“Moscow roundly condemns the barbarous activities and expresses its sincere condolences to the families and friends of the victims, ” the Russian Foreign Ministry said on its website, adding the organizers of these attacks should be found and brought to justice.”The ceasefire, announced on the basis of Kofi Annan’s plan and supported by the UN Security Council, is not being stable yet, mostly because the armed opposition groups are trying to stage provocations, explosions, terror attacks and shootings,” Lavrov told the Rossiya-24 TV channel.
Russia has condemned what it calls the “barbaric” terrorist attacks in Syria, saying that Moscow would like to see a “decisive rebuff” delivered to Syrian “terrorists.”

“We are convinced that the terrorists operating in Syria need a decisive rebuff,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement issued on Saturday after another bombing in Damascus.

“Moscow decisively condemns these barbarous acts… Attempts by the irreconcilable opposition to increase tension even more and incite violence cause particular alarm,” the statement added.

“The aim is clear: to ruin a solution in Syria based on Annan’s plan, which has begun to be implemented,” the Russian Foreign Ministry stated and advised, “All domestic and outside players need to prevent any support” from reaching the armed gangs.

The statement came one day after at least 11 people were killed and dozens of others were injured in a bombing, Syria’s official news agency SANA reported.

The blast occurred in the central Damascus neighborhood of al-Midan, near a mosque and school, when a terrorist detonated explosives he was carrying.

There has been no abatement in the violence despite a UN-brokered ceasefire, which is part of the peace plan proposed by UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan.
Syria has repeatedly expressed discontent with the position of the international community and charged that the west does not want to recognize the existence of armed groups that foment anarchy in the country.
Ban in his statement did not condemn the latest string of bombings, a matter that has raised the ire of the Syrian government, which accused him Saturday of avoiding talks about the armed groups’ violations and focusing his “outrageous” attack on Syria “as usual.”

The state-run Tihreen daily editorialized Saturday that the constant overlooking by the international community as well as its cover to the armed terrorist groups is deemed as a direct participation in facilitating and carrying out the terrorism Syria is subject to.

“The Arabs, and the West in general, didn’t favor maintaining silence but rather tried to cover the reality of those terrorist crimes, a matter which has encouraged those terrorists to repeat their crimes time and time again,” it said.

However, Russia, a key ally of Syria, roundly condemned the latest attacks and said they “must be repelled decisively” and urged internal as well as external forces to follow the UN Security Council counter-terrorist resolutions so as not to support the terrorists.

The Russian Foreign Ministry accused the Syrian opposition of attempting to aggravate the situation in the crisis-torn country and provoke violence even at the cost of innocent lives.

While this drags on, a military unit stationing at the coastal city of Latakia thwarted at the early hours of Saturday an infiltration attempt by “armed groups,” who were trying to sneak into Syria from the sea,
Major General Robert Mood of Norway will set foot in Syria on Sunday to lead a UN cease-fire observer mission aimed at bringing the 13-month crisis in Syria to a close, as mistrust has hit a new high between the UN and the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

A spokesman of the UN observers said here late Saturday that ” Mood will be arriving in Damascus tomorrow afternoon and would assume command of the mission.”

Currently, there are 15 observers on ground in Syria — eight of whom were dispatched evenly to Homs, Hama, Daraa and Idlib. The number of the team is to grow to 100 within the next month and will eventually reach up to 300 in accordance to the UN Security Council’s recent resolution.

A day earlier, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon announced the appointment of Mood as the Chief Military Observer and Head of Mission of the UN Supervision Mission in Syria (UNSMIS), according to Ban’s spokesperson Eduardo Del Buey.

UNSMIS is a mission consisting of up to 300 military observers, assigned by the UN Security Council with the task of monitoring a cease-fire between the Syrian government and the opposition forces. The observers are also tasked with supporting a six-point plan for peace in Syria proposed by Kofi Annan, the UN and Arab League joint special envoy.

قال سيرغي لافروف وزير الخارجية الروسي” إن روسيا والصين تتخذان موقفا موحدا بشأن تسوية الأزمة في سورية ينطلق من ضرورة تدعيم أسس العلاقات الدولية وفق مبادئ ميثاق الأمم المتحدة والقانون الدولي”.

وأضاف لافروف في مقابلة بثتها قناة روسيا 24 التلفزيونية مساء الجمعة “إنه من المستحيل إيجاد تسوية للأزمة في سورية بدون مراعاة موقف كل من روسيا والصين في هذا الشأن” معربا عن اعتقاده بأن هناك فهما يترسخ في الأوساط الدولية لتلك الحقيقة البديهية.

وفي بيانٍ لها أدانت وزارة الخارجية الروسية بحزم سلسلة الأعمال الإرهابية في سورية وحملت المعارضة السورية المتطرفة مسؤولية القيام بمحاولات تصعيد العنف في البلاد لإحباط تنفيذ الخطة السلمية للمبعوث الخاص للأمم المتحدة كوفي عنان.

وقالت الخارجية الروسية في بيانها .. “إن محاولات المعارضة السورية المتطرفة لزيادة احتدام الموقف في البلاد وتأجيج العنف حتى ولو كان ثمن ذلك مقتل الناس الأبرياء تثير قلقاً شديداً وإن الهدف الاستفزازي من وراء ذلك واضح للعيان وهو احباط التسوية السلمية في سورية على اساس خطة عنان التي بدأ تنفيذها والتي جرى اقرارها بالإجماع من قبل مجلس الأمن الدولي وحظيت بتأييد الأسرة الدولية كلها”.

