Syrian Government strongly condemns terrorist attack in Tunisia ~ President al-Assad warns of the “international problem” of terrorism, refers to BRICS role to unify anti-terror efforts

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Syria strongly condemns terrorist attack in Tunisia

Syria strongly condemned the terrorist attack which targeted the brotherly country of Tunisia on Friday, calling on international community to take a serious stance and a responsible act for eradicating the plague of terrorism.

Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said in a statement issued on Saturday that Syria strongly condemns this terrorist attack and expresses deep sympathy with the brotherly people of Tunisia and the families of the victims.

It added that the terrorist acts which hit Tunisia, Kuwait and France yesterday confirm all over again that no one is isolated from the danger of terrorism, which has no limits or religion, adding that the international community should take a serious stance and a responsible act to eradicate the plague of terrorism and force the countries that are providing support to terrorism, particularly Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey to comply with resolutions of the…

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The Ridiculous Nature of Saudi Intelligence: What the Saudi Cables Released by WikiLeaks Say and Don’t Say

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“The Saudi cables, however, do not tell the world and Wikileaks readers anything new about Saudi Arabia”


WikiLeaks released the first batch of the so-called “Saudi cables” on June 19, 2015. By June 22, a total of 61,214 of the documents were released online. More than half a million of these cables are in the hands of WikiLeaks.

The documents are believed to have been hacked from the Saudi Foreign Ministry in May 2015 by a group calling itself the Yemen Cyber Army as retaliation to the House of Saud’s war against Yemen. The Yemen Cyber Army probably is not Yemeni and almost certainly is an outward show for another actor wishing to either penalize Riyadh or even possibly manipulate it.

In the Arab World there is great interest about the documents. The Lebanese newspaper Al-Akbar has also partnered itself with WikiLeaks to release the so-called Saudi cables, as it…

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Les quatre étapes de la CIA pour soumettre la Syrie…ou la détruire

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Les quatre étapes de la CIA pour soumettre la Syrie… ou la détruire

par L. Mazboudi, al-Manar, 19 juin 2015

Comment la Syrie a été détruite. Quatre ans après le lancement des protestations, cette question est toujours d’actualité. La Verite sur ce qui s’est passé en Syrie n’a pas fini de révéler ses dessous.

On sait que ce pays se trouvait sur la « liste des sept Etats » à maitriser, mise  par l’administration Bush pour les pays récalcitrants en 2001, et où les pouvoirs devraient changer de politique, faute de quoi ils seraient renversés. L’appartenance de la Syrie à l’axe de la résistance suffisait pour lui attirer les foudres de l’axe occidentalo-sioniste, manifestement agacé par ses libertés de politiques qui menacent avant tout Israël.

On sait aussi que durant les années qui avaient précédé,  des responsables américains et européens avaient déferlé sans arrêt auprès du président syrien, lui…

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Turkish intelligence allowing arms flow into Syria: Prosecutors

Friends of Syria

Militants belonging to the so-called Ansar al-Islam group and the al-Qaeda-linked Ahrar al-Sham group walk on a street in the Tadamon neighborhood, south of the Syrian capital, Damascus on June 15, 2015 (AFP photo). Militants belonging to the so-called Ansar al-Islam group and the al-Qaeda-linked Ahrar al-Sham group walk on a street in the Tadamon neighborhood, south of the Syrian capital, Damascus on June 15, 2015 (AFP photo).

A new report says officials with the Turkish government intelligence agency secured the flow of arms to terrorists in Syria.

Four Turkish prosecutors brought the matter into light after intercepting Syria-headed arms-laden trucks in January 2014, the English-language daily,Today’s Zaman, reported on Thursday.

They said Turkish officials, including intelligence agency personnel, were involved in the supply of weapons and ammunition to radical groups in Syria, particularly the Qaeda-tied Ahrar al-Sham.

The daily wrote, “In January 2014, Adana prosecutor Özcan Şişman went to Hatay, a neighboring province that sits on the border with Syria, after a truck that was suspected of carrying arms into Syria, was stopped.”

An Ahrar al-Sham militant inside a tent in the…

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War Propaganda and “Dirty Lies” support the “Dirty War on Syria”

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Next came brave Syria, which has resisted at terrible cost; but the propaganda war runs thick.

Few in the west seem to be able to penetrate it.

What was at first said to be a nationalist and secular ‘revolution’ – an uprising against a ‘dictator’ who was killing his own people – is now led by ‘moderate rebels’ or ‘moderate Islamists’.

The extremist Islamists, who repeatedly publicise their own atrocities, are said to be a different species, against whom Washington finally decided to fight. Much of this might sound ridiculous to the average educated Arab or Latin American, but it retains some appeal in the west.

War Propaganda and Dirty Lies supports Dirty Wars 

Repeated dirty lies feed the dirty war on Syria but, after a while, we can recognize some patterns:



By Prof. Tim Anderson, Globalresearch
Submitted by SyrianPatriotsThe real SyrianFreePress.NET

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Project Camelot ~ Scott Bennett : Cia, Swiss Banks Fund DAESH-IS ~ Stop Swiss CIA-Bank’s in Funding Terror Genocide Against Syria

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A report by Scott Bennett, an American patriot, against the corruption of America, for the renaissance of freedom and peace, for both the Americans and the Peoples of the entire world. 



Submitted by our reader 'JJ':
Stop Swiss CIA-Bank´s in Funding Terror genocide against Syria."I call on to investigate and inform their readers about Mr. Scott Bennett. For the first time in 15 years I see a light for humanity in this world but first and foremost for Syria. This one man has the potential to radically change the hijacked rotten US Government for all future to come".

Special Ops Officer Blows Whistle on CIA Funded ISIS Through Swiss Bank Accounts

ISIS is funded by the CIA, so says Scott Bennett who is a U.S. Army Special Operations Officer (11th Psychological Operations Battalion, Civil Affairs-Psychological Operations Command), and a global psychological warfare-counterterrorism analyst…

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