Enemies of Syria-Rome 2013

Enemies of Syria-Rome 2013

Kerry and senior officials from 11 countries in Enemies of Syria meeting in Rome,said in a joint statement released by the Italian foreign ministry that they had agreed in Rome on “the need to change the balance of power on the ground.” It said the countries represented “will coordinate their efforts closely to support the Supreme Military Command of the Free Syrian Army in its efforts to help them exercise self-defense.”
mercenaries,slaves of Zionists,more accurate I think!Don’t you?


Friends of Syria

Today all of the enemies of Syria meet up to talk tactics on their illegal war on Syria. Probably discussing how much more money they have to pay the terrorists to kill more innocent people. How they can get more dangerous weapons into the terrorist and how they can assassinate Bashar Al Assad. 


Every time there has been one of these meetings there has been an escalation of terrorist car bombings immediately after. We can only imagine that this time they are planning some sort of chemical warfare as they have exhausted many of their other plans.

These terrorist leaders are convinced they can do as they please, killing women and children, using children in their terrorist army and get away with it.  They seem to think they are above the law.

We are not backed by anyone in Syria, but spread the voice of the Syrian people. We are…

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American Anti-Tank Missile Filmed In Syria

American Anti-Tank Missile Filmed In Syria

American Anti-Tank Missile Filmed In Syria
The following video posted on an activist channel for Talbiseh, Homs shows a very unusual projectile previously unseen in the conflict

The projectile belongs to an American M47 Dragon, a wire-guided anti-tank missile in service with the US military until 2001. A diagram of the projectile is shown

The video provides a close up of the markings on the projectile which provides additional information

“Octol” refers to the type of explosive used, more details of which are here. M225 is the type of warhead, and HE refers to high explosive. What’s interesting is there’s also a P/N reference, which means that with the right reference material it would be possible to track it down to it’s original source. With a history of use in Iraq, Israel, and Jordan, as well as the US, it leaves the question of the source wide open, but hopefully the P/N reference will make tracking the origin much more straight-forward.

More Background On Croatian Weapons In Syria
Some more information for those of you interested in the recent New York Times piece of Croatian weapons being sent to the Syrian opposition by Saudi Arabia.

Moses  and others made a number of earlier reports on the subject, before it was clear who was providing the weapons, with first post on the subject back in January 16th followed by two more updates as I discovered more information
Are Yugoslavian Anti-Tank Weapons Being Smuggled Into Syria?
Evidence Of Multiple Foreign Weapon Systems Smuggled To The Syrian Opposition In Daraa
Foreign Smuggled Weapons Spread Northwards Into Syria

From February James Miller and Scott Lucas of EA Worldview also produced a number of posts on the subject
Someone is Arming the Insurgents…and It’s Working
The Insurgent Offensive Against Damascus and the Foreign Weapons
A New Insurgent Alliance — With New Weapons — Is Changing the War
Why Europe’s “Embargo” on Arms to Insurgents is Not an Embargo — Scott Lucas with Monocle 24
Syria — How and Why the US is Arming the Insurgents

Michael Weiss examined the appearance of these weapons on February 20th with “Who just started arming Syria rebels?”.

As part of  research into the weapons in questions I’ve put together a number of Youtube playlists with all the videos I’ve come across showing these weapons in the hands of the opposition:
RBG-6 Grenade Launcher
M79 Osa Rocket Launcher
RPG-22 Rocket Launcher
M60 Recoilless Gun

It appears Croatian weapons aren’t the only recently sighted foreign weapons in Syria, with Chinese MANPADS (surface to air missiles), and French rockets appearing on the field in recent weeks.

Interesting document :http://m274armymules.com/Documents/tow.pdf

Americans judge for yourself!

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40 veicoli 4×4 di un convoglio di terroristi mercenari che procedevano sulla strada che conduce da Homs a Palmira, nei pressi dell’aeroporto T4, sono stati ridotti in cenere grazie ad uno dei falchi siriani.
Il lavoro continua anche nei frutteti di Talbissi, dove più di 40 terroristi sono stati uccisi e distruttii loro 4 veicoli armati di mitragliatori, oltre ad un auto-van carica di armi.
40 4×4 vehicles in a convoy of terrorist mercenaries who proceeded on the road from Homs to Palmyra, near the T4, were reduced into ashes thanks to one of  Syrian falcons.
The work continues in the orchards near Talbissi, where more than 40 terrorists were killed and destroyed their 4 armored vehicles with machine guns, as well as a car-van full of weapons.



Raqqa: i falchi siriani colpiscono la scuola commerciale nella città di Al Tabqa, che era divenuta un centro operativo…

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Friends of Syria

Aref Hamdoush lives in Lattakia. He is a military and political analyst and has studies military science for 5 years. His sources include friends in the Syrian army, and former friends who have joined the FSA.

Seth Rutledge – Are there many demonstrations going on in Syria?

Aref Hamdoush: millions went into streets to tell the world we are with Bashar al Assad, millions all over Syria and even Syrians out side Syria all over the world.

S- How do most Syrians want to proceed: regime change, new elections, or something else?

A- I will answer this for sure, most Syrians want elections immediately with Assad as a candidate. Why, because more than 80% of the Syrians support him, we asked for this a long time ago.

S- Do Syrian’s support the Syrian National Coalition? Are they legitimate representatives of Syria?

A- The Syrian National Coalition is not national, they…

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Friends of Syria

Feb 23, 2013

The electronic Syrian Army received a document proving that Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Lebanese former Prime Minister Saad Hariri, and Lebanese MP Oqab Saqr are involved in arming the so-called Syrian opposition.

“The Syrian Electronic Army” declared attaining a confidential document containing a frank confession of the involvement of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Hariri, and Saqr in arming the so-called Syrian opposition, through an electronic campaign made by the Army’s groups against private diplomatic networks in some Gulf countries.

The document, a confidential memo addressing the Qatari Embassy in Ankara to the Qatari Minister of Foreign Affairs, revealed details of a meeting between the Embassy’s consultant and a diplomatic figure in the Gulf, who both deliberated another meeting in Ankara with a Syrian opposition member.

The document further mentioned that the meeting deliberated Qatar and Saudi’s funding of the so-called opposition via the Lebanese MP and former PM Saad…

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Why is Syria important for our future?!

Many of you may wonder why the international media is so focused on the situation in Syria, why the Western governments spend millions or maybe billions of dollars on supporting Wahhabi extremists trying to bring down Syria’s current government and why is this fight so important for us pro-Syria activists and for the future of the whole world. I’ll try to answer these questions with the following analysis.

Violent battles are taking place from Libya to Mali as an outcome of the generally misinterpreted ‘Arab Spring’. For some, things are becoming more and more clear and they seem to realize the special role of the battle for Syria. The outcome of the Syrian crisis can determine the success or failure of global corporatism in creating an empire backed by the power of the US military and its NATO allies. It is highly important for western citizens to realize this, because once such a ‘New World Order’ is fully established, resistance of citizens worldwide can only be violent. That could only serve to provide the perfect excuse to use the powers of the police state that is being constructed all around us.