وأكدت الخارجية الروسية أنه “يجب التصدي بصورة حازمة للإرهابيين العاملين في سورية كما يجب على جميع الأطراف الداخلية والخارجية عدم تقديم أي دعم لهم كما تنص على ذلك قرارات مجلس الأمن المناهضة للإرهاب”.

وأضافت.. “إن موسكو تدين بصورة حازمة هذه الأعمال الوحشية التي أدت إلى وقوع الكثير من الضحايا نتيجة للإنفجارات في دمشق وحلب واللاذقية وبانياس وجبلة وفي ثلاثة أحياء من حماة ونتقدم بصادق التعازي إلى أقارب وذوي الضحايا وتمنياتنا بالشفاء العاجل للجرحى ويجب ايجاد مدبري ومنفذي هذه الجرائم وايقاع العقاب اللازم بهم”.

الخارجية الصينية: مواقف موسكو وبكين بشأن الأزمة في سورية متطابقة مئة بالمئة

وأكدت وزارة الخارجية الصينية أن مواقف موسكو وبكين بشأن الازمة في سورية متطابقة بالكامل مجددة موقف الصين الرافض للتدخل الخارجي في شؤون سورية.

ونقلت قناة روسيا اليوم عن تشينغ قوه بينغ نائب وزير الخارجية الصيني قوله بعد محادثات اجراها رئيس مجلس الدولة الصيني لي كه تشيانغ مع المسؤولين الروس في موسكو “إن مواقف موسكو وبكين من الأزمة السورية تتطابق مئة بالمئة”.

وأضاف تشينغ أن بلاده “تعارض حل القضية السورية عن طريق القوة وتعارض بشكل قاطع التدخل الخارجي في شؤون سورية بغرض تغيير النظام والا سيتكرر السيناريو الليبي”.

وأشار نائب وزير الخارجية إلى أن الصين على قناعة ان كل مشاكل سورية يجب ان يحلها الشعب السوري بنفسه إلا انه “ينبغي على الحكومة ان تأخذ بعين الاعتبار مطالب الشعب بإجراء الإصلاحات”.

وأكد الدبلوماسي أن بكين معنية بوقف العنف في سورية وحل القضية عن طريق سلمي.

روسيا وإيران تجددان رفضهما التدخل الخارجي في شؤون سورية الداخلية وتؤكدان ضرورة الحوار لحل الأزمة

وجددت روسيا وإيران موقفهما الرافض لأي تدخل خارجي في شؤون سورية الداخلية وأكدتا ضرورة تسوية الأزمة في سورية على أساس حوار وطني داخلي.

وأعلنت وزارة الخارجية الروسية أن الممثل الخاص للرئيس الروسي لشؤون الشرق الأوسط نائب وزير الخارجية ميخائيل بوغدانوف أكد خلال لقائه أمس السفير الإيراني في موسكو محمود رضا ساجدي أهمية دعم جهود مبعوث الأمم المتحدة كوفي انان وعمل بعثة مراقبي الأمم المتحدة في سورية.
وجرى خلال اللقاء تناول الأوضاع في المنطقة وشمال افريقيا.


The Lebanese navy intercepted a ship on Friday suspected of carrying weapons destined for Syria’s rebel army

معلومات للمنار : السفينة كانت تنقل 3 مستوعبات مليئة بالسلاح وتم إقتيادها إلى مرفأ سلعاتا في الشمال
معلومات للمنار : الجيش اللبناني يعترض سفينة محملة بالأسلحة كانت متجهة من الإسكندرية إلى مرفأ طرابلس
The Lebanese navy intercepted a ship on Friday suspected of carrying weapons destined for Syria’s rebel army, a security official told Agence France Presse.
The vessel “Lutfallah II” was stopped by the navy off Lebanon’s northern coast and towed to a port near the city of Batroun. News reports said the ship was coming from the Egyptian port of Alexandria and was headed to the Lebanese coastal city of Tripoli.

Al-Manar television also reported that the ship had sailed from Alexandria in Egypt and that it had been headed to Tripoli in northern Lebanon. It said that it was shipping three containers loaded with weapons.

Meanwhile, Lebanon’s state-run television Tele Liban reported that the ship had first sailed from Libya ahead of arriving at Alexandria and that it is owned by Syrian national Mohammed Khafaja.

Tele Liban said shipping agent Ahmed Bernard was arrested without mentioning the identity of his imprisoners. The TV network said the ship sailed from Libya under the guise of carrying engines and oils. An AFP photographer at the port where the vessel was towed said dozens of army personnel could be seen around the ship.
Three large container trucks were also seen entering the port.

Syrian authorities have repeatedly charged that weapons were being smuggled from Lebanon into Syria to assist rebels seeking the ouster of President Bashar al-Assad.
NBN television reported that the ship was carrying arms destined for the armed gangs in Syria.

OTV later said that the navy escorted the ship to Salaata port in Batroun on suspicion that it was smuggling arms.Three of its containers were confiscated, OTV said. The ship may be later taken to the Jounieh or Beirut ports, OTV adde

#Syria #RealSyria Important note from the media man Mr. Rafiq Lutf:

 #Syria #RealSyria  Important note from the media man Mr. Rafiq Lutf:

#Syria #RealSyria

Important note from the media man Mr. Rafiq Lutf:

Zero hour had struck, therefore, asking i am all the brothers here to take utmost precaution and be fully aware of what thing are going to be in the coming days, specially in the coming month… As through my follow-ups during the past few weeks, and through monitoring the enormous shipments of smuggled weapons that some are trying to send to Syria.. It turned out that there is a large concentration by the terrorists to gather in Damascus and maybe in Aleppo too in order to spread anarchy and corruption by all means possible for the aim of destroying the country and create chaos… So we have to be extra careful and very cautious, we must be the eye that never sleeps, if any person moved again to the area of your residence, you should check him and his goals, and if suspicious, you should inform the authorities..

