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Preliminary report on the massacre of Hula

The report is based on statements from live witnesses, in addition to proofs and facts regarding the attack on the security forces in al Houla area. This is a preliminary report on the massacre, not a final one!The Chairman of the Commission of Inquiry on the Hula massacre: There were a gathering of militants in the village after Friday prayers and between 600 to 800 armed terrorists began to attack simultaneously
The majority of the victims were supporters of the government!
Security forces have never entered the area of the massacre.

The victims bodies did not show any traces of bombing. The buildings were not subjected to any heavy attacks of the army
The first victims targeted were relatives of a parliament member, who were also killed, before the terrorist plans went out of its aim to commit the massacre.
Mr. Jihad Maqdisi is now responding to journalists
what is important for us : that the Syrian army does not commit such a massacre,
certainly , they targeted the family of one Deputy who participated in the elections
Our first care are the Syrian citizens first, and that is why the military exists: to protect civilians,
we sent Maud to the place of the massacre
Those who sent observers is the Syria, began to stream lies and after sending observers
There are dark rooms working all the time to target Syria
and to seed strife among Syrians,aiming at hitting the national unity in Syria through the fuse to ignite sectarian war


Syria is a mosaic country. There are more than 18 religious sectors in our country. There is some serious work to attack this mosaic, and to target the sectarian harmony. We refuse to look at a Syrian citizen based on his sectarian background. The co existence of Syria will never be shaken.

We are unhappy with the diplomatic expulsion, but we still believe in diplomacy as a way of dialogue.

There is a paradox, while Annan calls for dialogue, and they expel our ambassadors. However, we believe that such a resolution is a sovereign issue.

– There are more than 200 media apparatuses in Syria, more than 100 accredited officially.

– It is unfortunate that Mr. Ban Ki Moon would preach a sectarian war. Would he go back to the document we signed with his UN? It shows what we committed ourselves to.

– We would like Mr. Annan to see what his observers are saying. The observers have a website and a media team, so I am sure he is listening to what we are saying now.

– We want things to calm down so we can go for the political solution. Please go ask the opposition, and ask them to come to Syria so we can discuss what we want to do for her. Anyone who does not call for a foreign intervention in Syria is welcome in Syria.

– I have attended the meeting between President Assad and Mr. Annan, and any leaks regarding threats and such matters are baseless. They discussed Annan’s six points plan, not international policies.


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Source: Russia Today

The US has hinted at taking actions against the Syrian regime bypassing the authority of the UN Security Council. This comes as pressure is piling up on Damascus following massacre in Houla that claimed over 100 lives.

US Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice has said that if the council does not take swift action to pressure Syrian authorities to end 14-month crackdown on the anti-government uprising, the Security Council members may have no choice but to consider acting outside the UN.

Members of the international community are left with the option only of having to consider whether they are prepared to take actions outside of the Annan plan and the authority of this council,” Rice said on Wednesday after the 15-member council met in a closed door session to discuss last week’s massacre.

The United Nations is conducting its own…

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What Does the BBC Want?

The BBC: British Broadcasting Corporation is as its real name says, and it can’t be hidden by using a shortened name to be engraved in your minds The BBC. Its full name, which is difficult to find by the way, on their site online and elsewhere now is: British Broadcasting Corporation.
If you didn’t get it yet, let me try to help you by using the 3 words composing its name:
1- It’s a Corporation, and corporations aren’t angelic charity houses. And this article would blow your mind, literally (, of course unless you are a warmonger, then you’d be happy about it..!
2- It’s British, and if you are from any country south, east or west of the island with the evil witch shape in the North Sea it reminds you with a wicked, brutal, colonialism empire, that…

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Syria – Houla Massacre an INSIDE JOB by FSA

Syria - Houla Massacre an INSIDE JOB by FSA


Hula Homs massacre


Addounia TV – Media Disinformation; Lies of Al Jazeera & other Medias
The “Syrian Forces” have committed a barbarian crime in the night till the morning. They were killing, cutting and massacring the people.
This was seen by the Syrians on 26 may 2012 when they turned the TV on.
Pictures of dead childrens were seen on TV.
Till the first hours in the morning TV Channels were saying, that who have committed this crime were the Syrian Army and the Shabiha (so called regime thugs).
And in the morning the Syrian Television said, that armed terrorist groups burned Houses in al-Shoumariyeh village in the countryside of Homs province and committed a massacre against two families including childrens.

So the Syrian Viewer has two stories, to watch foreign media like Al -Jazeera or the Syrian TV Channels. After that they beginn to discuss about that issue.
This was a call to Al-Arabiya Channel at 1:00 am
One of the Leaders from the Opposition called and said, that “regime forces” shelled at Houla in Homs.