Even the ones who constantly follow the news from the mainstream media have enough hints to put some puzzles together, though the truth can be more easily found in the alternative, independent media, in the work of activists. To appreciate the real danger humanity faces, we must look at the available information with open eyes, a justified skepticism of government claims and an understanding of the realities of how the global game of risk is played today. We won’t get this perspective from the political pundits whose analyses are premised on an uncritical acceptance of the need for a “war on terror.” Anyone who understands the goals of Strategy for Rebuilding America’s Defenses (SAD), the white paper put out by Project for a New American Century in 2000, knows that the America’s war of terror is a smokescreen for the creation of what amounts to a permanent fascist New World Order. Plans for world domination were laid out in this seminal document and published one year before the attack on the World Trade Center that provided the opportunity to put the strategy into action. ‘Project for a New American Century’ was founded on the assumption that the United States had the right and duty to assure a ‘Pax Americana’ would endure for at least a century, established and maintained through American military superiority in the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union. SAD (Strategy for Rebuilding America’s Defenses) devised a devious plan to destabilize any nation whose leaders dared to challenge American interests. In context, the term can only be assumed to mean the interests of international corporations whose executives have dictated the foreign policy to Washington administrations at least since the 50s, when the CIA staged the Guatemalan coup on behalf of the United Fruit Company in 1954.

The most important states identified in SAD as potential threats to United States’s domination were… Well, if you were thinking of Iraq, Libya, Syria and Iran, you were right! Exactly the states targeted by the US led mainstream media, by sanctions and even by military interventions. It may seem surprising that another country invaded by NATO coalition, Afghanistan was not on the list, given that negotiations for an American pipeline had broken down in 1998. But perhaps by 2000 the invasion was already a foregone conclusion. After all, General Wesley Clark has reported being informed of a classified memo on or about September 20, 2001 that laid out plans to take down these governments along with Sudan, Lebanon and Somalia. For those who haven’t been paying attention, oil-rich southern Sudan seceded in July of 2011, Hezbollah has recently been accused of masterminding a terror attack against Israelis in Macedon, leading to the EU considering putting them on its terrorist list, and the CIA is still busy trying to gain control in Somalia through drones, private contractors and covert means. The claim that Hezbollah was behind the Macedon attack is at best suspicious, pointing to a deliberate effort to implicate a key ally of Syria and Iran.

The timing and reasons of the CIA and MI-6 based coup in Libya may have been related to Muammar Gaddafi’s renewed threat to create a gold-backed dinar to challenge the supremacy of the petrodollar. There had been threats to take out the Libyan leader at least since Reagan was in office. In 1996, two MI-5 whistleblowers revealed that one was approached by an agent of MI-6 about illegally funneling money to foreign mercenaries to finance a takeover of power. Gaddafi’s socialist government and his efforts to promote Pan-African unity and independence were threats to NATO’s vision of an American-led New World Order. When the time came to take him out, NATO used the same means proposed in 1996. Mercenaries backed by the United States and its Gulf partners infiltrated the Benghazi region and gained the support of a few malcontents to give themselves a veneer of legitimacy. NATO then sought UN cover in the form of a no-fly zone authorization, which was used as a pretext to eliminate loyalist civilians and the Libyan military through massive air strikes, allowing the terrorist army to murder Gaddafi and take control of the country.

Many wondered why Russia and China did not veto the UN decision on the no-fly zone. After all, they stand to be the biggest losers in the winner-take-all game of global monopoly in which average citizens of the planet are merely token players. What they did was abstain. By tradition though not law, this is taken to mean that a measure passes in the Security Council. However, when NATO exceeded the mandate of the resolution and murdered an estimated 10,000 loyal Libyan civilians under the doctrine of “responsibility to protect,” both nations decided it was in their interests to not allow the same thing to happen in Syria. This is probably the main reason the Syrian government remains in power. Syria is the key line of defense against US/NATO/Gulf states/Israeli domination of the world’s oil supplies exclusive of Latin America and Russia. Its citizens increasingly realize that the survival of sovereignty in Syria may be the last hope of stopping a small band of bankers and their minions from controlling the world. From a larger perspective, the quest to achieve dominance over the rest of the planet in the interest of perpetuating a carbon fuels-based world economy threatens the survival of human civilization as we know it. As long as geopolitics is centered on the conflict over oil and natural gas, the threat of global climate change grows and becomes ever more immediate.

Try to imagine this as a domino, with Syria the first piece of it. If Syria falls and Hezbollah is named a terrorist organization by the EU, Iran and Russia will stand virtually alone against the powerful alliance of Western ‘democracies’, Israel, the Gulf monarchies, the Qatar-backed governments dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood and the terrorist groups backed by Saudi Arabia, the CIA, MI6 and Mossad. Even since 2007, United State’s foreign policy in the Middle East has been to back cooperative ‘moderate’ Sunni monarchies over ‘radical’ Shia governments and groups and their secular allies in Syria and pre-invasion Iraq. This is essential to understanding the Washington’s plan to carry out its program of regime destabilization. The Muslim Brotherhood, including Hamas, seems committed to securing its place in what they seem to assume will be a permanent fascist New World Order. If Iran is destabilized through economic sanctions or eventually attacked by NATO forces with the implicit or explicit blessing of citizens of EU nations, Russia will be essentially isolated and economically devastated by the loss of access for its oil and natural gas to European, Chinese and Indian markets. China in turn will find itself virtually alone in the fight against a worldwide western corporate empire. China is heavily dependent on oil from Iran, Myanmar and other regions that have been targeted by NATO, which is seeking to absorb SEATO (the Southeast Asian Treaty Organization). Australia and Japan are going along with the plan to establish NATO economic and military dominance over Asia. Meanwhile, drone bases are being set up in Africa, throughout Asia and in the Americas. Everything is in place to allow the international corporate terrorists who control the US government, military and intelligence agencies to take over the world militarily in areas where it cannot yet dominate economically. In the face of a dollar that is increasingly seen as endangered, the impetus to move rapidly toward a final solution to the problem of democracy is compelling.

With all this happening in front of their eyes, a clueless American public dithers over the economic consequences of having unwittingly allowed corporations to take control of their government, without recognizing that is the problem. Most of those who have not given up on politics altogether engage in endless debate over whether Democrats or Republicans have allowed this to happen when clearly both are responsible. As an example of the lunacy of the state of American politics, supporters of right wing politicians are so fearful of a “socialist” takeover that they have made gun rights a central issue in the political dialogue, joined in support by left wingers who have also concluded that violent revolution is unavoidable.

What would be left in this corporate-controlled New World Order is a China under increasing pressure by the Anglo-American Empire, an economically crippled Russia, a Middle East dominated by overseers of the slave owners of the corporatocracy, a recolonized Africa and Asia and a defenseless and demoralized world citizenry, unable to fight back effectively because any effort to resist would simply increase support for a police state by those remaining in the middle class who are fearful of a mob rule formerly known as ‘democracy’.

(the photo is a mural from the famous Denver Airport. Watch closely how the sword of that New World Order soldier is pointed at the pigeon of peace, killing it)

P.G. 2013
by :  Philip George

Nusra Takes Credit for Damascus Carnage

Nusra Takes Credit for Damascus Carnage

In this third weekly SHAMSEIN report, the following 9 stories are discussed:

00:10 Jabhat al-Nusra Claims Responsibility for Damascus Bombings after Fabricating Lies about al-Hayat Hospital

03:32 Developments in Syria’s Occupied Golan Heights: 03:40 Israel Preparations for Incursions into the Golan 04:38 Israel Wants to Build Field Hospital to treat FSA while:Terrorist Abdelhadi Mohammad al-Khalif confessed to taking part in destroying the National Hospital in al-Qseir, Homs countryside, along with a terrorist group by detonating explosive devices planted in a tunnel they dug under the hospital, claiming the lives of a number of hospital workers and nurses.

