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Non si può definire in modo diverso l’attacco aereo e il bombardamento delle strutture siriane di Jamraya: Terrorismo.



In cosa si differenzia quest’aggressione sionista seminatrice di morte e distruzione, dalle altre aggressioni e atti terroristici subiti dalla società siriana in questi mesi per mano salafita?

È sempre più evidente che il terrorismo coloniale giudaico/sionista e il terrorismo jihadista wahabita/salafita lavorano in sincronia e in simbiosi.

Entrambe hanno in comune: l’odio e la determinazione nel portare a segno attacchi sanguinari a comunità e aree cristiane densamente popolate, il disprezzo verso la vita umana, la mancanza di rispetto per l’altrui proprietà, l’intolleranza nei confronti di chi appartiene a tradizioni e confessioni differenti, l’eliminazione fisica di tutti coloro che pur essendo musulmani rifiutano la logica del terrore, il tentativo di frantumazione del tessuto sociale e dell’unità nazionale, gli attacchi diretti alle…

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Israel helps FSA in targeting a research center near Damascus early morning by airplanes after Al Qaeda failed to attack it.

Israel helps FSA in targeting a research center near Damascus early morning by airplanes after Al Qaeda failed to attack it.

If the WWIII will start,remember this day and remember that Israel started it!
If Syria won’t retaliate ,remember to thank them for that,thou the Syrian hearts cry now! These hearts beg for a response!
Now you know why #Alqaeda #FSA was concentrating their attacks on air defense bases especially near #Damascus & #Homs? #Syria #Israel
Some said ” an attack on Syria is an attack on Iran”

The General Command of the Army and Armed Forces said that Israeli warplanes violated Syrian airspace on Wednesday dawn and bombarded directly a scientific research center responsible for raising the levels of resistance and self-defense in Jamraya area in Damascus Countryside.

In a statement, the General Command that this attack came after Israel and other countries that oppose the Syrian people utilized their pawns in Syria to attack select vital and military locations in an attempt to undermine Syria’s support for the resistance and just rights in the region, with these pawns succeeding and failing to strike at sites such as air defense systems over a period of almost two years.

The statement said that Israeli warplanes snuck from the north of Al-Sheikh Mountain, flying at a low altitude and below radars, heading to Jamraya in Damascus Countryside where a branch of a scientific research center is located and bombarded the location before sneaking away.

The aggression resulted in considerable material damages and destruction to the building, in addition to a vehicular development center and a garage, martyring two workers and injuring five others.

The statement stressed that the allegations of some media outlets that the Israeli warplanes targeted a convoy headed from Syria to Lebanon are baseless, with the General Command affirming that the Israeli warplane targeted a scientific research facility in blatant violation of Syrian sovereignty and airspace.

The General Command said that it has become clear to everyone that Israel is the motivator, beneficiary and sometimes executor of the terrorist acts which target Syria and its resistant people, with some countries that support terrorism being accomplices in this, primarily Turkey and Qatar.

The statement said that this blatant aggression adds up to Israel’s long history of aggression and crime against Arabs and Muslim, putting forth this act of Israeli arrogance and grave transgression upon Syrian sovereignty before the international community.

The General Command of the Army and Armed Forces concluded by affirming that such criminal acts will not weaken Syria and its role and will not dissuade Syrians from continuing to support resistance movements and just Arab causes, primarily the Palestinian cause.

قالت القيادة العامة للجيش والقوات المسلحة في بيان لها إنه بعد أن سخرت إسرائيل بالتعاون مع الدول المعادية للشعب السوري أدواتها في الداخل لضرب مواقع حيوية وعسكرية منتقاة في الدولة السورية في محاولة لتحجيم دورها الداعم للمقاومة وللحقوق المشروعة في المنطقة وبعد أن نجحت تلك الأدوات وعلى رأسها العصابات والحركات الظلامية في استهداف بعض هذه المواقع من وسائط دفاع جوي ونقاط حيوية أخرى على مدى قرابة العامين وفشلت في ضرب الكثير منها اخترقت طائرات حربية إسرائيلية مجالنا الجوي فجر اليوم وقصفت بشكل مباشر أحد مراكز البحث العلمي المسؤولة عن رفع مستوى المقاومة والدفاع عن النفس الواقع في منطقة جمرايا بريف دمشق وذلك بعد أن قامت المجموعات الإرهابية بمحاولات عديدة فاشلة وعلى مدى أشهر الدخول والاستيلاء على الموقع المذكور.

وجاء في البيان أن الطائرات الحربية الإسرائيلية قامت بالتسلل من منطقة شمال مرتفعات جبل الشيخ بعلو منخفض وتحت مستوى الرادارات وتوجهت إلى منطقة جمرايا بريف دمشق حيث يقع أحد الأفرع التابعة لمركز البحوث العلمية ونفذت عدوانها السافر بقصف الموقع ما تسبب بوقوع أضرار مادية كبيرة وتدمير بالمبنى بالإضافة إلى مركز تطوير الآليات المجاور ومرآب السيارات ما أدى لاستشهاد اثنين من العاملين في الموقع وإصابة خمسة آخرين قبل أن ينسحب الطيران المعادي بنفس الطريقة التي تسلل بها.. وبالتالي لا صحة لما أوردته بعض وسائل الإعلام بأن الطائرات الإسرائيلية استهدفت قافلة كانت متجهة من سورية إلى لبنان بل تؤكد القيادة العامة أن الطائرات الإسرائيلية استهدفت منشأة للبحث العلمي في اختراق سافر للسيادة والأجواء السورية.

وقال البيان: مما سبق بات واضحاً للقاصي والداني الآن أن إسرائيل هي المحرك والمستفيد والمنفذ في بعض الأحيان لما يجري من أعمال إرهابية تستهدف سورية وشعبها المقاوم وتشترك معها في ذلك بعض الدول الداعمة للإرهاب وعلى رأسها تركيا وقطر.

وأضاف البيان: أن القيادة العامة للجيش والقوات المسلحة إذ تؤكد أن هذا الاعتداء السافر يضاف إلى تاريخ كيان الاحتلال الإسرائيلي الطويل من العدوان والإجرام بحق العرب والمسلمين وتضع عبر الحكومة السورية هذه الغطرسة الإسرائيلية والعدوان الخطير على السيادة السورية برسم المجتمع الدولي تشدد على أن مثل هذه الأعمال الإجرامية لن تضعف سورية ودورها ولن تثني السوريين عن مواصلة مساندة حركات المقاومة والقضايا العربية العادلة وفي مقدمتها القضية الفلسطينية.

Statement of Syrian Media Office

Statement of Syrian Media Office

|| Statement ||

The Washington Post Newspaper has published an analytical article entitled “Syria’s Bashar al-Assad says his wife is pregnant” by Max Fisher. The author based his analysis on false allegations that led him to wrong results which are far from reality.
The Presidential Media Office confirms that what was quoted, in the title and content of the article, as Assad’s words is utterly false. Therefore, we call on the Washington Post that claims credibility and professionalism to deny what was quoted as Assad’s words. We ask them to do so in order not to affect the American Public Opinion with misleading information.
The office, therefore, calls on the Arab and Western Media to adopt reliable sources of news, verify and audit the news of un-official media before releasing it in order to preserve credibility and professionalism.
The Office is also ready to cooperate with professional and un-biased Media to check and audit any information related to the Institution of the Presidency of the Syrian Arab Republic .

|| The Presidential Media Office of the Syrian Arab Republic ||

أوردت صحيفة الواشنطن بوست مقالاً تحليلياً بعنوان:
(Syria’s Bashar al-Assad says his wife is pregnant)
كتبه ماكس فيشر بنى فيه تحليله على مجموعة من المغالطات والادعاءات الكاذبة أوصلت الكاتب إلى نتائج خاطئة جملة وتفصيلاً.
ويؤكد المكتب الإعلامي في رئاسة الجمهورية أن كل ما نقل عن لسان السيد الرئيس بشار الأسد – ابتداءً من العنوان ومضمونه – هو عار تماما عن الصحة. وبالتالي فإن الواشنطن بوست، وانطلاقاً مما تدعيه من مصداقية ومهنية، مدعوة لنفي ما نسبته للرئيس الأسد حفاظاً على عدم تضليل قرائها والرأي العام الأميركي.
والمكتب هنا إذ يتمنى على الصحافة العربية أولاً والغربية ثانياً اعتماد مصادر موثوقة لأخبارها للحفاظ على مصداقيتها والتحقق والتدقيق فيما يتم نقله عبر الوسائل غير الرسمية، فهو على استعداد للتعاون مع الوسائل الإعلامية المهنية والحيادية لتدقيق أي معلومة لها علاقة بمؤسسة رئاسة الجمهورية العربية السورية.

|| المكتب الإعلامي في رئاسة الجمهورية العربية السورية ||

Massacre committed by armed groups in Aleppo, the Syrian Army found 50 bodies dumped in Quwak River

Massacre committed by armed groups in Aleppo, the Syrian Army found 50 bodies dumped in Quwak River

massacre6 massacre5 massacre alep2


Massacre committed by armed groups in Aleppo
The Syrian Army has found 50 bodies dumped in Quwak River.The victims have signs of head wounds and they were handcuffed.
The area was under the control of the terrorists in the past six months.The army fought them on the outskirts and the bodies were found after it has entered in the area!The terrorist are trying to use these images on their sites to blame the defenders of home!
Please share to deface their crimes

ارتكبت المجموعات المسلحة مجزرة بحق المدنيين في بستان القصر بحلب، وتم العثور على 50 جثة مرمية في نهر قويق، مقتولين بطلاقات رصاص أغلبها في الرأس، ومكبلي الايدي وممثلة فيها.
وتظهر الصور ان الذين ينتشلون الجثث من النهر يرتدون الزي العسكري، مع الإشارة إلى أن تلك المنطقة يتواجد فيها المسلحون منذ ما يزيد على ستة أشهر، وأن الاشتباكات التي تدور مع الجيش السوري على أطراف ذلك الحي، وأن الجيش السوري لم يدخله بعد. والجدير ذكره أن المجموعات المسلحة تحاول استغلال المجزرة الاعلامياً ونشر صور وفيديوهات لها عبر صفحات الفيس بوك ومواقع عديدة.

Americans try to use their own creation-Al Nusra(Al Qaeda) against Syria as planed with Israel long ago

Americans try to use their own creation-Al Nusra(Al Qaeda) against Syria as planed with Israel long ago

Fake reports on Syria’s WMD are funneled into the news chain, reminiscent of the months leading up to the March 2003 invasion of Iraq.

The news posted by biased chains: Washington Post,BBC than The Guardian wrote about Al Nusra taking over Syrian areas,of course they said they are not wanted by the majority of the Syrians ,spoke about the thieves of FSA…etc.I first thought the biased were trying to polish the image of Al Qaeda! Than the Guardian article was more obvious ! They defaced the ugly plan:
As the majority of the Syrians rejected the so called revolution ,and when those who believed in it, changed their minds,refusing the foreign intervention ,but billions were invested in the movement by Gulf and Zionists(including Turkey ), the warmongers did not give up as they pretend and as some “revolutionaries” believe.As they proved to be incapable to accomplish the plan ,Al Qaeda commanders ,which they call “infiltrators were brought on stage ! Since the first day of so called “revolution” they hunted the “revolutionaries” to be sure they will obtain the “environment”.
The NATO warmongers only hoped for a change in Russia ‘s stance!Meanwhile they prepared the ground and their citizens’ minds!They spoke about chemo !About how it might be used by the defenders of home…But if you looked in the enemy’s yard,their citizens were told to fear those weapons being captured by terrorists!A few days ago,some claimed that chemical weapons were used in Homs…American press and NATO servants announced that it was a false alarm!The terrorists receive gas masks and it “transpired” in the news…did it? wasn’t it intended ?We hear about “big airports” being captured by Al Nusra,at least for a short while…isn’t that psychological trap too?
I shall explain my point:
1)Media underlines and makes it clear:Al Nusra devastating Syria and it is not wanted there!Not even FSA accepts it and Al Nusra is Al Qaeda-THE AMERICAN CREATION,AND THE SALAFIST KILLING MACHINE!KEEP THAT IN MIND!
2) not long ago they were screaming about the danger of chemical weapons so they “announced” their citizens about it
3)Al Nusra was listed as a terrorist organization,a good to hunt one
4) the warmongers recognized the Council as “representing” the Syrians ,thou they knew it will not be able to actually “rule” anything ,but it can ask for intervention in “controlled ” areas
5) the short term “control” over important bases helps the warmongers insinuate that it can happen …with the ground prepared,what’s next?
What if the “democratic” media will be announced that Al Nusra took over a depot ???? will that be enough reason
for 6) bombing Al Qaeda which invaded Syria????? *****************************************
We all know Russia tries to stop a regional war there and it is more than obvious the American involvement.Is the new deployment of Russian warships in Mediterranean a warning and a response to Patriot or a warning for warmongers saying :”if you will lie about the invented danger we will be here to help and you will not get your plan accomplished!?”

The evolving media consensus is that “the extremist are in control with large parts of the Syrian territory and they might get the chemical weapons” ,weapons which Israel had been speaking about since years,with no prove, and that the “international community” has a responsibility to come to the rescue of the Syrian people and the possible targets to prevent the occurrence of a humanitarian disaster.”
Recently,Israel has deployed missiles in the Haifa area near the Syrian border, a move that the Tel Aviv regime claims is “routine.”

On Sunday,the 27th of January, an Israeli Army spokesman confirmed reports that two “Iron Dome” missile batteries were moved to the Haifa area.

The official, however, insisted that the move is not due to any specific security situation but part of a routine of rotating these missile systems.

The deployment came after NATO’s first Patriot missile batteries on the Turkish border with Syria became operational on Saturday.

The six missile batteries are being deployed in the southeastern cities of Gaziantep, Kahramanmaras, and Adana.

The US and Germany will provide two Patriot batteries and 400 troopers each to man the missiles. The Netherlands will also dispatch 360 forces and the other two batteries. Each Patriot battery has an average of 12 missile launchers.

Meanwhile, Israeli Vice Prime Minister Silvan Shalom on Sunday threatened Syria with military strikes if Damascus uses chemical weapons against the foreign-backed militants.

In December 2012, Syrian Ambassador to the UN, Bashar Ja’afari said in letters to the UN Security Council and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon that the foreign-backed militants could use chemical weapons against Syrians and try to shift the blame to the government.

I ask you to remember that on Monday,17 December 2012,the Syrian Ambassador to the UN Bashar Ja’afari said in letters to the UN Security Council and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon that the foreign-backed militants could use chemical weapons against Syrians and shift the blame to the government, the Associated Press reported.

Damascus is “genuinely worried” that Syria’s enemies could provide chemical weapons to armed groups “and then claim they had been used by the Syrian government,” Ja’afari stated.
A prominent member of the Al Qaeda ,NATO backed,Free Syrian Army claimed at the beginning of January,2013 that the rebels have all the components to produce chemical weapons and have the know-how to put them together and use if necessary, Bassam Al-Dada was quoted by Turkey’s state-run Anatolia news agency.The Obama Administration’s marriage with al-Qaeda in the drive to overthrow the government in Syria is not new!. The U.S., British, and French reliance on hardened al-Qaeda fighters to bring down the Syrian government is a replay of the alliance that has been used in Iraq,Afganistan,Libya and is used now in Syria or as a pretext in Mali.

The Western military alliance does not contemplate at this stage an all out war in response to Syria’s possession of chemical weapons. What is contemplated is the need to train the opposition rebels in the handling of chemical weapons.
This specialized training program which was confirmed is already ongoing, implemented with the support of specialized private mercenary and security companies on contract to the Pentagon:
“The United States and some European allies are using defense contractors to train Syrian rebels on how to secure chemical weapons stockpiles in Syria, a senior U.S. official and several senior diplomats told CNN Sunday. ( CNN Report, December 9, 2012)
What is unfolding is a diabolical scenario –which is an integral part of military planning: opposition’s terrorists advised by Western defense contractors are actually in possession of chemical weapons.The stepped-up preparations have coincided with increased military training in the region, including an unusually large multinational military exercise underway this month in Jordan, Syria’s southern neighbor. U.S. and Jordanian officials separately have been discussing possible permanent bases in the country for small units of Marines or special operations troops who could be deployed rapidly in a crisis anywhere in the region, from the Syria border to Iraq.

Plans& Plans…until today,when:
Russia Today website published leaked documents which show that Qatar suggested smuggling chemical weapons from Libya to Homs in Syria and using them to frame the Syrian Army, in addition to alluding to western preparations for military invasion of Iran.

The documents that were hacked from the website of the British company Britam Defence, a company which specializes in protecting facilities in hot spots, training security forces, and providing consultations, also said that Qatar suggested employing Ukrainian mercenaries to be filmed and pretend to be Russians who were captured by the so-called Free Army to embarrass Russia.

This information was included in a message dated December 24th, 2012, which is the date when certain media outlets claimed that Syria used chemical weapons in Homs, showing correlation between the document and the plans that were set up.

The documents also alluded to the possibility of the appearance of Russian-speaking individuals who claim to be Russian military experts who will attempt to entangle Damascus and Moscow in problems, and the possibility of publishing videos depicting alleged Russian military personnel fighting alongside the Syrian Army who were captured by the Free Army, when in fact they’re mercenaries of Slavic descent.
Alleged hacked emails from defense contractor Britam reveal a plan “approved by Washington” and funded by Qatar to stage a chemical weapons attack in Syria and blame it on the Assad regime, fulfilling what the Obama administration has made clear is a “red line” that would mandate US military intervention.


The leaked emails, obtained by a hacker in Malaysia, feature an exchange  between Britam Defence’s Business Development Director David Goulding and the company’s founder Philip Doughty;
We’ve got a new offer. It’s about Syria again. Qataris propose an attractive deal and swear that the idea is approved by Washington.
We’ll have to deliver a CW to Homs, a Soviet origin g-shell from Libya similar to those that Assad should have. They want us to deploy our Ukrainian personnel that should speak Russian and make a video record.
Frankly, I don’t think it’s a good idea but the sums proposed are enormous. Your opinion?
Kind regards
The fact that the plan involves delivering a CW (chemical weapon) that is “similar to those Assad should have,” clearly suggests that the idea is to stage a false flag chemical weapons attack that could be blamed on Assad by Gulf states like Qatar and NATO powers.
If the claim that such as plot was “approved by Washington” can be verified, then the Obama administration is complicit in a war crime.
According to Cyber War News, which details the process of how the emails were hacked and includes screenshots of the leaked documents, the hack also uncovered, “extremely personal information,” including copies of passports of Britam employees, some of whom appeared to be mercenaries.

Online business profiles confirm that both David Goulding and Philip Doughty work for Britam Defence.
Last year, reports began to circulate that that US-backed rebel fighters in Syria had been given gas masks and were willing to stage a chemical weapons attack which would then be blamed on the Syrian government to grease the skids for NATO military intervention.
Soon after in August, President Barack Obama warned that the use or even transportation of chemical weapons by the Assad regime would represent a “red line” that would precipitate military intervention. French President Francois Hollande followed suit, stating that the use of such weapons “Would be a legitimate reason for direct intervention.”
At around the same time, a source told Syrian news channel Addounia that a Saudi company had fitted 1400 ambulance vehicles with anti-gas & anti-chemical filtering systems at a cost of $97,000 dollars each, in preparation for a chemical weapons attack carried out by FSA rebels using mortar rounds. A further 400 vehicles were prepared as troop carriers.
The attack would be blamed on the Syrian Army and exploited as an excuse for a military assault. A March 2012 Brookings Institution report entitled Saving Syria: Assessing Options For Regime Change outlined this very scenario – where a manufactured humanitarian crisis would be cited as justification for an attack.
Yesterday, Israel’s vice premier Silvan Shalom told reporters that if Syrian rebels obtained chemical weapons from stockpiles belonging to the Assad regime, such a development would force Israel to resort to “preventive operations,” in other words – a military strike on Syria.
In December, a shocking video emerged of Syrian rebels testing what appeared to be a form of nerve gas on rabbits, bolstering claims that the rebels had already obtained chemical weapons.
As Tony Cartalucci also highlights, “Mention of acquiring chemical weapons from Libya is particularly troubling. Libya’s arsenal had fallen into the hands of sectarian extremists with NATO assistance in 2011 in the culmination of efforts to overthrow the North African nation . Since then, Libya’s militants led by commanders of Al Qaeda’s Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) have armed sectarian extremists across the Arab World, from as far West as Mali, to as far East as Syria.”
Last month, 29 different US-backed Syrian opposition groups pledged their allegiance to Al Nusra, an Al-Qaeda-affiliated group which, as the New York Times reported, “killed numerous American troops in Iraq.
Numerous reports confirm that Al Nusra is the leading front line fighting force in Syria and is commanding other rebel groups. Given their prominent role, allied with the fact that the terror group has been responsible for numerous bloody attacks in Syria, the notion that the Obama administration would approve a plot that could see chemical weapons fall into the hands of Al-Qaeda terrorists could represent a foreign policy scandal even bigger than Benghazi-Gate.

روسيا اليوم: قطر تقترح نقل السلاح الكيميائي المهرب من ليبيا إلى حمص واستخدام مرتزقة أوكرانيين لإحراج روسيا

28 كانون الثاني , 2013

نشر موقع روسيا اليوم وثائق مسربة من الموقع الالكتروني لشركة بريتام ديفينس البريطانية المختصة بحماية المنشآت في النقاط الساخنة وتدريب قوى الأمن وتقديم الخدمات الاستشارية تشير إلى مقترح قطري بنقل السلاح الكيميائي المهرب من ليبيا إلى حمص واستخدامه لاتهام الجيش السوري كما تلمح لتحضيرات غربية لغزو إيران عسكريا .

وأضاف الموقع إن من بين أهم الرسائل المخترقة لهذه الشركة التي تلقت قياداتها التدريب في القوات الخاصة البريطانية رسالة تتعلق بسورية تشير إلى أن لدى الشركة اقتراحا قطريا جديدا بشأن سورية يقضي بنقل السلاح الكيميائي المهرب من ليبيا إلى حمص واستخدام مرتزقة اوكرانيين للحديث أمام الكاميرات على أنهم روس وقعوا في أسر ما يسمى ” الجيش الحر ” لإحراج روسيا .

وذكر الموقع أن هذه الرسالة مؤرخة بتاريخ 24 كانون الأول الماضي وهو اليوم الذي نشرت فيه وسائل الإعلام المعادية لسورية نبأ زعمت فيه بأن سورية استخدمت السلاح الكيميائي لأول مرة في حمص ما يشير إلى ارتباط ما بين الوثيقة وما كان يجري تحضيره بالفعل.

وذكر الموقع أن الدبلوماسيين الروس حذروا بعد سقوط نظام العقيد معمر القذافي في ليبيا من خطر انتقال السلاح من ليبيا بأيدي مسلحين في بلدان أخرى ومن بينها سورية وهو ذات الأمر الذي تحدثت عنه وزيرة الخارجية الأمريكية هيلاري كلينتون عندما أعلنت أن السلاح من مستودعات القذافي قد وقع في السوق السوداء ويستخدم في عدد من البلدان منها سورية.

وثمة أمر آخر يرد ذكره في الوثائق المسربة وهو احتمال ظهور الخبراء الناطقين بالروسية وبضمنهم الأوكرانيون الذين سيتظاهرون بأنهم من الخبراء العسكريين الروس بغية وضع دمشق وموسكو في ورطة حسب الموقع وقد سبق هذا الكلام تصريحات مصدر دبلوماسي عسكري روسي قال فيه إن من الممكن نشر تسجيل فيديو يظهر فيه عسكريون روس يزعمون أنهم يقاتلون إلى جانب القوات الحكومية ووقعوا في الأسر لدى مقاتلي ما يسمى “الجيش الحر” بينما هم في الواقع مرتزقة من أصول سلافية يقومون بالتشنيع بدور موسكو في تسوية الأزمة في سورية لقاء المال وسيتحدث هؤلاء المرتزقة أمام الكاميرات عن علاقتهم المزعومة بالأجهزة الخاصة الروسية وكيفية استمالتهم وإرسالهم من روسيا إلى سورية على متن سفن عسكرية.

