big powers: the USA, Britain, France and Israel, and their collaborators Turkey and the gulf monarchies. The sad reality is that, through their various interventions in the region (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya) these powers have been using the most reactionary sects within Islam to divide the peoples of the region. If this seems to contradict publicly-stated doctrine, Israel defence official Amos Gilad has made it clear that al-Qaeda elements creating chaos in Syria are far preferable to a united Syria-Iran-Hezbollah axis.

But this discussion has been about the Syrian Arab Army, criticisms of which seem particularly absurd coming from those western countries whose armies spend much of their time invading and occupying a variety of foreign countries, most of them oil-rich, supposedly for the good of the local populace.

Cynics suggest that arbitrary national boundaries and entities created by the colonial powers have no value. However hundreds of thousands of young Syrians put their lives on the line every day to defend a nation that gives them identity, education and a range of shared institutions. I suggest that deserves some respect.

The Syrian Arab Army has been vilified by those very same regimes that arm the foreign jihadis and the local sectarians. Yet despite the relentless attacks, this army has held together and is showing strong signs of resuming control of their own country, in service of a secular and socially inclusive state. If that is not the legitimate function of a national army, I don’t know what is.


Détails du Plan B de Poutine dans le conflit syrien

Réseau International

Akrotiri  et Dhekelia, qui abritent respectivement la base aérienne et  les troupes de l’armée de terre britanniques, sont deux enclaves, détenues par le Royaume-Uni sur le territoire de l’ancienne colonie, Chypre. Akrotiri est situé à 10 km au sud-ouest du port de Limassol, où la flotte russe en provenance de Tartous a récemment aménagé. A la base aérienne d’Akrotiri opèrent, depuis le début de la guerre en Syrie, la 84ème escadrille britannique d’hélicoptères ,

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Nine years later and here we are. This is problem, reaction, solution and it is likely the program that is fomenting the changes in the middle east.:Agents provocateurs, Killing civilians, Money, Drugs, jihadist propaganda-‘P2OG”-

Nine years later and here we are. This is problem, reaction, solution and it is likely the program that is fomenting the changes in the middle east.:Agents provocateurs, Killing civilians, Money, Drugs, jihadist propaganda-‘P2OG”-.


Les conséquences de l’espionnage mondial pratiqué par les Etats-Unis –partie I

Réseau International

Le Washington Post et The Guardian ont récemment révélé l’existence de deux programmes secrets NSA. L’un pour intercepter les données et  appels téléphoniques aux Etats-Unis  dans le réseau Verizon et d’autres réseaux. L’autre programme, appelé PRISM, est destiné à intercepter les communications des internautes  à l’extérieur des États-Unis sur tous les grands réseaux sociaux, notamment Facebook. Les sociétés qui émettent les certificats de cryptage SSL sont pour la plupart américaines et britanniques, allemandes et israéliennes.

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Les conséquences de l’espionnage mondial pratiqué par les Etats-Unis (Partie 3/4)

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Les chefs d’Etat et de gouvernements de l’Ouest ont établi, d’un commun accord, un plan d’action de  guerre secrète dans laquelle les Etats-Unis, en tant que coordinateur de l’opération devait se concentrer principalement sur la situation en URSS, pendant que l’Allemagne et la Grande-Bretagne s’occuperaient (avec les États-Unis)  de l’Allemagne de l’Est, la Pologne et la Tchécoslovaquie, et que la France, les Pays-Bas et l’Italie (sous le leadership américain) se chargeaient de la Hongrie, la Bulgarie et la Roumanie.

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Beheading civilians of Syria -democratic,sponsored by Occidental powers Wahabis in action!

decapit 3

#Terrorists #slaughter #cutting_throat #Christians #Syria
#Terrorism #Wahhabis #Wahhabism #Salafists #Saudi #KSA #Qatar #Turkey#Freedom #Democracy #FSA #Al_Qaeda #Nusra_Front #Jihad #USA #UK #Britain#France #Humanity #Fuck #America #Idlib #Revolution
This video contains harmful and shocking scenes +21

الشارع السوري

قام إرهابيون من جبهة النصرة بتنفيذ حكم “ميداني” على مطران وشاب في ريف إدلب.

ويقوم الإرهابيون المرتزقة بإعدام المطران والشاب بقطع رأسيهما، فيما قال الناشطون أن هذه الجريمة البشعة تمت في ريف محافظة إدلب.

لمشاهدة الفيديو على الرابط: +21:

Catholic Priest Executed as Foreign Arms Flood into Syria

Friends of Syria

On Sunday, June 23, Syrian Catholic priest Francois Murad was murdered in the locality of Gassanieh, northern Syria, according to a statement from the Custody of the Holy Land sent to the Fides Agency.