In confessions broadcast by the Syrian TV on Saturday, al-Khalif said that he joined a group led by Mohannad Ghannoum who came from Baba Amro area along with 25 gunmen fully armed with machineguns, launchers and equipment.

He said that Ghannoum, aka Abu Bakr, planned the tunneling under the hospital, and they dug a 300 meter tunnel from the home of a man from the Harba family, and upon reaching the area beneath the hospitals they tunneled in three different directions.

Al-Khalif said that after they finished digging, another group came and planted explosives in the tunnels then detonated them in time with an armed attack on the hospital.

He also confessed to committing acts of abductions, including the abduction and torture of 15 people from the town of al-Aqrabiya, and the abduction of 5 people from the village of al-Ghassanye who were transported to the home of one Firas al-Akari where they slit the throat of one of the abductees.

Al-Khalif said that they also abducted two people from the village of al-Hamidiye and stole two large cars, adding that they received weapons and funds from a man named Dabbah Ghannoum and his two sons who got them from Lebanon
05:45 Oil Drilling Operations in Occupied Golan Heights Approved by Israel 06:08 Syria Shot Down Israeli Drone over Lebanon, close to Golan Heights 07:37 Occupied Golan’s Druze Standing Strongly with Syria, their Homeland

08:25 West Prepares War in Lebanon after Syria, as FSA Vows to Eliminate Hezbollah from Lebanon: 08:34 FSA & Alleged Hezbollah Clashes in Qusayr, on Syrian-Lebanese Border 09:43 FSA Gives Ultimatum to Hezbollah and Vows to Eliminate it 12:10 Salafi Cleric & Lebanon’s Agent Provocateur Wants to Fight against Hezbollah 13:58 UK to Train Lebanese Troops Amid Fears of Syria Spillover

14:14 Update on Syrian Army Cleansing Operations in Syria

16:21 Athletes Targeted by FSA: Football Player Talks about Losing his Colleague

18:11 Jabhat al-Nusra’s Sectarian Slogans: Calls for Killing of Shia Muslims & Demands for Islamic Caliphate

19:30 Syria’s Sunni Grand Mufti on Turkey’s Policies & Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood

22:01 Lebanese Interior Minister Says Turkey Can Secure Release of Lebanese Pilgrims Kidnapped by FSA but Won’t Do it

23:38 FSA… the Grendizer Warriors

Warning: Some footage may be graphic. (not for shock, 18+, viewer discretion advised, aimed only at documenting crimes by FSA terrorists in Syria)

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Qatar to secret


Ecco perché la crisi siriana dura così a lungo: documenti trapelati rivelano la cospirazione e coinvolgimento del Qatar nell’invio di mercenari e armi in Siria, con la complicità NATO che controlla i porti libici


This is why the Syrian crisis has lasted so long: leaked documents proves the conspiracy and involvement of Qatar sending mercenaries and weapons in Syria, with the complicity of NATO who control the Libyan ports

Qatar to secret-ITA

Qatar to secret-ENGQatar to secret-ARAB


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Mideast Shuffle


An abridged version of this article appeared in The Guardian on February 15, 2013

A trip to Syria last January piqued my interest in the ubiquitous Syrian death toll that accompanies most news items on the country. The overwhelming assumption about these casualty numbers is that they represent dead civilians killed by a brutal regime, but inside Syria I found widely conflicting opinions on who was doing the killing and who was dying.

In my February 2012 investigation I concluded that the UN total of 5,000 victims of violence in Syria included a more diverse universe than what was being portrayed in the media: civilians caught in the crossfire between government forces and opposition gunmen; victims of deliberate violence by government forces and by opposition gunmen; “dead opposition fighters” whose attire do not distinguish them from regular civilians; and members of the Syrian security forces, both on and off duty.

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Lavrov Critical About U.S. Veto on Condemnation of Damascus Terrorist Attack

MOSCOW – NEW YORK – 22/02/2013 – Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, said the US vetoing a Security Council statement condemning the terrorist bombing which hit Damascus on Thursday stresses that it deals with double standards towards terrorism.

Following his talks with his Chinese counterpart, Yang Jiechi, Lavrov voiced Moscow’s frustration with the fact that all member states of the UNSC without exception were until recently inclined towards the position of condemning any attacks regardless of their perpetrators, place and motives.

He noted that the terrorist bombing took place near the Russian Embassy in Damascus and caused damage to the building and claimed a very large number of victims among the Syrians.

“This opposition by our American partners…is not the first time in which they seek a form that justifies those who fight the Syrian regime,” said Lavrov.

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(este video siempre está disponible después 03:00 GT del día siguiente)

Siria – Noticias de Siria – ESP- 22 de Febrero 2013

EE.UU. pose un veto en la ONU para condenar el atentado terrorista en Damasco



SYRIA NEWS ARABIC ~ 22/02/2013

Servicio Especial de ataque Damasco

خدمة خاصة الهجوم دمشق

الاخبارية السورية – حوار حسام شعيب 22-02-2013


العلامة محمد سعيد رمضان البوطي خطبة الجمعة 22-02-2013




A New Patriotic Song




Recorded from Syrian Official Television and Uploaded by
SyrianPress # SyriaFreePress # SiriaNews # TheNewsSyria # NoticiasDeSiria

Recorded from Syrian Television by SyrianFreePress.net Newtwork  at





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Imagine this scenario: You receive a call at work, a hysterical voice on the other end of the line screams there has been an accident in the neighborhood, and your child is somewhere on the street..

You rush hysterically from work, reaching your neighborhood you are met with scenes of chaos, emergency vehicles and sounds of screaming sirens fill the entire area, you see body parts on the ground, people are frantically searching in the debris, seems there was an explosion, could be a gas pipe or a vehicle, you are still in a state of shock, when you suddenly notice a small body on the ground with familiar clothes, as you rush towards it, you notice a small pink school bag which you remember very well, your mind is very confused, as you realize  that this is your child laying on the ground, body charred, with limbs missing and covered in…

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Zionist Occupation Permits to U.S.A. Enterprise to Drill for Oil in Occupied Syrian Golan

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM – Feb 21, 2013 – In a new violation of the international laws and norms, the Israeli occupation gave a permit to a U.S. firm to drill for oil  in the occupied Syrian Golan.

Reuters News Agency reported Israeli sources as saying that Israel has issued a permit for the American  company Genie Energy to drill for oil in the occupied Syrian Golan.

According to the UN Charter and international law, Israel is not allowed to deal with the occupied Syrian Golan as “a land under occupation” or change its geographical monuments.

The UN Security Council issued resolutions considering all Israeli procedures in the occupied Syrian Golan as null and void.



L’Entità Sionista Occupante Permette a Società USA di Trivellare nel Golan Siriano Occupato

Gerusalemme occupata – Feb 21, 2013 –…

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Blast in Damascus…FSA reaction to Israhelli drones downing?