وإذ تثير الأنباء حول اختراق الموقع الالكتروني لشركة بريتام العديد من الأسئلة فيما إذا كانت الوثائق المنشورة تعود إلى هذه الشركة فعلا وما إذا كانت مزورة كليا أو جزئيا فمن هو المستفيد من ذلك إلا أنه إذا كان هذا الأمر واقعا فعلا فهو يثبت ممارسة الألعاب الجيوسياسية التي يتورط فيها الغرب وقطر والمملكة العربية السعودية في فبركة الأحداث والتلاعب بالرأي العام وهو ما يستدعي الحذر من هذه الممارسات التي تعتبر قرصنة تقودها الدول .

Friends of Syria


66488_459381517450307_158652201_n“It has become a business transaction”

Syrian women and girls, some as young as 14 years old, are being ‘sold’ into forced marriages or prostitution after becoming refugees, aid workers and religious charities have said.

Many of the young girls are sourced from refugee camps in Jordan that house more than 120,000 Syrian refugees. The Turkish newspaper, Aiydynlik reported the same tragedy of the Syrian women in Turkish camps!


In Jordan, hundreds of Syrian females subjects of humans’ trade, where men use “agents” to source Syrian refugees to use for sex.

Often this is done under the guise of “marriage”: The ‘dowry’, which in Muslim society is traditionally paid by the groom as a guarantee of the bride’s security has become a payment for sex. And the “marriage”, is an affair that lasts only a few days or even hours.

Mut’ah or ‘pleasure marriages’,”a fake marriage which was…

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Welcome to the Syrian Electronic Army Leaks Project



qat hecj










Welcome to the Syrian Electronic Army Leaks Project


The leaks in the Qatari file included documents from the Qatari Foreign Ministry, Defense ministry and also the email of the Amiri Diwan of Qatar. The document varied in content that included general files, special files and very sensitive confidential files. The files were also varied in the avenues that they focused on, some of them were correspondences from the Qatari embassy to the ministry of foreign trade. Also, financial files that belong to internal and external Qatari companies. The documents also included the internal affairs of Qatar itself and the relationship with Qatar and many other Arabic and western nations. These documents show how Qatar uses money to pressure these countries to implement its special agendas. Finally, these documents will expose minutes of meetings between Qatar and Arab/western leaders. The Syrian Electronic Army has selected only a selection of these documents to be shown at this point of time and we reserved the rest for coming days.

Subject Date From To Attachments
1968 A new fax has arrived from Fax server 0041313137300 Jan 4, 2013 12:00 AM MOFA FAX []
Saad M. Al-Tamimi []
1969 A new fax has arrived from 00 598 26018717 (Part 1 of 1) on Channel 2 Jan 3, 2013 12:00 AM MOFA FAX []
Saad M. Al-Tamimi []
1971 كتاب من سفارة دولة قطر أسمرا Jan 3, 2013 12:00 AM Qatar Embassy in Asmara []
Saad M. Al-Tamimi []
1972 A new fax has arrived from 2911152096 (Part 1 of 1) on Channel 2 Jan 3, 2013 12:00 AM MOFA FAX []
Saad M. Al-Tamimi []
1973 A new fax has arrived from Fax server 2911152 Jan 3, 2013 12:00 AM MOFA FAX []
Saad M. Al-Tamimi []
1974 Fwd: رد: الخدامه الجديدة Jan 2, 2013 12:00 AM Jassim Salman Al-Naimi []
Saad M. Al-Tamimi []
1975 Fwd: A new fax has arrived from Fax server 0000 235 252 14 52 Jan 2, 2013 12:00 AM Khalid Ali Abdullah Abel []
Saad M. Al-Tamimi []
1976 A new fax has arrived from 0041313137300 (Part 1 of 1) on Channel 4 Jan 2, 2013 12:00 AM MOFA FAX []
Saad M. Al-Tamimi []
1979 A new fax has arrived from +43 1 3190897 (Part 1 of 1) on Channel 3 Jan 2, 2013 12:00 AM MOFA FAX []
Saad M. Al-Tamimi []
1980 A new fax has arrived from 8227901027 (Part 1 of 1) on Channel 0 Jan 2, 2013 12:00 AM MOFA FAX []
Saad M. Al-Tamimi []

قطر تعرض على روسيا حماية الجيش الحر للقواعد البحرية

حمد: الروس بدأوا يفقدون توازنهم (أرشيف)

في الحرب الدائرة في سوريا وعليها، ثمة حيّز كبير للحرب الالكترونية. إحدى المجموعات الناشطة في هذا المجال تطلق على نفسها تسمية «الجيش السوري الالكتروني»، تمكنت اخيراً من قرصنة عدد من المواقع الرسمية المهمة في كل من قطر والسعودية وتركيا، وتنزيل آلاف الوثائق السرية منها. وقد حصلت «الأخبار» على هذه الوثائق عبر وسيط. وبعد التثبت من صحة الجزء الذي أمكن مراجعته، تم الاتفاق على نشرها على موقع «شبكة عاجل الإخبارية السورية» الذي حصل عليها في الوقت عينه. ابتداءً من اليوم، تنشر «الأخبار» هذه الوثائق، كما وردتها، مع مراعاة عدم التدخل في النصوص التي لم تخضع للتدقيق اللغوي. وفرضت ضرورات النشر في النسخة الورقية اختصار بعض النصوص التي ستُنشر كاملة على الموقع الالكتروني لـ«الأخبار». في عدد اليوم، وثيقتان من مراسلات وزارة الخارجية القطرية. تحتوي الأولى على محضر اجتماع بين رئيس الوزراء القطري حمد بن جاسم آل ثاني والرئيس المصري محمد مرسي عُقِد في أيلول 2012، يتطرقان فيه إلى الوضع في سوريا. يتحدث حمد عن اتصال مع روسيا لإقناعها بالتخلي عن الأسد، مع عرض تعهدات من «الجيش السوري الحر» لإبقاء قاعدتها البحرية في سوريا. وفي نص الاتفاق، يظهر أن ما قدمته قطر إلى مصر لم يكن سوى قروض بفوائد مقابل امتيازات كالاستثمار في الحديد والصلب. أما الوثيقة الثانية، فعبارة عن محضر اجتماع في تشرين الاول 2011 بين ولي العهد القطري تميم بن حمد آل ثاني ووزير الخارجية التركي. وفيه، يتحدّث الأخير عن ضرورة عدم منح الرئيس بشّار الأسد فرصة للحكم حتى العام 2014 لأنه سيقضي بذلك على المعارضة

رضوان مرتضى

«سري وعاجل جداً»
محضر اتفاق
تجسيداً للروابط الوثيقة والعلاقات المتميزة التي تجمع بين شعبي وقيادتي جمهورية مصر العربية ودولة قطر، وانطلاقاً من التوجيهات الحكيمة لكل من السيد الدكتور/ محمد مرسي رئيس جمهورية مصر العربية وأخيه سمو الشيخ/ حمد بن خليفة آل ثاني أمير دولة قطر بتعزيز علاقات الأخوّة بين البلدين الشقيقين في جميع المجالات وتطويرها

، وفي إطار تحقيق المصالح المشتركة للبلدين، وتلبية للدعوة التي وجهها السيد الدكتور/ هشام قنديل رئيس مجلس الوزراء المصري إلى أخيه معالي الشيخ/ حمد بن جاسم بن جبر آل ثاني رئيس الوزراء ووزير الخارجية بدولة قطر لزيارة مصر لوضع توجيهات قيادتي البلدين موضع التنفيذ، عقدت جلسة مباحثات اليوم الموافق 6/9/2012 بمقر رئاسة مجلس الوزراء برئاسة معالي الشيخ/ حمد بن جاسم بن جبر آل ثاني رئيس الوزراء ووزير الخارجية بدولة قطر والسيد الدكتور/ هشام قنديل رئيس وزراء جمهورية مصر العربية وبحضور الوفدين المرافقين لهما وتم الاتفاق على ما يلي:
أولاً: المنح والقروض:
قيام دولة قطر بتقديم وديعة من بنك قطر الوطني لمدة سنة وتجدد مقدارها (2) مليار دولار بفائدة مقدارها 1.5%، وتم تحويل أول دفعة منها بمبلغ (500) مليون دولار، وسيقوم الجانب القطري بتحويل الدفعات الثلاث الباقية بواقع (500) مليون دولار لكل منها في التواريخ الآتية: ـــ 30/9/2012 ـــ 30/10/2012 ـــ 30/11/2012.
ثانياً: في مجال العمالة:
أثنى الجانب القطري على الجهود التي تساهم بها العمالة المصرية في دفع عجلة التنمية بدولة قطر، ورحب بزيادة دور وأعداد هذه العمالة المدرّبة في ضوء احتياجات الجانب القطري.
ثالثاً: في مجال الطيران:
قيام الجانب المصري بزيارة دولة قطر خلال هذا الشهر للاتفاق على ما يلي:
ـ فتح الأجواء لخطوط الطيران التجاري بين البلدين.
ـ الاستثمار القطري في المناطق الواقعة في حرم مطار القاهرة الدولي، في إطار الشراكة مع الجانب المصري.
ـ كما رحب الجانب القطري بموافقة الجانب المصري على الآتي:
* تأجير صالة خاصة بمطار القاهرة الدولي للخطوط القطرية.
* منح تصاريح العبور للأجواء المصرية للطائرات الخاصة بالطيران الأميري القطري خلال مدة ساعة واحدة من تقديم الطلب.
رابعاً: في مجال الاستثمارات القطرية الحالية في مصر:
1) بالنسبة لمشروع شركة ديار القطرية بالغردقة:
ـ أكد الجانب المصري أنه تم حل جميع المعوّقات التي كانت تعترض تنفيذ المشروع، وأنه بإمكان الشركة البدء في عملها على الفور.
2) بالنسبة لمشروع شركة ديار القطرية بشرم الشيخ:
ـ أكد الجانب المصري على حل المعوّقات التي تعترض المشروع خلال أسبوعين من تاريخه.
3) بالنسبة لشركة بروة:
ـ تم الاتفاق على دفع كامل قيمة الأرض دفعاً معجّلاً وبدون فوائد، وعلى مدّ فترة تنفيذ المشروع إلى 12 سنة بدلاً من 8 سنوات.
خامساً: في مجال الاستثمارات القطرية الجديدة:
1) وافق الجانب المصري على طلب دولة قطر بإقامة مصنع للحديد والصلب بجمهورية مصر العربية لشركة قطر ستيل للحديد.
2) إنشاء محطة توليد كهرباء باستثمارات قطرية وبقدرة (500 ـ 1000) ميغاوات، بمنطقة شرق التفريعة وتخصيص إنتاج المحطة لمشروعات صناعية قطرية تقام بذات المنطقة، وسيتم تشكيل فريق عمل من الجانبين للاجتماع خلال شهر وتقديم دراسة جدوى اقتصادية بشأن المشروع خلال فترة أقصاها ثلاثة أشهر، وتتناول الدراسة:
ـ إقامة منطقة صناعية قطرية. ـ إقامة محطة كهرباء قطرية. ـ إقامة قرية لوجستية متكاملة.
3) إنشاء شركة مساهمة مصرية عربية لإقامة مشروع سياحي متكامل على ساحل البحر الأبيض المتوسط يضم مرسى سياحي ومدينة سياحية، وتشكيل فريق مشترك لتقديم الدراسات الخاصة بالمشروع خلال فترة ثلاثة أشهر من تاريخه.
4) إنشاء شركة استثمار مصرية قطرية للاستثمار في أفريقيا، يمثّل الجانب القطري شركة حصاد القطرية، وسيزور رئيس مجلس إدارة شركة حصاد مصر خلال هذا الشهر للقاء وزير الزراعة المصري في إطار الإعداد لهذا المشروع.
في ختام الاجتماع أثنى الجانب المصري على وقوف الجانب القطري بجانب مصر ومساندتها في هذه المرحلة الانتقالية الدقيقة، والتي تمثّلت في تقديم وديعة بقيمة اثنين مليار دولار والاتفاق على تنفيذ عدد من المشروعات الاستثمارية القطرية بمصر بتكلفة مبدئية مقدارها (8) مليارات دولار.
محضر اجتماع
معالي الشيخ/ حمد بن جاسم بن جبر آل ثاني رئيس مجلس الوزراء ووزير الخارجية مع فخامة الرئيس/ محمد مرسي رئيس جمهورية مصر العربية (الخميس 6 سبتمبر 2012 م)
حمد: أنقل لفخامتكم تحيات سمو الأمير وسمو ولي العهد «حفظهم الله» وذلك تباعاً للاتصال الهاتفي.
الرئيس محمد مرسي: أبداً لا يوجد أي شيء يستوجب كل هذا وفي اتصاله كان صاحب سمو في الأخلاق ونعم الرجل.
حمد: سمو الأمير كان منزعج كثيراً من الموضوع والمراسم كانوا واقفين ولم يقولوا له تفضل وتم لومي أنا، وقال لي كان المفروض نحن نذهب إلى الرئيس ويشرّفنا أن نراه وأكد على الاعتذار.
مرسي: لا بالعكس وهذه الرسالة لن تعلن وكأنه لم يكن شيء ولم يخطر في بالي شيء من هذا.
حمد: سمو الأمير يقدّر دوركم، واليوم تباحثنا واتفقنا مع السيد هشام قنديل رئيس الوزراء على بعض الأمور، ومنها باقي مبلغ المليار ونص دولار المتفق عليها وخفّضنا الفائدة إلى 1.5 وتمت زيادة المدة. وكذلك المبلغ الإضافي سوف نقوم بالعمل عليه ونحن معكم «أهل طويلة» وكل يوم لدينا ولديكم مطالب وكذلك موضوع الكهرباء حددنا أن تكون هناك دراسة وتم تحديد شهر من الآن لعمل الاتفاق.
رئيس الوزراء المصري: أنا متأكد أن قلوبهم علينا.
حمد: وكذلك اتفقنا على الحديد لدينا شراكة مع أكثر من دولة في هذا المجال.
مرسي: لديّ مقترح وهو إحياء وتفعيل مجمع الحديد والصلب «حلوان» وهو أكبر مصنع حديد في الشرق الأوسط وقد بناه الروس بتكنولوجيا روسية وله تصور سياسي وهو عبارة عن أربع أفران الأول منه قديم ويمكن إعادة صيانته وبنائه والرابع متطور، وتم عمل ميناء له في الدقهلية لتوريد الفحم وكذلك سكة حديد من الميناء إلى حلوان وكذلك سكة للخام والتي تأتي من الواحات ولدينا الكثير من كميات الخام، وهو مبنيّ على أساس المنتج النهائي. ولكن بدأ المجمع يخسر لأنه كان ينتج 2 مليون طن وهو البريك إيفن للمشروع، وكان المشروع عبارة عن قلعة صناعية وكان هناك 25 ألف عامل ولكن شركة أحمد عز ظهرت وتم إغراء المهندسين.
حمد: نحن معكم وتستطيع أن تعلن من الآن عن هذا المشروع وسوف نضعه للدراسة ضمن الفريق الذي سيأتي لدراسة المشاريع.
وزير المالية يوسف كمال: لدينا جميع الدراسات وهي تقابل نفس الفكرة لدينا في الجزائر وهي شراكة مع شركة إكسترا تراد وبالإمكان أن ينظموا معنا.
حمد: فخامتكم نؤكد لكم لدينا أوامر من سمو الأمير وأنت تعرف شعوره تجاهكم ونحن مستعدون ولدينا مبالغ لم تذكر في المحضر، وسوف ندرس الحديد وكذلك الكهرباء صار اتفاق وكذلك المواضيع المعطلة التي تخص شركتي بروة والديار، وهذا مؤشر إيجابي وكما اتفقنا على موضوع الطيران وتم دعوة وزير الطيران المدني، وفخامتكم لدينا مشكلة في ما يخص الفائض والمشكلة لا نريد أن يتم إيداعه في أي مكان وأنتم تقرضون 14% وإذا وافقتم مستعدون إلى إيداع من 10 إلى 20 مليار جنيه مصري وأرجو أن تتم دراستها من قبلكم ونخلّيها لسنة واحدة ويتم تجديدها، ونحن مستعدون أن نفعّل هذا الأمر.
مرسي: لماذا تكون بالجنيه المصري لأن الصينيين يتكلمون بنفس الطريقة.
حمد: لأن الفائدة عالية بالجنيه المصري ونحن مستعدون أن تكون سنة وتجدد، ونحن اتفقنا على محضر اتفاق يكون بين الطرفين وعلى أوقات وتواريخ محددة لكل عملية لكي نبدأ بالعمل بما فيها عملية إيداع المبالغ 1.5 مليار دولار وذلك وفقاً لاتفاق سمو الأمير وسيادتكم وهناك نية صادقة لبدء العمل وثقتنا زادت بعد خطابكم في طهران والكل أشاد وبالأمس في اجتماع الجامعة العربية تغيّرت المواقف.
مرسي: ليس هناك مجال في كلمة الإصلاح ويجب أن يخرج.
حمد: عرضنا عليه أن يخرج وفعلاً كانت كلمة قوية.
مرسي: كيف يحصل بأن الملك السعودي فاجأنا بموضوع مبادرة حوار المذاهب وكان متفقين على موضوع سوريا.
حمد: نحن كذلك وكنا التقينا به في اليوم الذي قبله ولم يذكروا هذا الأمر.
مرسي: نريد أخذ موقف جدي.
حمد: أعتقد سوف يتغيّر كل شيء بعد الانتخابات الأميركية والألمانية وإذا رجع أوباما ولا يهمّ أن ينتظر شهر يناير موعد دخول المكتب الرئاسي ممكن يعملها أوتوماتيكياً وهو لديه تعهدات.
مرسي: إذا دخل الإيرانيون في موضوع الحل في سوريا سيكسبون وسيتقربون من تركيا أكثر والخليج.
حمد: هم بدأوا يفكرون في أسماء وفي السابق كانت علاقتنا بهم جيدة ولدينا آبار مشتركة ولكن موضوع سوريا للأسف الروس لو يقولون كلمة سوف يتم إنهاء النظام في سوريا وروسيا إلى الآن متمسكة بالأمر وتكلمت مع الرئيس بوتين بالهاتف خلال أربعين دقيقة وكانت مكالمة سيئة مع العلم كانت علاقتي به كانت ممتازة ولكن المكالمة فاشلة ولكن الآن بدأوا يفقدون توازنهم ويريدون حل.
مرسي: لماذا يريدونه؟
حمد: لديهم قاعدة بحرية في سوريا وقلنا لهم سنعمل تعهّد بينكم وبين الجيش الحر ولكن لم يوافقوا.
مرسي: هم جزء من المشكلة وهو سيرحل.
حمد: في ما يخص موضوع التأشيرات تم الاتفاق عليه وفتح المجال للجانب المصري في أخذ التأشيرات.
رئيس الوزراء المصري: هناك كذلك إشارة إيجابية في موضوع الشراكة في السودان.
حمد: نعم سوف نرسل وفدنا لهذا الغرض وسنعمل شراكة في أفريقيا وهي تقوي العلاقة ونحن جاهزون وكذلك هناك مشروع لشركة ديار بمبلغ 120 مليون دولار وأن الأمور سوف تمشي ونحن صرحاء ونريد أن نقول للرأي العام هذا الأمر.
مرسي: ليس هناك تعارض وإنتو إخواننا وأياديكم بيضاء وراء ذلك.
حمد: نحن رأينا أن يتم من خلال مصر أحسن لأنكم في أفريقيا وأنتم لديكم الناس والخبرة وتأكدوا سنكون معكم فخامتكم.

الأسد سينتصر إذا بقي حتى 2014

تميم بن حمد آل ثاني (أ ف ب)

محضر اجتماع بين سمو الشيخ/ تميم بن حمد آل ثاني ولي العهد حفظه الله مع سعادة السيد/ أحمد داؤود أوغلو وزير خارجية الجمهورية التركية / الثلاثاء25/10/2011
سمو ولي العهد: سنوجه رسالة لبشار. لقد قال انه سيتحدث مع المعارضة. اعتقد أنه لابد من إبلاغهم رسالة قوية بأنه إذا لم تمضوا في هذا الطريق فإن الموضوع سيأخذ مجراه إلى مجلس الأمن. (…) إنه لا يأخذ الموضوع بشكل جدي إنه يريد تدمير المنطقة. إيران غيرت لهجتها. (…)
الضيف: التنسيق بيننا مهم. بشار يعتمد على نقطتين ولديه الكثير من المشاكل، يعتقد بأن روسيا والصين معه (…). عرضنا عليه مبادرة من 14 نقطة وناقشنا معه كل شيء نحن نعرفه ونعرف النظام جيدا. كان سفيرنا في دمشق معي وكانت بثينة شعبان حاضرة. وافق على سحب الجيش من حماه وحمص ودرعا وباقي المدن، وإصدار قانون للإعلام، والسماح للإعلام الأجنبي بدخول سوريا، وتعديل الفقرة (8) من الدستور، وأن تكون هناك انتخابات وبرلمان والجلوس مع المعارضة، وقد وافق على كل ذلك.
وبعد يومين قام بضرب المساجد واقتحم اللاذقية وقتل الناس وبدأ بالتصعيد. كانت خطتنا أننا ندعمه إذا قام بتنفيذ المبادرة. انسحب من حماه بمراقبة سفيرنا، ولكنه عاد مرة أخرى ليهاجمها وقد أخبرنا سفيرنا بذلك برسالة سرية بأنهم يقومون بتدمير حماه. لقد كان يخدعنا. (…) اتصل بي المعلم وقال ان الرئيس بشار سيلقي الخطاب بعد أسبوع، وقلت له كلا ووضحنا موقفنا ولم يحصل بيننا أي اتصال معهم منذ 14 أغسطس الماضي.
في ليبيا الوضع كان مختلفا. لقد شّرعت الجامعة العربية الوضع للتدخل الغربي. نحن في تركيا لا نريد تدخل الغرب والناتو، مع إننا أعضاء في الناتو. التدخل الأجنبي في سوريا سيسبب مشاكل في لبنان وإيران، وحماس. نستطيع التحرك فرديا ضده، نحن ندعم المعارضة وهو خائف منها. في 2006، قمنا باستعراض عسكري مشترك وتحركنا لدعمه اقتصاديا، ولكن الآن يجب عزله اقتصاديا وهو مفلس. تحدثنا مع إيران وطالبوا منا إعطاءه مهلة لعدة أشهر، وقلنا لهم حاولوا إذا استطعتم، صالحي رجل جيد.
ولي العهد: يجب علينا استخدام ذلك.
الضيف: نريد توجيه رسالة للروس والصين، والعرب يجب أن يتحدثوا مع الدولتين لنؤكد لهم اننا لا نرغب في وضع ليبي جديد وعلينا إقناع روسيا والصين بعدم دعم بشار يجب عدم إعطائه أية فرصة أخرى. ربما يقوم بعملية تغيير تجميلية، ولكنه سيقضي على المعارضة ولذلك يجب عدم إعطائه الفرصة ليحكم حتى عام 2014. لكي يتخلص من المعارضة.
ولي العهد: يجب عليه وقف العنف اليوم قبل الغد. لقد قمتم بعمل كل ما في استطاعتكم، ولكن لا بد من دعم عربي ويجب أن تكون هذه هي الرسالة العربية الموجهة له.
الضيف: (…) سأزور الأردن وسأقابل الملك غدا. هل خالد مشعل في دمشق؟ هل يمكن أن يأتي إلى الدوحة؟ إذا كان الأمر حساس بالنسبة له فلا داعي. هناك موضوع أردت التحدث فيه مع سموكم. الجزيرة توجه انتقادات لموقفنا وهذا ليس جيدا.
ولي العهد: علاقتنا معكم أكبر من الجزيرة وبإمكانكم التحدث مع حمد بن جاسم وسنتحدث معه في الموضوع.
(أعدّت المادة بالتعاون مع الزميل رامي منصور من «شبكة عاجل»)

the real Syrian Free Press




There have been more than a dozen of massacres that took place so far during the Syrian crisis. The last sad episode is that of Haswiya in Homs were 106 civilians – including men, women, and children – were shot, stabbed, and some possibly burned to death by armed gunmen.