Syrian Opposition member “They are firing shells since 12 hours at us and until this moment…They are falling like the rain. 88 people had been killed till now”.

He also said that the “regime forces” fired shells at Houla at the same time when the shabiha entered the villages, raiding homes and shooting at civilians. And the weapons that were used by the “regime forces” and the “Shabiha” were KNIVES. So he wanted to tell us that the families had been killed by knives not with anything else.

Syrian Opposition member “And during the shells the Shabiha came in and began to kill whole families. Every moment we are finding new dead families, that were killed by knives.”

And on Al-Jazeera Channel there was also a call in the night from “Abou Bilal al-Homsi”.
Abou Bilal’s story was about the same massacre.
After a demonstration they attacked us with mortars.

Abou Bilal, “The regime forces attacked us to dissolve the demonstration. They shelled us with their Tanks. They also attacked us with mortars” …..

Anf of course

Abou Bilal, “The protesters didn’t wanted to go home, the wanted to stay at the same place to complete their demonstration. So the government forces continued to attack us. We have more than 100 people dead here till now.”

And here, the questions beginn…
The Massacre that was talked about, on Al Arabiya was different than it was talked about it by Al-Jazeera. but this is not the main problem.
First, The Al-Jazeera caller said, that the regime forces shelled Houla for 12 Hours which led to a lot of corpses. And the corpses should belong to the whole families.
The question here is, it was a free day, the people were at home or somewhere else.
Why do we see just a lot of corpses belonging to Childrens as the regime forces were attacking a Kindergarten.
Terrorist 1, “They are all Children”
These are pictures, that were seen on youtube and it was published on Al Jazeera channel and al Arabiya TV. It showed that the corpses are belonging just to kids, that were put in 1 place. This pictures were the most credible for these TV channels.
And on Al-Arabiya they said, that the Demonstration was attacked by shells. So could it be, that the demonstration was just shared by kids, the most under 10 Years?!
Another Question, they said the Army shelled the Houses and the demonstration, so
were is the dust on their bodies?!
Another Question, Where are the families of these kids?!
If there parents died with them under the shelling, where are the corpses of their parents?!
The last point, there was also another massacre happend in al-Shoumariyeh Village in Homs Countryside. Armed terrorist groups burned a number of houses in al-Shoumariyeh village in the countryside of Homs province and committed a massacre against two families. And here are the pictures, you can see Children, Woman and whole families killed by Terrorists. And some of them were killed while they were sleeping.

This pictures wasn’t showm by Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya after 1 hour.
No of course not, they had to repeat the issue several times, that the Syrian Army is killing little kids


Materials of our own independent investigation
Marat Musin, ANNA-NEWS
Syria, Houla, Taldao.

Q: What happened on May the 25th and the 26th in your village of Taldao? What did you see?
A: I’m a citizen from Taldao, right now I live in Taldao, on the first day of the events, on Friday, the bandits mortared army checkpoint, the army returned fire an injured many of the bandits that attacked the army. The other armed men moved the injured and the man who fired the mortar to the field hospital and he’s now alive and well and his name is Said Fayez Talha Al-Aksh, his family lives in Taldao. Two days earlier the terrorists’ assistants told us that the Zero Hour is coming soon. We heard this with local terrorists, always talking about how they should create a fuss. I didn’t expect it would be this way. Until this event, they (armed terrorists) used to attack army checkpoints every Friday after the prayers (Friday prayers). They attack for several hours then things go back to normal. Some armed men carried cameras and taped everything, others carried radio telephone (walkie talkie) and we heard their conversations from inside our houses. On Friday, May the 25th, at 2 pm right after Friday prayers, an army checkpoint and the army repelled this attack. The armed group was led by Nidal Bakkour. Shortly after that, another armed group attacked another checkpoint. This second group is from a family called Al-Hallak, also locally called Al-Hassan. They attacked the checkpoint located at the mountain. The plan was that they take over the checkpoint at the mountain and the other one located at the village because they wanted to position themselves at an elevated place that allows them to easily control the checkpoint located at the village. Somebody called Nidal Bakkour and asked him to send an armed group of strangers; he called him right when the attack started. When the armed men attacked the checkpoint, 25 of them were killed.

Q: how could you know the number of dead armed men?