Murad (49), having led a religious life and studied in Palestine, was ordained a priest and set about building a monastery in Gassanieh, Idlib.

Murad was targeted by armed militants, while he was residing at the monastery, which was dedicated to Saint Simon Stylite.

Citing the head of all Franciscans in the Holy Land, Pierbattista Pizzaballa, the Vatican News Agency said that Father Murad recently chose a monastic way of life and resorted to the monastery, with Franciscan Friars, a few weeks earlier.

“The world must know that the support of gunmen by the west is helping extremists in killing Syrians”, Pizzaballa said, adding that, “with such stances, not a single Christian will remain in the East.”

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Hezbollah’s role in al-Qusayr ~ (DOC)

the real Syrian Free Press




Hezbollah’s role in Qusayr

In his latest speech, Hezbollah’s leader, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah explained that one major factor behind the movement’s fighting in Qusayr was to defend Lebanon against extremist Al-Qaeda type groups.

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said that Takfiri groups like Al-Nusra pose a grave danger to Lebanon and all the Lebanese, whether they are Sunni, Shiaa or Christian. He added that such groups had threatened to attack Lebanon once they topple the government in Damascus.

These groups have been responsible for various attacks in Lebanon, some of which occurred before the fight in Qusayr in Syria near the Lebanese border.




Font: PressTV

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Base aérienne russe à Chypre

Russia will be able to use an air base in Southern Cyprus.
Moscow and Nicosia are preparing an agreement on the operation use of the air base, “Andreas Papandreou” in Paphos, Cyprus newspaper Fileleftheros reports. The tentative agreement was reached between the two countries during the negotiations of the Foreign Ministers of Cyprus and Russia in St. Petersburg.
The main topic of discussion was the Cyprus issue on which Moscow has promised to support Nicosia. The Russian side also welcomed the initiative of Nicosia for the return of the occupied town of Famagusta. Cyprus Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides also called on Russia to encourage companies to be interested in the mining of the exclusive economic zone of the island and the construction of the LNG …

Réseau International

air_su-35_pafos_lgComme l’a écrit à plusieurs reprises dans ce blog notre ami Valentin Vasilescu, la Russie avait décidé de briser la suprématie américaine en Méditerranée Orientale et de se positionner pour reprendre cette suprématie à son compte. Il semble qu’elle vient de franchir un pas supplémentaire dans cette direction, un pas de géant serions-nous tenté de dire.

Moscou et Nicosie viennent d’arriver à un accord pour l’utilisation par la Russie de la base aérienne “Papandreou” à Paphos. Depuis quelques temps déjà les pourparlers étaient en cours. La question a été mise à l’ordre du jour lors de la rencontre entre les ministres des Affaires étrangères de la Russie et de Chypre, Sergueï Lavrov et Ioannis Kasoulides, qui a eu lieu à Saint-Pétersbourg, en marge du forum économique.

Les discussions ont porté sur le maintien des facilités pour l’accostage des navires russes dans le port de Limassol pour se ravitailler, ainsi…

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Executed Syrian children

Executed Syrian children

Syria: ‘I saw rebels execute my boy for no more than a joke’

Nadia Umm Fuad watched her son being shot by Islamist rebels in Syria after the 14-year-old referred to the Prophet Mohammed as he joked with a customer at his coffee stall in Aleppo. She speaks to Richard Spencer.

Nadia Umm Fuad who watched her son being shot by Islamist rebels in Syria after the 14-year-old referred to the Prophet Mohammed as he joked with a customer at his coffee
Mohammed Katta’s mother witnessed the execution of her son in three stages.

She was upstairs at home when she first heard the shouting. The people of the neighbourhood were yelling that “they have brought back the kid”, so she rushed out of her apartment.

“I went out on my balcony,” Nadia Umm Fuad said. “I said to his father, they are going to shoot your son! Come! Come! Come! I was on the stairs when I heard the first shot. I was at the door when I heard the second shot.

“I saw the third shot. I was shouting, ‘That’s haram, forbidden! Stop! Stop! You are killing a child.’ But they just gave me a dirty look and got into their car. As they went, they drove over my son’s arm, as he lay there dying.”

Mohammed was 14 when he was killed, earlier this month, prompting international condemnation. He has become a symbol of the fears many Syrians have for the future of the country .

Three citizens were martyred, including a 3 year old boy, in a car bomb blast which hit the residential al-Mazzeh 86 neighborhood in Damascus.

SANA reporter said terrorists detonated a car loaded with explosives on the main road near the bus station in Mazzeh 86 (Madrasa), killing three citizens and injuring others.