We are now in front of the biggest definite victory, thus we should not leave the greater burden on the Syrian army and the security forces, but we should be the eye that never sleeps and inform the interior ministry of any suspicious matter right away… The zero hour had struck, and we should be very responsible, and every upright Syrian citizen should know that he is an integral part of the honorable Syrian Arab army, this work is legitimate and patriotic at the same time…

They want to terrorize us though slaughtering, mutilating and drag the innocents on the ground till death… But we tell them, even if you cut us to pieces and burn our corpses, we swore to fight until victory is achieved..

As for the deceived ones, they have to turn themselves in to the authorities and i am ready to help if they ask me to, as i can be the middle man, and he can go back home in the same day if only he swear not to repeat what he had done …

الإعلامي رفيق لطف
Translation: News About Syria – English

STOOOOOOOOOOOOOP the terrorists-Let Syria breath!!!!!!!


The page ” coordinating Midan” predicted 3 hours before the occurrence, a huge explosion blast in Damascus, this either knows the unseen, or either…. knew of the bombing …!!!!!!!!

شخص كتب بوست بصفحة تنسيقية الميدان يتنبأ به قبل 3 ساعات من التفجير بوقوع انفجار كبير في دمشق , فإما أن يكون يعلم بالغيب وإما أنه يعلم من قام بالتفجير
Another explosion occurred on Friday afternoon under a footbridge in al-Adawi district of the Syrian capital Damascus, wounding two people, pro-government al- Ekhbaria TV reported.

The blast was caused by an explosive device, the report said, adding that two people riding a taxi were injured when the device was blown off.

Syria on Friday witnessed a dramatic surge of violence, as many explosions were reported to have occurred since early hours Friday.

The deadliest blast Friday occurred in the central al-Midan neighborhood, when a suicide bomber detonated himself near a security forces’ bus, killing 9 people, including security forces and injuring 28 others.

Al Midan-Damascus Terrorist Explosions – 27.04.2012.

As usually,Al Jazeera aired news about bombing before it happened!!!!!!!
Blast hits Al-Meidan Quarter in Damascus causing casualties: Nine martyrs and human remains is the initial death toll of a terrorist suicide bombing , including civilians and law enforcement personnel.

Tens of people were also injured in the bombing which took place near Zein al-Abidin Mosque and Aisha School in the quarter(.Addounia TV )
Gunshots were heard in Al-Meidan as people were gathering and ambulances were taking casualities: Attack fell as prayers were getting out of Zein Al-Abidine mosque
وقع تفجير إرهابي انتحاري اليوم قرب جامع زين العابدين ومدرسة عائشة الصديقة في حي الميدان بدمشق وأشارت المعلومات الأولية الى وقوع 9 شهداء وعشرات الجرحى من المدنيين وقوات حفظ النظام إضافة إلى أشلاء في محفظتين طبيتين.

Hama 25th of April 2012


As always,in their fabrics,AJ said it was a building bombed by the Syrian army,ironically,half an hour after UN was in the area?!And an intact roof of the building that can be seen in the video,proving that explosion came from inside???An explosive device went off while a terrorist group were setting it up in a house which was used to make explosives in Masha’a al-Tair neighborhood in Hama city, claiming sixteen lives according to initial estimates, including women and children.

12 were injured in the explosion which caused significant damage to six neighboring houses in the neighborhood, which is a random housing area.

Civil Defense teams are still carrying out rescue operations in the area.

وكانت انفجرت عبوة ناسفة مساء أمس خلال إعدادها من قبل إرهابيين في منزل يستخدم لإعداد وصناعة العبوات الناسفة بحي مشاع الطيار العشوائي بحماة ما أوقع في حصيلة أولية 16 ضحية بينهم نساء وأطفال وإصابة 12 آخرين وألحق ضررا كبيرا بعدد من المنازل المجاورة لموقع الانفجار.

وذكر مصدر رسمي لمراسل سانا أن الانفجار وقع في أحد المنازل بحي السكن العشوائي المذكور ما أدى لتضرر ستة منازل مجاورة له بشكل كبير.

وأشار المصدر إلى أن فرق الدفاع المدني لا تزال تقوم بعمليات الانقاذ في الموقع.



As always,in their fabrics,AJ said it was a building bombed by the Syrian army,ironically,half an hour after UN was in the area?!And an intact roof of the building that can be seen in the video,proving that exAn explosive device went off while a terrorist group were setting it up in a house which was used to make explosives in Masha’a al-Tair neighborhood in Hama city, claiming sixteen lives according to initial estimates, including women and children.

12 were injured in the explosion which caused significant damage to six neighboring houses in the neighborhood, which is a random housing area.

Civil Defense teams are still carrying out rescue operations in the area.




وكانت انفجرت عبوة ناسفة مساء أمس خلال إعدادها من قبل إرهابيين في منزل يستخدم لإعداد وصناعة العبوات الناسفة بحي مشاع الطيار العشوائي بحماة ما أوقع في حصيلة أولية 16 ضحية بينهم نساء وأطفال وإصابة 12 آخرين وألحق ضررا كبيرا بعدد من المنازل المجاورة لموقع الانفجار.

وذكر مصدر رسمي لمراسل سانا أن الانفجار وقع في أحد المنازل بحي السكن العشوائي المذكور ما أدى لتضرر ستة منازل مجاورة له بشكل كبير.

وأشار المصدر إلى أن فرق الدفاع المدني لا تزال تقوم بعمليات الانقاذ في الموقع.