Blast in Damascus...FSA reaction to Israhelli drones downing?

blast place of Damascus: more than 20 martyrs are the initial toll
A terrorist bombing took place on Thursday morning in al-Thawra Street in the surrounding of al-Mazraa neighborhood in Damascus.

The bombing, which took place in a densely populated area near a crossroad of main streets, killed and injured a large number of civilians.Huge material damage was caused to the houses of citizens in the area surrounding the bombing, blast dam 4blast damblast dam 2blast dam 4 the victims are civilians and school students.
This is a cowardly act of bullying on civilians and children in schools and this is proof of their losses in the field for that whenever they received blows resort to bombings,while the leaders of terrorists try to impose conditions for “dialogue”?

Syrian Electronic Army Leader: Cyber-War to Continue Against Those “Distorting the Truth About Syria”

hack SEA

Blogged for The Huffington Post UK detailing the April 23rd cyber-attacks which were launched by the so-called “Syrian Electronic Army” (SEA) against the Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya News Channel.

As I couldn’t get hold of anyone from the so-called SEA at the time, I ended the round upwondering whether this “army” is, in-fact, just another “arm” of the Assad Regime (as their cyber-attacks are said to be too sophisticated to be done by amateurs), or indeed an independent group of Anonymous -like online activists who could be… anyone, anywhere.

Only a few hours after the piece was published , the answers emerged in front of me via Twitter, where I noticed an interesting interaction to the round-up by a particular tweep whose handle carried the Syrian Electronic Army acronym (SEA).

I made contact requesting an interview; he responded by “following” me insinuating that he wanted to resort to a private message exchange; it was then that he I realised that I was communicated with a member of the Special Operations Department (SoD) of the so-called SEA.

“THE PRO” – as he likes to be named – requested that we do the interview over Gmail Chat, I accepted.

(A screen-grab of parts of my Gmail-Chat interview with THE PRO)

Now having read the memoirs of Egyptian online activist Wael Ghonim, I knew that Gmail chat was among the preferred options for communication as, when combined with an IP changing programm such as TOR, makes tracking the person you are talking to – literary – virtually impossibly (not that I would know how to do it anyway).

Although THE PRO declined to offer his real name for safety reasons (which he explains in part II of this interview, to be posted tomorrow); He reveals that he is a Syrian living in Syria.

THE PRO also reveals not only a member, but actually “a leader” of this virtual army of “thousands of activists”, who share the same political positions and “reject the onslaught of information and distortion of facts happening in Syria”.

However, before I go on detailing – over two consecutive blog posts – what was discussed during the interview, I wish to state the following:

An independent verification of the identity of THE PRO as one of the leaders of SEA wasn’t attainable; however he has provided enough confidential “insider” information to support his story. He has also provided a number of exclusive images, such as – but not limited to – the hacked control panel of Al-Arabiya‘s Twitter account below

(A screen-grab of the hacked control-panel of Al-Arabiya‘s ‘Breaking News’ Twitter account which was sent by THE PRO )

Attack on Al-Arabiya

When asked to confirm if SEA had really attacked Al-Arabiya he confirms that the group was behind the cyber-attacks of April 23rd. However, he says that the battle isn’t with this Saudi-owned channel alone, but with the Qatari Al-Jazeera as well anyone who seeks to distort facts about what is going on in Syria.

For context purposes, it should be noted that Saudi Arabia and Qatar have led the way in criticising the Assad Regime’s handling of the 2011 pro-Democracy demonstrations which swept Syria.

Indeed, many Assad-loyalists perceive Saudi and Qatari media outlets as biased mouth-pieces of their respective governments, seeking only to place more pressure on Damascus.

“It (Al-Arabiya) said unreal number about killed people in Syria… it doesn’t said a word about the Pro-Assad demonstrations“, he explains.

I stop him there and say that these channels are not coming up with the numbers themselves; “the UN is saying that are 9000 people killed, Al-Arabiya is reporting what the UN Is saying, so is the UN also wrong?”, I asked him.

“The story is dodgy at best, but more importantly it ignores key facts like the 3,000 dead Syrian soldiers… they didn’t commit suicide!” he replies adding that there are “thousands of civilians killed by the armed groups and the fundamentalists”.

During the conversation, he also shares a number of videos which he says are proof of the biased reports Al-Arabiya and others are broadcasting.

One of the shared videos merely suggest that Al-Arabiya got the job-title of one of the regime’s “martyrs” wrong, referring to him as the “Manager” of Chemistry Faculty at Homs University, when in fact he was the “deputy manager”.

Another video shared was criticising Al-Jazeera for saying that on 29 January 2012, Damascus’s Abbassiyyin Square was occupied by the armed protesters; the video suggests otherwise.

THE PRO also shared a video which contained an in-depth analysis produced by Dunya Television(a newly launched privately-owned pro-Assad local channel) suggesting that Al-Arabiya resorted to photo-shopping images as well as lifting footage from recent protests in Bahrain and portraying them as if they occurred in Syria.

(Report produced by Syria’s Dunya TV suggested image-doctoring and false reporting by Al-Arabiya)

Asked regarding what one commentator told the Financial Times (FT) earlier today about SEA being aided by a possible Syrian Regime supporter inside Al-Arabiya; THE PRO simply responds “haha, No!”, thus denying any infiltration of the Dubai-based Saudi-owned news broadcaster.

He does, on the other hand, specify that SEA has “thousands of members both inside and outside Syria”.

For his part, Mazen Hayek – the official spokesperson of Al-Arabiya’s mother company, MBC Group – declined to comment on the content of SEA’s claims of the channel’s bias.

However an authorised source within the group said that the claims resemble a “typical attempt” to “blame on the media”.

The source notes that “the killing, injuring and mutilating of the tens of thousands in Syria was not caused by any media outlet”, adding that the media’s job is simply to uncover wrongs and reflect that the true.

“In all cases media outlets and journalists are victims of conflicts and not instigators, thus calling upon all parties in conflicts to respect safety in journalism and protect journalists for which ever outlet they may belong to”, concludes the source within Al-Arabiya.

Al-Arabiya, like other international news channels are banned from reporting on-the-ground in Syria and since the regime’s handling of last year’s pro-democracy demonstrations has escalated to the current crisis, many journalist who have tried to cover the situation were killed on duty.

For his part, THE PRO vows that SEA will continue waging cyber-war against all those who “distort” what he sees to be “the truth” in Syria.

End of Part 1

In Part 2 (to be posted tomorrow): THE PRO talks about SEA financing, management and operations as well as fallen comrades who he claims have been kidnapped, tortured and killed by anti-regime activists.


On April 23rd, 2012 a series of crippling cyber-attacks were waged against the social media outlets of the Dubai-based Al-Arabiya News Channel.

Within moments, editors at this leading newscaster lost all control over the channel’s Facebook, YouTube and Twitter accounts as they (the accounts) began disseminating false information relating to the neighbouring State of Qatar.

Indeed, the channel’s Breaking News Twitter account began tweeting news items insinuating a rift within this Gulf Nation’s Royal Family and spreading rumours of a gas-field explosion (neither claims were true).