He stressed that a 3 year old boy was among the martyrs, pointing out that the explosion caused great damage to the residential buildings in the site.

A source at al-Muwasat Hospital told SANA reporter that the bodies of three people arrived at the hospital, in addition to 7 injured people, among them two children.

Mazzeh 86 area has been targeted with a series of terrorist bombings through car bombs and explosive devices which caused tens of deaths and injuries.

Two explosive device blasts hit the area on 6th and 12th of last December near a bakery and a Basic Education school, killing a citizen and injuring others.

Eleven citizens were martyred and tens of others were injured when a car bomb was blown up in Arous al-Jabal area on November 5th. The victims included women and children.

Two citizens martyred by mortar shells in Damascus and its countryside

Two citizens were martyred and several others injured by mortar shells that terrorists fired on al-Abbasiyyin and Jaramana areas.

An official source at the Police Command told SANA that three mortar shells fell in the vicinity of al-Abbasiyyin stadium in Damascus. One citizen was martyred and seven others injured.

The source added that terrorists attacked with mortar shells Al-Nahda neighborhood in Jaramana city in Damascus countryside. A 12-year-old child was martyred and four citizens were injured.

Images @

10 things you didn’t know about the Syrian revolution

10 things you didn’t know about the Syrian revolution

Raghda B
Syrian Youth
Thu, 01 Mar 2012 08:49 CST

Who hasn’t heard of the peaceful uprising in Syria that was supposedly suppressed by the Syrian government?

We’ve heard it everywhere; from social networks, news…even TV shows have a spin at it.

Do you really know what’s happening in Syria or are you being lied to?

Here are 10 things you may not have known.

1) It’s not popular

Western media may portray this uprising as the next big thing. We’ve seen millions come out in Tunisia & Egypt but have you seen millions come out in Syria? When was the last time you saw a protest on large scale filming. Don’t you think it’s a little ironic that they zoom in on signs, on people & film from the back?

Looking on another end…when was the last time you saw a pro-Assad rally on your television screen? Yes, they do exist, but you’d never know:

PRO-Assad rally in Damascus

2) They thrive on lies

Admit it. You’ve heard the typical, “Assad security forces have fired at innocent protesters and killed (insert an odd number here – odd numbers sound much more realistic)”. We all have, it’s become a norm. Of course they’ll show you some guy running away while trying to film & you’ll hear gunshots in the background. Then they’ll show you someone wounded while trying to carry him.

We’ve all heard of the death toll. Now how true is it?

Here’s another video showing you the truth behind this “revolution”:

3) It’s already armed

I’m sure everyone’s read recent reports about Qatar (yes, that tiny country) & Saudi Arabia (?) claiming that people need to start arming the revolution. Of course this was their idea, so they did it since the beginning! They’re always ahead of the game.

Many of their weapons have been captured, and many more are being smuggled. If this is just another revolution, why were they armed from the beginning?

4) They love Israel

Love. You can’t hide it.

Issac Herzog (Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee) said that, “the Syrian opposition want to “be friends” with Israel.”

Apparently the Syrian opposition & their supporters love them back and haven’t been shy in expressing it.

Here’s another one that’s known as the “Voice of Homs”…while sitting in his home in London, of course!

Then their leaders love Israel:

5) Followers lack history knowledge

The flag they call their “Independence Flag” was forced onto Syria in 1938 under the FRENCH Mandate. From the 1930s, the Syrian Republic was under the control of Vichy France (the government of France that collaborated with the Axis powers).

Displaying that horrendous flag means you want to go back to the days of the French Mandate.

It was reused in 1961 when traitors revolted against the unity of Syria and Egypt with the help of the West and Saudis.

The 3 stars were the 3 provinces in Syria. It was used as a religious segregation to spread certain religions further apart.

6) They’re fighting for leadership, not democracy

Just recently Haitham al-Maleh and company defected from the Istanbul Council (media publicizes it as the Syrian National Council, although none of its members are actually in Syria).

While the Istanbul Council is run by Burhan Ghalioun and other Zionist lovers; Maleh didn’t seem content with his rule so decided to form his own council.

None of these individuals have the slight ambition to democracy, they want leadership. Don’t be surprised to hear more and more defecting to attain high positions soon.

7) They’re not alone

Libyans, Afghans, Lebanese, Syrians, French, Turks, Iraqis, Yemenis & Jordanians. What do they all have in common? They’ve all decided to come and fight for democracy…in Syria!

No coincidence ladies and gentlemen, this is another fluke in so-called the freedom fighting phase.