Friends of Syria

BBC airs the views of a Real Syrian for the first time, as opposed to showing only Terrorist fake films, posted on the internet.

The media never ask to the Syrian people their views on the situation, but today Ammar Waqqaf does a very good job at getting the truth out and telling how life really is in Syria.

Today the BBC have, only after a series of threats from Hillary Clinton to Bashar Al Assad. The radio station put the interview on at 5.30am, hardly prime time. So for all of you, who were fast asleep when the program was aired, here is your chance to listen to it.

Listen Here


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Fabricating protests & False shooting 101

As you note from the title, sectarianism is in all videos coming from the channel “Omawi”, this channel belong to “Sajed” the agent, owner of the alleged Syrian revolution channel on PalTalk, he is one of the biggest instigators on the sectarian ordeal, and all who observe his channel on PalTalk will notice the sectarianism and racism in their talk overtly..
One word i would like to say to this worthless person “Sajed” … You can never be able plant sectarianism in the souls of the Syrian people, as they are stronger than falling in the sectarian trap that you Mossad operators are working on planting it in the Syrian body.. You are noting but a Mossad agent, executing their orders..

In this scene, you will see how they fabricate a protest of almost 10 people, then one of their FSA armed men will start shooting on the houses, just to film a video titled “The Syrian Arab army is shooting protesters and the UN observers”..
What’s strange in this video is that you will never see the UN observers … Lies, Fabrications and utter stupidity… What draw my attention is shooting a mosques minaret, as you will note how they have fabricated the shooting process… Watch the scene..

Finally, as i always conclude, treachery is your habit, and betrayal is inherited in your ill souls, your stupidity is our weapon against you, you who claim sectarianism, aren’t you the ones instigating for it, by targeting mosques just to show that the Syrian army is the one shooting??
May God curse you.. you unbelievers.. With this video we prove to all skeptic people who is behind targeting minarets and mosques to accuse the Syrian Arab army with it.. Our honorable army protects the mosques from such dirty and mean creatures who seek to plant the ordeal between the Syrian sects ..
May God protect Syria and the Syrian Arab army, the honor of the entire Arab nation.

#real News Syria

#real News Syria

Syrian Free Network

The truth about the Syria that none of the Nato-media will ever say to you

الحقيقة حول سوريا والتي لا احد من إعلام حلف شمال الاطلسي سيخبرك عنها

La verità sulla Siria che nessuno dei Nato-media vi racconterà mai

benvenuti –  ترحيب –   добродошао – 歡迎 – dobrodošli – willkommen – καλωσόρισμα – fáilte a chur roimh – ようこそ – bienvenue – welcome

добро пожаловать – bienvenida – स्वागत – Üdvözöljük – pasveikinti – laipni lūdzam – velkommen – خوش آمد – powitanie – boas-vindas –  vitajte

kuwakaribisha – välkomna – வரவேற்பு – ยินดีต้อนรับ – hoşgeldiniz – ласкаво просимо – استقبال – chào mừng –  croeso – Բարի գալուստ – Ongi etorri
Evidence of the conspiracy against Syria أدلة وبراهين المؤامرة على سوريا Le prove del complotto contro la Siria
Evidence of the conspiracy against Syria أدلة وبراهين المؤامرة على سوريا Le prove del complotto contro la Siria


إن المواقع والصفحات الالكترونية و اليوتيوب, وشبكات التواصل الاجتماعي المنضمة والعاملة في هذه الشبكة, تتمتع بالحرية والاستقلالية الكاملة , لديهم مواقف سياسية ودينية واجتماعية مختلفة فيما بينها, ولكن ما يجمعها المواقف الوطنية والهدف الواحد وهو وحدة سوريا وحريتها ومنعتها بقيادة رئيسها بشار الاسد –  CONTACTS – CONTATTI  –













The” Zionism Lap dancers”-when the misogyny meets a brainwashed monkey

Sharmine Narwani has written a scathing attack on Western journalists’ coverage of Syria in this excellent article here: “Western Journalist: Visa Denied”.
As expected, her piece was met with the usual barrage of you -are -a-baby-killer type insults on Twitter and on Joshua Landis’ the comments’ section of the blog, Syria Comment.But none were as offensive as one Tweep’s reference to her as a “regime lap dancer”. Josh doesn’t moderate the comments section so one must assume he isn’t aware of the slur.
This isn’t the first time white western males, whose interests are allied with Empire, refer to us “Middle Eastern” female political analysts in such sexually derogatory terms, as I personally know only too well. What is particularly disturbing about this case though, is how Arab female, anti-Assad “revolutionaries” rushed to his defense and attacked Narwani’s condemnation of his vile misogyny.
As a woman and an anti-imperialist, I really have to restrain myself from resorting to the same type of ad hominem attacks against him and his kind that he so gratuitously avails himself of on Syria Comment and on Twitter. His misogynistic, sexually abusive slur against Sharmine Narwani as a a “regime lap dancer” is all too reminiscent of Orientalist tropes which revolve around the sexualized belly-dancing Muslim harem. Such is his intellectual and political bankruptcy that he could not even abide by the minimal requirements of liberal, politically correct discourse which, while insidious in its own way, at least tames its more sexually and racially offensive elements into professing multicultural tolerance and sexual equality.
Nothing scares such types more than the image of the decolonized native who rejects their preferred al-Jadaliyya (read, House Arab) line of thinking, than the decolonized female native who takes the lead in liberating the minds of her fellow natives. What a silly little white man.
And as for you Arab women out there who are siding with your white, Western, male oppressor: the efforts of the likes of Narwani to liberate you from his grip, are wasted on you. You deserve your own self-imposed enslavement.
Thursday, March 22, 2012
Israel and US split over Iran as sanctions come under fire

Gas flares from an oil production platform, as an Iranian flag is seen in the foreground, at the Soroush oil fields in the Persian Gulf, some 1,250 km (776 miles) south of the capital Tehran in this 25 July 2005 file photo. (Photo: Reuters – Raheb Homavandi)

Published Thursday, March 22, 2012

Israel and the US disagree on a timetable for a bombing campaign against Iran, Israel’s defense minister said on Thursday, while China’s official media slammed US oil sanctions on Tehran.