The initial reporting by the Mainstream Media (MSM) relied solely on the British-based ‘Syrian Observatory for Human Rights’, an entity with an agenda and whose only purpose is not to report about crimes in Syria but rather to delegitimize the Syrian government by attributing massacres to its forces.

After similar massacres in Houla, Daraya, Karm al-Zeitoun, Aqrab, and others, Arab and Western MSM news outlets have almost always initially reported that it was government forces who committed those crimes. When eyewitnesses and/or crime participants later give their testimonies, these reports turn out to be false. Every single time…

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Double standards of NATO regarding Al Qaeda -in French
Belgian member of the Parliament says the truth,defacing the double standards of some Occidentals :we sponsor them in countries like Libya,Syria ,Tunis and we fight them in Mali and Afganistan or Iraq?????? All that France wants is the uranium in Mali!So stop dragging us in your wars!!!!!!!!

The Bared Teeth of the Syrian War: Qatar Feels the Brunt

The Bared Teeth of the Syrian War: Qatar Feels the Brunt

The Bared Teeth of the Syrian War: Qatar Feels the Brunt

Jan 20, 2013

The war in Syria appears to be increasingly remote-controlled from abroad. Almost all states in the region seem to be involved to varying degrees, with Qatar providing the lion’s share of the funds going to the Free Syrian Army. However, the investment has generated disappointing returns. To avoid its funds from going up in smoke, Qatar has decided to dole them out on the basis of the actions carried out. As a result, the ASL began staging its most spectacular and deadly attacks to the detriment of its real military objectives.

he “Arab Spring” instigated by Qatar and its allies in Syria is slowly but surely beginning to subside, and the real people behind the terrible spectacle known as the “Syrian Revolution” are being mercilessly and cynically exposed.

High-ranking officials in Qatar who wished to remain anonymous told Arabic news agencies that the Qatar monarchy was becoming increasingly disillusioned with the Syrian rebels and the Syrian opposition. Widespread instances of bribery and the dissipation of funds by rebel leaders, who are “spending more and more of their time in hotels in Turkey, Europe, countries in the Gulf and Egypt” instead of performing combat missions, are responsible for this change in attitude towards those behind the Syrian revolution.

Both newly-organised and veteran Syrian opposition coalitions have long preferred to keep the billions of dollars provided by the Qatar monarchy for the battle against the Syrian government in their own personal bank accounts in the USA and other countries. After receiving enormous sums of money, meanwhile, several leaders of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) have disappeared for good, virtually breaking all ties with the revolution. For this reason, donors in Qatar decided several months ago that they would only finance specific military operations in Syria, which in turn led to an increase in the number of ostentatious, and therefore weak, attacks.

These attacks did not secure any military victories for the Syrian opposition, but they meant that money could carry on being siphoned off from Qatar and ensured much-needed publicity in the media. And while the leaders were enjoying the high life, rank-and-file rebels were getting less than 200 dollars a month. The leaders’ conniving lust for money was perfected to such an extent that Qatar was soon being provided with lists of non-existent rebels claiming salaries. This money was then also pushed firmly down into the pockets of high-ranking officials.

In addition, some of the actions of mercenaries towards the local population have already caused serious dissatisfaction and led to conflicts not only with the citizens themselves, but also fighters from the FSA who, as native Syrians, find the behaviour of the mercenaries completely unacceptable, especially those operating under the auspices of al-Qaeda. In terms of mental health, the atrocities are reaching an inexplicable level: the Arabic media are reporting eyewitness accounts of how mercenaries are forcing parents to hand over their young sons and daughters to creatures who have lost all trace of humanity.

They are forcing the parents by threatening them with their lives. The Lebanese news and analysis site Al Safir has reported that Muhammad Abd Al-Rahman Al-Arifi, a Saudi Wahhabi “cleric”, has already expressed his approval of similar actions by mercenaries and not only against Syrians, but each other as well. At the end of the article, it said: “In truth, the end of the world has begun”. Just the other day, a family of seven was shot in Aleppo after being subjected to abuse by these same mercenaries. To begin with, the victims were forced to strip off in freezing cold torrential rain and they were then assaulted. This was reported to the Lebanese press by a woman who had not wanted to give her name. The family had been trying to get away from the combat zone when they were stopped by armed rebels. Also recently, rebels fired shots at a peaceful demonstration organised by the residents of one of the neighbourhoods in Aleppo as a sign of protest demanding that the city be cleansed of terrorists.

Both foreign mercenaries and local rebels are suffering sizeable losses on a daily basis, which is making them deal with the current situation inadequately and lose control of themselves. Occasionally, they are even starting to shoot each other when sensing treachery or links with the Syrian security services. In fact, five were executed recently. It is worthy of note that soldiers from the Syrian army often find weapons of Israeli manufacture lying next to murdered rebels. The Arab media recently wrote about the involvement of two Israeli citizens in military operations in Syria. The Israelis found their way into Syria from Turkey, but when they wanted to go back to Israel, it turned out that the rebels had burned their passports, which they justified by saying that once you had sided with the rebels, there was no going back. According to the same publication, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs had commented on the event, explaining that they had already been in contact with Turkey in order to clarify the citizens’ exact coordinates, while at the same time pointing to the probable involvement of both Israelis, who are of Arabic descent, in the faction of Sheikh Raed Salah, who had collaborated with them and enlisted Israeli Arabs wanting to take part in the fight against the Syrian president. From what was said, it is possible to extract at least one fact with some confidence: Israel itself has acknowledged that its citizens are fighting in Syria against the Syrian regime. The rest of the statement, concerning the identity of the rebels, so far remains speculation on the part of the Israelis.

Against the generally troubled background of the civil and military opposition in Syria, the words of the head of the Syrian General Staff that the plot against Syria has failed due to the courage of Syrian soldiers and the support of the population are gaining credibility. At the same time, political life in Syria itself has not come to a standstill and certain political and public figures in Syria recently announced the creation of the “National Movement to Save Syria”, one of whose main objectives is to oppose any external interference in the internal affairs of Syria. Members of the movement support the idea of the unity of the Syrian state and urge Syrians to open up a national dialogue and denounce the actions of various fanatical groups. According to one of the movement’s members, they are intending to prove that there is a link between a newly-organised project in Qatar for a Syrian opposition coalition and al-Qaeda, which is dreaming of turning Syria into a second Afghanistan and destroying the Syrian people. As far as Turkey’s role in the Syrian war is concerned, those who set up the movement are convinced that Turkey miscalculated when hoping that Assad would be ousted quickly and the triumph of Erdogan’s power in Syria would be like Libya and Egypt.

In contrast to the Syrian authorities, people and army, who act as a unit, Syrian opposition is completely at variance. Which is why it is not only collapsing from the outside yet again, but also corroding from within, eaten away at by worms of corruption, greed and amorality. In demonstrating its ugliness from without and within, the so-called “Syrian opposition” is probably doing the Syrian people the biggest favour possible: now they know exactly who it is worth following.

There is a power struggle currently taking place within the armed groups in Syria, everything they do is geared towards frightening each other and the Syrian people, and it is the same with the civil opposition. The constructive steps of the Syrian government have not found the support of their own side and have long shown their true intentions regarding Syria’s future. Such a picture could create the illusory impression that power in the country is not going to be passed to anybody specific after Assad has gone. However, it is far easier to govern a decentralised country, which is why the issue of the transfer of power is probably irrelevant.

Terrorists will become the real power after Assad has gone – whether it is political or military does not even matter any more. Internal opposition, which virtually accused the Syrian coalition of having links with al-Qaeda, does not have the foreign policy resources necessary to govern a country, the rulers of countries in the Gulf and their allies would simply pay them no regard. The difference between the FSA and foreign mercenaries is being emphasised in order to justify a foreign invasion and “cleaning-up operations” to rid Syria of terrorists who are “threatening” neighbouring countries. Which is always the way in such cases.

The war in Syria has much wider geographical and metaphysical borders, it is multi-layered. As well as destroying the Syrians physically, it is also delivering fatal blows to their beliefs and values. Step by step, as in the cases of Iraq and Libya, the traditional contours of Islam and Arabic self-identity are gradually being eroded away, all traces of their heroes’ past achievements are being wiped clean, spiritual groups are forbidding people to think, since all of their thoughts are occupied with survival and the struggle for a piece of bread. Moral and spiritual deformity is standing in for age-old traditions and principles. These kinds of people do not have a future, since their past and present has already been warped beyond recognition. Is that not the true meaning of the “Arab Spring”? Does Assad really matter?


Friends of Syria

Financed and used by the British-Saudi Empire, Al-Qaeda has been protected under the Obama administration to accomplish the Empire’s of global war.

This film documents President’s Obama’s use of Al-Qaeda networks to overthrow Ghaddafi in Libya, the attempt to overthrow Bashar al-Assad in Syria, who were the same forces who attacked the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.

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Syria’s foreign minister,Al-Moallem: Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, Led by the United States, Support, Fund and Arm Terrorists in Syria

Syria's foreign minister,Al-Moallem: Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, Led by the United States, Support, Fund and Arm Terrorists in Syria

Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Walid al-Moallem, stressed that the political program for solving the crisis in Syria is integrated as it presents a solution through three phases, providing a fluent motion to the safe side of the country.

In an interview with the Syrian TV Channel on Saturday, Minister al-Moallem pointed out that the program leads to a renewable Syria and blocks the road in the face of foreign initiatives that have started to emerge.

“The program stems from the Syrian people’s aspirations and fulfills their demands, as it also depends on partnership by all the Syrian components, and when negotiators reach a national charter it will be presented to a popular referendum. Hence, when a new constitution is set it will be also presented to a popular referendum, as new parliamentary elections are expected to be held,” he said.

“It becomes clear to most of the Syrians that what they are going through is a huge international conspiracy that the country has never encountered before, as it targets Syria’s entity, infrastructure, community and ethics that have characterized the Syrians for decades,” the Minister added.

The Minister stressed on spreading the language of dialogue and respecting the others’ viewpoint along with the role of the intellectuals which have not been manifested fully during the crisis.

He stressed the importance of their role via the various media outlets in restoring the right Syrian ethical, social and historical values.

Al-Moallem pointed out that the governmental committee will make intensive communications with all Syrian components including the national opposition inside and outside the country, pointing out that all those who reject foreign intervention and violence could communicate with the committee.

“We depend on our people, and if violence or terrorism support are not halted that does not mean that a massive national dialogue will not be launched, but rather we should be go on the way of solution,” he added.

Al-Moallem said that Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, led by the United States, are supporting, funding and arming terrorists in Syria, and that they work in the framework of an international plan against Syria with political, economic and military aspects.

“We have no delusions that these countries will cease supporting terrorism, but if the violence doesn’t stop, this doesn’t mean that comprehensive national dialogue will not be held,” al-Moallem added.

He pointed out that the political program for resolving the crisis in Syria is based on the concept of particpatory, and does not move from the top to the base, stressing that the current government is responsible for carrying out the preparatory phase, with the national unity government becoming the result of national dialogue.

Al-Moallem said that the preparatory phase in the political program will last for two to three months, and that the government will not play an active role in the national dialogue conference because the active role will be played by the society with its parties and political, social and religious forces.

He pointed out that the national accord is a document produced by those who will participate in the national dialogue conference, and it’s not a premade document, adding that it will guarantee the participation of the Syrian people in dialogue through approving the according or not approving it.

Regarding the mechanism of making sure of the adherence of all parties to curbing borders according to the items of the first phase, al-Moallem said that this issue is a message to the international community, particularly the United Nations, yet the mechanism should be agreed on by Syria.

“If the regional sides and those on the ground showed readiness to halt violence, then the Syrian Army will stop its operations immediately, except for the self-defense case and for protecting popular and private properties.”

He clarified that the current government is responsible for implementing the preparatory stage because many opposition spectra will not participate in forming a transitional extended government in view of the current situation.

The Foreign Minister pointed out that the government has convened twice and formed a sub-ministerial committee that held three meetings and started contacting the Syrian components and powers inside and abroad.

Al-Moallem noted that the political program is the Syrian interpretation of the vague transitional period in the Geneva statement, stressing that there will be no discussion with anyone about anything outside this program.

He pointed out that the new constitution will identify the powers of the new government and how it will be formed, whether it will be a third government or a national stability government that is shouldered heavy burdens, on top of which are rebuilding what has been destroyed during the crisis, compensating citizens who were affected and holding a massive national reconciliation conference for reaching social tolerance.

Minister al-Moallem noted that the Russian principled stance is stemmed from respecting the UN Charter and the rejection of foreign intervention in Syria’s affairs, in addition to the adherence to Geneva Statement being the basis of the solution.

He said that the second Geneva Statement attempted to find a joint understanding of the ambiguous transitional stage in Geneva Statement, where no agreement was reached due to the U.S. side, as well as all the international countries participating in the conspiracy against Syria .

The Minister added that Geneva Statement does not include any sign regarding the issue of the presidency, yet the U.S. side wants to involve it, nonetheless Russia rejected that through its Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, who said that it is impossible, thus, they have not reached an agreement.

He added that UN Envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi didn’t come to Damascus with a project for a political solution; rather he adopted a position matching the ones of the US and the Arab Gulf which conspire against Syria, causing him to deviate from the nature his mission and move away from the principle of objectivity in mediation.

“The mediator between two sides does not adopt one proposal against another, but rather he/she attempts to combine through bridging between the two proposals,”

He pointed out ” the USA that is thousands of kilo meters away from Syria and Qatar that does not possess ten percent of the political program of Syria are irrelevant to the Syrian situation, but rather they are attached to conspiring against Syria and the continuation of violence.” 

Al-Moallem stressed that it’s not permitted for anyone to slight the position of the presidency, affirming readiness to continue cooperating with Brhaimi, adding that the latter’s mission in the coming stage has become richer through the political program.

He said that the Americans are the ones who lay the framework and the rest of their tools follow it, and that if the United States actually wanted to stop violence in Syria it would have stopped.

“No-one has the decision of legitimacy in Syria except the Syrian people,” the Foreign and Expatriates Minister asserted.

Al-Moallem said that Turkey’s appointment of a “vali” for Syria’s affairs uncovered the truth of Turkey’s grasping plans for Syria and its role in supporting Syria, adding that since terrorism has no religion nor a homeland, it will eventually turn against its makers.

“Nobody believes that Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Ahmet Davutoglu who stole the Syrian people’s wheat, oil, industry and factories are keen on the Syrians or their interests,” the Minister said.

He also said that the US placing of Jabhet al-Nusra on the list of terrorist organization is an ironic step and insufficient, because if it really wanted to combat terrorist, it would do that through counter-terrorism Committee in the Security Council and ordered the European countries to include it in the European lists of terrorism.

The Foreign Minister pointed out that Syria, as a confrontation country and whose land is occupied, does not disclose any information about the weapons it has, and it informed the
UN Security Council through a written letter that it will not use the chemical weapon, if any, under any circumstances because Syria and the Syrian Army is defending the people against terrorism and it is unreasonable that an army fights against its people.

He said” We warned of getting the Palestinians involved in the crisis through various means because that contradicts their compass, which is the right of return.” 

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Twenty thousand young Syrians from all the provinces of Syria will strengthen the Syrian Arab Army, the Armed Forces of National Defense, the only legitimate Syrian Army, composed of all the components of the Syrian society, ethnic and confessional.

These twenty thousand young people will support their fellow peers in uniform, forming a single “National Defense Force”, which will be assigned missions of land monitoring, but also mission of combat, side by side with the Syrian soldiers.

The news is confirmed by the correspondent of the Russian TV “Russia Today”, which reports a statement from government sources, which state that the new force would be composed as a “reserve of the regular army”.

This new para-military organization will be formed by civilians who have already previously served military service and are therefore already been…

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Syrian women-with pride!Defending their homes!Protecting the children!

Widad Shouja (وداد شجاع) is a Syrian pilot!

widad pilot
In some Arab countries women DREAM of driving a car, while women in Syria such as Widad Shouja, she has been a pilot since 1997….

Abdul Aziz and the dogs in heat at Mecca which call themselves “sheikhs” release fatwas who help the terrorist to be excused while rapping Syrian girls ,children who are 14 years old !In the video you can see the Syrian girls in the army protecting Homs!It was a necessity after the Al Qaeda members ,were depicted wearing women clothes

to be able to sneak in civilians areas and slaughter more!

I hope the ones caught will be taken care of -castration before jail or any other legal way to treat these monsters! Yes,castrate them so they won’t be able to be “parents”! Why,because they use the little angels as human shields and after intoxicating their minds with sectarian poison and salafist doctrine , they send those children on the battlefield.
These children are the direct participants in war. With a denied childhood and being subjects to horrific violence, they serve as soldiers in military confrontations. They carry a wide range of activities, from fighting in the front line using machine guns or even in suicide acts!”The lucky” ones are “only”used as spies or to carry “messages” between different locations and missions. Physically vulnerable and easily intimidated, children become more obedient soldiers. Many of them are abducted or recruited by force and most often they meet orders under threat of death, and the others join armed groups because of despair or as a result of the poison they pour in the little,pure minds and souls. As society breaks down during the armed conflict itself, it leaves the children without access to school and the adults around them are the examples they follow, they perceive the armed group as the best alternative for survival. Children among the terrorist forces have witnessed and even participated in horrific atrocities against civilians, including beheading , rape or torture of the others .
Due to  lack of experience, children suffer much higher losses than adults in the wake of a military conflict. Even after cessation of use, they suffer  physical or mental trauma, many fail to reintegrate in society in a peaceful manner. Attuned with the skills learned in the war, former child soldiers are often enticed into criminal  recruitment.

A documentary telling the story of terror witnessed by the Palestinians in Syria…

A documentary telling the story of terror witnessed by the Palestinians in Syria…
Al Yarmouk Camp (the biggest Palestinians area in Syria-Damascus) was always their neighborhood, Palestinians were and will always be our brothers…
FSA terrorists attacked the camp as their Zionist Leadership told them to do…
At 1:07 we can see how they kidnapped those brave Palestinians who tried to defend their houses and and slaughtered them on 1:44… and the “slaughterer” the “butcher” threatens all the Palestinians with the same destiny if they insist on “supporting Assad” P.S Palestinians are not Assad’s supporters, Bashar AlAssad did not want to involve them in the Syrian crisis, but the Zionist backed criminals of FSA refused this and attacked them…
The terrorists infested their houses forcing them to live the same nightmares that the Palestinians lived back in 1948…
all the videos are taken by FSA terrorists cameras bragging about their crime and calling it “Freeing AlY armouk Camp”
They did free the camp of its own people when they brought death to their houses…

To clarify: Wahhabism arose in the eighteenth century. Salafism was founded in the nineteenth century. So how can it be true religion?!

To clarify: Wahhabism arose in the eighteenth century. Salafism was founded in the nineteenth century. So how can it be true religion?!

by Azzaam Abdul-Hakeem on Monday, December 17, 2012 at 8:53pm ·
Yes I support Sunni and Shia unity and I oppose Salafism aka Wahhabism from KSA, they do respect the Prophet (saw), just as the Rasullah said in Hadeeth Pointing to Imama Ali (AS) and Fatimah (May Allah be pleased with her) whoever, makes war with them, makes war with me, whoever makes peace with them, is making peace with me. Allah in Qu’ran like I quoted earlier demands Sunni and Shia unity and so does the Rasullah people cannot ignore this otherwise they are not following sunnah nor true Islam and Allah knows best. However, the question I find asking myself is are the Salafi’s modern day Khawarijites? Is Sunni Islam which, I adhere to, similar in nature or the same as this Salafist sect? I will seek to gather the evidence and wage an opinion while leaving it open for your discussion and whether you agree or disagree with it.

Im Sunni Muslim and I support the word of Allah (swt) as supreme where He says in Qu’ran 3:103,3:105 and 6:159, “And hold steadfast, ALL OF YOU TOGETHER, to the Cable of Allah and do not separate. And remember Allah’s favour unto you; how ye were enemiesand He made friendship between your hearts so that ye became as brothers by His grace; And (how) ye were upon the brink of abyss of fire, and He did save you from it. Thus Allah maketh clear His relations unto you, that haply ye may be guided… And be ye not as those who separated and disputed after the clear proofs had come unto them. For such there is an awful doom”.

In a number of places in Sahih al-Bukhari, the report of the Messenger of God, upon him be peace, says: By God I do not fear that you will worship of other than God (shirk) after me, but I fear for you that the material world will appear before you in all its attractiveness – just as it did for those before you, and you will compete for it just as they did, and it will ruin you just as it ruined them.This narrative and teaching of the Prophet Muhammed (saw) is quiet revealing and telling, this prophecy has come to pass, with the spread of Islamism after the Arab Spring and with some pro Western Dictators pre Arab Spring we discover many are Neo Liberal economists, namely they support Usury, Interest Rates (Riba), High risk investments and Corporate Capitalism. Even in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where the Salafist rule in power and claim to be the guardians of Islam’s 2 Holiest Sights in Makkah (Mecca) and Madinah Cities. The Saudi Regime has claimed that pilgrims on the Hajj, who are there for spiritual cleansing, prayer, worship and good deeds in charityable giving for the needy, are requesting shops for clothes and other items in Makkah, this is something that is simply not true and in ths process they have permitted of all stores to open in Makkah a Paris Hilton Clothing Store to be opened. I find this rather hypocritical that a Totalitarian Salafist Regime like Saudi Arabia has with its Absolute Monarchy would ban women dressing in revealing clothing in public while, it would openly sell sexualised clothing to other Muslims on Hajj, that material World based on profits has came to Arabia aka the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This is a materialism to many that may seem trivial but to Muslims in our Holiest City, seems insulting and to have fallen prey to the Prophecies of the Prophet Muhammed (saw) as stated above. This is not the only prophecy of the Prophet Muhammed (saw) in regards to Arabia and the signs of the second coming of Christ with Imam Madhi (AS). Imam Madhi is a man who will be sent before Jesus has his second coming to help raise and lead the army of God to fight the servants of evil in this World. This is a similar story as there is in all 3 Abrhamic Faiths, regarding the second coming of Christ or in the Jewish case the first coming of the Messiah. The other Prophecies include the devils left horn will appear from Najd – modern day Riayydh and this can only be done due to the corruption which, would take over the land. The Prophet said, “O Allah! Bestow Your blessings on our Sham! O Allah! Bestow Your blessings on our Yemen.” The People said, “And also on our Najd.” He said, “O Allah! Bestow Your blessings on our Sham (north)! O Allah! Bestow Your blessings on our Yemen.” The people said, “O Allah’s Apostle! And also on our Najd.” I think the third time the Prophet said, “There (in Najd) is the place of earthquakes and afflictions and from there comes out the side of the head of Satan.” (Afflictions and the End of the World Bukhari :: Book 9 :: Volume 88 :: Hadith 214 Narrated Ibn ‘Umar)

While the Prophet was distributing (something, ‘Abdullah bin Dhil Khawaisira At-Tamimi came and said, “Be just, O Allah’s Apostle!” The Prophet said, “Woe to you ! Who would be just if I were not?” ‘Umar bin Al-Khattab said, “Allow me to cut off his neck ! ” The Prophet said, ” Leave him, for he has companions, and if you compare your prayers with their prayers and your fasting with theirs, you will look down upon your prayers and fasting, in comparison to theirs. Yet they will go out of the religion as an arrow darts through the game’s body in which case, if the Qudhadh of the arrow is examined, nothing will be found on it, and when its Nasl is examined, nothing will be found on it; and then its Nadiyi is examined, nothing will be found on it. The arrow has been too fast to be smeared by dung and blood. The sign by which these people will be recognized will be a man whose one hand (or breast) will be like the breast of a woman (or like a moving piece of flesh). These people will appear when there will be differences among the people (Muslims).” Abu Sa’id added: I testify that I heard this from the Prophet and also testify that ‘Ali killed those people while I was with him. The man with the description given by the Prophet was brought to ‘Ali. The following Verses were revealed in connection with that very person (i.e., ‘Abdullah bin Dhil-Khawaisira At-Tarnimi): ‘And among them are men who accuse you (O Muhammad) in the matter of (the distribution of) the alms.’ (9.58) (Dealing with Apostates Bukhari :: Book 9 :: Volume 84 :: Hadith 67 Narrated Abu Sa’id), this chapter is regarding those who will come and intentionally misguide the Muslim Ummah (Community/ Nation) and they will be like arrow shot out of direction into the wilderness.