Weeks ago France recalled their Ambassador from Damascus. A mere 24 hours after reports of French soldiers were caught in Syria…France sent back their Ambassador to negotiate with the Syrian government.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves….why were they in Syria in the first place? Hmmm.

8) They’re sectarian

Al Arabiya put out a photo on their news channel a while back splitting the region into 4 regions: Kurds, Sunnis, Alawites & Druze. If this doesn’t spell out sectarian, then I don’t know what does.

More footage of sectarian abuse by Syrian opposition:

9) The “FSA” is an illusion…

The Free Syrian Army, as they call it, is supposedly a group of defected soldiers that have come together to protect “innocent Syrians” from the “brutal regime”. That sounds like a fairytale.

They claim they’re defected soldiers and they’re thousands in number. Logically speaking if that many soldiers from the army had defected, they would have been able to overtake Syria.

The FSA is nothing but a name given to armed terrorists inside Syria. They have their own uniforms, perform their own skits and are an illusion to the Western population.

It’s also quite ironic that the cities that the FSA tries to “take over” turn into hell, crime scenes and grave yards. It’s worth giving a thought to. For example, Hamidya in Homs was a pro-Assad stronghold for 11 months. When FSA tried to “free” it, it turned into this:

10) They fail to realize Syria is not Egypt nor Tunisia

We’ve heard it being said time and time again.

In Egypt & Tunisia, millions came out. They stayed in Tahrir Square for days.

Syria has not witnessed anything like this. Not even when the “revolution” first started. They occupy little allies, streets, mini-villages etc.

Three citizens martyred, including a child, in car bomb blast in Mazzeh 86 area

the real Syrian Free Press




Three citizens martyred, including a child, in car bomb blast in Mazzeh 86 area

Three citizens were martyred, including a 3 year old boy, in a car bomb blast which hit the residential al-Mazzeh 86 neighborhood in Damascus.

SANA reporter said terrorists detonated a car loaded with explosives on the main road near the bus station in Mazzeh 86 (Madrasa), killing three citizens and injuring others.

He stressed that a 3 year old boy was among the martyrs, pointing out that the explosion caused great damage to the residential buildings in the site.

A source at al-Muwasat Hospital told SANA reporter that the bodies of three people arrived at the hospital, in addition to 7 injured people, among them two children.

Mazzeh 86 area has been targeted with a series of terrorist bombings through car bombs and explosive devices which caused tens of…

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Syria: “Oqab Saqr ordered the kidnapping of Lebanese pilgrims”, 700 US troops in Jordan & CIA trained militants

Silver Lining

“Oqab Saqr ordered the kidnapping of Lebanese pilgrims in Azaz”

Al Manar

Mazen Ali Hamoush a member of the so-called “Storm of North Brigade “, said that the Lebanese MP of al-Mustaqbal bloc Oqab Sakr has ordered his militant group to kidnap the Lebanese pilgrims coming from Turkey to Aleppo as they were passing in the area of Aazaz, SANA news agency reported.

“Saqr is involved in the coordination of funding and arming militants in Syria as well, he added.

Hamoush also confessed to his involvement in murder and kidnapping actions with terrorists from Tunisia, Libya, Chechnya, Afghanistan, Egypt and other countries.

In confessions aired on Syrian state television, Hamoush said that he first participated in the siege on the military security building in Aazaz for 18 days with a number of armed groups from the town and its countryside, including the group of Ammar Dadikhi called “Storm of North…

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Turkey: Water Cannons spray chemicals & 23 arrested

Silver Lining

Turkish Water Cannons Spray Chemicals ‘Causing Skin Burns & Insomnia’

Turkey Arrests 23 more over Anti-Government Protests

Al Manar

Turkish authorities arrested 23 more people on Saturday over their alleged role in this month’s anti-government protests, accusing them of acting on behalf of a far-left “terrorist” group, a news report said.

A court in the capital accused them of helping to organize the protests and engaging in violence in the name of the Communist Marxist-Leninist Party (MLKP), CNN-Turk said on its website.

Another three were released but placed under judicial supervision, the report said.

Interior Minister Muammer Guler said the operation had been planned for about a year against the “terrorist” (MLKP), but that the suspects were also implicated in the protests, the most violent since Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s – government came to power in 2002.

Prosecutors could not immediately confirm the arrests, which follow a sweep last…

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Media Misdirection and the Syria Crisis


Living in comfortable south central Ontario for many years, I implicitly believed most of what I heard from the media. Occasionally I wondered about some alarmist reports, but mostly I thought what they said was accurate. I went to a talk in Orillia about 10 years ago by a CBC radio host – it might have been Michael Enright, I’m not sure. He was talking about media accuracy. That was an eye-opener for me.

