Criminals and their tools

Criminals and their tools

Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said that Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist groups perpetrated on June 12, 2013 a massacre in Hatla village in Deir Ezzor against scores of citizens, most of them women and children because they refused to support their criminal acts.

“The terrorists also looted, burglarized the citizens’ properties, burned their houses and attacked and sabotaged the worship places… the websites have broadcasted videotapes documenting Jabhat al-Nusra massacre, instigated by one of the sheikhs of salafis in Kuwait called Shafi al-Ajami who is involved in funding and sending thousands of jihadists into Syria,” the Foreign Ministry said in two identical letters sent to the UN Secretary General and President of the security Council.

It added that Syria has repeatedly warned in its pervious letters against the dangers of terrorism and extremism, as well as documented the crimes perpetrated by the armed groups.

“Syria stresses that when a number of states refused to condemn such crimes, they would encourage the terrorist groups to go ahead in their crimes which target the innocent citizens through committing massacres, random shelling on civilian regions in addition to the suicide bombings which even didn’t spare the residential buildings, public establishments, mosques, churches as well as assassinating the Islamic and Christian clerks,” the Ministry said.

It affirmed that the continuation of some countries in the region and abroad, on top, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey to offer public and direct support to terrorism in Syria through funding, arming and resorting the armed terrorist groups, in addition to the European latest decision, sponsored by Britain and France, to lift embargo on arming the opposition is a dangerous violation of the legal commitments imposed by the UN Security Council resolutions and the relevant international treaties of counter-terrorism.

“The EU decision to allow buying the Syrian oil, stolen by the armed terrorist groups, to sell weapons and military equipment is another violation of the EU states’ commitment to curb the financing of terrorism,” the letter said. It added that Syria once again warns against the dangers of involvement in supporting al-Qaeda-linked takfiri terrorism practiced by Jabhat al-Nusra and its allies of the “Islamic battalions”, as well as the so-called “the Free Syrian Army”.

“Syria underlines that some countries’ continued calls for arming the opposition or announcing their willingness to arm them under the pretext of changing the military balance won’t only support terrorists, but this uncovers the hidden intentions of those states to obstruct efforts to reach a political solution among the Syrians.

“Putting those facts in front of the UN Security council, Syria calls on it to assume its responsibilities, in light of its relevant resolutions of counter-terrorism, to condemn the massacre in Hatla village and call on the countries involved in supporting terrorism in Syria to stop such practices which pose a threat to the security and stability in Syria and the region,” the Foreign Ministry concluded.

Criminality emerged again in the Syrian village of Hatla, where hungry monsters pounced on the children, women and elderly.

In the name of extremism sixty people were killed, and under the pretext of the sect they were slaughtered. The indescribable scene was heinous and motivated by revenge.

Al-Manar Website correspondent in Syria reported that militants of Al-Nusra Front and others of the so-called ‘Free Syrian Army’ stormed the village of Hatla on Tuesday morning with more than 1000 militiamen, opening heavy gunfire from different types of light and medium weapons without sparing any child, woman or old man.

The terrorists projected their anti-aircraft fires at civilians directly, and executed the children prior to adults, using all kinds of murder.

Of the awful actions they committed was the slaughter of a child who hasn’t attained the age of six. They also executed a woman, “Wedad al-Badrani”, by an anti-aircraft projectile in front of her family who were later executed.

Omar Hammadi and Issa Khalaf al-Hilal, whose ages are beyond 85, were also executed, not to mention all the brutal massacres committed against entire families and burning the homes of unarmed civilians.

The terrorist groups have also kidnapped Sayyed Ibrahim Musa Mullah Eid, a well-known cleric in the town, with his nephew, Taha Hussein Mullah Eid. Few hours later, both victims have been killed in brutal manner.

Even though, the Hatla residents tried to resist the attack after fortifying themselves in one of the village neighborhoods, and clashed with the terrorist takfirist militiamen more than once.

Opposition websites admitted that around 33 terrorists were killed and dozens wounded during clashes, among them was chief of what they called “Ammar al-Hammad” battalion.

The gunmen announced that they carried out the attack under the pretext of the fighters’ arrival of the Syrian Arab Army at the village. However, the al-Nusra Front stated that the attack was a revenge for the “slaughtered al-Qusayr,” as they expressed.

The incident received widespread resentment among Syrian citizens, some of them are known opponents to the Syrian government.

As for the rest of Hatla residents, they were secured in the adjacent village of Jufrah. Some residents arrived at the eastern city of Deir Ezzor.

In response, Syrian army units pounded militants’ strongholds sporadically due to their presence among civilians to use them as human shields.

A UN report issued Wednesday stated that children are being used as sniper targets and human shields in the Syria war, whereas UN leader Ban Ki-moon said the 26-month-old war in Syria is taking an “unacceptable and unbearable” toll on children with thousands among the death toll.

Part of Hatla martyrs are:

Sayyed Ibrahim Musa Mullah Eid
Taha Hussein Mullah Eid
Mohammad Musa Mullah Eid
Murtaza Ibrahim Mullah Eid
Mustafa Ibrahim Mullah Eid
Wedad al-Badrani, Sayyed Eid’s wife
Ali Mandil Saleh
Basil Mandil Saleh
Yasser Mandil Saleh
Ma’soom al-Raja, his wife (Batoul) and daughter (2 years)
Hajj Omar al-Hamadi (85 years)
Hajj Issa Khalaf Al-Hilal (84 years)

Kuwaiti instigator Shafi Al-Ajmi cheer the massacre of 77 innocent people

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One thought on “Criminals and their tools

  1. These murderous monsters! How many more innocent Syrians will be killed now that the American president is sending more weapons to arm these terrorists?
    How f***ing stupid can this American government be!!!???
    When will I hear about similar atrocities being committed in my husband’s hometown of Ar Raqqa? I tremble for the beautiful, kind, caring, innocent Syrian people that just want their peaceful lives back…

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