Ehud Barak said Iran is trying to make its nuclear program immune from attack before announcing a decision on assembling atomic bombs.

Israel “cannot afford” to wait in such a situation, Barak told Israel Radio, suggesting that the Jewish state was looking to attack Iran even without US backing.

Israel has the Middle East’s only nuclear arsenal, leading to criticism of hypocrisy from Western powers.

Barak said a few months would be given to allow sanctions and negotiations to work.
During this period, it would become clear “if the Iranians intend or don’t intent to stop their nuclear weapons program.”

In a separate interview with German television, Barak said that 2012 is a “highly important” year for a possible strike and speculated that the timetable for a bombing campaign is not a matter of weeks, but also not a matter of years.

Sanctions criticized

China’s leading newspaper slammed US sanctions on Iranian oil, saying such unilateral action was not only wrong but could exacerbate the stand-off.

The United States has exempted Japan and 10 EU nations from financial sanctions because they have significantly cut purchases of Iranian oil, but Iran’s top customers China and India remain at risk.
The decision means banks in the 11 countries have been given a six-month reprieve from the threat of being cut off from the US financial system under the new sanctions designed to pressure Iran.
The People’s Daily, the official newspaper of China’s ruling Communist Party, said in a commentary that the US move was misguided and selfish and China had every right to import oil from Iran.

“One stand-out feature of unilateralism is this: that one’s own rules become the world’s rules. Everyone must respect them, and if you don’t, then you will be punished,” the paper said, adding that previous unilateralism by the United States had led to the quagmires of Iraq and Afghanistan.

“The facts have proved again and again that unilateralism is not the way to resolve the world’s problems, and that it will only complicate and exacerbate the situation, and not only not douse the flames but may even fan them.”

The People’s Daily commentary was published under the pen name “Zhong Sheng,” meaning “Voice of China,” which is often used to give the paper’s view on foreign policy issues.

A senior Iranian lawmaker also said the decision to exempt the countries showed the US was backing away from its sanctions as they would affect the world economy.

“Regarding the Islamic Republic’s firm stance, the [US] move is an overt retreat from the United States’ previous stance,” state media reported Alaeddin Boroujerdi, chairman of the Committee for Foreign Policy and National Security at the Islamic Consultative Assembly of Iran, as saying.
Japan, China, and India combined buy close to half of Iran’s crude exports of 2.6 million barrels a day, providing crucial foreign exchange for the OPEC member.

But the US sanctions and an EU oil embargo have cut Iran out of financial networks, making it difficult to transfer funds to pay for trade and disrupting some oil shipments because of the difficulty of securing shipping insurance.

China and India are among the countries that have said they are considering avoiding the sanctions by buying oil in a currency other than dollars.

Iran denies it is trying to develop nuclear weapons and insists its program is meant for civilian purposes.

(Al-Akhbar, Reuters, AP)
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Comparison of Gaza and French school attack irks Israel
Posted on March 22, 2012 |
Baroness Catherine Ashton, EU foreign policy chief got into trouble with leaders of the Zionist regime for comparing the shooting death of four French Jews by a serial killer at Toulouse with Jewish army’s killing of over 1200 civilians in Gaza during ‘Operation Cast Lead‘ in December 2008.

“When we remember what happened at Toulouse today, when we remember what happened when I was in Norway, last week a year ago. When we know what’s happening in Syria, when we see what’s happened in Gaza and Sderot, in different parts of the world, we remember youn people and children who lose their lives,” she said. Watch video below.

Almost every senior Zionist leader in Israel including the Opposition leader Tzipi Livni, wanted for war crimes in several countries, expressed outrage at the comparison of four dead French Jews with 1200 dead Muslims and Christian in Gaza.

Israeli prime minister, Benji Netanyahu, equated school shooting with Hamas rockets sent to Israel.
Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman blasted Ashton for equating French Jewish dead with Israeli war victims in Gaza, as ”inappropriate”.

A similar shooting crime was carried out in the Toulouse region a week ago which did not make news in the Zionist-controlled mainstream media. In that incident, three French paratroopers died and another one left injured. Why? Because French media reported that those paratroopers were Muslims of North African and Carribean ancestry.

French president Nicolas Sarkozy (born to a Jewish mother and a Catholic father) accompanied by Richard Prasquier, the president of CIRF, the umbrella group representing French Jewish organizations – rushed to the Jewish school. “It’s a day of national trgedy. the barbary, the savagery, the cruelty cannot win. The nation is much stronger,” said Sarkozy. However, during Israeli attack on Gaza, Sarkozy had supported Israel’s killing of innocent Gazans.

The bodies of the four French Jews who died in the school shooting were sent to Israel for burial.
Scared to death, Baroness Ashton told a EU parliamentary hearing, “I drew no parallel whatsoever between this tragedy and events elsewhere in the Middle East“.

French interior minister, Claude Guéant, has said that police is still looking for the shooter.
On Wednesday, Indonesian embassy in Paris was also targeted by a bomber. “We are obviously concerned by the explosion which occured earlier this morning at our embassy in Paris,” said Marty Natalegawa, foreign minister of Indonesia with world’s largest Muslim population (212 million). Looks like Israeli Mossad is on a race around the world these days!