Some years later, in search of adventure and change, I moved from my safe, humdrum world to Kuwait. I was amazed at how peaceful this world is. I spoke to people who had lived in Iraq. I spoke to people who had been to Afghanistan. When I was in my safe world, the media had led me to believe that those countries were extremely dangerous. One Canadian woman I spoke to had actually traveled through a…

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2 Qatari officers transferred chemical materials used by terrorists in Khan al-Assal ~ Identificati 2 agenti del Qatar circa il trasferimento di materiale chimico utilizzato dai terroristi a Khan al-Assal ~ (Eng-Ita)

the real Syrian Free Press



Two Qatari officers transferred chemical materials used by terrorists in Khan al-Assal

Jun 22, 2013 – Beirut (SANA – H. Said) – The Lebanese al-Akhbar newspaper revealed that the toxic chemical materials which the terrorist groups used in Khan al-Assal area in Aleppo last March were transferred by two Qatari officers across Turkey.

The newspaper pointed out that the transfer of chemical substances was done with the knowledge of Ankara, according to security information disclosed by an intelligence apparatus of a certain regional state.

The Qatari officers are Maj. Fahd Saeed al-Hajiri and Capt. Faleh Bin Khalid al-Tamimi, according to the information.

The Lebanese newspaper noted that the Turkish authorities tried to cover up the transfer process, particularly after Russian demands for explanations, by announcing the arrest of 12 Jabhat al-Nusra members with chemical materials, including 2 kg of sarin gas, in their possession.

The information provided by the…

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Les troupes américaines regroupées en Jordanie après la fermeture par la Turquie des circuits de livraison d’armes US et OTAN aux rebelles syriens

Réseau International

Erdogan-Obama-SyrieLa décision américaine d’améliorer l’armement des rebelles syriens s’est heurtée à un revers majeur: DEBKAfile révèle que le Premier ministre turc Tayyip Erdogan a appelé le président Barack Obama à Berlin le Mercredi 19 Juin, pour lui faire part de sa soudaine décision de fermer le circuit turc du transfert des armes américaines et de l’OTAN aux rebelles syriens.

Dans ce contexte, le président américain a informé le Congrès Vendredi 21 Juin, que 700 soldats américains prêts au combat resteraient en Jordanie à la fin des exercices conjoints américano-jordaniens (NDT : Eager Lion). Parmi eux il y aurait des équipes pour deux batteries de missiles anti-aériens Patriot et pour la logistique, un personnel de commandement et de communication nécessaires pour appuyer ces unités. Les États-Unis laisseront également derrière eux, à la fin des manœuvres, un escadron de 12 à 24 avions de combat F-16 à la demande de la…

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Criminals and their tools

Criminals and their tools

Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said that Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist groups perpetrated on June 12, 2013 a massacre in Hatla village in Deir Ezzor against scores of citizens, most of them women and children because they refused to support their criminal acts.

“The terrorists also looted, burglarized the citizens’ properties, burned their houses and attacked and sabotaged the worship places… the websites have broadcasted videotapes documenting Jabhat al-Nusra massacre, instigated by one of the sheikhs of salafis in Kuwait called Shafi al-Ajami who is involved in funding and sending thousands of jihadists into Syria,” the Foreign Ministry said in two identical letters sent to the UN Secretary General and President of the security Council.

It added that Syria has repeatedly warned in its pervious letters against the dangers of terrorism and extremism, as well as documented the crimes perpetrated by the armed groups.

“Syria stresses that when a number of states refused to condemn such crimes, they would encourage the terrorist groups to go ahead in their crimes which target the innocent citizens through committing massacres, random shelling on civilian regions in addition to the suicide bombings which even didn’t spare the residential buildings, public establishments, mosques, churches as well as assassinating the Islamic and Christian clerks,” the Ministry said.

It affirmed that the continuation of some countries in the region and abroad, on top, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey to offer public and direct support to terrorism in Syria through funding, arming and resorting the armed terrorist groups, in addition to the European latest decision, sponsored by Britain and France, to lift embargo on arming the opposition is a dangerous violation of the legal commitments imposed by the UN Security Council resolutions and the relevant international treaties of counter-terrorism.

“The EU decision to allow buying the Syrian oil, stolen by the armed terrorist groups, to sell weapons and military equipment is another violation of the EU states’ commitment to curb the financing of terrorism,” the letter said. It added that Syria once again warns against the dangers of involvement in supporting al-Qaeda-linked takfiri terrorism practiced by Jabhat al-Nusra and its allies of the “Islamic battalions”, as well as the so-called “the Free Syrian Army”.