A: When the UN Observers came, the armed men gathered the bodies in front of the observers and claimed that they’re civilians killed by the Syrian Arab Army, I heard that personally from them when they said it to the observers and they claimed that they found the bodies inside the houses.
At around 3:30 pm they secured the elevated checkpoint. They cut off the throat of one soldier and threw him from the 3rd floor. Before he died, he told them that he’s from Kafar Batna, Reef Dimashq and that he’s a Sunni like them, they told him: “now you remember you’re a Sunni?”. Then they kidnapped two soldiers one is called Abdullah he’s a Bedouin (here exact word is Shawy) from Deir Azzour and burned him alive. I didn’t see them burn him but I heard them howling that they burned a soldier, that was around 6:00 pm. As for the other soldier, I have no idea what happened to him but I heard one armed man called Akram Al-Saleh saying we won’t kill him and we will show how he joined us, i.e. defected. Shortly afterwards, they secured the army checkpoint and the police station in the city. Just against this police stations are the families’ houses. The residential buildings against this police stations are the where all those children and families that were killed. They killed all the children of Al-Sayed family, they were 3 families and 20 children. They also killed people from Abdulrazak family, 10 persons, they killed them because they support the authorities. Of Al-Sayed family they killed the family of the brother of Abdullah Al-Mashlab, the 3rd person in the Syrian parliament. He was elected on May 24th, the next day they killed his wife and 3 kids and his brother and his family as well.
At 7:00 pm, Al-Farouq brigade, led by Abdulrazak Tlass, of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” arrived. He had more than 250 armed men with him from the city of Rastan, he also had 2 other groups with him one from Al-Qabo village, led by Yehya Al-Yusef, and another from Falla village.
At the time of the attack, the leaders always instructed the armed men to intensify the fire during their calls to Al-Jazeera. At night, the shooting stopped.
On the second day we heard them talking to each other on walkie talkies that some of the armed men should wear the Syrian Arabi Army’s uniform before the observers arrive so that they claim they’ve defected from the army and joined the armed men, and the others should dress like civilians and come to with us to the mosque, where the bodies and the observers are.
They burned some farms and houses to accuse the army of shelling the area in front of the observers. I only saw the observers from far, they were surrounded by armed men who put on the Syrian Arab Army’s uniforms. A lot of people were there and saw all of that, they were of chosen families and they were calling “we want to bring the regime down” and everybody knows they’re the armed men’s relatives. The armed men got into the houses and told the people that they must leave because this is a military zone now. I didn’t go anywhere, but a lot fled the after that.
When the observers arrived the armed men had occupied the empty houses and the armed men who accompanied the observers started showing the observers into the houses as if the owners were inside and they provided testimonies.
Q: how does your family look at this?

A: my father is dead, but my mother and siblings, we all have the same view of these events.

Q: do many people in your village share the same view?

A: the majority of people do share the same view, but they’re scared to death. Earlier, many of them used to participate in pro-regime rallies and they used to write slogans against Daraa, the FSA and the Armed men. However, the armed men took revenge against all those who wrote by killing them.

Q: how are your relations with the nearby villages and why were these villages attacked by the armed men?
A: Our relations were very good; they never harmed us or started any tension with us. However, the FSA attacked them because they belonged to other sects. One of the terrorists called Haytham Hallak kidnapped several persons from a nearby village and asked for a ransom, millions of Syrian Leras, to set the free. Another armed man called Abu Yaseer, kidnapped workers from the General Power Company because they were from a specific sect.
As for the terrorist Haytham Hallak, he killed one of the kidnapped people and injected fuel in the other’s blood and you can find him at a hospital in the city of Homs.
Before the events started, those armed men used to be smugglers. There are fuel pipes near our village, they put taps at those pipes and powerful pumpers, these are facts known to all the residents of the village. These armed men are originally, thieves, only a few of them have studied till the eighth grade. They kidnapped people of other sects. There was a Lebanese woman in the village who lived with her 3 kids and used to work as a janitor at the police station. The armed men kidnapped, raped, and hanged her. Then they threw her body in the fields, and dogs snapped at her body. It was a horrible and painful sight, she was completely naked. Such people can’t be called Arabs or Muslims, they’re monsters.
Also when they occupied the government buildings in the village; the school, the hospital, the health center and the municipality, they burned them all and prevented the kids from studying. There were four of Al-Abbar family and one of Al-Yosef family who was an AIDS patient and is now dead, they raped a woman from Al-Nayel family and infected her with AIDS. She has a 3 months old baby, after she was raped she nursed him, and he was infected and later died because of that. At the beginning of the crisis, they attacked the hospital and stole blood bags and used them at the demonstrations, they poured blood on the demonstrators to show that they were dead or injured when fabricating videos for Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya.
We are peaceful people all we want is that safety is back at the village and the country. We don’t want foreign intervention, we want peace and security.