The Prophet Muhammed (saw) predicted that there will be a time when none Muslims will come like Muslims and take over the land of Makkah and Medinah and they will build the buildings taller than the mountains and this will be a sign of the end. “Verily, O’Muslims, in the end the kafr will take over the land, and he will raise the buildings taller than the mountains,woe unto them, for this displeases Allah”The Saudi Salafist Regime has also, sought to destroy the Heritage sights of Muslims, this began in 1925 when the Tomb of Imam Husseyn the Grandson of the Prophet Muhammed (saw) was bulldozed and destroyed since then many other historical sights have fallen to the same fate such as;
In both Mecca and Medina, the Saudi state has already bulldozed over 90% of the Islamic monuments going back some 1400 years. In their place, they are putting up five star hotels, parking lots, and shopping malls. Adding injury to insult: In the same cities of Mecca and Medina, where the Wahhabi-backed Saudi state has bulldozed the historical shrines and cemeteries of the family of the Prophet, now we have the establishment of shopping malls featuring…. Paris Hilton. Yes, the Saudis have bulldozed:

*An Ottoman Fortress overlooking and protecting Mecca, plus a whole mountain, was removed to put down the monstrosity known as the Mecca Royal Clock-Tower, aka “Big Ben on crack.”
*The house the Prophet was born in, currently a library, is under consideration for destruction.

*The house of the Prophet’s wife, Khadija, who is referred to by Muslims as the “Mother of the Faithful” was recently torn down, and in its place a row of toilets were established.
*Old Ottoman and Abbasid columns will likely be torn down to make room for a 680 million dollar expansion of the Great Mosque.

*The old historic cemeteries of Jannat al-Baqi, containing the remains of the descendants of the Prophet, have been bulldozed, and nothing but a dirt mound remains of the former shrines there.

Sami Angawi, the director of the Hajj Research Center which is trying to preserve what’s left of the Islamic heritage of Saudi Arabia says of the Saudi state:
“They are turning the holy sanctuary into a machine, a city which has no identity, no heritage, no culture and no natural environment. They’ve even taken away the mountains.” ( For information regarding the bulldozing of Islamic Heritage.
Qu’ran 2:190; “Fight in the way of Allah (swt) against those who fight against you, but begin not hostilities. Lo! Allah loveth not aggressors. Transgress not, for Allah loves not the trasngressors”.

Beheading in the name of Allah is a transgression, mugging people for money and kidnapping them at gun point is transgression of Allah, killing unarmed civilians and lynching the mentally ill in Damascus is transgression of Allah code for us in War and Allah loves not the transgressors such as the Salafist Free Syrian Army which, include Al Qaeda of Iraq inthe form of Jabhat al Nursa Front and Muslim Brotherhood and Allah knows best. The first true allie of the Free Syrian Army was never a fellow Muslim Nation like many may think it was Turkey, on the contrary the first real financier and backer of the Free Syrian Army is the Republic of France, where the Syrian National Council leader has a base and has written many articles, including some promising land to Israel in the Goland Heights and region, including promises to isolate the Islamic Republic of Iran from Hezbullah and Hamas in Gaza. However, France although, the major European backer of the Free Syrian Army under both Neo Conservative Nicholas Sarkozy and under the so called Socialist President of President Hollande. But the United Kingdom and London in particular has held host to the Syrian Rebels and has based them here also. Although, the British public has little appetite for intervention which they rightly see as more War, the British Coalition Government of Conservative and Liberals seems hell bent on instigating a situation in which, it becomes somewhat popular to intervene in Syria, news agencies have been crucial in spreading of lies which, is known as “Information Warfare”.

The Free Syrian Army has had some success due to its alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood, who are highly popular with an estimated 150million supporters Worldwide with many of them in Europe including the UK and France. Many academics in the Western World who are Muslims have affiliations or sympathies with the Muslim Brotherhood. Even the Muslim Council of Great Britain is part financed and backed by the Saudi Government thus spreading the Salafist message, hence, many Muslims especially Shia Muslims who are 2% of the British Muslim population and many Sunni Muslims feel this organisation does not represent them. Furthermore, the Muslim Council of Great Britain (MCB) is not the only organisation of this kind. The Muslim Brotherhood under many assumed organisational names has been highly successful in spreading its message and its religious interpretation of Islam and its political message in Europe. The younger brother of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, which, was created in Egypt in 1926, who is 90 years old now Mr al-Banna has expressed disliking of the Muslim Brotherhood exposing them in numerous documentaries on the issue as being intolerant to Western values and of having 1 goal the re-occupation of Europe which, true or otherwise is absolutely not the agenda of the vast majority of Muslims who do not subscribe to the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood may have 150million members, but there is over 1.5billion Muslims Worldwide, so the figure works out less than 10% of Muslims follow the Brotherhood. This is a threat many Islaamphobics have latched on to and many Muslims have been concerned about speaking out on, however, to fight the Fascists and to show ourselves more than anyone else, that we are capable of reviving the true message of Islam, a message of Compassion, Protection for all who live in our communities, Mutual Respect for all humans regardless of faith and regardless if they wear a bear or wear a hijab or not. Islam is a faith of many dimensions and the Prophet Muhammed (saw) himself said that Islam would split into 74 sects but only 1 would be true. Just as Christianity is split into sects such as Catholicism, Evengelical, Protestant, Baptist, 7th Day Adventist etc etc and just as Judaism is divided into sects such as Sephardim, Ashkenazim, Heradim etc etc…

We Sunni’s know Shia do not curse Ayeesha (May Allah be pleased with her), indeed, the Ayatullah said anyone who insults her or the Prophet family is a mushirk to Shia Islam and also, to Sunni Islam we accept. Shia also, do not pray towards Qom or want it to replace Makkah which, is another Salafi lie. They face Makkah and they take Hajj to Makkah too, I have prayed in their Mosque’s like I have in Sunni and Salafi Mosque’s Salafi Mosques are the worse they are full of hatred and division of Islam and self righteous preachings by crazy bearded ones. Shia also, do not worship Muhammed (saw) like some Salafi call Muhammed (saw) their master which, is mushrik since Allah is the only master and His creation is not the master that is a simple fact.

Also, Sunni and Salafi are different because we Sunni accept Shia as brothers, while Salafi lie about them as being Kafr and worse. We Sunni say God has no human form, Salafism says Allah has a shin bone, hand and head of a human which, is innovative bidah of the worst kind, attributing human appeal to Allah (swt). Sunni differ also, because when Mohammed Abdul bin el Wahhab the false prophet was alive he massacred the Sunni Ulema and then when he realised Sunni had some similarities with Salafism aka Wahhabism, he changed course and pretended he was Sunni and that when the lies on Shia began in the modern World. Also, we Sunni reject ibn el Wahhab false Prophecy that Islam had died for 600 years before he came to rebirth Islam, like a modern day Prophet he was not. We reject this and say if this was true Sallahuddin was a pagan fighting Christians under Salafi dogma.Here is some more clear differences between Sunni Islam and Salafism the creation of Mohammed Abdul bin el Wahhab (hence, why some call it Wahhabism, to followers of el Wahhab), in the 18th century and it was an innovation from Islam that cannot be accepted. It like the Khawarij attempts to take control and pervert the knowledge of Islam for its own gains, by joining us and masquerading as one of us. Sunni Creed is predicated on the belief that Allah ABSOLUTELY does not need or resemble the creations. The Sunnis say that the Creator of space, place, distance, and direction exists without a space, place, distance, or direction. The Sunnis say that Allah is not a jism (body/object/spatial entity). The Wahhabis, on the other hand, say that Allah has real-actual eyes, fingers, a shin bone; they teach that Allah casts a shadow and that Allah has comparatively small feet that are on the Kursiyy. When all is said and done, the Wahhabis believe that Allah, the Al-Musawwir (the CREATOR of all forms) is something with a form, a location, and a size. In other words, they pray to a giant object, and the Sunnis say that the one who takes an object for worship has committed shirk.

Are Salafi’s Khawarij in your view? Does the Salafist sect match the Sunni sect in your view? And does the Salafist sect with its infused politics pose a threat to European society or is European politics collaborating with them in parts of the Arab World to create sectarian division and mass anarchy and destruction?

Bismillah al Rahman ar Rahiim – In the name of God most merciful, most gracious.

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Salafi Terrorist Confesses he was participating in the Karm al-Zeitoun Massacre in Homs, April 2012



More than 230 abducted civilians were massacred by “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) terrorist gangs back in March 2012 in the district of Karm al-Zeitoun in Homs. That massacre happened a few days before a UN Security Council meeting was going to take place on March 12, 2012 regarding the Syrian crisis. NATO media and pro-FSA activists tried to place the blame on what they refer to as “Assad’s Shabbiha”, a supposed militia loyal to the government.

However, most of these massacres have been proven over and over again that they’re being done on purpose by terrorist gangs based on external orders to put pressure on the Syrian government and delegitimize it in the eyes of the international community. Most of these massacres tend also to be sectarian in nature.

One of the men…

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Leader of Turkish Republican People’s Party (CHP), Kemal Kilicdaroglu, on Sunday warned against Erdogan’s government allowing of armed terrorist groups and extremist elements to use the Turkish lands against Syria.

In a visit to China upon an invitation by the Communist Party of China, Kilicdaroglu said that Erdogan’s government directly intervenes in the Syrian internal affairs, adding that the government is creating problems in the region instead of seeking a political solution to the crisis in Syria.

In an interview with China Radio, Kilicdaroglu highlighted that Erdogan’s government insistence on its negative stance towards the crisis in Syria would increase the Syrian reaction and this, in turn, would lead to more tension between Turkey and Syria.

He noted that the CHP over and over again suggested holding an international conference upon a call by Turkey to solve the crisis in Syria politically and peacefully and discuss it at the Turkish Parliament…

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Syrian Opposition Allies Plan Provocation Involving Slavs to Defame Russia

Syrian Opposition Allies Plan Provocation Involving Slavs to Defame Russia

Syrian Opposition Allies Plan Provocation Involving Slavs to Defame Russia

Jan 11, 2013
MOSCOW, SANA_ The Syrian opposition allies are preparing provocative operations involving Slav mercenaries in a bid to defame Russia’s reputation as one of the mediators in the negotiation process, a military-diplomatic source said Friday.

The source added the interested states are recruiting Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian citizens who should play the role of Russian “mercenaries”, allegedly fighting for the regime in Syria.

” According to the scenario, these mercenaries will be taken as prisoners by the armed terrorist groups of the so-called free army and will then testify on camera, ” the source said.

It added that plots to that end are due to be filmed in Turkey and Jordan, where large-scale scenery of allegedly destroyed Syrian cities has long since been built and has been actively used for misinformation purposes.

The source pointed to the United Nations’ charge of Russia of supporting the Syrian leadership and to the news broadcast by the Western media to instigate the issue of sending Russian arms to Syria.

It said that the aim of this provocation is to accuse Russia of interfering directly in the events in Syria and to denude it of its role as a mediator in the negotiation process.

According to the source this will enable the interested states of the West and the Middle East to create the necessary conditions for changing the regime in Syria

Syria slammed Thursday the statements of UN envoy to Syria al-Akhdar Ibrahimi , describing them as “very strange”.

Syria slammed Thursday the statements of UN envoy to Syria al-Akhdar Ibrahimi , describing them as “very strange”.

A source in the Syrian Foreign ministry accused Ibrahimi of deviating from the essence of his mission and clearly unveiling his bias towards circles known for conspiring against Syria and the interests of the Syrian people.
“Everyone knows that no one can speak on behalf of the Syrian people who are the only authority entitled to determine their own future and political system and to choose their leadership, as Syria’s history prove that the Syrian people wouldn’t accept dictations or foreign interference,” the source mentioned.

In parallel, he expected that the international envoy reads and analyzes the political program for solving the crisis… “for it is based on the comprehensive dialogue among all elements of the Syrian society to agree on a national pact.”
“Everyone knows that the ongoing violence and terrorism is attributed to the international community’s failure in obliging certain regional and international countries to stop funding, hosting and smuggling armed terrorist groups,” SANA quoted him as saying.

Why Aleppo Will Never Fall – by Danny Makki

Why Aleppo will never fall

There is a reason why the ‘armed opposition’ is failing to occupy Syria’s industrial/commercial/economic Capital. Aleppo is not a hub for the so called ‘revolution’ or insurgency. Much like Damascus it is filled with people who support and have pledged allegiance to the government. The inhabitants proudly confess their affiliation to the state, even though their voices are subdued and oppressed in ‘rebel’ held areas.

Aleppo was never turned into a battleground from within, it was invaded, from all four corners by elements which came from outside the city, through the Turkish borders and from other cities. The people of this blessed city are merchants, traders well known for their business nous and rich History. Be under no illusion that it is not them who are fighting the government. Western media reported that the majority of opposition fighters are from other Arab countries, jihadists, extremists, adventurers who came for loot and ‘jihad’.

One unnamed citizen stated “We used to live in peace and security until this malicious revolution reached us and the Free Syrian Army started taking bread by force,”.

Was Aleppo not one of the safest and most peaceful cities in the region before this proxy war?. The people of Aleppo never supported fighting the Syrian state and are being punished for that reason, just because they opposed foreign intervention the ‘Armed militias’ turned their beautiful city into a war zone, evicted thousands from their houses and declared the mother of all battles.

It was not so much a battle as it was an invasion.

There is much tension between ‘Rebels’ and Aleppines who clearly reject the insurgency and the extremism which comes with it. It is not the Syrian government who will defeat the Insurgency in Aleppo, it is the people themselves who have wasted no time in condemning and opposing the ‘FSA’.

A recent report by Reuters stated that 70% of Aleppines still support Assad, despite the hardship and war that they are living with, that is unequivocal solidarity. One which will never be forgotten, especially in the face of this resistance to the armed opposition. So long as there are inhabitants of Aleppo inside the city it will never fall, History rests on it and so does Syria.

History also teaches us that no militancy can succeed without the support of the people, Aleppo is the greatest example. So i salute the brave inhabitants of Aleppo.

Long live Aleppo
Long live Syria.

By Danny Makki

Friends of Syria

France’s far-right leader Marine Le Pen (pictured) has given a television interview to a state-linked Syrian television channel, lambasting Western powers for “blindly supporting” the country’s 22-month uprising, it emerged on Tuesday.

marine le pen_4Leader of France’s far-right National Front (FN), Marine Le Pen has given a television interview to a channel owned by Bashar’s al-Assad cousin, condemning Western and Gulf powers for “aiding” the 22-month uprising against Bashar al-Assad and his regime.

Le Pen spoke to SAMA TV, which is part of Dounia TV, a conglomerate run by businessman and cousin of Bashar al-Assad, Rami Makhlouf, in a video that was uploaded to YouTube on January 2. The interview is the first accorded to a French politician since the start of the Syrian uprising.

Speaking of an “Islamist fundamentalist” takeover of the country, the far-right leader said from her office in Paris that the rebellion had been “in part aided by…

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Friends of Syria

ATO’s recent move to deploy Patriot Missiles in Turkey is meant to provoke a response from Syria to justify military intervention in the country, a political analyst tells Press TV.

Watch Video Here

“There is always the danger that those forces in Washington, in the Obama administration and in the other NATO capitals that want to intervene militarily in Syria can manufacture some sort of an incident which will then be packaged as a Syrian attack on Turkey,” James Jatras, a former US Senate and foreign policy analyst from Washington DC said in an interview with Press TV on Tuesday.

The analyst rejected Turkey’s claim that the missiles are deployed to protect its borders from the Syrian crisis spillover, saying Syria has been the target of the Turkish government aggression due to the latter’s support for militants fighting against the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

“Ankara is supporting military aggression…

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Photos of Syrian martyrs

Photos of Syrian martyrs

The Syrian flag which was behind Mr.President,yesterday,during the speech,at the Opera was composed of the pictures of all civilian and military Syrian, martyrs and heroes!Are they on Navy Pilay list?
Drapelul afişat pe ecranul din spatele Domnului Preşedinte,în timpul discursului de ieri ,era alcătuit din pozele martirilor sirieni,civili sau militari,a eroilor ce au platit cu preţul vieţii în lupta cu terorismul .Sunt ei oare trecuţi în evidenţele forurilor internaţionale? Da sunt,numai că sunt numaraţi de cei ce au creat această criză ,fără să se menţioneze că jertfa lor a fost pentru ţară,luptând cu Al Qaeda,persoane persoane fără scrupule sau conştiinţă precum Navy Pilay!

Names of Foreign Fighters and Terrorists Arrested by Syrian Government

Names of Foreign Fighters and Terrorists Arrested by Syrian Government

United Nations A/67/540–S/2012/778

General Assembly
Security Council

Distr.: General
23 October 2012

Original: English

12-56496 (E) 021112 051112

General Assembly
Sixty-seventh session
Agenda item 105

Measures to eliminate international terrorism

Security Council Sixty-seventh year

[the original UN document can be accessed  ]

Identical letters dated 19 October 2012 from the Permanent Representative of the Syrian Arab Republic to the United Nations addressed to the Secretary-General and the President of the
Security Council Upon instructions from my Government, I have the honour to attach herewith a list that contains the names and the nationalities of 108 foreign individuals who were arrested by the Syrian authorities. The list provides the reasons for the arrest of each individual, which are related to engagement in terrorist activities in the Syrian Arab Republic.

It would be highly appreciated if the present letter and its annex could be circulated as a document of the General Assembly, under agenda item 105, and of the Security Council.

(Signed) Bashar Ja’afari
Permanent Representative
2 12-56496

Annex to the identical letters dated 19 October 2012 from the Permanent Representative of the Syrian Arab Republic to the United Nations addressed to the Secretary-General and the  President of the Security Council

Names of the 108 non-Syrian nationals who have been arrested in Syria during the current events

[This information is categorized by the nature of the criminal act. GR Ed.]

No. Nationality Name Criminal act

[Committed several murders and abductions with the aim of obtaining ransoms]

1 Iraqi Ahmad Shahab Ahmad Committed several murders and abductions with the aim
of obtaining ransoms. Planned to kill an assistant of the
Minister of the Interior. An audacious swindler; passed
counterfeit US$. Was in communication with the
leadership of the so-called Free Army and the Ghutah
tansiqiyyat (coordination groups).
2 Iraqi Ali Husain Madghan Committed several murders and abductions with the aim
of obtaining ransoms. Planned to kill an assistant of the
Minister of the Interior. An audacious swindler; passed
counterfeit US$. Was in communication with the
leadership of the so-called Free Army and the Ghutah
3 Iraqi Mujid Hamid Salman Committed several murders and abductions with the aim
of obtaining ransoms. Planned to kill an assistant of the
Minister of the Interior. An audacious swindler; passed
counterfeit US$. Was in communication with the
leadership of the so-called Free Army and the Ghutah
4 Iraqi Mu’taz Sulaiman Talib Committed several murders and abductions with the aim
of obtaining ransoms. Planned to kill an assistant of the
Minister of the Interior. An audacious swindler; passed
counterfeit US$. Was in communication with the
leadership of the so-called Free Army and the Ghutah

[Member of al Qaeda]

5 Iraqi Ghanam Hanin Ahmad al-Kindi
Arrested in Syria; admitted he was a member of the
terrorist Al-Qaida organization.
6 Iraqi Asim Abdulghani Mahmud Abbush
Member of Al-Qaida in Iraq. Took part in an attack
against a Syrian border post near Bab al-Hawa and in
attacks in the Akhtarin district and on a police station in
Khanasir. Booby-trapped a pickup vehicle belonging to
the so-called chief of the organization in Aleppo, with the
intention of blowing it up in the Sakhur quarter of that
7 Iraqi Laith Battal Qathim Member of Al-Qaida in Iraq. Came to Syria in 2008.
Taught ways of making three kinds of incendiary device.
8 Iraqi Muhammad Ahmad Huwair Member of Al-Qaida in Iraq. Entered the country in 2008.
Lived in the Ba’rbaya area where he met another Iraqi,
Adbulhamid Hamad Shalash, a member of Al-Qaida. Took
part in transporting three military rifles and 11 bombs
from the Iraqi-Syrian borders to the house of Adbulhamid Shalash.
9 Iraqi Ya’qub Muhammad Abdulrahman
Member of Al-Qaida. Involved in funding and giving
refuge in his house in Qamishli to the so-called legitimate
leader of Al-Qaida in Syria, the Iraqi Husain al-Jaburi
(Abu Musab).
10 Iraqi Sa’d Abdulkarim Rajab al-Jamili
Former member of Al-Qaida. Entered Syria with the aim
of going to the Jasim area of Dar’a, joining the armed
groups and fighting the Syrian Arab security forces and

{Relationship to Armed terrorist group. Acts of insurrection]

11 Iraqi Bashar [illegible] Proven relationship with the armed terrorist groups.
Undertook terrorist operations in Haffah, Ladhiqiyah
governorate. Fought the army and security forces and set
fire to military buildings.
12 Egyptian Abdulrahim Hassan Shalabi Involved in the armed groups’ acts of insurrection.
Observed the movements of the army and security and
informed the armed groups thereof, thus enabling them to
ambush and target them.
13 Palestinian Darar Ismail Mahmud Abu Awda
Belonged to an outlawed organization, the terrorist
Al-Qaida organization, that aims to change the nature of
the State and the basic status of society.
14 Palestinian/Syrian
Hazim Fu’ad Mazawi A quantity of live ammunition was found in his car. Has a
proven relationship with the terrorist groups.
15 Palestinian/Lebanese
Muhammad Walid al-Asadi Entered Syria illegally with the intention of carrying out
terrorist operations in Ladhiqiyah.
16 Palestinian/Lebanese
Ayman Ahmad al-Gharbi Joined an armed group and took part with it in attacking
army checkpoints and detonating explosive devices.
17 Palestinian/Syrian
Sa’id Adnan Habash Sheltered armed men in the Khalidiyah quarter and stole a
tanker belonging to the Homs fire brigade.
18 Palestinian/Syrian
Turki Khalid Awd Took part in an attack on the Mukhayyam position in
Dar’a, which was blown up; photographed the incident on
his mobile telephone.