As executives at the Saudi-owned channel’s newsroom sought to gain control over their social outlets, they soon realised the cyber-attacks weren’t over yet; Even the personal Twitter accounts of leading Al-Arabiya and other MBC Group (the news newscaster’s owning company) presenters were targeted throughout the night and the following day.

The perpetrators?

A group known as the “Syrian Electronic Army” (SEA) which believes Al-Arabiya, like the Qatari-owned Al-Jazeera, are biased and serving as mouth-pieces of their respective governments in their vocal criticism of the Bashar al-Assad Regime’s handling of the pro-democracy demonstrations which has left thousands killed since these protests began last year.

A spokes person for Al-Arabiya has declined commenting on the content of SEA’s claims, but an authorised source within the channel has said that their comments resemble a typical case of “blaming it on the media” stating that it wasn’t a media outlet which has instigated or caused the loss of the thousands of lives.

Al-Arabiya, like other international news channels, are banned from reporting on-the-ground in Syria.

(SEA’s logo)

Now, if you haven’t heard of SEA yet or if you are tempted to think that their potential damage is going to be contained only within the Middle East, then it is time to guess again!

The Syrian Electronic Army, said to be composed of thousands of hackers in Syria and around the world, are making their cyber-war global.

Only two days ago (Thursday 26 April), SEA hacked and defaced the blog of the business networking site, LinkedIn. The attack generated global headlines within hours.

Similarly, in September 2011, the same group of online activists hacked and vandalised Harvard University’s website; at the time, pundits rushed to the conclusion that the attack was the work of a heavily-financed and possibly government-backed organisation, not individuals…. they were wrong!

Over the past few days, I managed to make contact with one of the leaders of SEA via Twitter and Gmail Chat.

Known by his code-name of “THE PRO”, he confirms he is a Syrian living in Syria and suggests that he is a member of the Special Operations Department (SoD) of the so-called Syrian Electronic Army.

In the first part of the interview, published yesterday, he revealed that SEA has thousands of members around the world who are waging an on-going cyber-war against those who he believes are “distorting the facts” in Syria.

Today and in this second and final part of the interview, THE PRO reveals why this “on-going cyber-war” isn’t limited to media organisations; as well as other details regarding the financing and hierarchy of this virtual army.

However, before I go on detailing what other details were discussed during the interview, I wish to state the following:

An independent verification of the identity of THE PRO as one of the leaders of SEA wasn’t attainable; however he has provided enough confidential “insider” information to support his story. He has also provided a number of exclusive images, such as – but not limited to – a screen-grab of the hacked “Dash Board” of LinkedIn’s blog below.


(A screen-grab taken by SEA’s of LinkedIn’s blog “Dash Board” upon hacking it yesterday)

Why LinkedIn?

I had originally thought I had more than enough material following my first interview with THE PRO on April 24th (the day following the attacks on Al-Arabiya); yet, I had to get back in touch when SEA generated headlines again by hacking into LinkedIn’s blog yesterday.

I could understand – though not agree with – why the group might have an issue with news channels, but what could possibly justify attacking a social network which has a primary concern of helping people find jobs?

“LinkedIn a very famous website, we can sent our message through it to a lot of people that they know it and use it
“, answers THE PRO.

He denies that this social networking site has done or published anything anti-Assad, however says that LinkedIn was head-hunted in particular to “make all people know that there are armed gangs killing innocent people in Syria and that through our peaceful message

THE PRO also confirms he leads the same “Syrian Electronic Army” which hacked Harvard University’s website and left a picture of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in his military uniform on its main page.

(Harvard’s defaced website)

Given its Ivy League university status; Harvard’s fame played a vital role in making it a seductive target for SEA as it served the purpose of attracting attention. However, it also being an American institution seems to have made it “fair game” even more.

“You know it’s an American university, and we all know what America do to our country and the Middle East”, says THE PRO.

(THE PRO confirming attack on Harvard and explaining reasons behind it during Gmail Chat)


Throughout my conversations, I tried several times to get to know who THE PRO really was, how old was he or what he does in real life.

He gives a very strong argument for why he prefers to stay anonymous.

“I like to give you my name, but anti-Assad (demonstrators) killed 2 of our members“, he explains.

He went on to elaborate that at the early stages of crisis in Syria back in 2011, SEA members used to interact on Facebook using their real names; something they realised later was nothing short of a fatal mistake.

He shares a link to a news report produced by Dunya Television (a recently-launched, privately-owned, pro-Assad local channel); the report mourns a 17-year-old Syrian by the name Mohammad Ahmad Kabbani who is said to have been a member of SEA. (Notification: video contains graphic images, viewer discretion is recommended).

According to the report, the 17-year-old Kabbani who hails from Idlib – a city in North-western Syria – was kidnapped, tortured and killed by anti-Assad forces strictly because of his affiliation to SEA.

THE PRO claims the killing occurred on August 26th, 2011 and explains that the attackers were able to track Kabbani because he had used his real name while commenting one of SEA’s many Facebook pages.

Shortly afterwards, SEA mourned another member. This time it was Sergeant Major/Lawrence Fawaz Barakat; whose is referred to here by a military rank because he served in the “real” Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

SAA is the country’s formal army and is tightly controlled by the Assad-Clan; it is said to be responsible of the killing of thousands of civilians since last year, though the regime also claims that many of the causalities are from SAA itself.

Now,according to several online photos available of Barakat;  where he paused with a gun, he seems to have intentionally publicised both his SAA and SEA military background.

In his memory, SEA launched an honorary Facebook page for Barakat where it is claimed that he was killed by “gangs” in Damascus Countryside on November 29th, 2011.

Following these incidents, SEA members decided to work anonymously. However, even then, things were still getting complicated.

THE PRO claims Facebook has shutdown their page 148 times. This explains why when I first reported Al-Arabiya’s hacking on Monday 23rd , I was wondering why SEA had two official pages, these were the ones that the virtual army managed to convince Facebook to unblock.

Both pages are real and were set up by SEA, in addition, there is the current page number 149 which could be accessed (however, it seems the page has been shut-down since the interview was conducted)

The Price of Loyalty

So, is the Syrian Electronic Army fully behind current President Assad? Does THE PRO not see anything wrong with the practices of the current regime? And does he and his fellow online activists not aspire for democracy like the protesters do?

“I am not with the protesters“, replies the SEA leader, stressing that that he believes President Assad IS making reforms.

“We are with Syria and stability of Syria and President Assad is the only guarantee for Syrians for not having (a) civil war“, he adds.

So does this loyalty come at a price? Or in other words how much is the Assad Regime directly or indirectly paying for this sophisticated online operation?

“What you call The Regime is at the heart of its people… we do not and will not charge any money to defend Syria because it is our countr
y”, responds THE PRO as he claims that SEA fully-finances itself.

Now, according to Facebook, it seems that a counter virtual effort conducted by the Syrian FREE Electronic Army has also emerged.

Effectively, SEA is now facing a brigade of online activists fighting alongside the pro-democracy demonstrators against the current Syrian Regime.

“This talk does not concern us all as we are concerned is to be shareholders in protecting our country from terrorism“, responds THE PRO.

As for the hierarchy, THE PRO stresses he is “a” leader not “the” leader of the alleged thousands of activists who belong to SEA.

“We (have) coordination between us in all our work to achieve the goals we had agreed upon“, he concludes.