France is home to Europe’s largest Jewish population (500,000). All three major French political parties, the far-right UMP, the Socialists and the White Supremacit Front National bends backward to win the Jewish votes among country’s 65 million citizens. Two of the three presidential hopeful, Sarkozy and Francois Hollande are Jewish while Marine Le Pen has turned her political wagon toward Israel, too.

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13 Years Jail for US War Scientist Spying for ’’Israel’’
Local Editor

The former US government space scientist Stewart Nozette was sentenced Wednesday to 13 years in prison after admitting he tried to sell US space and war secrets to “Israel”.

Appearing in US federal court, Nozette said he “is paying for a fatal lack of judgment.”

“I accept full responsibility,” Nozette told US District Judge Paul Friedman.

The Jewish man had previously served as a technical consult in “Israel’s” Aerospace Industries.
Prosecutors and Nozette’s lawyers agreed to the 13-year sentence, with credit for the two years that Nozette has spent behind bars since his arrest.

Nozette also was ordered to pay $217,800 in restitution for fraudulent claims he made to the US Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, DC, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency in Arlington, Va., and NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md.

Nozette had high-level security clearances during decades of government work on science and space projects at NASA, the Energy Department and the National Space Council in President George HW Bush’s administration.

The scientist admitted that “he tried to provide “Israel” with top secret information about satellites, early warning systems, methods for retaliating against large-scale attack, communications intelligence information and major elements of war strategy.”

“Nozette, 54, was a traitor who engaged in attempted espionage with unbridled enthusiasm,” Assistant US Attorney Anthony Asuncion told the judge.

He was known primarily as a war technologist who had worked on the Reagan-era missile war shield effort, nicknamed “Star Wars” and formally called the “Strategic Defense Initiative.”

Source: YNet, Edited by

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Gaza bakeries to stop working in four days
[ 21/03/2012 – 08:55 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– The bakers society in the Gaza Strip has announced that all bakeries in the coastal enclave would come to a complete halt within four days due to lack of fuel.

The head of the society, Abdulnasser Al-Ajrami said that the bakeries were already working at 50% of capacity at present.

He said in a statement on Wednesday night that already many bakeries stopped working while others are rapidly running out of fuel.

Ajrami urged the Palestinian government to supply the bakeries with fuel the soonest.

For his part, Adham Abu Salmiya, the head of emergency and ambulance in the Strip, said that his force was working at 50% of its capacity due to fuel shortage.

He told a press conference on Wednesday evening that ambulance and civil defense services would come to a grinding halt within 72 hours.

He urged the Arab and Islamic countries to swiftly act before a disaster befalls the Gaza populace.

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New Phase in Syria Crisis: Dealmaking Toward An Exit
By: Sharmine Narwani
Published Wednesday, March 21, 2012

In recent weeks, there has been a notable shuffle in the positions of key external players in the Syrian crisis. Momentum has quite suddenly shifted from an all-out onslaught against the Assad government to a quiet investigation of exit strategies.

The clashes between government forces and opposition militias in Baba Amr were a clear tipping point for these players – much hinged on the outcome of that battle. Today, the retreat of armed groups from the Homs neighborhood means one thing: the strategy of militarizing the conflict from within is no longer a plausible option on which to hang this geopolitical battle. Especially not in an American or French election year, when anything less than regime change in Syria will look like abject failure.
And so the external players are shifting gears – the more outspoken ones, quietly seeking alternative options. There are two de facto groups that have formed.

Group A is looking for a face-saving exit from the promised escalation in Syria. It consists of the United States, European Union and Turkey.

Group B, on the other hand, is heavily invested in regime-change at any cost, and includes Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and some elements of the French, US, British, and Libyan establishments.

Before Baba Amr, these two groups were unified in maximizing their every resource to force regime change in Syria. When the UN Security Council option was blocked by Russia and China, they coalesced around the General Assembly and ad-hoc “Friends of Syria” to build coalitions, tried unsuccessfully to bring a disparate opposition fighting force (Free Syrian Army) under central leadership, pushed to recognize the disunited Syrian National Council (SNC), and eked out weekly “events” like embassy closures and political condemnations to maintain a “perception momentum.”

But those efforts have largely come to a standstill after Baba Amr. A reliable source close to the Syrian regime said to me recently: “The regime eliminated the biggest and most difficult obstacle – Baba Amr. Elsewhere, it [eliminating armed militias] is easier and less costly at all levels. Now both political and military steps can continue.”

Dealmaking Begins in Earnest

The first clear-cut public sign of this new phase was the appointment of Kofi Annan as UN envoy to Syria. Annan is an American “concession” that will draw out this dealmaking phase between the Syrian government, opposition figures and foreign governments potentially until the May 2012 parliamentary elections.

This phase is what the Russians, Chinese, Iranians, and other BRIC countries have sought from the start: the creation of a protective bubble around Syria so that it has the time and space necessary to implement domestic reforms that will not harm its geopolitical priorities.

Syria threatens to blast open a Pandora’s Box of newly-motivated “soldiers of God.” And while sectarian anger may be the fuse, the conflagration will take place on a major geopolitical fault line in the Mideast, at a delicate time, on one of Israel’s borders.
Dealmaking and dialogue can be seen everywhere suddenly. Annan is only a figurehead masking these multilateral efforts. Reports are coming in that the US has kept a steady dialogue with the Syrian regime throughout. Opposition religious figures – mostly Muslim Brotherhood in their day-job guises – have met with the regime in recent weeks. And prominent Syrian reformists who reject military action and are open to dialogue with the regime, are now being sought out by various European governments.