{Took Part in Terrorist Operations]

19 Palestinian/Algerian Fu’ad Abdulrahman Bubakri Took part in terrorist operations.
20 Lebanese Abdulmajid Mahmud Matar A member of the armed terrorist group that opened fire on
personnel at the al-madinah al-jami’iyah checkpoint in
21 Lebanese Khadrah Muhammad Fiyyad Involved with a terrorist group; transported arms and
planted explosive devices.
22 Lebanese Muhammad Jamil al-Khatib Carried out terrorist operations using military arms;
invaded State property and vital installations; committed
rapes and murders and displayed the bodies; stirred up
sectarian strife and armed rebellion.
23 Lebanese Fadi Faisal Musa Smuggled quantitites of military arms and ammunition
and drugs for the armed groups.
24 Lebanese Muhammad Amir Amir Carried out terrorist operations which caused damage to
property and loss of life. Smuggled arms despatched by
the mustaqbal (Future) faction and distributed them to
armed terrorist groups. Took part in the attack on the army
checkpoint in the village of Nizariyah.
25 Lebanese Kamal Ali Abu Jabal Engaged in various types of smuggling operation,
including of arms.
26 Lebanese Musa Muhammad Amir Joined the armed terrorist groups and opened fire on
demonstrators in order to bring suspicion on the army and
the security forces. Took part in attacks on army
checkpoints that caused the deaths of several personnel.
Transported arms and ammunition on behalf of the
terrorist groups.
27 Lebanese Mubarak Ratib al-Omar Transported arms and ammunition and armed men in his
taxi on behalf of the terrorist groups.
28 Lebanese Abdulrahman Muhammad Shawk
Entered the country illegally in order to take part in “jihad” in Syria.
29 Lebanese Omar Khalid Salahaddin Entered the country illegally in order to take part in
“jihad” in Syria.
30 Lebanese Muhammad Yusif al-Huwaidi Entered the country illegally in order to take part in
“jihad” in Syria.
31 Lebanese Hassan Ahmad Jizzinini Entered the country illegally in order to take part in
“jihad” in Syria.
32 Lebanese Muhammad Abdulrahman
Took part in destructive operations in Homs. Trained
persons in detonation operations and booby-traps.
33 Lebanese Muhammad Hussain Faris Joined an armed group and took part with it in attacking
army checkpoints and carrying out abductions. Smuggled
arms and ammunition on its behalf from Lebanon into
Syria. Also smuggled in 50 Arab terrorists and 30 foreign journalists.
34 Lebanese Ra’id Rashid Hamud Smuggled arms and ammunition from Lebanon into Syria.
35 Lebanese Khalid Qasim Abdulhadi Smuggled arms and ammunition from Lebanon into Syria
on behalf of the armed groups.
36 Lebanese Mustafa Muhammad al-Masri Joined an armed group and took part with it in attacking
army checkpoints. Smuggled arms and ammunition on its
37 Lebanese Muhammad Ahmad Matar Smuggled arms and ammunition from Lebanon into Syria
on behalf of the armed groups.
38 Lebanese Mahmud Salih al-Masri Smuggled arms and ammunition from Lebanon into Syria
and opened fire on border guards.
39 Lebanese Muhammad Nawwaf al-Najm Linked to terrorist groups in the Wadi Khalid area; had
dealings with armed men in Syria; smuggled persons,
drugs and arms into Syria.
40 Jordanian Abdulsalam Ahmad Muhammad Ismail
Distributed dynamite to saboteurs in the Palestinian Raml
camp and took part with them at targeting the army with it
when it entered that camp. Targeted security and army
patrols with explosive devices.
41 Jordanian Manadil Muhammad Ibrahim al-Hamaida
Formed an armed terrorist group and stole the property of civilians.
42 Jordanian Ahmad Bahrawi Buhairi al-Munay’a
Took part in terrorist operations by ensuring the supply of
the materials necessary for the assembly of explosive
devices. Helped to make such devices for the armed
terrorist groups.
43 Jordanian/Syrian
Abdulhadi Ghassan al-Sakhni, known as Abdulhadi al-Durubi
Supplied and purchased arms for terrorist groups in
Qariyatayn and had links with all the armed men in that
town who undertook terrorist operations against the army.

[Entered country illegally in order to fight with armed terrorist groups]

44 Jordanian Muhammad Hussain Muhammad Ibrahim
Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the
armed terrorist groups.
45 Jordanian Abdulrahman Jamal Asir Titi
?? Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the
armed terrorist groups.
46 Jordanian Hussain Ghazi Hussain Took part in the operations of a terrorist group.
47 Tunisian Suhail bin Zuhair al-Saqsali Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the
armed terrorist groups.
48 Tunisian Majdi al-Hiyari bin al-Hiyathi Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the
armed terrorist groups.
49 Tunisian Muhammad a-Trabulis bin al-Sharif
Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the
armed terrorist groups.
50 Tunisian Usama Hathli bin Mukhtar Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the
armed terrorist groups.
51 Tunisian Walid Thafar bin Ali Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the
armed terrorist groups.
52 Tunisian Sami Kamal bin Mahazz bin Ashur
Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the
armed terrorist groups.
53 Tunisian Rida Bay bin Abdulaziz Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the
armed terrorist groups.
54 Tunisian Muhammad Ali Daifallah Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the
armed terrorist groups.
55 Tunisian Wisam Kamal bin Halimah Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the
armed terrorist groups.
56 Tunisian Ramadan bin Wasif Sultani Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the
armed terrorist groups.
57 Tunisian Muhammad Tuhami Mai Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the
armed terrorist groups.
58 Tunisian Sa’ud Muhammad Gharma Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the
armed terrorist groups.
59 Tunisian Wahid Abdulla Fadil Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the
armed terrorist groups.
60 Tunisian Bilal Marzuqi bin Abdulla Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the
armed terrorist groups.
61 Tunisian Haikal Abdulwahid al-Tuwaini Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the
armed terrorist groups.
62 Tunisian Uqbah bin Muhammad al-Nasiri
Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the armed terrorist groups.
63 Tunisian Amin bin Muhammad Nasibi Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the
armed terrorist groups.
64 Tunisian Bilal Mustapha al-Iari Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the
armed terrorist groups.
65 Tunisian Ziyad bin bu Jum’a al-Iari Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the
armed terrorist groups.
66 Tunisian Izzaddine bin Rashid Shabah Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the
armed terrorist groups.
67 Tunisian Munsif bin bu Jum’a Sultani Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the
armed terrorist groups.
68 Tunisian Yasin Nassraddine bin Abdulla Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the
armed terrorist groups.
69 Tunisian Muhammad Khalid bin Thabit Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the
armed terrorist groups.
70 Tunisian Ali Muhammad al-Haddad Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the
armed terrorist groups.
71 Tunisian Muhammad al-Ya’qubi bin Khamis
Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the armed terrorist groups.
72 Tunisian Omar al-Maluli bin al-Hadi Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the
armed terrorist groups.
73 Tunisian Mahir al-Nabili bin Muhammad Najib
Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the armed terrorist groups.
74 Tunisian Abu Bakr Ali Muhammad Bubatan
Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the armed terrorist groups.
75 Tunisian Muhammad bin Bashir al-Ta’ib
Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the armed terrorist groups.
76 Tunisian Arafat al-Tayyib bin Abdulla Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the
armed terrorist groups.
77 Tunisian Abdulkarim al-Haush Buqa’ud Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the
armed terrorist groups.
78 Tunisian Al-Hussain Muhammad Maris Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the
armed terrorist groups.
79 Tunisian Muhammad bin al-Jalidi Naji Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the
armed terrorist groups.
80 Tunisian Badr Qasim bin Rahmah Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the
armed terrorist groups.
81 Tunisian Sami bin Abdulla al-Rabi’ Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the
armed terrorist groups.
82 Tunisian Ahmad abdulmajid Bilshahid Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the
armed terrorist groups.
83 Tunisian Firas Munsif bin Ghazi Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the
armed terrorist groups.
84 Tunisian Muhammad Bilhaj Omar bin Hamadi
Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the armed terrorist groups.
85 Tunisian Abdulhalim Awainah bin al-Naji
Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the armed terrorist groups.
86 Tunisian Fahd al-Mas’udi bin Nuraddine Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the
armed terrorist groups.
87 Tunisian Husam bin Abdulaziz Bilal Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the
armed terrorist groups.
88 Tunisian Abdulsattar bin Salih bu Azizi Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the
armed terrorist groups.
89 Tunisian Tawfiq bin Muhammad al-Munsif Ta’m
Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the armed terrorist groups.
90 Tunisian Abdulsalam bin Muhammad al-Tahir Qusumi
Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the armed terrorist groups.
91 Tunisian Mu’iz bin Abdulmajid
Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the armed terrorist groups.
92 Libyan Fahd Abdulkarim Salih al-Faritas
Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the armed terrorist groups.
93 Libyan Anis Muhammad Ma’tuq Muhammad bin Muhammad
Entered the country illegally in order to fight with the armed terrorist groups.
94 Australian/Syrian

Muhammad Yusuf al-Kalkuni The [illegible] for a terrorist group in the city of Dar’a.
95 Palestinian/Jordanian
Nabih Hussain Abu Zarkah Helped to distribute arms; involved in the murder of
Warrant Officer Imad Sirriah; transferred the sum of
$3,000 from Imad “the Friend” to Sheikh Sariah al-Rifa’i
for distribution to the terrorists.
96 Palestinian/Jordanian
Khalid Sami Dib Member of a terrorist group in Duma led by the terrorist
Diyyab al-Sha’rawi; involved in setting up barricades
where civilians were searched and robbed; robbed
commercial establishments; monitored army movements.
97 Tunisian Muhammad Ali Bilhaj Ahmad Member of the salafist, takfirist Islamic [illegible] Party.
Entered Syria with the intention of fighting after
[illegible] by a member of Al-Qaida in Egypt, Sheikh
Sayyid Ismail.
98 Libyan Ibrahim al-Farajani Member of a jihadist terrorist group called tanthim ahrar
99 Iraqi Ali Khalid Hussain al-Sisawi Entered Syria on a forged Bulgarian passport with the aim
of joining a terrorist group.

[Member of a terrorist group; involved in setting up roadblocks and carrying out abductions.]

100 Palestinian/Syrian
Sa’di Abdulrahman al-Hindi Member of a terrorist group; involved in setting up
roadblocks and carrying out abductions.
101 Jordanian Muhammad Bassam Ahmad Member of a terrorist group; involved in setting up
roadblocks and carrying out abductions.
102 Palestinian/Syrian
Ibrahim Khalil Zainab Member of a terrorist group; involved in setting up
roadblocks and carrying out abductions.

103 Palestinian/Syrian Abdulrahman Muhammad
Akram Sharkash
Smuggled arms in his private car from Lebanon to the terrorists.
104 Palestinian/Syrian
Majid Aziz Makhluf Member of a terrorist group called katibat shuhada’
105 Palestinian/Syrian
Muhammad Musa al-Ghazi Attacked soldiers and military checkpoints.
106 Palestinian/Syrian
Muhammad Bahir Abdulhakim
Attacked soldiers and military checkpoints.
107 Palestinian/Syrian
Bahir Hisham al-Saqa Attacked soldiers and military checkpoints.
108 Palestinian/Syrian
Fadi Zainaddine Rustum Attacked soldiers and military checkpoints



Structure:Romanian,Arabic,English,Videos for Arabic and English version ,French

Președintele al-Assad: din pântecele durerii, speranţa ar trebui să fie concepută, din suferință am dedus soluţii importante
06 ianuarie 2013Președintele Bashar al-Assad a spus că, dacă durerea este ca un nor negru peste țară, starea emoțională numai, cu sublimul ei, nu este suficientă pentru a compensa pierderea celor dragi sau de a restaura a securitatea și pacea în țară ,nici nu furnizează pâine, apă, combustibil și medicamente la nivel national.

“Unitatea nationala este balsamul rănilor adânci care au afectat societatea noastră, pe care ei vor să o dividă, deoarece este singurul mod în care ar putea ei s-o distrugă,dar care ne-a făcut mai puternici politic”, a adăugat președintele.

“La început au vrut să descrie aceasta mişcare ca pe o revoluție, dar poporul sirian s-a răzvrătit împotriva lor, apoi au încercat să o impună prin bani, mass-media și arme în secret livrate și atunci când au eșuat, s-au mutat la a doua fază, prin căderea măștilor de” pașnici revoluționari “și au arătat armele pe care le folosesc şi cum le utilizează în mod deschis -începând cu încercările lor de a ocupa orașe ,pentru ca apoi să năpustească lor,” Președintele al-Assad a declarat, adăugând că “comportamentele lor brutale nu au descurajat poporul nostru , ci  a ramas conștient lor și statornic , pentru a dezvalui minciunile lor , pe care le-a respins vehement. Prin urmare,grupările armate au decis să se răzbune pe oameni prin intermediul răspândirii terorismului pretutindeni. “.

Președintele a subliniat faptul că Takfiries lucreaza prin intermediul operațiunilor de plantare de explozibil și ucideri în masă, ce au preluat prima  linie a frontului,bandele armate trecand in cea secundara , bande fortate sa se retraga de  unitatea poporului sirian și a armatei .Atunci ei au procedat la masacre in masă şi atacuri asupra societăţii civile.

“Fiecare cetățean este responsabil și capabil să ofere ceva, chiar daca este mic sau are posibilităţi limitate ,care vor conta , pentru că patria este pentru toată lumea, şi toti o vom apăra , fiecare cu capacitatea si capabilitatea sa, deoarece  chiar gândul este o modalitate de de apărare, poziția adoptata este un mod de apărare, construcția este o modalitate de apărare și protejarea proprietățile oamenilor este de asemenea, un mod de aparare.

“Din moment ce atacul este lansat împotriva patriei, a oamenilor și a componentelor materiale, cetățeanul conștient a recunoscut cu siguranță faptul că pasivitatea, așteptarea în timp sau a altor persoane pentru a rezolva problema este un fel de a impinge tara spre abis, şi nu un mod de a sprijini patria”

Ei au ucis civili și inocenţi,au ucis lumina si luminozitatea în țara noastră, ei au asasinat specialisti și intelectuali ca să se răspândească ignoranta lor ,asupra noastră, au sabotat infrastructura construită cu banii publici pentru a face suferința să pătrundă în viețile noastre, au împiedicat copii să meargă la școlile lor,ca să devasteze viitorul țării și pentru a exprima sălbăticia lor … au tăiat energia electrică, comunicațiile și furnizarea de combustibil, lăsând oamenii în vârstă și copiii să sufere de frig, fără medicamente, pentru a accentua sălbăticia lor. Au furat stocurile de grâu și făină pentru a face pâinea un vis pentru cetățeni şi pentru a-i înfometa… Este acesta un conflict între putere și cetăţeni sau este un conflict între patrie și dușmanii săi? Este o luptă pentru autoritate sau o razbunare pe poporul sirian, prin folosirea acestor criminali terorişti , pentru dezmembrarea Siriei și a societăţii noastre.

” Pentru ca acest concept numit takfiri este străin în țara noastră , ei au fost nevoiti sa-l importe din străinătate, fie aducand teroriști sau ca gândire … Astfel, takfiris, teroristi, membrii  al ,Qaeda în asteptare fluxuri jihadisti de pretutindeni comandă operațiunile de luptă de pe terenul de luptă… Agresorii , după ce nu a reușit,  au ales practicarea actelor de răpire, jaf și sabotaj …

La nivel regional, există părți care doresc să dividă Siria, alții să o slăbească, iar unele părți sponsorizeză aceşti criminali cu fonduri și arme, în timp ce alții,îi antrenează şi organizează … A fost o surpriză pentru noi ceea ce unele țări vecine au făcut ca să slăbească și să controleze poporul sirian, precum țările care au căutat un punct de sprijin într-o istorie pe care nu o au, şi au vărsat sânge de sirieni nevinovați, dar Siria și poporul sirian sunt puternice şi promit că nu vor uita. ” ”

” Siria a fost întotdeauna, și va rămâne, o țară liberă și suverană, care nu va accepta servilismul și curatela, care a fost o pacoste pentru Occident, astfel încât ei au căutat să profite de evenimentele interne pentru a include Siria in ecuaţia lor politică ,în regiune și să lovească cultura de rezistență … Dar Occidentul nu reprezinta întreaga comunitate internațională, există țări din lume, și anume Rusia și China, și multe altele care nu aprobă amestecul în afacerile interne ale țărilor și destabilizarea regiunii. ”

” Având în vedere acestea, nu putem vorbi despre o soluție decât dacă luăm în considerare acești factori: intern, regional și internațional … Orice procedura care modifica aceste elemente nu este o soluție reală și nu are impact  pe frontul intern: Dacă unii au avut tendinta de a vedea dezacordul de la început, ca fiind unul dintre loiali și de opoziție, acest dezacord ,într-o lume civilizată ar trebui să fie pentru a construi patria, nu pentru a o distruge … pentru dezvoltarea ei, nu pentru a o da cu zeci de ani înapoi … Când o parte a cetatenilor este coordonat de forţele din afară, conflictul este între patrie și puterile din afara țării, între independența țării și hegemonia asupra acesteia, prin urmare problema devine apărarea patriei și unificarea tuturor împotriva agresiunii externe, care este ajutată de o serie de instrumente interne.”

” Nu este o chestiune de loialiști împotriva opoziției, nici de o armata de vis-à-vis de bandelor si criminali … Suntem într-o stare de război, în sensul deplin al cuvântului … Respingerea unei agresiuni acerbe din afară, într-o deghizare nouă , care este mult mai letală si periculoasă decât un război tradițional, pentru că ei nu folosesc instrumentele traditionale in a ne lovi, şi urmaresc  punerea în aplicare a proiectelor lor, tinta este Siria folosind o parte mică de sirieni și o mulțime de străini.”

”Cu un astfel de război ne confruntăm pentru apărarea patriei, în paralel cu o reformă care este necesară pentru noi toți, dar care nu poate schimba realitatea războiului, dar care ne întărește și consolidează unitatea noastră în fața conspiraţiei … Reforme fără securitate ca și cum securitate fără reformă este imposibil.Niciuna nu va avea succes fără celălaltă … Cei care repetă papagaliceste că Siria a optat pentru o soluție de securitate, nu văd sau aud … Am spus în mod repetat că reformele și politica merg mână în mână și eliminarea terorismulu inseamnă cu totul altceva.”

“Noi nu am respins niciodată o soluție politică, așa cum am afirmat din prima zi ,bazată pe dialog, ca pilon principal şi am întins mâinile noastre către cei care au un proiect politic național care sustina Siria, dar cu cine să purtăm un dialog .. cu cei care au gândiri extremiste, și nu cred decât în sânge, ucidere și terorism? “, a întrebat președintele .

Președintele al-Assad, de asemenea, a întrebat dacă ar trebui să  dialogheze cu bandele care sunt coordonate din străinătate și  urmăresc îndemnul şi comenzi de la străini pentru a respinge dialogul ,deoarece  aceste puteri consideră că dialogul va zădărnici planurile lor.Ele vizează slăbirea și subminarea Siriei.

Președintele a afirmat că liderii unor țări regionale știu că Siria va iesi din criză şi aceasta va submina viitorul lor politic după ce au fost implicați și si-au înecat popoarele lor cu minciuni, implicând potențialul țărilor lor în sprijinirea terorismului și implicându-l în vărsare de sânge și ucidere de nevinovaţi.

“Occidentul este cel care a închis ușa dialogului, deoarece a folosit  aceasta ca o uztensila pentru a da ordine si  pentru subminarea independenței, suveranității șia libertatii de decizie,” a spus Președintele al-Assad .

Președintele a adăugat: “Cine vorbește numai despre soluția politică și isi întoarce ochii  de la aceste fapte este fie un ignorant fie un laș, care expune țara sa și  cetățenii  infractorilor  și pe cei care îi susțin, problema  pe care nu o vom tolera ”

Soluția politică din Siria va fi după cum urmează: prima etapă

în primul rând: implicarea tuturor țărilor în cauză, regionale și internaționale,in a opri finanțarea și adăpostirea teroristilor, în paralel cu încetarea operațiunilor teroriste de către oameni înarmați într-un mod care să faciliteze întoarcerea sirienilor refugiati în zonele lor originale de reședința, în condiții de siguranță.

După aceea imediat, oprirea de către Forțele Armate  a operațiunilor militare  ,dar  care au dreptul de răspuns în cazul în care securitatea cetățenilor patriei  este amenințată sau proprietăți publice sau private ar fi atacate.

În al doilea rând, găsirea unui mecanism care să garanteze respectarea tuturor părților si a frontierelor.

În al treilea rând, guvernul actual începe  sesiuni de comunicare intense cu toate spectrele societatea siriană, cu toate componentele și organele pentru a rula dialoguri deschise pentru organizarea unei conferințe  de dialog național și toate părțile care doresc o soluție în Siria din interiorul și din afara Siriei pot participa.

A doua etapă: În primul rând, guvernul actual necesită o conferință de dialog național cuprinzător pentru a ajunge la o cartă națională care aderă la suveranitatea siriana, unitatea și integritatea teritoriala,respingerea intervenției străine și  renunțarea  la toate tipurile de terorism și violență, deoarece acest lucru ar reflecta negativ viitorul politic al Siriei,  să propună sisteme constituționale și judiciare ce descriu caracteristicile politice și economice si acordul privind noi legi pentru partide, alegeri, administrația locală și altele.

În al doilea rând, acordul national si elementele acestuia vor fi referite unui referendum popular.

În al treilea rând, alcatuirea  unui guvern  extins, în care componentele siriene sunt reprezentate,  însărcinat să pună în aplicare elementele cu caracter național acceptate de participantii la dialog.

În al patrulea rând, Constituția va vi supusa unui referendum, și după ce va fi ratificata, guvernul  extins  va adopta legile convenite în cadrul conferinței  de dialog, în conformitate cu noua Constituție, inclusiv legea electorală, iar apoi ,vor avea loc  alegeri pentru constituirea unui nou Parlament.

A treia etapă: În primul rând, un nou guvern este format  conform constituției.

În al doilea rând, o conferință pentru reconcilierea națională este necesara ,urmata de  amnistia celor arestați ca urmare a evenimentelor  ,dar cu respectarea drepturilor civile ale celor in cauza.

În al treilea rând, se va  lucra la reabilitarea infrastructurii, pentru  reconstrucție si compensarea cetățenilor afectați.

Patria este mai presus de toate … Putem consolida Siria prin inițiative politice și apărarea fiecarui bob de pamant … Sirienii  cunosc iertarea și toleranța, dar din vremuri stravechi mândria și patriotismul  vibreaza în venele sale … majoritatea oamenilor s-au ridicat împotriva terorismului. Unii au ajutat prin transmiterea către autoritățile competente a informații valoroase  ce au impiedicat  atacuri teroriste împotriva cetățenilor  … alții s-au ridicat împotriva teroriștilor  ,lipsindu-i de sprijin, fie prin apărarea zonele lor sau chiar în stradă, în semn de protest față de teroristi, mulți chiar  au fost martirizati din aceasta cauza,  alții au apărat orașe, cartiere și infrastructura,mana  în mână cu forțele armate.”

” Acesti cetățenii au demonstrat conștientizarea profundă  a evenimentelor.  … Daca nu suntem bine în țara noastră, nu vom fi  nicaieri,în afara ei … Patria nu este doar pentru cei care locuiesc în ea, ci pentru cei care-o  apara. ”

” Patria este pentru toate categoriile de viață ,cu orice afilierere şi atunci când patria lor  are nevoie de ele, si chiar dacă acestea au fost nedreptățite de nenumărate ori …  s-au oferit fără limite … Unii au fost onoraţi cu martiriul, și sângele lor a a dezamorsat fals “Primăvara” și a protejat oamenii de înșelăciune, care a fost pe cale să dea roade la început … sângele lor a demolat ceea ce Occidentul fals ,a numit primăvară,fiind de fapt foc de răzbunătoare, care a încercat răspândească un sectarism abominabil, ura oarbă și diviziunea dezgustătoare … A fost o primăvară doar pentru cei care au planificat-o și au încercat să facă o realitate,  este acum în colaps.”