I try to get THE PRO to reveal SEA’s next target; so I ask him if there is anyone they would like to send a warning to?

“We don’t threat anyone, but we hack to put our message to the world”, he replies.

It SEAms clear that for THE PRO, the end always justifies the means.


 Faisal J. Abbas 

Qatar Leaks: Oqab Saker, “The Thief of Syrian Revolution”

Qatar Leaks: Oqab Saker, “The Thief of Syrian Revolution”.


Qatar Leaks: Oqab Saker, “The Thief of Syrian Revolution”

30 September 2012

Top Secret

A warrant to be shown to the Excellency of the country’s minister for foreign affairs.


I would be glad to attach the letter of our embassy in Ankara on 26-9-2012, attached a copy of a meeting between a Gulf diplomat and an unnamed Syrian Opponent personality, close to the Free Syrian Army.

The source will meet with the Syrian opponent personality soon in Ankara after he returns from Istanbul, and he asked Mr. Khamad al-Dosari, the councilor in the embassy, to participate.

Please receive our respect.

Ali Bin Fahed al-Hijiri.

The assistant of foreign affairs minister.

Top Secret

The Excellency of brother Ali Bin Fahed al-Hijiri.

The assistant of foreign affairs minister.

The foreign ministry.


I would like to inform you that Mr. Hamad Bin Muhammad al-Dosari, the councilor in the embassy, informed me that he met with a Gulf diplomatic in Ankara, who handed him a copy of his meeting with an unnamed Syrian opponent personality in Turkey, and I will be glad to attach a copy of the last report, in which included that the nation of Qatar and the kingdom of Saudi Arabia are supporting the Syrian opposition through Sa’ed al-Hariri, who deals with a mediator called Oqab Saker, where the report also mentions that the called Oqab is doubtful to have relations with the Syrian intelligence, where the report also says that Mr. Oqab is sending only 70% of arms and money to the opposition and the Free Army.

The report also mentions the next point: (He revealed that the step of changing the leader of Free Army comes in response on the attempts, which the last of them was changing the name of Free Syrian Army in pretext that the Syrian National Army is superior and includes all the resistance parts and the Syrian revolutionist community, where Mr. al-As’ad is not good enough to resist like these attempts, as he stated that he quoted this scenario, “Appointing Colonel Riyadh al-As’ad as a liaison officer between the Free Syrian Army and the Syrian National Opposition Council, where a new leader comes instead, who is a candidate by the officers of the Free Syrian Army” to the Turkish foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu and he did not show any rejections and demanded for more time to show the plan to the Turkish side to discuss it and respond later, where he also mentioned that he did not show the plan to any other country, including Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

The source also mentioned that he will meet with the Syrian opponent personality soon in Ankara after the opponent returns from Istanbul, where he offered on Mr. al-Dosari to participate if he wishes to in the next meeting with the Syrian opponent, but he replied that he will tell him then, after receiving instructions to participate or not.

-The Diplomatic source is considered to be one of the most trusted and experienced diplomat in Ankara, where he is the ‘Second Man’ in the Gulf embassy.

Please be informed

All respect to your Excellency

Fahed Bin Salem al-Mari


Chargé D’affaires Ai

Attached is a copy of the mentioned report

A source, close to the Free Syrian Army, informed me the next:

– He repeated in his talk that the Syrian opposition is violated by the Syrian intelligence and that there are some personalities that ostensibly defend the Syrian Revolution, but in reality, it serves the Syrian regime, and he clearly pointed to the opponent Haitham al-Maleh, citing some important points according to his point of view.

– He mentioned that the leader of Free Army Colonel Riyadh al-As’ad, despite that he is widely popular by Free Syrian Army members, is a weak personality that suffers from the leakage of leading capacity and political prevarication that must be conducted in the current critical and changeable situations of the Syrian Public Revolution, against the wits, experience and statesmanship of the Syrian Regime and its largely experienced intelligence tools, where he affirmed that al-As’ad is not good enough to be the leader of Free Syrian Army for not being able to lead for his personal weakness, where there is a proposal to be changed from the leader of the Free Syrian Army to a liaison officer between the Syrian National Council and the Free Syrian Army, where Colonel al-As’ad showed his approval.

– He revealed that electing an alternative for al-As’ad must not be inside the ranks of the army “brigadiers and colonels” by themselves until they are cordially accepted before the announcement, and he sees that the closest rank and personality for this location is the chief of staff of the Free Army Colonel Ahmad Hijazi, where there are only some few candidates for this position.

– There are some attempts from the sides that are used by the regime to weaken the Free Army in all ways, where the last was what was discussed by sides in the Syrian opposition in the inside and the outside of changing the name from the Free Syrian Army to the Syrian National Army and handle the leadership to Brigadier Ali al-Hajj, who is believed to be suspicious as a personality that is serving the Syrian regime, and there are approvals by the west on the brigadier.

– He said that the step of changing the leader of Free Army comes in response on the attempts, which the last of them was changing the name of Free Syrian Army in the pretext that the Syrian National Army is superior and includes all the resistance parts and the Syrian revolutionist community, where Mr. al-As’ad is not good enough to resist like these attempts.

– He stated that he quoted this scenario, “Appointing Colonel Riyadh al-As’ad as a liaison officer between the Free Syrian Army and the Syrian National Opposition Council, where a new leader comes instead, who is a candidate by the officers of the Free Syrian Army” to the Turkish foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu and the minister did not show any rejections and demanded for more time to show the plan to the Turkish side to discuss it and respond later, where he also mentioned that he did not show the plan to any other country, including Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

– He pointed that the Turkish government is being largely pressed by the outside and the inside about its attitude from the Syrian case, and that there is a Gulf support from Qatar and Saudi Arabia to the Syrian opposition through Sa’ed al-Hariri, who is dealing with a person called /Saker Oqab, where it is believed that 70% of the money and “light” arms arrive to the Free Syrian Army and the Syrian opposition – pointing that Oqab is suspicious to have relations with the Syrian intelligence, as well as the beliefs of non-fully arrival of support from Oqab.

– There is a leakage in the technical communication means at the Free Syrian Army, where there is no room for cooperating communication, operations and missions.

– The Free Syrian Army is in deep need of heavy arms and mortar cannons that have more than 10 km range, to strike the runway of Damascus International Airport which is considered to be the main blood- vessel of the Syrian Regime in the supports, where the weapons and developed equipment from Russia and Iran arrive through civil cargos in Damascus International Airport, so as transporting experts, leaderships and officials through this airport, where the Free Syrian Army targets to strike the runway without damaging airplanes, and that will lead to paralyzing the air traffic in the airport, especially that the Free Syrian Army is controlling most of the Syrian borders.

– He pointed to the demonstrations that have been taking place during the past week in Hatai province and that the Alawite sect started announcing supporting the Syrian Regime and Bashar al-Assad, and that the Syrian Alawite sect is 7% of the Syrians, and it considered its survival linked with the Syrian Regime, and that reflected on the Alawite sect in Turkey which started provoking the minorities in Hatai.

– He confirmed that any person who is interested in the Syrian case knows that the Kurdish paper, which the Syrian Regime plays with in the collusion with Iran against Turkey, is a limited impact card on the Syrian reality after moving the power and toppling the Syrian regime, citing the Syrian demography and that the Kurdish side in its fact is not a thing to be worried of, in contrary with the Kurdish situation in Turkey, Iraq and Iran.