The European Union (EU) kicked things off in March in a joint foreign ministerial communique rejecting military intervention in Syria. This was swiftly followed by Kofi Annan’s strong warning against external efforts to arm the Syrian opposition, with various Americans making similar soundings in his wake.

One very prominent Syrian reformist who has remained engaged with both sides of this conflict, confided that the externally-based Syrian opposition are now “looking over each other’s shoulders – none yet dares to speak out.” The fact is, says the source, “they are getting military assistance, but nowhere near enough. They need much, much more that what they are getting, and now the countries backing this opposition are developing conflicting agendas.”

Three high-level defections from the opposition Syrian National Council (SNC) were announced within days of that conversation, hinting further at the fundamental policy shifts occurring in all circles, behind the scenes.

The game has changed along Syria’s borders too. Turkey, a ferocious critic of the Assad government this past year, is reconsidering its priorities. A participant in a recent closed meeting with Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu reveals the emptiness of Turkish threats to form a “humanitarian corridor” or security zone on their Syrian border. Davutoglu, says my source, insisted in private that “Turkey will not do anything to harm Syria’s territorial integrity and unity because that will transfer the conflict into Turkish territory.”

Recent deliberations with Iran also seem to have resonated with the Turks. During Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi’s January visit to Ankara, a source tells me that an understanding was reached. The Iranian FM is said to have warned Turkish leaders that they were leveraging a lot of goodwill – painstakingly built up in the Muslim/Arab world – in return for “no clear benefit” in Syria. According to my source, the Turks were encouraged to strike a bargain to regain their regional standing – the key concession being that Assad would stay through the reform period.

A Hard Dose of Realpolitik

Although Turkey has backtracked from its belligerent public posture, there are still elements in the country that remain rigid on Syria. The same is true for the US and France. The fact that 2012 is an important election year in both countries plays a part in the strategy shuffle, but there are other pressing concerns too.

One major worry is that there aren’t a lot of arrows left in the quiver to fire at Syria. Without the UN Security Council granting legal authority to launch an offensive against Syria, there are only piecemeal efforts – and these have all been tried, if not yet exhausted: sanctions, demonstrations, arming militias, cyberwarfare, propaganda, diplomatic arm-twisting, and bribing defectors. But a whole year has passed with no major cracks in support from the regime’s key constituencies and that has caused some debate about whether this kind of tactical pressure may ultimately backfire.

In Washington in particular, alarm bells have been ringing since militant Islamists infiltrated the Syrian opposition militias, some pouring in from Iraq where they were only recently targeting American interests. The US has spent the better part of a decade focusing its national security apparatus on the threat from Al Qaeda and militant Islam. The execution of Osama Bin Laden and other Al Qaeda-related figures was meant to put a seal on this problem – at least in the sense that the organization has shriveled in size and influence.

But Syria threatens to blast open a Pandora’s Box of newly-motivated “soldiers of God.” And while sectarian anger may be the fuse, the conflagration will take place on a major geopolitical fault line in the Mideast, at a delicate time, on one of Israel’s borders – and changing winds could fan those flames right back in the direction of the United States and its allies.

That is a red line for the US military and a sizeable chunk of the Washington political establishment. There are other Americans, however, who are unable to view the Syrian crisis outside the prism of Iran and its growing regional influence. US Assistant Secretary of State Jeffrey Feltman, who has spent years now orchestrating the defeat of the Iran-led “Resistance Axis,” is one such player in the capital.

Feltman is part of Group B, alongside Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The battle in Syria has become an existential one for Group B. They have played too hard and revealed too much, to be able to re-assert themselves into any impartial regional role in the future – unless there is a changing of the guard in Syria.

As Group A moves toward a face-saving exit from the crisis, we are going to witness a re-telling of events in Syria. The Western “mainstream media” and major international NGOs, which have served as little more than propaganda tools for various governments seeking to escalate the Syrian crisis and vilify the Assad government, are suddenly “discovering” dangerous elements in the Syrian opposition. This scene-setting is just as deliberate as the false narratives we have witnessed from Group A since the start of the crisis.

Group B, on the other hand, remains unable to take its eye off the Syrian brass ring and may continue to employ increasingly brazen and foolhardy tactics to stimulate chaos inside the country. Syria may be Group B’s graveyard unless they are brought into these deals and promised some protection. I suspect, however, that they will instead be utilized as a valuable negotiating tool for Group A – brought into play if dealmaking is not working to their advantage.

While negotiations plod on over Syria, we can be assured that most external players have little or no consideration for actual Syrians. The regime will be focused on the long haul, which includes ridding the country of armed groups, ensuring that major roadways are free of IEDs and snipers, implementing a watered-down reform program with token opposition members to give lip service to progress, and becoming even more entrenched in the face of regional and foreign threats.

Meanwhile, the West and its regional allies will happily draw out a low-boil War of Attrition in Syria to keep the Syrian regime busy, weakened and defensive, while further seeking to cement their hold on the direction of the “Arab Spring.” They will pull levers to create flare-ups when distractions or punishments are warranted, with nary a care to the lives and livelihoods of the most disenfranchised Syrians whose blood is this conflict’s main currency.

It will never be certain if there was a revolution in Syria in 2011. The country became a geopolitical battleground less than a month after the first small protests broke out in various pockets inside Syria. And it is not over by a long stretch. Syria will continue to be the scene of conflict between two regional blocs until one side wins. This may be a new phase in Syria today where players are converging to “cut some losses,” but be assured that they are merely replenishing and repositioning their reserves for a broader regional fight.

