Executed Syrian children

Executed Syrian children

Syria: ‘I saw rebels execute my boy for no more than a joke’

Nadia Umm Fuad watched her son being shot by Islamist rebels in Syria after the 14-year-old referred to the Prophet Mohammed as he joked with a customer at his coffee stall in Aleppo. She speaks to Richard Spencer.

Nadia Umm Fuad who watched her son being shot by Islamist rebels in Syria after the 14-year-old referred to the Prophet Mohammed as he joked with a customer at his coffee
Mohammed Katta’s mother witnessed the execution of her son in three stages.

She was upstairs at home when she first heard the shouting. The people of the neighbourhood were yelling that “they have brought back the kid”, so she rushed out of her apartment.

“I went out on my balcony,” Nadia Umm Fuad said. “I said to his father, they are going to shoot your son! Come! Come! Come! I was on the stairs when I heard the first shot. I was at the door when I heard the second shot.

“I saw the third shot. I was shouting, ‘That’s haram, forbidden! Stop! Stop! You are killing a child.’ But they just gave me a dirty look and got into their car. As they went, they drove over my son’s arm, as he lay there dying.”

Mohammed was 14 when he was killed, earlier this month, prompting international condemnation. He has become a symbol of the fears many Syrians have for the future of the country .http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/syria/10135823/Syria-I-saw-rebels-execute-my-boy-for-no-more-than-a-joke.html#article

Three citizens were martyred, including a 3 year old boy, in a car bomb blast which hit the residential al-Mazzeh 86 neighborhood in Damascus.

SANA reporter said terrorists detonated a car loaded with explosives on the main road near the bus station in Mazzeh 86 (Madrasa), killing three citizens and injuring others.

He stressed that a 3 year old boy was among the martyrs, pointing out that the explosion caused great damage to the residential buildings in the site.

A source at al-Muwasat Hospital told SANA reporter that the bodies of three people arrived at the hospital, in addition to 7 injured people, among them two children.

Mazzeh 86 area has been targeted with a series of terrorist bombings through car bombs and explosive devices which caused tens of deaths and injuries.

Two explosive device blasts hit the area on 6th and 12th of last December near a bakery and a Basic Education school, killing a citizen and injuring others.

Eleven citizens were martyred and tens of others were injured when a car bomb was blown up in Arous al-Jabal area on November 5th. The victims included women and children.

Two citizens martyred by mortar shells in Damascus and its countryside

Two citizens were martyred and several others injured by mortar shells that terrorists fired on al-Abbasiyyin and Jaramana areas.

An official source at the Police Command told SANA that three mortar shells fell in the vicinity of al-Abbasiyyin stadium in Damascus. One citizen was martyred and seven others injured.

The source added that terrorists attacked with mortar shells Al-Nahda neighborhood in Jaramana city in Damascus countryside. A 12-year-old child was martyred and four citizens were injured.

Images @ http://sana.sy/eng/337/2013/06/23/488941.htm

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