– He accused the Syrian Muslims movement for blundering and for being one of the most important reasons of the weakness of Syrian Opposition National Council, where it is the strongest movement by attendance and number in the Syrian political reality, but it suffers from leakage of experience and statesmanship, as they received proposals for appointing their staff that live in the Arab Gulf as councilors in the current time.

– The news about the defection of the sister of President Bashar al-Assad is a work from the Syrian intelligence, just like the news about the defection of the Syrian Deputy President Farouq al-Sharee, where these acts goal to strike the Syrian opposition mentally and by media.

To download the files as they were received in the email of the Qatari foreign ministry,Press Here.

Al Qaeda FSA Terrorists Behead Kidnapped People

Al Qaeda FSA Terrorists Behead Kidnapped People

Al Qaeda FSA Terrorists Behead Kidnapped People

If you don’t like someone just label him a Shabeeh and that’s enough to get him beheaded this way. Shabeeh, or government supporter also means: any public employee who refused to stay home and chose to go to work to feed his family instead of joining himself or sending his sons to join the ‘freedom fighters’ and give his daughters and wife to the ‘Wahhabi Sex Jihadists’ and to depend for living on what money they pay him.

The punishment for working in the Post Office in Al Bab city in Aleppo countryside was throwing the workers alive from the 6 floors building’s rooftop.

The punishment for working as the Aleppo University Hospital was shooting the doctor:http://democratic-syria.blogspot.com/2012/10/fsa-murders-dr-tasabihji-head-of.html

The punishment for college students staying at the Aleppo University dormitory was shelling the building with 2 rockets and claim the Syrian Army for shelling it by plane:https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=390369914390028



The punishment for school children going to school and workers to work was this:

All such crimes are done by these people: http://democratic-syria.blogspot.com/2013/02/why-should-assad-ignore-opposition.html 

& These: http://democratic-syria.blogspot.com/2012/12/syrian-rebels-thanking-obama-clinton.html

sponsored by the morons in NATO thinking they can control Syria and open a path for the Qatari gas to Europe, secure israel’s safety and establish an Al Saud alike Islamist (not Islamic) caliphates all over the middle east, they’re in progress in:

Turkey: http://realsyriaupdates.wordpress.com/2013/02/17/shocking-facts-exposed-a-syrian-infiltrator-behind-enemys-lines/

Egypt: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=404229113004108

Libya, Tunisia (you can google them) and the work is very hard in Mali:https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=402622056498147

Do you still support NATO’s mission in Syria?

 Another person reposted the video on LiveLeak, and now it’s approved, so it should be a bit more secure from moderators. It should also be more secure on LiveLeak than on YouTube.

The first upload on LiveLeak was only pre-approved and later rejected by a Zionist moderator. 

Please spread this post, re-share it even if you do not watch it yourself. It’s really horrific so I can really understand that. But somewhere in the chain, someone that might have influence over governments, press, media might watch and it might contribute to getting the truth out. 

Getting the word out is FAR more important than potentially upset other sensitive people or being worried what others think about oneself.

Please, please re-share.http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=0f8_1361297196

Syrian Government plan to fulfill the political program launched by Mr. President Bashar Al-Assad ,to solve the crisis in Syria

Syrian Government plan to fulfill the political program launched by Mr. President  Bashar Al-Assad ,to solve the crisis in Syria

Syrian Government plan to fulfill the political program launched by Mr. President Bashar Al-Assad ,to solve the crisis in Syria

Feb 13, 2013


The Ministry of Information in the Syrian Arab Republic extends to your Excellency all esteem and respect, while it encloses with this letter the statement of the Syrian Government in which it has ratified the mechanisms and executive steps of the Political Program launched by Mr. President Bashar al-Assad, President of the Republic, for solving the crisis in Syria in his speech dated 06 January 2013.

We hope to circulate this Political Program over all those concerned in the career of politics, information, press and television and workers in the diplomatic corps to enable them all be acquainted with the details of the Syrian initiative for politically solving the crisis under the leadership of Syria and with the participation of all Syrians keen on the future of their country.

With thanks and esteem.

Ministry of Information

For Executing the Political Program for Solving the Crisis

Based upon the instructions of Mr. President of the Syrian Arab Republic to the Government to formulate the mechanisms and executive steps of the Political Program for solving the crisis in Syria, the Council of Ministers, in its two specific sessions dated 8 & 9 January 2013, states the following:
1) Ratifying the Political Program for solving the crisis in Syria (enclosed with this statement) which clarifies the tasks the Syrian Government is seeking to accomplish till adopting the National Covenant by the people, after agreeing upon it in the National Dialogue Conference, in a way guaranteeing stress upon political multiplicity and the basic principles related to the sovereignty of Syria, its unity, integrity of its lands, the unity of its people, denial of external interference and rejecting violence and terror of all forms.
2) Forming a ministerial work team under the presidency of the Prime Minister and membership of:
· Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs;
· Minister of Transportation;
· Minister of Information;
· Minister of Industry;
· Minister of Justice;
· Minister of State for National Reconciliation Affairs;
· Minister of State for Red Crescent Affairs;
· Minister of State for People Assembly Affairs;
For implementing the tasks to be incumbent upon this Government in the enclosed Political Program.
3) Calling the regional and international states and bodies connected with the armed groups to cease financing, arming and sheltering them, and calling these armed groups to abide by immediate cease of violence of all forms for preventing bloodshed and safeguarding the homeland and its unity, sovereignty and independence, a matter facilitating the return of Syrians who have left because of such events to their original residence places; as soon as such armed groups and their supporters observe ceasing violence and all military supply operations, the military operations on the territories of the Syrian Arab Republic would come to an end, while the army and the armed forces reserve the right to defend themselves, the citizens and the public and private properties.
4) Calling the international society, with all its bodies, organizations and states, to support the political solution of the crisis in Syria, to combat terror of all forms, and to abide by implementing the related UN resolutions, including banning exporting arms to the terrorist groups and stop their financial, political and informative support.
5) Entrusting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Expatriates to carry out regional and international contacts for demonstrating this initiative, calling for its support and making consultations about the mechanism that could be applied for monitoring the implementation of the above-mentioned points, control of borders in particular, especially as the initiative has been based upon the principles and objectives of the UN Charter, the International Law and Geneva Declaration dated 30.06.2012.
6) Entrusting the specialized governmental committees to convene intensive meetings for speeding up the implementation of the necessary succor plans with a view to treating the consequences of events, especially repair of defects resulting from terrorist sabotage operations of utilities and rehabilitating infrastructures in energy, water and other sectors, securing consumer supplies, combating monopoly, controlling economic status and making decisions concerning the claims of people damaged by events and compensating them, as well as dealing with situations of those displaced inside and outside.
7) Entrusting the Supreme Relief Committee to provide humanitarian aids and facilitating their reach to eligible people in cooperation with local activity groups, civil society organizations and the concerned international organizations inside and outside Syria.
8) Entrusting the Ministry of State for National Reconciliation Affairs to provide support for the national initiatives launched in some provinces and circulating them over other provinces of the country.
9) Entrusting the Ministry of Justice to cooperate with other concerned bodies for taking the necessary actions for speeding up referral to the judiciary and taking decisions in suitcases under hearing due to the current events, setting free persons whose incrimination has not been proved and settling the situations of anybody handing in his weapon to the concerned bodies and not pursuing him due to that.
10) Calling the National Opposition inside and outside, all political parties, leaderships and trends and other Syrian society components to start open dialogues with a view to making preparations, along with the governmental team, for holding a National Dialogue Conference, after providing sufficient guarantees for persons wishing to enter into, stay in and leave the country without pursuit or detention.
11) Carrying out everything necessary for holding the National Dialogue Conference with a view to formulating the National Covenant pinpointing the landmarks of the constitutional and judicial system, and the political and economic features of the state.
12) As soon as the National Covenant is sanctioned by the people through a general referendum, the existing government’s mission would come to an end, and an expanded government with wide executive powers would be formed, as per the constitution rules, representing the Syrian society components and entrusted with the task of forming a constituent assembly for drawing up a new draft constitution in implementation of what has been agreed upon in National Dialogue Conference, and then such a draft constitution would be put forth for people referendum for approval. Then the government would sanction laws agreed upon in the conference for completing issuing them in accordance with the new constitution; perform parliamentary elections based upon the new election law, followed by forming a new government, convening the National Reconciliation Conference and issuing a general amnesty for crimes committed during the events while preserving civil rights of the related persons.