” Sângele martirilor protejează și va proteja patria și regiunea, și va proteja integritatea noastră teritorială și va consolida acordul între noi, în timp ce , va purifica societatea noastră de lipsa de loialitate și de trădare, va fi morală, umană și culturală şi dulce va fi victoria … Atunci când triumfă patria, ea  nu ii uita pe cei care s-au sacrificat de dragul ei.”

” Aș dori să trimit salutările mele celor care merita cel mai mult: armata Arabă Siriană, care -şi varsă sângele și sudoarea pentru Siria, … Salutări de la forțele noastre armate care luptă feroce războaie și sunt hotărâți să restabilească securitatea și stabilitatea patriei prin eradicarea terorismului.”

” Forțele armate  au marcat epopei de grație prin eroismul lor de coeziune, statornicie și unitate națională care  reflecta pe cel al oamenilor … cetățeni mândri și păstrarea în condiții de siguranță a valorilor noastre… Salut fiecare soldat, care a ajutat la finalizarea misiunii sale şi a camarazilor săi , salut fiecare cetățean care şi-a făcut datoria națională … Aceştia sunt mândria Siriei , numele lor vor merge în istorie, pentru că ei au scris istorie cu sânge și curaj.”

” Au venit din popor și vor rămâne așa … Posturile sunt tranzitorii, dar patria este veșnică … Lacrimile mamelor îndoliate vor alina sufletele pure ale acestora …”

” Siria va rămâne așa cum este și îşi va reveni, cu voia lui Dumnezeu, mai puternică … Nu prin cedarea drepturilor sau renunțarea la principii … Cei care au plasat pariurile pe slăbirea Siriei ca să se uite de Golan și teritoriile sale ocupate au greşit,ne-au confundat … Golan este a noastră și Palestina este cauza noastră si vom renunța la ele… Vom rămâne susținători ai rezistenței împotriva inamicului .. Rezistenta este o cultură, nu o persoană fizică. ”

” Oamenii și statul  au dus greul alături de poporul palestinian zeci de ani, în ciuda tuturor provocărilor și costurilor pe care fiecare cetățean sirian le- a plătit, nu poat fi decat alaturi de palestinieni … Orice încercare de a implica palestinienii în evenimentele siriene se concentreaza pe abaterea atenției de la principalul inamic şi este inutilă … palestinienii din Siria îşi fac datoria față de cea de-a doua patrie a lor , ca orice sirian … Noi suntem responsabili,poporului sirian și statul,de a ne face datoria noastră față de ei și față de orice cetățean sirian. Salut orice palestinian care a cinstit poziția siriana și nu a tratat Siria ca pe un hotel pe care el părăsește atunci când sunt probleme.”

” În ciuda a ceea ce a fost planificat împotriva Siriei, ei nu ne vor putea schimba … Patriotismul este în sângele nostru și Siria este cea mai prețioasă dintre toate … statornicia ,în peste doi ani spune lumii întregi că Siria este impermeabilă la colaps și sirienii sunt oameni care nu acceptă umilința… Vom fi întotdeauna așa … Mână în mână vom merge mai departe, ducând Siria spre un viitor mai luminos ,mai puternică.”
السادة رؤساء وأعضاء قيادات المنظمات الشعبية والنقابات المهنية.. أيتها الأخوات… أيها الأخوة..

اليوم أنظر إلى وجوهكم ووجوه أبناء بلدي وقد كساها الحزن والألم… أنظر إلى عيون أطفال سورية فلا أرى ضحكة بريئة تشع منها ولا ألعاباً تزرع البسمة على وجوههم.. أرقب أيادي العجائز فلا أراها إلا متضرعة بالدعاء بالسلامة لابن أو ابنة أو حفيد.

نلتقي اليوم والمعاناة تعم أرض سورية ولا تبقي مكانا للفرح في أي زاوية من زوايا الوطن.. فالأمن والأمان غابا عن شوارع البلاد وأزقتها.. نلتقي اليوم وهناك أمهات فقدن أبناءهن.. خيرة أبنائهن.. وأسر فقدت معيلها وأطفال تيتموا وإخوة تفرقوا بين شهيد و نازح ومفقود.

من رحم الألم يجب أن يولد الأمل ومن عمق المعاناة تجترح أهم الحلول

وإذا كان كل هذا الألم يخيم كغيمة سوداء على البلاد، فإن الحالة الوجدانية وحدها.. على سموها.. ليست كافية لتعويض فقدان الأحبة أو عودة الأمن والأمان إلى البلاد أو تأمين الخبز والماء والوقود والدواء على امتداد ساحة الوطن.. فمن رحم الألم يجب أن يولد الأمل.. ومن عمق المعاناة تجترح أهم الحلول فالغيمة السوداء في السماء تحجب نور الشمس.. لكنها تحمل في طياتها مطراً وطهراً وأملاً بالخير والعطاء حينما تمطر.

هذه المشاعر والعواطف من ألم وحزن وتحد وإصرار هي طاقة جبارة .. لن تخرج سورية من محنتها.. إلا بتحويل هذه الطاقة إلى حراك وطني شامل ينقذ الوطن من براثن هجمة لم نشهد أو نتذكر لها مثيلا في تاريخ هذه المنطقة.

هذا الحراك الوطني هو البلسم الوحيد للجروح العميقة التي أصابت أنسجة مجتمعنا وكادت أن تمزقه.. هو الوحيد القادر على إبقاء سورية جغرافيا وجعلها أقوى سياسيا واسترجاعها اجتماعياً وثقافياً وأخلاقياً.. فكل مواطن مسؤول بل وقادر على تقديم شيء ولو كان بسيطاً أو محدوداً بنظره.. فالوطن للجميع ندافع عنه جميعا.. كل بما يستطيع ويملك.. فالفكرة دفاع والموقف دفاع والبناء دفاع والحفاظ على ممتلكات الشعب دفاع.. ولأن الهجمة على الوطن كله بما فيه ومن فيه فكل مواطن واعٍ بات يعلم علم اليقين أن السلبية أو انتظار الزمن أو الآخرين ليحلوا المشكلة هو بحد ذاته سير بالبلاد نحو الهاوية.. وعدم المشاركة بالحلول هو إعادة للوطن إلى الوراء لا تقدم به نحو الخروج مما فيه.

ولأن كثيرين سقطوا في فخ ما تم تصويره لهم على أن الصراع هو بين حكم ومعارضة أي صراع على كرسي ومنصب وسلطة.. فقد ابتعدوا والتزموا الصمت والحيادية.. وبالتالي فإنه من واجبنا جميعاً اليوم أن نعيد توجيه الرؤية باتجاه البوصلة الحقيقية للوطن.. فالصراع أيها السادة هو صراع بين الوطن وأعدائه بين الشعب والقتلة المجرمين بين المواطن وخبزه ومائه ودفئه ومن يحرمه من كل ذلك بين حالة الأمان التي كنا نتغنى بها وبث الخوف والذعر في النفوس.

الصراع هو بين الوطن وأعدائه

قتلوا المدنيين والأبرياء ليقتلوا النور والضياء في بلدنا.. اغتالوا الكفاءات والعقول ليعمموا جهلهم على عقولنا.. خربوا البنية التحتية التي بنيت بأموال الشعب لتتغلغل المعاناة في حياتنا.. حرموا الأطفال من مدارسهم ليخربوا مستقبل البلاد ويعبروا عن جاهليتهم.. قطعوا الكهرباء والاتصالات وإمداد الوقود وتركوا الشيوخ والأطفال يقاسون برد الشتاء دون دواء تأكيداً على وحشيتهم أما لصوصيتهم فتجلت في تخريب الصوامع وسرقة القمح والطحين ليتحول رغيف الخبز حلما وليجوع المواطن فهل هذا صراع على كرسي ومنصب… أم هو صراع بين الوطن وأعدائه.. هل هو صراع على سلطة… أم هو انتقام من الشعب الذي لم يعط أولئك الإرهابيين القتلة الكلمة المفتاح من أجل تفتيت سورية و تفتيت مجتمعها… إنهم أعداء الشعب وأعداء الشعب هم أعداء الله وأعداء الله يحشرون في النار يوم القيامة.

الثورة عادة ثورة الشعب لا ثورة المستوردين من الخارج

في البداية أرادوها ثورة مزعومة.. فثار الشعب عليهم حارما إياهم من حاضنة شعبية أرادوا فرضها بالمال والإعلام والسلاح خفية وعندما فشلوا انتقلوا إلى المرحلة الثانية فأسقطوا أقنعة “السلمية” وكشفوا الغطاء عن السلاح الذي كانوا يستعملونه منذ البداية خفيةً فرفعوه علناً.. وبدؤوا بمحاولاتهم احتلال مدنٍ لينقضوا كالذئاب من خلالها على باقي المدن.. ضربوا بوحشية.. وكلما كانوا يضربون كان الشعب الكبير بوعيه وصموده ينبذهم ويكشف زيفهم.. فقرروا الانتقام من الشعب بنشر الإرهاب أينما حلوا وفي أي مكان ودون تمييز.

يسمونها ثورة وهي لا علاقة لها بالثورات لا من قريب ولا من بعيد.. الثورة بحاجة لمفكرين.. الثورة تبنى على فكر.. فأين هو المفكر.. من يعرف مفكرا لهذه الثورة.. الثورات بحاجة لقادة.. من يعرف من هو قائد هذه الثورة.. الثورات تبنى على العلم والفكر لا تبنى على الجهل.. تبنى على دفع البلاد إلى الأمام لا إعادتها قرونا إلى الوراء.. تبنى على تعميم النور على المجتمع لا على قطع الكهرباء عن الناس.. الثورة عادة ثورة الشعب لا ثورة المستوردين من الخارج لكي يثوروا على الشعب.. هي ثورة من أجل مصالح الشعب ليست ضد مصالح الشعب فبالله عليكم هل هذه ثورة وهل هؤلاء ثوار إنهم حفنة من المجرمين.

الفكر التكفيري فكر دخيل على بلادنا

خلف كل ذلك كان التكفيريون يعملون في الصفوف الخلفية عبر عمليات التفجير والقتل الجماعي.. تاركين العصابات في الواجهة.. داعمين لها من الخلف.. وكلما كان الجيش والشعب يداً بيد يصد قتلهم وإجرامهم كانوا يقتربون من الانهيار.. عندها لم يجد التكفيريون بداً مما ليس منه بد فانتقلوا للقتال في الصفوف الأمامية واستلموا دفة سفينة الدم والقتل والتنكيل.. ولأن الفكر التكفيري فكر دخيل على بلادنا كان لابد من استيراده من الخارج افراداً وافكاراً.. وهنا انقلبت المعادلة.. تكفيريون..إرهابيون..قاعدة… يسمون أنفسهم “جهاديين” جاؤوا من كل حدب وصوب.. يقودون العمليات الإرهابية على الأرض وأما المسلحون وبعد فشلهم نقلوا إلى الصفوف الخلفية كمساعدين بأعمال خطف ونهب وتخريب.. خدم.. وبأحسن الأحوال أدلاء.. جواسيس على أبناء جلدتهم لصالح تكفيريين قتلة لا يتكلمون لغة سوى لغة الذبح وتقطيع الأوصال.

نحن أيها الاخوة.. نقاتل هؤلاء.. وكثير منهم غير سوريين.. أتوا من أجل مفاهيم منحرفة ومصطلحات مزيفة يسمونها جهاداً وهي أبعد ما تكون عن الجهاد وعن الإسلام في شيء.. الشيء المؤكد أن معظم من نواجههم الآن هم من هؤلاء الإرهابيين الذين يحملون فكر القاعدة وأعتقد معظمكم يعرف ويعلم كيف تمت رعاية هذا النوع من الإرهاب منذ ثلاثة عقود في أفغانستان من قبل الغرب وبأموال عربية بعد انتهاء مهمة هؤلاء الإرهابيين بتفكك الاتحاد السوفييتي وخروجه من أفغانستان انفلت من عقاله وبدأ يضرب في كل مكان ضرب في العالم العربي.. ضرب في العالم الإسلامي وانتقل إلى الغرب.. حاولوا التخلص منه بحرب أفغانستان وحاولوا التخلص منه بطرق مختلفة بعد غزو العراق ولكن هذا الإرهاب كان معندا ومستمرا بالانتشار وبدأ يتغلغل في قلب المجتمعات الغربية نفسها فأتت هذه الأحداث في العالم العربي وخاصة في سورية كفرصة سانحة لهذه القوى.. أقصد القوى الغربية لكي تقوم بنقل العدد الأكبر الممكن إلى سورية لتحويل سورية إلى أرض الجهاد وبالتالي يتخلصون من خصمين مزعجين بنفس الوقت.. يتخلصون من الإرهابيين ويضعفون سورية العقدة المزعجة بالنسبة للغرب.

هناك منظمة تعنى بموضوع الإرهاب لا أذكر ما اسمها أصدرت منذ نحو شهر أو أكثر بقليل تقريرا حول تراجع الأعمال الإرهابية بشكل عام وخاصة في منطقة أواسط وشرق آسيا.. صحيح لأن معظم الإرهابيين أتوا إلى سورية من معظم هذه الدول والبعض منهم يأتي من الدول الغربية نفسها.. دخول هؤلاء الإرهابيين إلى أي مجتمع هو خطير من الناحية الأمنية وهذا من البديهيات ولكن ليس مستحيلا دحرهم عندما نمتلك الإرادة والشجاعة لذلك.. ولكن الأخطر هو الدخول بالمعنى الفكري والاجتماعي.. فهذا النوع من الفكر عندما يتغلغل في قلب مجتمع يتحول هذا المجتمع إلى مسخ مشوه وإن لم نعالج هذا الموضوع بشكل جدي بغض النظر عن الأزمة التي تمر بها سورية بجوانبها السياسية.. وبمعنى آخر يجب أن نسمو فوق الخلافات بالنسبة لهذا الموضوع.. فنحن نورث الأبناء والأحفاد دماء.. ودماء لأجيال وأجيال.. وسورية التي نعرفها لن تكون موجودة ليس بالضرورة بالاسم أو الجغرافيا وإنما على الأقل سورية التي عرفناها كمجتمع ولكن هذا لا يمنع أن هذا النوع من الفكر يخلق فتنة ويدمر الجغرافيا والمعنى السياسي لأي مجتمع يتغلغل فيه.. هذه مسؤولية كبيرة لا بد من أن نتوحد جميعا من أجل مواجهتها.

سورية ستبقى حرة سيدة لا ترضى الخنوع ولا تقبل الوصاية

لكن للأزمة ابعاداً أخرى ليست داخلية فقط.. فما يجري بالداخل بات واضحاً لمن يريد الرؤية.. أما إقليمياً فهناك من يسعى لتقسيم سورية وآخرون يسعون لإضعافها.. بعضها يمد المجرمين بالمال والسلاح والبعض الآخر بالدعم والتدريب.. دول عدوة بنيت على الاحتلال والعدوان لا نستغرب ما قامت وما تقوم به.. ودول جارة جارت على سورية وشعبها لتضعفه وتهيمن عليه.. ودول بحثت عن موقع لها في تاريخ لا تمتلكه.. فكتبته بدماء الأبرياء من الشعب العربي.. والسوري تحديداً.. لكن سورية وشعبها أقوى وأصلب… ويعدهم بأنه لن ينسى.

وأما دوليا.. فليس خافياً على أحد أن سورية كانت وستبقى حرة سيدة لا ترضى الخنوع ولا تقبل الوصاية.. وهذا ما كان يزعج الغرب ولا يزال.. فأرادوا استغلال أحداث داخلية لإخراج سورية من المعادلة السياسية للمنطقة لينتهوا من هذه العقدة المزعجة وليضربوا فكر المقاومة وليحولونا إلى تابعين شأننا شأن الكثيرين ممن حولنا.. لكن المجتمع الدولي لا يقتصر على الغرب فقط فكثير من الدول في العالم وفي مقدمتها روسيا والصين ومعهما دول مجموعة البريكس وغيرها الكثير ترفض التدخل في شؤون الدول وزعزعة الاستقرار في المنطقة انطلاقاً من مبادئها ومصالحها وحرصها على حرية الشعوب في تقرير مصيرها.. دول تحترم سيادة سورية واستقلالها وحرية قرارها.. لن ترى منا إلا الشكر والتقدير والاحترام المتبادل.. وأخص بالشكر طبعا روسيا والصين وإيران.. لكل من وقف إلى جانب الشعب السوري في تقرير مصيره.

في ظل كل ذلك لا يمكن لنا الحديث عن الحل إلا بالأخذ بعين الاعتبار هذه العوامل.. الداخل.. والعامل الإقليمي.. والعامل الدولي.. وأي إجراء لا يغير هذه العوامل لن يسمى حلاً حقيقياً ولا تأثير له على الإطلاق.

ولنبدأ من الداخل.. فالخلاف إن كان بنظر البعض في البدايات بين معارضة وموالاة.. وأنا لا أعتقد أنه كان بهذا الشكل منذ البداية.. فهكذا خلاف في العالم المتحضر يكون حول كيفية بناء الوطن لا تخريبه.. حول كيفية تقدمه وتطوره لا إرجاعه عشرات السنين إلى الوراء.. العلاقة بين المعارضة والموالاة تكون علاقة الداخل بالداخل.. أما عندما يصبح جزء من الداخل مسيراً ومرتبطاً بالخارج فالصراع هنا بين الداخل والخارج.. بين استقلال الوطن والهيمنة عليه.. بين بقائه سيداً حرا واحتلاله من الخارج سياسياً.. وهنا تتحول القضية إلى الدفاع عن الوطن برمته ويتوحد الجميع ضد العدوان الآتي من الخارج بأدواتٍ بعضها داخلي.. لذلك عندما نقول معارضة خارجية أو أي كلام مشابه لا نقصد المكان الذي يقطن فيه هؤلاء الأشخاص وإنما نقصد المكان الذي وضعوا فيه قلبهم وعقلهم.. ارتباطهم ورهانهم.. والأهم تمويلهم.. هذا ما نقصده بالخارج سواء كان يقطن بالداخل أو بالخارج فهناك اشخاص يقطنون في الخارج ولكن يدافعون عن بلدهم.

نحن الآن أمام حالة حرب بكل ما تحمل الكلمة من معنى.. نحن الآن نصد عدواناً خارجياً شرساً بشكل جديد

نعم أيها السادة ليست معارضة وموالاة ولا جيشا مقابل عصابات وقتلة فحسب.. نحن الآن أمام حالة حرب بكل ما تحمل الكلمة من معنى.. نحن الآن نصد عدواناً خارجياً شرساً بشكل جديد وهذا النوع من الحروب هو أشد فتكا وأكبر خطراً من الحروب التقليدية لأنها لا تستخدم أدواتها لضربنا بل تجيرنا نحن لتنفيذ مشاريعها.. تستهدف سورية عبر حفنة من السوريين وكثير من الأغراب.. تحاول استخدامنا لقطع أشجارنا وهدم أحجارنا وللأسف بأيدي بعضٍ منا.. وهكذا حرب تواجه بالدفاع عن الوطن بالتوازي مع إصلاح ضروري لنا جميعا والذي قد لا يغير من واقع الحرب شيئاً لكنه يقوينا ويقوي وحدتنا ويعزز مناعتنا في مواجهتها.. البعض يعتقد أن هذا الحل أو هذا الاصلاح سيحل المشكلة.. لا.. هو عامل مؤثر ولكن هو ليس كل الحل.

الإصلاح دون أمان كالأمان دون إصلاح.. لا ينجح أحدهما دون الآخر

فالإصلاح دون أمان كالأمان دون إصلاح.. لا ينجح أحدهما دون الآخر.. وهذا ما كنا نقوله وما زلنا.. ومن كرر كثيراً أن سورية اختارت الحل الأمني فهو لا يسمع ولا يرى.. فنحن لطالما قلنا مراراً وتكراراً .. الإصلاح والسياسة بيد والقضاء على الإرهاب باليد الأخرى.. ومن يقلب الحقائق تحت هذا العنوان نقل له..عندما يتعرض شخص للاعتداء ويدافع عن نفسه هل نقول دافع عن نفسه أم اختار الحل الأمني… فلماذا عندما تدافع الدولة عن الشعب وعندما يدافع الشعب عن الوطن يقولون إنهم اختاروا الحل الأمني.

الدفاع عن الوطن واجب ليس مطروحا للنقاش وهو واجب قانوني ودستوري وشرعي وهو خيار وحيد فلا يوجد خيار للحل الأمني.. هنا خيار وحيد.. هو الدفاع عن النفس.. فإذا كنا اخترنا الحل السياسي وسعينا إليه منذ الأيام الأولى فلا يعني ألا ندافع عن أنفسنا.. واذا كنا اخترنا الحل السياسي منذ الأيام الأولى فهذا يعني أننا بحاجة لشريك قادر وراغب بالسير في عملية سياسية والدخول في عملية حوار على المستوى الوطني.. واذا كنا اخترنا الحل السياسي ولم نر شريكا فهذا لا يعني أننا لم نرغب.. هذا يعني أننا لم نر شريكا خلال المرحلة الماضية.. بشكل أوضح إذا كان الشخص يريد الزواج وبحث عن شريك ولم يجد من يرغب ويقبل به فهذا لا يعني أنه غير راغب في الزواج.. لذلك أي طرح حول اختيار الدولة في سورية للحل الأمني كلام غير صحيح ولم يطرح في يوم من الأيام ولم يصرح أي مسؤول في الدولة أننا نختار الحل الأمني.

الدفاع عن الوطن واجب وهو خيار وحيد

عندما تتعرض لهجوم وتدافع عن نفسك فهذا يسمى دفاعا عن النفس ولا يسمى اختيارا للحل الأمني.. فلسنا نحن من اخترنا الحرب.. الحرب فرضت على سورية وعندما تدافع الدولة عن الشعب وندافع عن أنفسنا لا يمكن لعاقل أن يسمي ذلك اختيارا للحل الأمني.. فالدفاع عن الوطن واجب وهو خيار وحيد، وقبولنا بالحل السياسي لا يعني ألا ندافع عن أنفسنا لكن ايضا قبولنا بالحل السياسي يعني وجود شريك سياسي قادر على الحوار وراغب به.

نحن لم نرفض يوماً الحل السياسي.. تبنيناه منذ اليوم الأول عبر دعامته الأساسية وهي الحوار.. ومددنا أيدينا لكل من يحمل مشروعاً سياسياً وطنياً يدفع بسورية إلى الأمام.. لكن مع من نتحاور… مع أصحاب فكر متطرف لا يؤمنون إلا بلغة الدم والقتل والإرهاب… مع عصابات تؤتمر من الخارج.. تتبع للغريب وأوامره.. فيأمرها برفض الحوار لعلمه ويقينه أن الحوار سيفشل مخططاته بإضعاف سورية والانتهاء منها وخاصة بعض الدول الإقليمية التي يعلم مسؤولوها أن خروج سورية من أزمتها سيقضي عليهم وعلى مستقبلهم السياسي بعد أن غرقوا وأغرقوا شعوبهم بالأكاذيب وصرفوا مقدرات بلادهم دعماً للإرهاب ولم يعد بمقدورهم تبرير سياساتهم العدوانية وتورطهم في سفك الدماء و قتل الأبرياء.. أم نحاور دمى رسمها الغرب وصنعها وكتب نصوص أدوارها… عندها الأولى أن نحاور الأصيل لا البديل.. نحاور من شكلها لا من يقوم بتأدية الأدوار المكتوبة له على خشبات المسارح الدولية.. نحاور السيد لا العبد.