“Syria underlines that some countries’ continued calls for arming the opposition or announcing their willingness to arm them under the pretext of changing the military balance won’t only support terrorists, but this uncovers the hidden intentions of those states to obstruct efforts to reach a political solution among the Syrians.

“Putting those facts in front of the UN Security council, Syria calls on it to assume its responsibilities, in light of its relevant resolutions of counter-terrorism, to condemn the massacre in Hatla village and call on the countries involved in supporting terrorism in Syria to stop such practices which pose a threat to the security and stability in Syria and the region,” the Foreign Ministry concluded.

Criminality emerged again in the Syrian village of Hatla, where hungry monsters pounced on the children, women and elderly.

In the name of extremism sixty people were killed, and under the pretext of the sect they were slaughtered. The indescribable scene was heinous and motivated by revenge.

Al-Manar Website correspondent in Syria reported that militants of Al-Nusra Front and others of the so-called ‘Free Syrian Army’ stormed the village of Hatla on Tuesday morning with more than 1000 militiamen, opening heavy gunfire from different types of light and medium weapons without sparing any child, woman or old man.

The terrorists projected their anti-aircraft fires at civilians directly, and executed the children prior to adults, using all kinds of murder.

Of the awful actions they committed was the slaughter of a child who hasn’t attained the age of six. They also executed a woman, “Wedad al-Badrani”, by an anti-aircraft projectile in front of her family who were later executed.

Omar Hammadi and Issa Khalaf al-Hilal, whose ages are beyond 85, were also executed, not to mention all the brutal massacres committed against entire families and burning the homes of unarmed civilians.

The terrorist groups have also kidnapped Sayyed Ibrahim Musa Mullah Eid, a well-known cleric in the town, with his nephew, Taha Hussein Mullah Eid. Few hours later, both victims have been killed in brutal manner.

Even though, the Hatla residents tried to resist the attack after fortifying themselves in one of the village neighborhoods, and clashed with the terrorist takfirist militiamen more than once.

Opposition websites admitted that around 33 terrorists were killed and dozens wounded during clashes, among them was chief of what they called “Ammar al-Hammad” battalion.

The gunmen announced that they carried out the attack under the pretext of the fighters’ arrival of the Syrian Arab Army at the village. However, the al-Nusra Front stated that the attack was a revenge for the “slaughtered al-Qusayr,” as they expressed.

The incident received widespread resentment among Syrian citizens, some of them are known opponents to the Syrian government.

As for the rest of Hatla residents, they were secured in the adjacent village of Jufrah. Some residents arrived at the eastern city of Deir Ezzor.

In response, Syrian army units pounded militants’ strongholds sporadically due to their presence among civilians to use them as human shields.

A UN report issued Wednesday stated that children are being used as sniper targets and human shields in the Syria war, whereas UN leader Ban Ki-moon said the 26-month-old war in Syria is taking an “unacceptable and unbearable” toll on children with thousands among the death toll.

Part of Hatla martyrs are:

Sayyed Ibrahim Musa Mullah Eid
Taha Hussein Mullah Eid
Mohammad Musa Mullah Eid
Murtaza Ibrahim Mullah Eid
Mustafa Ibrahim Mullah Eid
Wedad al-Badrani, Sayyed Eid’s wife
Ali Mandil Saleh
Basil Mandil Saleh
Yasser Mandil Saleh
Ma’soom al-Raja, his wife (Batoul) and daughter (2 years)
Hajj Omar al-Hamadi (85 years)
Hajj Issa Khalaf Al-Hilal (84 years)

Kuwaiti instigator Shafi Al-Ajmi cheer the massacre of 77 innocent people

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Vladimir Putin: “President Bashar al-Assad confronts foreign gunmen, not Syrian people”

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Putin: President al-Assad confronts foreign gunmen, not Syrian people

Jun 21, 2013 – Petersburg-Moscow (SANA)Russian President Vladimir Putin said that President Bashar al-Assad is in confrontation with gunmen who were trained abroad, not with the Syrian people.

During a joint press conference with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, President Putin said that the international community and the US recognized Jabhat al-Nusra, which is key part of the armed opposition, as a terrorist organization.

”Of concern to us is the possibility of political vacuum if decisions are taken to replace the incumbent Syrian government…If Assad goes, a political vacuum will emerge…who will fill that vacuum?”

Putin said that ”During the G8 summit, everybody agreed to convince the parties to the conflict in Syria to sit to the negotiating table in the upcoming international conference in Geneva…

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Spain Dismantles al-Qaeda linked terrorist network responsible for sending fighters to Syria

Friends of Syria

Madrid: Sana: Spanish security forces on Friday broke up an Al-Qaeda-linked network in north Africa suspected of sending fighters to Syria, arresting eight people in early morning raids.