The Government calls the great people of Syria with all its components to support this program and to earnestly participate in implementing it to save the homeland, protect its capabilities and guard it against encompassing dangers.


The Political Program for Solving the Crisis

Starting from the principles and objectives of the UN Charter, the International Law, the related UN resolutions and the Geneva Declaration issued on 30.06.2012 ascertaining the sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of the states and non-interference in their internal affairs, and believing in the necessity of dialogue among the Syrian people under the leadership of Syria, and for drawing up the political future of the democratic Syria on the basis of political multiplicity, and with a view to creating a safe and stable climate based upon ceasing all forms of violence, the Political Program for solving the crisis in Syria will be as follows:

Firstly- The Preparatory Stage:
1. The abidance of all territorial and international states and parties by stopping financing, arming and providing refuge for the armed groups;
2. The abidance of all armed groups by immediately ceasing all forms of violence;
3. The abidance of the army and the armed forces by ceasing military operations except in cases of defending themselves, citizens and public and private properties;
4. Finding a mechanism ensuring the abidance of parties by ceasing violence and control of borders;
5. Facilitating the reach of humanitarian aids to those deserving them;
6. Starting rehabilitating infrastructures and paying compensations to damaged citizens;
7. Providing the necessary guarantees for the Syrian citizens who have left because of the events, and facilitating their return through the border inlets;
8. Providing guarantees for all Syrian opposition movements to enter, stay and leave the country without pursuing or detaining them for the purpose of participating in the national dialogue;
9. Entrusting the Ministry of Justice to cooperate with other concerned bodies for taking the necessary actions for speeding up referral to the judiciary and taking decisions in suitcases under hearing due to the current events, setting free persons whose incrimination has not been proved and settling the situations of anybody handing in his weapon to the concerned bodies and not pursuing him due to that;
10. Carrying out extensive contacts by the Government with the national opposition, parties, all political powers and civil society bodies, including social, religious and economic bodies, to immediately start open dialogues for holding the comprehensive National Dialogue Conference.

Secondly- The Transitional Stage, starting after finishing the Preparatory Stage,
This includes the following:
1. The Government calls for holding a comprehensive National Dialogue Conference aiming at drawing up a National Covenant based upon the following:
a. Adherence to the sovereignty of Syria, and the unity and integrity of its lands and people;
b. Denial of all forms of external interference in the Syrian affairs;
c. Rejection of all forms of violence and terror;
d. Drawing up the political future of the democratic Syria and agreeing upon the constitutional and judicial system and the political and economic features on the basis of the political multiplicity and the rule of law, adhering to the civil status of the state, ascertaining equality among citizens irrespective of race, religion and ethnics, freedom of opinion, respect of human rights, combating corruption, developing administration, agreeing upon new laws for parties, elections, local administration and information, and other matters to be agreed upon in the conference.
2. Putting the National Covenant before people referendum for approval.
3. Forming an expanded government with wide executive powers, as per the constitution rules, representing the Syrian society components and entrusted with the task of forming a constituent assembly for drawing up a new draft constitution in implementation of what has been agreed upon in National Dialogue Conference about the constitutional and judicial system and the political and economic features of the renovated Syria.
4. When the constituent assembly finishes its work, the draft constitution would be put forth for referendum to be approved by the people.
5. After accrediting the constitution, such an extensive government would adopt the laws agreed upon in the Dialogue Conference as a preliminary step toward issuing them as per the new constitution.
6. Performing the parliamentary elections based upon the new election law and in accordance with the constitution rules.

Thirdly- The Third Stage:
1. The new government is to be formed in accordance with the new constitution.
2. The National Reconciliation Conference is to be convened with a view to restoring firm bonds among Syrian citizens starting from the nationalistic and ethical concepts that have characterized the Syrian citizen.
3. Issuing a general amnesty for crimes committed during the events, setting free detainees and stopping pursuing any citizen as a result of those events, while preserving civil rights of the related persons.
4. Completing and speeding up works of rehabilitating infrastructures, rebuilding and compensating citizens damaged by these events.

Americans Fighting Alongside FSA Terrorists in Syria

Americans Fighting Alongside FSA Terrorists in Syria

As the media reported the U.S. decided, and more than 70 other states (“Syria’s friends”) to support the fragmented Syrian National Council with weapons and money at a meeting in Istanbul 1 April 2012. U.S. has promised 12 million and Germany 7.6 million U.S. dollars. Daily Star wrote on 26/8 that the British elite troops were in Syria with the support of the CIA, and leading media have reported that the CIA training rebels in Turkey before being sent into Syria. New York Times, 1/11 “As Fighting Rages, Clinton Seeks New Syrian opposition” and at a meeting in Doha was appointed a new management team for the opposition that suited the U.S. better. U.S. conducts in military operations well described “Unconventional warfare”, which means just proxy wars and disinformation, such as a supposed lack of interest in the war.
EU Counter Terrorism Coordinator Gilles de. Kerchove admitted that European men went to Syria to participate in the acts of the armed opposition groups , particularly the extremist al-Qaeda-linked “Jabhat al-Nusra”, expressing deep concern over this rising phenomenon.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zp4K6zm9YhQ

“This issue is worrying as a number of the EU gunmen die there and others return with higher levels of training and ideology,” Kerchove said in a statement quoted by the Italian AKI news agency.

He warned against the mounting danger of the extremist opposition with the prolong of the crisis span in Syria.

Informed sources stated that a number of EU countries noted an increasing inclination for numbers of the EU youths to go to Syria and take part, along with some groups of the armed opposition, particularly Jabhat al-Nusra in acts of terrorism.

Hague Admits Jihadists Fight along Terrorist Groups in Syria

British Foreign Secretary, William Hague admitted that Jihadists fight along the armed terrorist groups in Syria, affirming that Syria has become their first destination.

In a speech on “counter terrorism” , in London, quoted by AFP, Hague said that Syria become the first destination of all Jihadists around the world, including Jihadists linked to Britain and other European countries.