وأما الغرب..سليل الاستعمار وصاحب الختم الأول في سياسة التقسيم والتناحر الطائفي البغيض فهو من سد باب الحوار لا نحن..لأنه اعتاد إعطاء الأوامر للإمعات ونحن اعتدنا على السيادة والاستقلال وحرية القرار.. لأنه أدمن الأجراء والأذلاء ولأننا جبلنا على الكرامة والإباء.. وسنبقى.. فكيف يحاورنا… ولماذا يحاورنا… وبالتالي فإن من يتحدث عن الحل السياسي فقط ويتعامى عن هذه الحقائق فهو إما جاهل بالوقائع أو متخاذل يقدم الوطن والمواطن لقمة سائغة للمجرمين ومن يقف خلفهم.. يبيع شعبه ودماء شهدائه بالمجان.. وهذا ما لن نسمح به.

البعض يتحدث عن الحل السياسي فقط والبعض يتحدث عن مكافحة الإرهاب فقط وهذا الكلام غير دقيق فالحل يجب أن يكون حلاً شاملاً وفيه محاور.. فيه السياسي ومكافحة الإرهاب وفيه محور ثالث مهم جدا هو الحل الاجتماعي ولدينا نماذج في حمص ودرعا تحديدا حيث تحسن الوضع بشكل كبير بسبب هذا الحل الاجتماعي فأشخاص وطنيون يمتلكون حساً وطنياً وانتماء وطنياً واخلاقاً قاموا بمبادرات بين الدولة وبعض المغرر بهم من المسلحين والإرهابيين واعطت نتائج هامة جدا على الواقع وهؤلاء الأشخاص لا ينتمون إلى أحزاب وليس لديهم أي برنامج سياسي وليس لديهم سوى الانتماء الوطني وهذا النوع من المبادرات هام جدا وخاصة ان أي أزمة في أي وطن وحتى لو كانت جريمة عادية تتفاقم فعلينا ان نعود إلى الجذور الاجتماعية دائما.

سنحاور من ألقى السلاح لتعود الدماء العربية السورية الأصيلة تسري في عروقه

أوجه تحية إلى هؤلاء الاشخاص الذين أنجزوا إنجازات وطنية كل بحسب ما يستطيع وأنا أعرف البعض منهم والتقيت بهم بشكل مباشر والبعض الآخر سمعت عنه ولكن هناك جنودا مجهولين ونوجه لهم التحية ونقول لهم نحن نعول كثيرا على مبادراتهم.

قد يبدو من كل ما سبق أنه لا يوجد أحد نحاوره وهذا الكلام غير صحيح.. فرغم كل ما سبق.. سنحاور ونمد يدنا دائما وأبداً للحوار.. سنحاور كل من خالفنا بالسياسة.. وكل من ناقضنا بالمواقف دون أن يكون موقفه مبنياً على المساس بالمبادئ والأسس الوطنية.. سنحاور أحزاباً وأفراداً لم تبع وطنها للغريب.. سنحاور من ألقى السلاح لتعود الدماء العربية السورية الأصيلة تسري في عروقه.. وسنكون شركاء حقيقيين مخلصين لكل وطني شريف غيور يعمل من أجل مصلحة سورية وأمانها واستقلالها.

وعليه وانطلاقا من ثوابتنا المبدئية وفي مقدمتها سيادة الدولة واستقلالية قرارها ومبادئ وأهداف ميثاق الأمم المتحدة والقانون الدولي والتي تؤكد جميعها على سيادة الدول واستقلالها ووحدة أراضيها وعدم التدخل في شؤونها الداخلية.. وإيمانا منا بضرورة الحوار بين أبناء سورية.. وبقيادة سورية.. ومن أجل استعادة المناخ الآمن وعودة الاستقرار فإن الحل السياسي في سورية سيكون على الشكل التالي.. المرحلة الأولى.. أولا.. تلتزم فيها الدول المعنية.. الاقليمية والدولية بوقف تمويل وتسليح وإيواء المسلحين بالتوازي مع وقف المسلحين للعمليات الإرهابية.. ما يسهل عودة النازحين السوريين إلى أماكن إقامتهم الأصلية بأمن وأمان.. بعد ذلك مباشرة يتم وقف العمليات العسكرية من قبل قواتنا المسلحة التي تحتفظ بحق الرد في حال تعرض أمن الوطن أو المواطن أو المنشآت العامة والخاصة لأي اعتداء.. ثانيا.. إيجاد آلية للتأكد من التزام الجميع بالبند السابق وخاصة ضبط الحدود.. ثالثا.. تبدأ الحكومة القائمة مباشرة بإجراء اتصالات مكثفة مع كل أطياف المجتمع السوري بأحزابه وهيئاته لإدارة حوارات مفتوحة لعقد مؤتمر حوار وطني تشارك فيه كل القوى الراغبة بحل في سورية من داخل البلاد وخارجها.

المرحلة الثانية.. أولا.. تدعو الحكومة القائمة إلى عقد مؤتمر الحوار الوطني الشامل للوصول إلى ميثاق وطني يتمسك بسيادة سورية ووحدة وسلامة أراضيها ورفض التدخل في شؤونها ونبذ الإرهاب والعنف بكل أشكاله.. هذا الميثاق هو ما سيرسم المستقبل السياسي لسورية ويطرح النظام الدستوري والقضائي والملامح السياسية والاقتصادية والاتفاق على قوانين جديدة.. للأحزاب والانتخابات والإدارة المحلية وغيرها.. ثانيا.. يعرض الميثاق الوطني على الاستفتاء الشعبي.. ثالثا.. تشكل حكومة موسعة تتمثل فيها مكونات المجتمع السوري وتكلف بتنفيذ بنود الميثاق الوطني.. رابعا.. يطرح الدستور على الاستفتاء الشعبي وبعد إقراره تقوم الحكومة الموسعة باعتماد القوانين المتفق عليها في مؤتمر الحوار وفقا للدستور الجديد ومنها قانون الانتخابات وبالتالي إجراء انتخابات برلمانية جديدة.. وكل ما يتعلق بالدستور والقوانين يمكن ان نضع قبله كلمة “إذا” أي إذا اتفق في هذا المؤتمر.. مؤتمر الحوار على قوانين جديدة أو على دستور جديد تقوم الحكومة بالعمل على إظهارها.

المرحلة الثالثة.. اولا.. تشكل حكومة جديدة وفقا للدستور الموجود في ذلك الوقت.. ثانيا.. عقد مؤتمر عام للمصالحة الوطنية وإصدار عفو عام عن المعتقلين بسبب الأحداث مع الاحتفاظ بالحقوق المدنية لأصحابها.. ثالثا.. العمل على تأهيل البنى التحتية واعادة الاعمار والتعويض على المواطنين المتضررين بالأحداث.

وبالنسبة للعفو العام يكون مع الاحتفاظ بالحقوق المدنية لأصحابها لأن الدولة يحق لها أن تعفو عن حقها أو ما يسمى الحق العام ولا يحق لها ان تعفو عن حقوق الأشخاص.. واعتقد إذا وصلنا إلى هذه المرحلة فلابد أن يكون العفو عاما ليس من قبل الدولة ولكن من أصحاب الحقوق وعندها عمليا نصل إلى المصالحة الوطنية والكل يسامح الكل.

إن هذه الملامح الرئيسية للحل السياسي كما نراه وهي مجرد عناوين بحاجة لتفاصيل وستكلف الحكومة بإدارة هذا الموضوع وستقوم بوضع التفاصيل والتوسع في هذه العناوين وتقدم هذه الرؤية على شكل مبادرة خلال الأيام القليلة القادمة وتتابع بعدها كل هذه المراحل حسب البنود المذكورة.

دعونا نضع كل موضوع في سياقه فنحن نعيش الآن في عصر التزوير والتأويل الخاطئ ولسنا من يؤول الأمور لكن هذه الحالة العامة في تأويل الأمور بعكس مقاصدها لذلك دعونا نضع الأمور في سياقها ونصحح الافكار والمصطلحات التي تطرح.

أولا.. بالنسبة لهذه الرؤية البعض سيتخوف منها وسيشعر بالقلق وسيعتبر أن فيها عودة إلى الخلف من الناحية الأمنية لكن أنا اطمئن الجميع بأنه بالنسبة لمكافحة الإرهاب لن نتوقف طالما يوجد إرهابي واحد في سورية وما بدأنا به لن نتوقف عنه فأي شيء نقوم به في هذه المبادرة لا يعني على الاطلاق التهاون في موضوع مكافحة الارهاب بل على العكس كلما تقدمنا في مكافحة الارهاب كانت هناك إمكانية لنجاح هذه الرؤية.

ثانياً.. هذه الرؤية إذا أرادوا تسميتها مبادرة أو رؤية أو أفكارا فهي موجهة لكل من يريد الحوار ولكل من يريد أن يرى حلاً سياسياً في المستقبل القريب في سورية وهي ليست موجهة لمن لا يريد أن يحاور وبالتالي سنسمع الآن منذ اليوم الكثير من الرفض من قبل الجهات التي تعرفونها ونحن نقول لهم مسبقاً.. لماذا ترفضون شيئاً هو ليس موجهاً لكم بالأساس كي لا يضيعوا وقتهم.

ثالثاً.. أي مبادرة تطرح من قبل أي جهة أو شخصية أو دولة يجب أن تستند إلى الرؤية السورية وهذا يعني أنه لا توجد مبادرة تحل محل ما يمكن أن نراه نحن كحل للأزمة في سورية.. بمعنى أوضح أي مبادرة هي مبادرة مساعدة لما سيقوم به السوريون ولا تحل محلها.. وبعد طرح هذه الأفكار من قبل الحكومة يجب أن تكون أي مبادرة تأتي من الخارج مستندة إلى هذه الأفكار ومساعدة لها ولا داعي لأن نضيع وقتنا ووقت الآخرين بمبادرات تخرج عن هذا السياق.

بنفس الوقت إذا تساءلنا كيف يمكن للمبادرات الخارجية أن تساعدنا.. فهناك محوران.. محور العمل السياسي ومحور مكافحة الإرهاب.. وفي المحور الأول لسنا بحاجة إلى مساعدة ونحن كسوريين قادرون على القيام بعملية سياسية متكاملة ومن يرد أن يساعد سورية بشكل عملي وفعلي وصادق ويرد النجاح فهو قادر على التركيز على موضوع وقف إدخال المسلحين والسلاح والمال الى سورية.. وهذه رسالة لكل من يعمل من الخارج كي يعرف أين يركز.. ولا نريد أحدا يأتي إلى سورية ليقول لنا ما الذي يجب علينا فعله في العملية السياسية.. بلد عمره آلاف السنين يعرف كيف يدير اموره.

النقطة الرابعة.. أن نؤيد المبادرات الخارجية المساعدة لا يعني بأي شكل من الاشكال أن نقبل بتفسيرها إن لم يكن يتوافق مع رؤيتنا.. ولا نقبل بأي تأويل لهذه المبادرات إلا بالطريقة التي تخدم المصلحة السورية.. وفي هذا الاطار أتحدث عن مبادرة جنيف التي أيدتها سورية ولكن كان فيها بند غامض هو بند المرحلة الانتقالية.. طبعاً هو غير مفسر لسبب بسيط.. لأننا عندما نتحدث عن مرحلة انتقالية فأول شيء نسأله انتقال من أين إلى اين… أو من ماذا إلى ماذا… أن ننتقل من بلد حر مستقل إلى بلد تحت الاحتلال مثلاً… هل ننتقل من بلد فيه دولة إلى بلد ليس فيه دولة وحالة فوضى مطلقة… أم هل ننتقل من قرار وطني مستقل إلى تسليم هذا القرار إلى الأجانب.

طبعاً الخصوم يريدون الثلاثة معا.. وبالنسبة لنا في مثل هذا الظرف المرحلة الانتقالية هي الانتقال من اللااستقرار إلى الاستقرار وأي تفسير آخر لا يعنينا.. أما في الأحوال الأخرى لو لم يكن هناك أزمة فالانتقال الطبيعي هو من وضع إلى وضع افضل.. هذا يأتي في سياق عملية التطوير وأي انتقال بالنسبة لأي مرحلة انتقالية يجب أن يكون عبر الوسائل الدستورية فبالنسبة لنا الآن ما نقوم به.. هذه الافكار بالنسبة لنا هي المرحلة الانتقالية.

خامساً.. أي مبادرة قبلنا بها فلأنها تنطلق من فكرة السيادة وقرار الشعب وفعلاً المبادرات التي طرحت وتعاملنا معها تركز على هذه النقطة في المقدمة.. وبالتالي الاشياء التي يتفق عليها داخل سورية أو خارجها يجب ان تكون بقرار الشعب لذلك حتى الميثاق الوطني الذي يمكن ان يقر من قبل مؤتمر الحوار الوطني لن يمر من دون استفتاء.. يعني يجب أن يكون هناك استفتاء شعبي على أي شيء وخاصة في هذه الظروف الصعبة ونحن قلنا لكل من التقينا به..أي شيء أو فكرة تأتينا من الخارج أو الداخل يجب أن يمر عبر استفتاء شعبي ولن يكون عبر الرئيس أو الحكومة أو الحوار أو أي شيء آخر.

ان ذلك يشكل نوعا من الضمانة لأن نقوم دائماً بخطوات تعبر فعلاً عن توافق شعبي وعن مصلحة وطنية وإذا فهمنا هذا الكلام البسيط والواضح فإن كل من يأتي إلى سورية ويغادرها يعرف بأن سورية تقبل النصيحة لكنها لا تقبل الاملاء وتقبل المساعدة ولكنها لا تقبل الاستبداد.

بناء على ذلك كل ما يمكن أن تسمعوه أو سمعتموه في الماضي من مصطلحات وافكار وآراء ومبادرات وتصريحات عبر الإعلام ومن مسؤولين لا تهمنا إذا كانت مصطلحات ذات منشأ ربيعي فهي فقاعات صابون كما هو الربيع عبارة عن فقاعة صابون سوف تختفي.

إن أي تفسيرات لأي موضوع يخرج عن السيادة السورية بالنسبة لنا هو عبارة عن اضغاث احلام.. يحق لهم ان يحلموا ويستطيعون أن يعيشوا في عالمهم الحالم الخيالي ولكن لا يستطيعون ان يجعلونا نعيش في عالمهم الواقعي ولن نقوم بأي مبادرة أو عمل إلا انطلاقا من الواقع السوري ومن مصلحة ورغبة الشعب.

أيتها الأخوات..أيها الأخوة.. الوطن يعلو ولا يعلى عليه.. وسورية فوق الجميع.. بالمبادرات السياسية نقويها.. وبالدفاع عن كل حبة تراب نحميها.. فالسوري ينبض تسامحا وعفوا .. لكن الكرامة والوطنية تسريان في عروقه.. وها هي الشرائح الأكبر هبت لمواجهة الإرهاب.. فمنهم من تعاون بإعطاء المعلومات القيمة للأجهزة المختصة ما مكنها من القيام بواجبها في إحباط عمليات إرهابية مخططة ضد المواطنين.. ومنهم من انتفض في وجه الإرهابيين وحرمهم البيئة الحاضنة سواء بالدفاع عن مناطقهم أو حتى بالخروج في مظاهرات ضد المسلحين القتلة واستشهد خلال ذلك.. ومنهم من دافع كتفاً بكتف مع قواتنا المسلحة عن المدن والأحياء والبنية التحتية ولدينا نماذج كثيرة من هذه الحالات.. ولكن أذكر نموذجا واحدا في قرية صغيرة في أقصى الشمال السوري بمحافظة الحسكة اسمها رأس العين حيث قام الشباب الأشاوس في تلك القرية وهي على الحدود التركية مباشرة بالدفاع خلال عدة أيام ضد هجمات ارهابية متكررة وتمكنوا من دحر الإرهابيين القادمين من تركيا فتحية لهذه القرية.

ومنهم من حاور وأقنع وسامح وتسامح عبر مبادرات للمصالحة الوطنية على المستوى المحلي ما قطع الطريق على الإرهابيين وحول اتجاه الحالة العامة من التصعيد إلى التهدئة وعودة الوئام.

هؤلاء المواطنون عبروا بأدائهم عن حالة وعي عميقة فالأمان المنشود لا يأتي عبر الحياد والوقوف موقف المتفرج.. ولا عبر الهروب إلى الامام والانبطاح امام الخارج وعندما لا نكون بخير في وطننا فلن نكون بخير خارجه.. والوطن ليس لمن أقام فيه وحسب.. بل لمن دافع عنه.. ليس لمن نعم بخيراته وتفيأ بظلاله وعندما طلبه لم يجده.. هو لأولئك الذين لبوا النداء عندما ناداهم الوطن رغم أن كثيرا منهم غبنوا في كثير من المواقع والأحيان لكن عندما انتكس الوطن هبوا على اختلاف مشاربهم وانتماءاتهم قائلين.. هذا هو وقت العطاء فكان عطاؤهم دون حدود.. ومنهم من نال شرف الشهادة فأسقطت دماؤهم الربيع المزيف وحمت الشعب من الخداع الذي كاد أن يفعل فعله في البدايات.

أسقطت دماؤهم ما سماه الغرب ربيعا زوراً وبهتاناً وكان ناراً حاقدةً حاولت حرق كل ما لامسته عبر طائفية بغيضة وحقد أعمى وتقسيم مقيت.. فما كان ربيعا إلا لمن رسمه وخطط له وحاول تنفيذه وها هو يفشل.. فدماء هؤلاء الشهداء هي من حمت وستحمي الوطن والمنطقة.. وهي التي ستحمي وحدة أرضنا وتكرس تجانسنا واندماجنا وبنفس الوقت ستطهر مجتمعنا من الغدر والخيانة وتمنع سقوطنا الأخلاقي والإنساني والحضاري لعقود وأجيال.. وهذا هو الانتصار الأقوى والأهم.. والوطن عندما ينتصر لا ينسى من ضحى من أجله ولأن الوطن حق فسيعطي كل ذي حق حقه.

تحية لأصحاب الحق الأكبر بالتحية.. رجال الجيش العربي السوري.. تحية إلى ضباطنا وصف ضباطنا وجنودنا البواسل الذين يبذلون العرق والدم من أجل سورية وهم يرونها أولى من أنفسهم ومما يملكون.. تحية إلى قواتنا المسلحة التي تخوض أشرس أنواع الحروب وهي مصممة على إعادة الأمن والأمان للمواطن عبر اجتثاث الإرهاب.

إن قواتنا المسلحة التي سطرت ملاحم البطولة بتماسكها وصمودها وبلحمتها الوطنية كانت انعكاساً لصمود الشعب وتماسكه فحافظت على المواطن عزيزاً كريماً آمناً وحافظ الشعب عليها باحتضانه لها.. فالمجد لكل جندي قضى في المعركة وهو يدافع عن تراب البلاد والمجد كل المجد لكل جندي يمتشق سلاحه ودمه ليكمل مهمة من قضى.

تحية خالصة أوجهها لكل مواطن قام بواجبه الوطني عبر وقوفه إلى جانب قواتنا المسلحة.. كل بطريقته وبإمكانياته.. هؤلاء هم فخر سورية وعزتها وسيسطر التاريخ أسماءهم بحروف من نور ونار لأنهم يكتبون التاريخ بدمائهم وشجاعتهم فكانوا ومازالوا رديف الجيش وحماة المواطن جنبا إلى جنب مع حماة الديار.

ايتها الاخوات.. ايها الاخوة.. أعلم كما تعلمون جميعا أن ما يمر به الوطن موءلم وصعب وأشعر بما يشعر به معظم الشعب السوري من وجع بفقدان أحبة أو استشهاد أبناء وأقرباء.. فنار حقدهم طالت الجميع.. ودخلت نعوش الشهداء الطاهرة بيوت الكثيرين.. وأنا منهم لأنني من الشعب وسأبقى كذلك فالمناصب زائلة لكن الوطن باق وأما دموع الأمهات الثكالى فستنزل برداً وسلاماً على أرواح أبنائهن الطاهرة وناراً وجحيماً على القتلة المجرمين الذين سرقوا ضحكة أطفالنا وها هم يحاولون سرقة مستقبلهم ببلد آمن قوي ومستقر.

سورية ستبقى كما عهدتموها بل وستعود بإذن الله أقوى مما كانت فلا تنازل عن المبادئ.. ولا تفريط بالحقوق ومن راهن على إضعاف سورية من الداخل لتنسى جولانها وأراضيها المحتلة فهو واهم.. فالجولان لنا وفلسطين قضيتنا التي قدمنا لأجلها الغالي والثمين.. الدماء والشهداء.. وسنبقى كما كنا ندعم المقاومة ضد العدو الأوحد.. فالمقاومة نهج لا أشخاص.. فكر وممارسة لا تنازلات واقتناص للفرص.. والشعب والدولة اللذان حملا أعباء ومسؤوليات الوقوف إلى جانب الشعب الفلسطيني في قضيته العادلة لعقود بكل ما حمله هذا الموقف من تحديات وأثمان دفعها كل مواطن سوري مادياً ومعنوياً.. ضغوطاً وتهديدات.. هذا الشعب وهذه الدولة لا يمكن أن يكونوا لأي سبب إلا في نفس الموقع تجاه إخوتهم الفلسطينيين.

لذلك فإن أي محاولة لزج الفلسطينيين في الأحداث السورية هدفها حرف البوصلة عن العدو الحقيقي وهي محاولات فاشلة قبل أن تبدأ.. فالفلسطيني في سورية يقوم بواجبه تجاه وطنه الثاني كأي سوري ونحن في سورية دولة وشعبا نحمل مسؤولية القيام بواجبنا نحوهم كواجبنا تجاه أي سوري.. فتحية لكل فلسطيني شريف في سورية صان العهد وقدر المواقف السورية وتآخى بالدم والمصير مع أخيه السوري ولم يعامل سورية كفندق للاستجمام يغادره حينما تشتد الظروف.

أيتها الاخوات.. أيها الاخوة.. رغم كل ما خطط لسورية وما فعله القريب قبل الغريب فينا فلم ولن يستطيعوا أن يغيروا ما بأنفسنا لأن ما فيها عظيم وقوي ومتين وعريق فالوطنية تسري في عروقنا وسورية أغلى من كل شيء.. وما عبرتم عنه من صمود قرابة العامين تجاه ما يجري يخبر الكون كله أن سورية عصية على الانهيار وأن شعبها عصي على الخنوع والذل وأن الصمود والتحدي متأصل في خلايا الجسد السوري.. نتوارثه جيلاً بعد جيل.. كنا هكذا وسنبقى.. ويداً بيد ورغم كل الجراح سنسير بسورية ومعها إلى مستقبل أقوى وأكثر إشراقا.. سنسير بسورية ومعها.. سنسير إلى الأمام ولن يخيفنا رصاصهم ولن يرهبنا حقدهم لأننا اصحاب حق والله دائ
President al-Assad : Out of Womb of Pain, Hope Should Be Begotten, from Suffering Important Solutions Rise
Jan 06, 2013
President Bashar al-Assad said if pain is pervading like a dark cloud over the country, the emotional state only, with its sublimity, is not enough to compensate the loss of the loved ones or the restoration of security and peace to the country or providing bread, water, fuel and medicine nationwide.

In his speech on the latest developments on Sunday, President al-Assad added that out of the womb of pain, hope should be begotten and form the bottom of suffering the most important solutions rise, as the dark cloud in the sky conceals the sun light, but it also carries in its layers rain, purity and hope of welfare and giving.

President al-Assad said “These feelings of agony, sadness, challenge and intention are huge energy that will not get Syria out of its crisis unless it turns this energy into a comprehensive national move that saves the homeland from the unprecedented campaign hatched against it.”

“This national move is the only balm to the deep wounds which affected our society and were about to divide it as it is the only way that is able to keep Syria geographically and making it politically stronger,” the President added.

“At the beginning they wanted it an alleged revolution but the Syrian people rebelled against them, then they tried to impose it by money, media and arms secretly and when they failed, they moved to the second phase through dropping the masks of a “peaceful revolution” and unveiled the cover of the weapons they were using secretly to use them openly starting their attempts to occupy cities as to pounce upon the other cities,” President al-Assad said, adding that “their brutal behaviors didn’t deter our people, through their awareness and steadfastness, to unveil their lies and reject them. Therefore they decided to take revenge on the people through spreading terrorism everywhere.”