In a statement to Agence France Presse, Spanish Interior Ministry said : ” We have broken up a network responsible for sending combatants to Al-Qaeda-linked terrorist groups operating in Syria,”

The network, operating in Ceuta and the neighbouring Moroccan town of Fnideq, sent dozens of combatants , some minors, to Syria, the ministry said.

It added that the dismantled Spanish-Moroccan network was, according to police investigations, responsible for sending jihadists to groups affiliated with Al Qaeda in Syria,”

“Some of them would have carried out suicide attacks while others would have been incorporated into training camps prior to carrying out armed action,” the ministry said.

Security forces confirmed that several “jihadists” were waiting to travel from Spain to Syria, it added.


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Le talon d’Achille de l’armée de Bachar Al-Assad

Réseau International

L’Armée syrienne fidèle à Al Assad est déficiente en matière de recherche, ce qui empêche une victoire rapide. La Recherche est une forme d’assurance dans le combat en détectant avec précision l’emplacement de tous les combattants ennemis, leur dispositif, le type d’équipement dont dispose chaque combattant et les manœuvres dans l’espace et dans le temps qu’ils exécutent. Grâce à la recherche, on évite de se faire surprendre par l’ennemi.

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بالصور: التضليل الرهيب الذي يستعمل ضد سورية و الذي صدقه العربان العميان


هذه بعض الصور التي تكشف استعمال الخونة و من ورائهم قناتي الجزيرة و العربية لأحداث قديمة

يدعون أنها حدثت في سورية للتأثير على الرأي العام، و استجلاب العطف و التأييد

الصورة الأولى

استعمال لصور أطفال من مدينة الاسكندرية المصرية على أنهم في حمص

الصورة الثانية

استعمال صور و أحداث من اليمن و الادعاء أنها من سورية

الصورة الثالثة

استعمال صور لمجازر الناتو في ليبيا على أنها في سورية

الصورة الرابعة

استعمال مقاطع من مخيم عين الحلوة في لبنان على أنه في سورية

الصورة الخامسة

صورة لضحايا انفجار في نيويورك يستغلها الحقراء  و يقولون أنها في سورية

الصورة السادسة

يستعملون صورا لضحايا حروب العصابات في أوروبا على أنها في سورية

الصورة السابعة

يستغلون صور المجازر التي قام بها الصهاينة ضد الفلسطينيين و يدعون أنها في سورية

الصورة الثامنة

يستعملون صورة طفل اغتصب و قتل منذ 2006 على أنها حدثت في سورية

الصورة التاسعة

حتى المسيرات المؤيدة زيفوها

الصورة العاشرة

حتى العلم…

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Solidarity campaign in Prague in support of Syria

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Prague, (SANA – M. Nassr/ H. Said) – The European Solidarity Front for Syria held a new campaign in support of Syria in Prague and other Czech cities.

The campaign included hanging posters on walls and distributing T-shirts inscribed with the words “Hands off from Syria”.

On its Facebook page, the Front highlighted that its members have also participated in the international solidarity march which took place last week.

The page pointed out that an official of the Front made a speech during the events, calling for rejecting the attempts to change the current legitimate government of Syria and holding the West, the Arab Gulf and Turkey responsible for the terrorist acts in Syria.

The European Solidarity Front for Syria is active in 10 European countries and has organized several events in support of the Syrian people and leadership and in rejection of the western disgraceful support to…

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#Aleppo: video «al-Nusra », accompanied by Tunisian women fighters executes a citizen

Graphic Images +18
Breaking News Network has got a video showing the elements of “al-Nusra Front”, arm of al- #Qaeda in Syria,” while they were kidnapping the citizen Omar Mido of Sheikh Saeed neighborhood in the city of Aleppo, as they went to the neighborhood, where they field-executed him on charges of government support, Then they tread on his head.
Our reporter in Aleppo, citing local sources that “Mujahidat” Aleppo: by video «al-Nusra », accompanied by Tunisian women fighters executes a citizenTunisian women have participated in the kidnapping of #Syrian citizens, some of them have appeared in the video.
النصرة برفقة مقاتلات تونسيات يعدمون مدنياً في حي السكري بحلب

Al-Jaafari: UN reports took two years to recognize that terrorist groups recruited children

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Al-Jaafari: UN reports took two years to recognize that terrorist groups recruited children

Jun 17, 2013 – New York – (SANA – F.Allaf)Syria’s Permanent envoy to the UN, Bashar al-Jaafari, stressed that the whole world witnessed a series of crimes committed by the armed terrorist groups against children in Syria, however, it took the UN reports two years to recognize that the armed terrorist groups had been recruiting children in their ranks.

