Six civilians killed in terrorist rocket attacks on Aleppo

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Six civilians were killed on Sunday [26/4/2015] due to terrorist rocket attacks which targeted al-Neil Street, Shihan, al-Tilal, and the area surrounding al-Qassr al-Baladi in Aleppo city.

A source at the Police Command said that terrorists located in Bani Zaid neighborhood fired rocket shells at al-Neil Street in Aleppo city, causing the death of three civilians, including a father and his daughter, and one civilian was injured and massive material damage was caused private and public properties.

Two other shells were fired by terrorists located in al-Layramon neighborhood, and they fell in Shihan area which resulted in the killing of a civilian, the injuring of four others, and material damage in a number of houses and shops.

A medical source at University Hospital said the hospital received four people injured in that attack.

Two other civilians were killed in a terrorist attack with mortar and rocket shells which hit al-Tilal…

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Horrible massacre against civilians in Jisr al-Shughour (Idleb province) left 30 people killed: in succeeding clashes between the Syrian army and foreign mercenaries was killed the terrorist commander of the attack to the village, the Moroccan Youssef Abou Ishaq

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The killings, which took place in a square in the middle of Jisr al-Shughour city, were carried out in retaliation against the locals for their support to the Syrian army forces fighting back the terrorist groups in the city.


Excerpts from Al-Manar ~ Terrorist organizations committed a horrible massacre against the locals of Jisr al-Shughour city in the countryside of northern Idelb province, claiming 30 civilians.

Saturday night, units of the army and armed forces carried out raids against a number of military posts to which the armed terrorists groups had infiltrated at the surroundings of Jisr al-Shughour city in Idleb countryside, and the north western countryside of Hama.

Heavy losses were inflicted upon the terrorists in personnel and equipment and pursuing those who fled.

Earlier Saturday, the army had redeployed units in the surroundings of Jisr al-Shughour to avoid any civilian casualties and fortified its defensive positions in the…

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Turkish military says MIT shipped weapons to al-Qaeda

Friends of Syria

According to information published on and then banned from the Internet in Turkey, on Jan. 19, 2014, the prosecutor of an Adana court instructed the Adana Provincial Gendarmerie Command to stop and search three trucks.  (photo by Anonymous)

AuthorFehim Taştekin

Secret official documents about the searching of three trucks belonging to Turkey’s national intelligence service (MIT) have been leaked online, once again corroborating suspicions that Ankara has not been playing a clean game in Syria. According to the authenticated documents, the trucks were found to be transporting missiles, mortars and anti-aircraft ammunition. The Gendarmerie General Command, which authored the reports, alleged, “The trucks were carrying weapons and supplies to the al-Qaeda terror organization.” But Turkish readers could not see the documents in the news bulletins and newspapers that shared them, because the government immediately obtained a court injunction banning all reporting about the affair.

When President Recep Tayyip Erdogan…

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President al-Assad to ‘France 2 TV’: “France was a spearhead in supporting terrorism…How can we make dialogue with a regime that supports terrorists in our country?” ~ [Eng-Fra-Esp-Arab]

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President al-Assad to ‘France 2 TV’:

“The coalition against terrorism cannot be formed by countries who support the terrorists at the same time, so we don’t care whether they attack it in Syria, or Iraq, or both, as long as they support the same terrorists at the same time. They send weapons to the same terrorists under the title of moderate opposition when Obama said it’s elusive, so the armaments will actually go to whom? To the terrorists. So, this is contradiction. It doesn’t work“… … …

… … …”French intelligence services came to Syria, we didn’t go to France. They came, maybe for some exchange of information, but when you want to have this kind of cooperation, it’s a two-directions way, so it’s about we help them, they help us. Now, according to the reality that’s related to your politics or to the policy of the French…

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ISIS the USA’ scarecrows in the Arab world, while Saudi Arabia is the bodyguard of the american interests of oil fields in the Middle East , Yemen is another Gaza

Syriana Afraa

usa' dollzio-saudi

Saudi arabi is the bodyguard for american interest in the middle east , while the world under the phobia of ISIS , who is ISIS , just a scarecrow , but we are not the fool birds ,

HRW , is human rights watch just a big lie ? , where are those organizations when there is daily bombing launched by Saudi arabia and her arab allies on poor civilians on Yemen , what a smart and evil idea , let arabs kill arabs by themselves , we waited  for long time for such arab alliance , to defend civilians in Palestine against zio-Israel , but look at them , finally they made it by the arab league’ blessing , but to be against arab , People in the west started to be angry from Israel and USA’ aggression on arab countries , from NATO , as in Libya …

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Chemical Fabrications: East Ghouta and Syria’s Missing Children

Friends of Syria

by Prof.Tim Anderson

A Syrian refugee child sits at an abandoned school in the Wady Khaled area, northern LebanonThe dirty war on Syria has involved repeated scandals, often fabricated against the Syrian Government to help create pretexts for deeper intervention. Perhaps the most notorious was the East Ghouta incident of August 2013, where pictures of dead or drugged children were uploaded from an Islamist-held agricultural area east of Damascus, with the claim that the Syrian Government had used chemical weapons to murder hundreds of innocents. The incident generated such attention that direct US intervention was only averted by a Russian diplomatic initiative. The Syrian Government agreed to eliminate its entire stockpile of chemical weapons (Smith-Spark and Cohen 2013), maintaining that it had never used them in the recent conflict.

Indeed, all the independence evident on the East Ghouta incident (including evidence from the US and the UN) shows that the Syrian Government was falsely accused. This followed a series of other false accusations, ‘false flag’…

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