The President stressed that the Takfiries were working at the back rows through the explosion operations and the mass killing leaving the armed gangs at the front line but the unity of the Syrian people and army obliged them to move for fighting at the front lines where they led the rudder of the blood, killing and mutilation ship.

“Each citizen is responsible and able to provide something even if it is tiny or limited as he/she may consider, because the homeland is for everyone; we all defend it each with his/her capacity and capability, because the thought is a way of defense, the stance is a way of defense, construction is a way of defense and protecting people’s properties is a way of defense,” President al-Assad added.

“Since the attack is launched against the homeland with all its human and material components, the mindful citizen has certainly known that passivity, waiting for time or others to solve the problem is a sort of pushing the country towards abyss, and not participating in solutions is a kind of taking the homeland backwards with no progress towards overcoming what the home is going through,”

They have killed civilians and the innocent to kill light and brightness in our country; they have assassinated the qualified and intellectuals to spread their ignorance on our minds; they sabotaged the infrastructure built with the people’s money to make suffering pervade into our lives; they prevented children from their schools to devastate the future of the country and express their wildness and they cut off electricity, communications and fuel supply, leaving the elderly and children suffering from the cold weather without medicine to emphasize their savagery. But their thievery has been manifested through sabotaging wheat stocks, stealing wheat and flour to make the loaf like a dream for citizens and to starve people… Is it a conflict for power and post or is it a conflict between the homeland and its enemies? Is it a struggle for authority or a revenge of the Syrian people who did not give those terrorist killers the password for dismembering Syria and its society.

”Because takfiri through is alien to our country, they had to import it from abroad, whether in terrorists or thought…Thus, takfiris, terrorists, Qaeda members calling themselves Jihadis streamed from everywhere to command the combat operations on the ground…The gunmen, having failed, retreated to the backlines as aides in acts of kidnapping, pillaging and sabotage…Servants, and at best, guides who spy on their fellow citizens to serve criminals takfiris who only speak the language of slaughtering and mangling.” ”The crisis has other dimensions, not only internal ones as it became clear to all who want to see.

Regionally, there are sides who seek to partition Syria, others to weaken it, and some sides are providing the criminals with funds and weapons, while others with support and training…It was no surprise to us what some neighboring countries have done to weaken and control the Syrian people, and the countries who sought a foothold in a history they don’t have, writing it instead in the blood of innocent Syrians, but Syria and the Syrian people are strong, and they vow that they will not forget.”

”Syria has always been, and will remain, a free and sovereign country that won’t accept servility and guardianship, which has been a nuisance for the West, so they sought to take advantage of internal events to drive Syria out of the political equation in the region to get rid of this irksome problem and to strike the culture of resistance and turn us into inferiors…But the West is not the entire international community, as there are world countries, namely Russia and China, and many others which won’t agree to meddling in the internal affairs of countries and destabilizing the region.”

”In light of this, there cannot be talk about the solution unless we take into consideration these factors: the internal, the regional and the international…Any procedure that does not change these factors is not a real solution and has no impact…Let’s start form the internal front: If some tended to see the disagreement in the beginning as one between loyalists and opposition, this disagreement in a civilized world should be on the way to build the homeland not destroy it…on developing it rather than taking it decades back…When part of the people becomes tied to the outside the conflict becomes between the homeland and outside powers, between the country’s independence and hegemony over it, between staying free or occupying it, and hence the issue becomes defending the homeland and all unify against the outside aggression which is aided by some internal tools.”

”It is not a matter of loyalists against opposition, nor an army vis-à-vis gangs and criminals…We are in a state of war in the full sense of the word…We are repelling a fierce outside aggression in a new disguise, which is more lethal and dangerous than a traditional war, because they do not employ their tools to strike us, but they have us implement their projects, and target Syria using a bunch of Syrians and a lot of foreigners.”

”Such war is confronted through defending the homeland in parallel with a reform that is necessary to all of us, which may not change the reality of war, yet it strengthens us and reinforces our unity in the face of the war…Reforms without security is like security without reform. No one will be successful without the other…Those who keep parroting that Syria has opted for a security solution do not see or hear…We have repeatedly said that reforms and politics go in one hand and eliminating terrorism in the other.”

“We did not ever reject the political solution as we have adopted it from the first day based on dialogue as its main pillar as we lend our hands to those who have a national political project that moves Syria forward but with whom we dialogue.. with those who are carrying extremist thinking, and do not believe except in blood, killing and terrorism, ” the president wondered.

President al-Assad also wondered whether we should dialogue with gangs that are ordered from abroad and pursue a foreigner who orders them to reject dialogue because it believes that dialogue will foil his schemes aiming at weakening and undermining Syria .

The President asserted that the leaders of some regional countries know that Syria to come out of the crisis will undermine their political future after they were involved and drowned their peoples with lies, spent their countries’ potentials in supporting terrorism and involved in the bloodshed and killing innocent.

‘The West, but not we who closed the door of dialogue as it has used to give orders while we have got used to independence, sovereignty and freedom of decision,” President al-Assad said.

The President added “Who talks only about the political solution and turned the blind eye to these facts is either an ignorant of the facts or a coward who immolates his country and citizens to the criminals and those who support them, the matter which we will not allow, ”

The political solution in Syria will be as following: the first stage, firstly, the adherence of all concerned regional and international countries to stopping funding and harboring gunmen in parallel to the cessation of terrorist operations by gunmen in a way that facilitates the return of the displaced Syrians to their original residing areas safely.

After that immediately, the military operations halt by the Armed Forces which have the right of response if the security of homeland or citizens is threatened or public or private properties were attacked.

Secondly, finding a mechanism to guarantee the adherence of all sides to the former item and curbing borders.

Thirdly, the current government starts intensive communications with all Syrian society spectra with all its parties and bodies to run open dialogues for holding a national dialogue conference as all sides desiring a solution in Syria from inside and outside Syria can participate.

The second stage: First, the current government calls for a comprehensive national dialogue conference for reaching a national charter that adheres to the Syrian sovereignty, its unity and territorial integrity.

It also rejects foreign interference and renounce all types of terrorism and violence, as this charter would draw the political future of Syria and propose the constitutional and judicial systems and depict the political and economic features, in addition to the agreement on new laws for parties, elections, local administration and others.

Secondly, the national charter is to be presented for a popular referendum.

Thirdly, a broadened government is established where the Syrian components are represented, as it is tasked to implement the items of the national charter.

Fourth, the constitution is presented for referendum, and after it is ratified, the broadened government adopts the laws agreed on in the dialogue conference according to the new constitution including the election law, and then carrying out new parliamentary elections.

The third stage : Firstly, a new government is formed according to the constitution.

Secondly, a conference for national reconciliation is held and an amnesty to those arrested due to the events is given with preserving the civil rights of their owners.

Thirdly, working on rehabilitating infrastructure, reconstruction, in addition to compensating the citizens affected.

”Homeland is above all…We can strengthen Syria through political initiatives and defending every single grain of land…The Syrian throbs with forgiveness and tolerance, but pride and patriotism run in his veins…the majority of people have risen against terrorism. Some have helped through providing the competent authorities with valuable information which enabled them to abort terrorist attacks against citizens…Others have risen against terrorists and deprived them of a support base, whether through defending their areas or even taking to the streets in protest against gunmen, many even martyred while doing so, and others have defended the cities, districts and infrastructure hand in hand with the armed forces.”

”Those citizens have demonstrated deep awareness. The aspired-to security does not come through fence-sitting, watching, escaping or groveling to the outside…If we are not fine in our country, we won’t be so anywhere outside it…The homeland is not for those who dwell in it, but for those who defend it.”

”The homeland is for those who rose from all walks of life and affiliations when their homeland needed them, even though they were wronged at times…Their giving has been without bounds…Some were honored with martyrdom, and their blood had punctured the fake ‘Spring’ and shielded the people from deceit that was about to bear fruit in the beginning…Their blood has punctured what the West falsely dubbed Spring, but was a vindictive fire that sought to torch whatever came its way through an abominable sectarianism, blind hatred and loathsome partitioning…It was a Spring only for those who planned it and tried to make it a reality, which is now collapsing.”

”The blood of martyrs protected and will protect the homeland and the region, and will protect our territorial integrity and reinforce accord among us, while at the same time purify our society of disloyalty and treason, and keep us from moral, human and cultural downfall, which is the strongest victory…When the homeland triumphs, it does not forget those who sacrificed for its sake.”

”I’d like to extend my salutations to those who deserve it most: the Syrian Arab army who are shedding blood and sweat for Syria which they see uppermost…Greetings to our armed forces who are fighting the fiercest of wars and are determined to restore security and stability to the homeland through uprooting terrorism.”

”The armed forces have wrote down the epics of heroism thanks to their cohesion, steadfastness and national unity which reflected those of the people…thus doing citizens proud and keeping them safe…Kudos to every soldier who is completing the mission of his colleagues who passed away!” ”I salute every single citizen who did his national duty through standing by the armed forces, each from his position…Those are the pride of Syria whose names will go down in history, for they are writing history in their blood and valor.”

”I come from the people and will remain so…Posts are transient but the homeland is everlasting…The tears of bereaved mothers will refresh the pure souls of their gone loved ones ad burn the criminals…”

”Syria will remain as it is and will return, God willing, stronger…There is no ceding rights or giving up on principles…Those who placed their bets on weakening Syria to forget Golan and its occupied lands are mistaken…Golan is ours and Palestine is our cause that we won’t give up on…We will remain the supporters of resistance against the one enemy..Resistance is a culture, not individuals.”

”The people and state who bore the brunt of standing with the Palestinian people in their just cause for decades, despite all the challenges and costs that every Syrian citizen has paid, cannot be but in the same place towards Palestinians…Any attempt to implicate the Palestinians in the Syrian events is aimed at deflecting attention from the main enemy , and is stillborn…The Palestinians in Syria are doing their duty towards their second homeland like any Syrian…We are responsible, as Syrian people and state, for doing our duty towards them as towards any Syrian citizen. I salute every honest Palestinian who valued the Syrian stances and did not treat Syria as a hotel which he leaves when the service goes downhill.”

”In spite of what has been planned against Syria, they could never change us…Patriotism runs in our blood and Syria is the most precious of all…Your steadfastness over two years tells the whole world that Syria is impervious to collapse and the Syrian people impervious to humiliation…We will always be like that…Hand in hand we will move ahead, taking Syria to a brighter and stronger future.”

Speach of President Bashar Al-Assad 6-Jan-2012
in French:

Bonjour, à toutes et à tous voici la traduction du discours du président Bachar Al assad

Damas / Le président Bachar al-Assad a prononcé aujourd’hui, dimanche, à Dar al-Opéra (maison de l’opéra) à Damas une allocution dans laquelle il a abordé les derniers développements en Syrie et dans la région.

« Je regarde les visages des mes compatriotes, tous tristes et mélancoliques, les yeux des enfants d’où s’est effacé le sourire, et les mains des vieilles femmes levées au bon Dieu le priant pour un fils, une fille ou un petit-fils ». Par ces mots le président al-Assad a commencé son discours ajoutant: « Nous nous rencontrons aujourd’hui alors que la souffrance règne en Syrie d’où la sécurité et la sûreté s’est absentée, que des mères ont perdu leurs fils, des familles ont perdu leur chef, des enfants devenus orphelins, des martyrs, des déplacés et des portés disparus ».

Le président Bachar al-Assad a rappelé que les nuages noirs cachent les rayons du soleil, c’est vrai, mais elles apportent la pluie, la pureté et l’espoir.

« Du sein de la douleur naît l’espoir et du fond de la souffrance les meilleures solutions peuvent être tirées », a fait noter le président al-Assad, faisant remarquer que l’état affectif seul ne suffit pas pour compenser la perte de ceux qu’on aime, rétablir la sécurité dans le pays ou bien assurer le pain, l’eau et le médicament.

« Les sentiments de la douleur, de tristesse, de défi et de résolution sont une énergie géante, et la Syrie ne sortira de son épreuve que lorsque cette énergie serait transformée en mouvement national généralisé qui sauvera le pays de l’offensive féroce sans précédent dans l’histoire de la région qui la vise », a poursuivi le président al-Assad, ajoutant que le mouvement national est le baume pour les blessures qui ont touché profondément la société et le seul à préserver la Syrie géographiquement et à la rendre plus forte sur les plans social, culturel et moral.

Il a fait noter dans ce sens qu’il est de la responsabilité de chaque citoyen de donner quelque chose, quoique simple qu’il considère. La Patrie est à tous et nous le défendrons tous, chacun dans ses possibilités », a-t-il insisté, ajoutant que par l’idée, par la position, par l’édification et par la préservation des biens du peuple on défend la patrie.

« Comme l’offensive est portée à toute la patrie, chaque citoyen avait compris que le négativisme et laisser la chose au temps pour résoudre le problème c’est aller par le pays vers l’abîme », a-t-il averti, poursuivant que ne pas participer aux solutions fait retourner a patrie en arrière.

« Beaucoup, étant tombés dans la piège en leur avoir présenté la question comme conflit entre régime et opposition, ou comme conflit de pouvoir, s’étaient mis à l’écart et observé le silence et la neutralité. Il est de notre devoir tous de redresser la vision vers la boussole qu’est la patrie, parce que le conflit est en effet, entre la patrie et ses ennemis, entre le peuple et les tueurs criminels, entre le citoyen, son pain, son eau, son réchauffement, et celui qui les en prive, et entre la sécurité et la peur », a-t-il expliqué.


Et de poursuivre: « Ils ont tué les innocents et les civils pour éteindre la lumière dans notre pays, assassiné les compétences et les cerveaux pour répandre leur ignorance, saboté les infrastructures édifiés par les fonds du peuple pour le laisser souffrir dans sa vie, privé les enfants d’aller à l’école pour détruire l’avenir du pays, saboter l’électricité, les communications et le ravitaillement de carburant pour laisser les enfants et les vieillards souffrir du froid et manquer de médicaments, et ce qui montre le plus leur barbarie c’est leur actes contre les silos et le vol du blé et de la farine », se demandant: « Est-ce un conflit sur un poste? Où bien c’est un conflit entre la patrie et ses ennemis? Est-ce un conflit sur le pouvoir ou bien une vengeance contre le peuple qui n’a pas donné aux terroristes le mot clé pour démembrer la Syrie et la société syrienne? ».

« A début, ils l’avaient donnée comme une « prétendue » révolution. Mais le peuple s’en était révolté et leur avait refusé la couveuse populaire. Ils ont alors voulu l’imposer par l’argent, l’information et par l’arme, à commencer clandestine. Echouant, ils ont battu les masques du « pacifique » et laisser paraître les armes qu’ils utilisaient en effet dès le début mais clandestinement et commençaient par tenter de conquérir les villes d’après lesquelles ils entendaient attaquer, comme les loups, les autres villes. Ils ont frappé barbarement; mais à chaque coup, le peuple, conscient et ferme, les avait démasqués et les avait bannis. A ce stade ils avaient décidé de se venger de ce peuple en répandant arbitrairement le terrorisme et partout », a poursuivi le président al-Assad, ajoutant: « Ils l’appelaient révolution et elle en est tout à fait loin ».

Le président al-Assad a fait noter qu’une révolution repose sur une pensée. « La révolution, pour en être une, a besoin des personnes de pensée, où est-ce cette personne dans cette révolution? A besoin d’un leader, où en est-il? Les révolutions se basent sur la pensée et le savoir et non sur l’ignorance, vise à promouvoir le pays et non à la mener des siècles en arrière, s’emploie à répandre la lumière dans la société et non à priver le peuple de l’électricité ».

Et de poursuivre: « S’appelle révolution celle d’un peuple et non celle des personnes importées de l’extérieur pour se révolter contre le peuple; la révolution se fait pour et non contre les intérêts du peuple. Dites donc, cette dite révolution en est une?, et ceux dite révolutionnaires, le sont-ils? Non, ceux ne sont qu’un groupe de criminels ».

Le président al-Assad a fait noter que derrière ceux-ci, des takfiris travaillaient dans les rangs arrières par des opérations d’explosion et de tuerie collective, laissant les gangs agir et les soutenant. « Mais à la limité de l’effondrement grâce aux coups portés, la main dans la main, par l’armée et le peuple, ils s’étaient vus obligés à passer aux lignes premières

Prenant en main le gouvernail du navire du sang et de la tuerie ».

« Parce que la pensée takfirie n’est pas de notre pays, ils avaient du l’importer.

L’équation alors s’était renversée: Takfiris, terroristes, Qaïda, arrivent de partout sous titre de Djihadistes pour diriger les opérations terroristes sur le terrain, alors que les personnes armées, ayant échoué, passaient aux rangs arrières jouant le rôle de serviteurs et dans les meilleurs cas, d’espions ou d’agents contre leurs compatriotes au compte des assassins qui ne parlent qu’égorgement et mutilation », a expliqué le président a-Assad, poursuivant: Ce sont ceux-ci que nous combattons. Beaucoup parmi eux ne sont pas des Syriens. Ils étaient venus en Syrie avec de fausses notions qu’ils appelaient Djihad et qui sont les plus éloignées du Djihad comme de l’Islam.

Le président al-Assad a trouvé opportun de rappeler comment avait poussé ce genre de terrorisme « Nourri il y a trois décennies par l’occident, et par les fonds arabes en Afghanistan ». « Sa mission de disloquer l’Union soviétique et de le faire sortir de l’Afghanistan achevée, il s’est déchaîné et commencé à frapper dans le monde arabe et dans le monde islamique, et passé ensuite en occident. Ils avaient tenté de s’en débarrasser par une guerre en Afghanistan, puis par différents moyens après l’invasion de l’Irak, sans réussir; ce terrorisme persistait, se répandait et commençait à s’introduire dans les sociétés occidentales. L’occasion s’était présentée aux forces occidentales, à la faveur des événements dans le monde arabe, notamment en Syrie, pour transférer le plus grand nombre de ces terroristes en Syrie la leur présentant comme terre de Djihad, ainsi elles se débarrasseraient à la fois de deux gênants: Elles en finiraient avec les terroristes et affaiblirait la Syrie, nœud gênant pour l’occident ».

Le président al-Assad s’est rappelé une organisation travaillant sur la question du terrorisme, qui avait publié il y a un mois environs un rapport sur le recul des actes terroristes en Asie est et centrale. « C’est vrai puisque la majorité des terroristes en Syrie y étaient venus de ces pays; alors qu’autres étaient venus des pays occidentaux », a précisé le président al-Assad, mettant l’accent sur la gravité de l’accès de ces terroristes dans la société non seulement au niveau sécuritaire mais encore idéologique et social. « Au niveau sécuritaire il n’est pas impossible qu’on les repousse mais quand ce genre d’idéologie s’infiltrent dans une société, cette société devient un monstre », a avertit le président al-Assad, affirmant qu’il est de notre devoir de passer au-dessus de nos différends et de nous unifier pour affronter ce danger.

La Syrie était et restera libre et souveraine et elle n’acceptera ni concession ni tutelle

Le président al-Assad a souligné que la crise a d’autres dimensions qui ne sont pas uniquement intérieures. « Ce qui se passe à l’intérieur est claire à celui qui veut voir », mais il y en a aussi ceux au niveau régional qui veulent la partition de la Syrie, d’autres cherchaient à l’affaiblir, certains fournissaient les fonds et les armes aux criminels et les entraînaient. Des pays de la région fondés sur l’occupation et l’agression, nous ne sont pas étonnés de ce qu’ils faisaient. Des pays voisins ont fait tort à la Syrie et à son peuple pour l’affaiblir et le dominer. Et d’autres se cherchaient une place qui lui manque dans l’histoire mais qu’ils l’avaient écrit par le sang des innocents du peuple arabe, syrien particulièrement », a-t-il expliqué, ajoutant que la Syrie et son peuple sont plus forts et plus fermes et que le peuple de Syrie leur promet qu’il ne l’oubliera pas.


Quant au niveau international, le président al-Assad a tenu à assurer que la Syrie était et restera libre et souveraine et qu’elle n’acceptera ni la soumission ni la tutelle, « la chose qui avait dérangé l’Occident et le dérange encore ».

« L’occident avait voulu exploiter les événements intérieurs pour faire sortir la Syrie de l’équation politique dans la région, pour s’en finir avec ce nœud et la pensée de la résistance, et pour nous transformer en acolytes comme beaucoup d’autres qui nous entourent », a dit le président al-Assad, faisant noter que la communauté internationale n’est pas seulement l’Occident, qu’il y a beaucoup de pays dans le monde, dont en tête la Russie, la Chine et le groupe de BRICS, qui refusent toute intervention dans les affaires des pays et la déstabilisation de la région et qui respectent la souveraineté, l’indépendance de la Syrie et la liberté de sa décision. Il a tenu à leur adresser, tous, les remerciements, et l’expression du respect et de l’estime.

Le président al-Assad: Nous affrontons une guerre féroce inédite ….Réforme et politique d’une main et s’en finir avec le terrorisme de l’autre

En ce qui concerne la solution de la crise en Syrie, le président al-Assad a estimé qu’on ne peut pas parler du règlement de la crie sans prendre en considération les trois facteurs intérieurs, régionaux et internationaux. « Toute mesure ne prenant pas en considération ces facteurs ne serait d’aucun d’effet

Sur le plan intérieur, a indiqué le président al-Assad, certain avaient considéré le conflit comme étant entre opposition et un pro-régime. Pour mois, il ne l’était pas. Un tel conflit dans le monde civilisé se porte sur la manière d’édifier et d’évoluer la patrie et non de le détruire et de la faire retourner des décennies en arrière. L’équation opposition et pro-régime est entre l’intérieur et l’intérieur. Quand l’une des deux parties serait liée à l’extérieur, l’équation devient entre l’intérieur et l’extérieur, entre l’indépendance de la Patrie et l’hégémonie, entre son maintenu souveraine et son occupation politiquement. La question passe alors à une question de défense de toute la patrie, et tous alors s’unifient pour affronter l’agression venue de l’extérieur. Donc quand on parle de l’opposition de l’extérieur nous n’entendons pas le lieu de leur présence, mais celui où elle avait mis son cœur et son esprit, leurs rapports et leurs paris, et surtout leur financement. Il y en a beaucoup qui habitent à l’étranger mais qui défendaient la patrie ».

« La question donc n’est pas seulement celle d’opposition et de pro-régime, ou d’armée face à des gangs et à des tueurs. Nous sommes devant un état de guerre par excellence. Nous affrontons une agression extérieure féroce inédite avec une nouvelle forme plus dangereuse et plus meurtrière que les guerres traditionnelles car elle n’utilisait pas ses outils pour frapper mais se servait de certains syriens avec nombre d’étrangers pour l’exécuter », a indiqué le président al-Assad affirmant que ce genre de guerre doit être affronté par la défense de la patrie parallèlement avec la réforme, nécessaire pour nous tous, qui ne changera pas peut être pas dans cette guerre mais fortifie le pays et l’unité nationale.

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Free Syrian Army members fire on a man they suspect to be from the pro-government forces during a combing operation in Harem town





Questo bellissimo filmato, sottotitolato in lingua italiana, è stato realizzato da tre coraggiosi giornalisti di guerra russi, premiati da Putin con una medaglia d’onore, che corrisponde ed ha lo stesso riconoscimento, ha detto il presidente russo, delle medaglie al valore che vengono appuntate al petto dei soldati che abbiano svolto qualche brillante operazione militare.

L’onore e il valore sono merce sempre più rara, ma non estinta, e la Siria di oggi è come un banco di prova, dal quale emergono gli uomini migliori, quelli in grado di dare grandi esempi e lezioni di vita ed umiltà ai molti altri che di tali principi etici hanno perso ormai memoria.

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