“The Syrian government is committed to protecting citizens, particularly children. Any violation of their safety and security will be subject to mechanisms of strict accountability,” al-Jaafari said during the UN Security Council session held to discuss recruiting children in armed conflicts.

“For the first time, the report of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict, Leila Zerrougui,  mentioned the crimes and violations of the armed terrorist groups, particularly recruiting children… we…

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Al-Assad en una entrevista con el periódico Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung: el reto más importante que enfrenta la región es el extremismo (ESP)

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Al-Assad en una entrevista con el periódico alemán Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung: el reto más importante que enfrenta la región es el extremismo

Jun 18, 2013 – Damasci – (SANA)

El presidente Bashar Al-Assad ha considerado que el reto más importante que enfrenta la región es el extremismo que produce un cambio en nuestras comunidades lejos de la moderación, haciendo hincapié en que no hay duda de que Siria acabará con los terroristas que se encuentran en su suelo.

El presidente Al-Assad advirtió en una entrevista con el periódico alemán Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung de que cualquier manipulación de las fronteras de esta región significa trazar un nuevo mapa de las zonas distantes, y explicó que la principal razón de la prolongación de la crisis en Siria se debe al factor externo que se esfuerza tanto en lo político como en lo militar para tal fin.

El presidente Al-Assad subrayó que…

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President al-Assad gives interview to the German Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper (ENG)

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President al-Assad gives interview to the German Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper

Jun 17, 2013 – Damascus – (SANA) – President Bashar al-Assad gave the following interview to the German Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper:

Interviewer: Mr President, how do you view the situation in your country? The Syrian Army has lost control over large parts of Syria, in other words those areas are outside the control of central government. What’s your take on the situation?

President Assad: Your question requires us to put things into their proper context: this is not a conventional war with two armies fighting to control or liberate particular areas or parts of land. What we are in fact dealing with is a form of guerrilla warfare.

As for the Syrian Army, there has not been any instance where our Armed Forces have planned to enter a particular location and have not succeeded. Having said this…

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Le président al-Assad : L’extrémisme est le plus important défi qu’affronte la région (FRA)

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Le président al-Assad : L’extrémisme est le plus important défi qu’affronte la région

17 Juin 2013 – Damas  (SANA) –  Le président Bachar al-Assad, a estimé que l’extrémisme est le défi le plus important et le plus grand qu’affronte la région, affirmant que la Syrie liquidera tous les terroristes sur sa terre.

Dans un entretien qu’il a accordé au journal allemand Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, le président al-Assad a estimé que la raison principale de perdurer la crise en Syrie est due au facteur extérieur qui œuvre politiquement et militairement pour réaliser cet objectif.

Quant à sa vision sur la situation en Syrie alors que l’armée arabe syrienne avait perdu des vastes parties de la Syrie, le président al-Assad a fait savoir que la Syrie n’est pas dans une guerre régulière pour parler des zones contrôlées ou incontrôlées dans le pays, disant : “Nous ne sommes pas une…

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دمشق : الصور الأولية للإنفجار-2rockets fired from #Darrya one hit Mezzeh airbase and the second hit #Damascus central bakery building

دمشق : الصور الأولية للإنفجار-2rockets fired from #Darrya one hit Mezzeh airbase and the second hit #Damascus central bakery building

There has been an explosion on the “Mazze” Highway, with initial reports that the Syrian Military Checkpoint at the “Beirut Bridge” was targeted by Terrorists …


Italia: Frente Europeo se manifiesta en Solidaridad con Siria


Demonstration in Rome organized by the European Solidarity Front For Syria asking for a political solution to the conflict.

In this European event in Rome was emphasized the importance of defending the Syrian Arab Republic, its territorial integrity, its people and its legitimate President, Bashar Al-Asad, and also, according to organizers, to give voice to Syrian communities of the old continent , censored by major international media.The Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Emma Bonino, sees the solution as a political one to bring peace to the Syrian people,
María de la Rosa, Rome


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Syrian Patriotic Freelancers Network












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ITALY 15th of June 2013 – real Syrians from all over Europe

BEBELUSI ROMA1ITALY 15th of June 2013 - real Syrians from all over Europe

THEY SAY WE ARE “extremist,fascists …”DO WE LOOK LIKE THIS?????????????
Italy,15th of June 2013
We want on this occasion to thank all those who helped us and participated despite the delusional the day that our city had between hot, Harley riders throughout international day, and gay pride. Thanks to CPI for having hosted and supported, thanks to all the guys on the European front for Syria without exception both present and those absent with active presence through their activities continue to make our patience, our best virtues.