Sharmine Narwani is a commentary writer and political analyst covering the Middle East. You can follow Sharmine on twitter @snarwani.

Another devil back in Hell,InshAllah!

Another devil back in Hell,InshAllah!

to Hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ريف حمص – القصير : مقتل عبد الغني جوهر في القصير وهو المطلوب رقم واحد للجيش اللبناني بسبب دوره في نهر البارد حيث كان نائبا لزعيم فتح الاسلام .

TIME has learned that Abdel Ghani Jawhar, one of the leaders of the Sunni fundamentalist terror group Fatah al-Islam, died in the Syrian city of Qsair on Friday night. The founding cleric of Fatah al Islam, Sheikh Osama al Shihabi, confirmed Jawhar’s death to TIME with a quote from the Koran: “‘We are for God and to him we return.’ We as Mujahideen are used to being killed and if God wants to give those killed dignity he gives them martyrdom. This is the path of righteousness.”This is not the first time that Jawhar is thought to have been killed; several previous death announcements have been retracted over the years. News of his death has been relayed by multiple—and unrelated—sources in both Syria and Lebanon. According to a fellow fighter, who goes by the nom de guerre Abu Ali, Jawhar had been preparing an explosive device to be used against the Syrian army, which had been attempting to enter the rebel-dominated town not far from Homs. As Abu Ali narrated the tale over Skype, the sound of bombs and explosions could be heard in the background. Jawhar’s bomb went off prematurely, says Abu Ali. “He was killed directly. We wanted to send his body back to Lebanon but we couldn’t and what was left of him we buried in a neighboring garden .
According to Abu Ali and another fellow fighter, Jawhar arrived in Qsair two weeks ago with a group of 30 Lebanese fighters. While many were members of Fatah al-Islam, they were not traveling under the terror group’s banner. Instead they called themselves mujahideen, holy warriors seeking to help fellow Muslims under attack by the Syrian regime. Jawhar, an explosives expert and a charismatic commander, sought to train fellow fighters how make bombs. In the short time he had been in Qsair, says Abu Ali, he was able to set up dozens of improvised explosive devices destined for members of the Syrian security forces. “His aim was to make a tour in all the districts of Syria to teach the fighters on how to fight a guerrilla war.”
The FSA as well as other Syrian terrorist groups, has long sought to downplay regime accusations that the rebels are aligned with Islamic fundamentalists and pro-al-Qaeda groups. While Fatah al-Islam has denied any association with al-Qaeda, there are links between the group and individual members. The implication that an al-Qaeda affiliated group is helping Syrian rebels build bombs and foment a guerrilla war could radically alter perceptions in the West, bringing to a halt discussions of arming the rebels and establishing a no-fly zone. “The death of Jawhar on Syrian soil emphasizes the fears of the international community that if they gave weapons to the Syrian rebels they will end up in the hands of radical groups,” says Lebanese University professor and Fatah al-Islam expert Talal Atrissi. “The Syrian opposition will be embarrassed from the fact that such a man is fighting alongside the rebels.”

The account of Jawhar’s border crossing has been confirmed by Lebanese intelligence authorities who say that they had been alerted to his movements but were unable to stop him. “He escaped as always,” sighs a senior intelligence official who says that Jawhar had been nicknamed “mercury” for his uncanny ability to evade arrest—at least 34 times, by the official’s estimate. Lebanese security sources say they too have received information about Jawhar’s death, though they were unable to establish any details. “If his death is confirmed then we lost a big catch, he was a real treasure trove of information,” says the official.

Jawhar is accused of masterminding multiple bomb attacks against U.N. security forces in Lebanon as well as Lebanese security installations that have killed scores and injured hundreds. According to the official, he is a person of interest in some 200 unsolved cases of murder, assassinations, attempted assassinations and explosive attacks. He is also thought to have killed a Christian shopkeeper in the northern city of Tripoli because he sold alcohol. “This is a major loss for Lebanese security, for the information he is believed to have about the terror groups operating in the region,” says Atrissi. And while Jawhar’s death would be a major blow for the group, which had already been decimated by a slew of high profile arrests and the deaths of several leaders in succession, “it doesn’t mean that the region will become a safer place,” says Atrissi. “Each member of such groups is a potential Abdel Ghani Jawhar.”

A 30-year-old biochemist from northern Lebanon, Jawhar came of age during the country’s brutal civil war. First he joined the Muslim Brotherhood, but left over doctrinal disputes—he felt that the group was not strict enough in its interpretation of Sharia, or Islamic law. He then joined, and left, the extremely conservative Salafis for the same reasons, and finally became a member of Fatah al-Islam in 2008. He was promoted to leader after his predecessor was killed in a 2010 shootout with Lebanese security forces. According to the Lebanese intelligence official, he was a master recruiter, and even managed to induct Lebanese soldiers to his cause. His terror efforts spanned Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, where he is thought to be responsible for several of the devastating explosions that killed international troops. “He was a network by himself,” says the official. “He had relations all over the region; he was a ruthless killer.”

Jawhar is also implicated in the murders of a Lebanese general, a major in Intelligence and a Member of Parliament. He nearly succeeded in killing the head of the Lebanese army as well as the head of Internal Security. His death in Syria, says the official, may be seen as a welcome comeuppance in some quarters, “but for us, it’s devastating. It’s an issue of personal revenge between Jawhar and the Intelligence service.” It also raises concerns over the insurgency struggling across the border in Syria

– Armed Groups Assassinate Physician, Lieutenant Colonel in Daraa, a Colonel and Warrant Officer in Hama.

In the framework of targeting the national and scientific expertise and intellectuals, an armed terrorist group on Monday assassinated Doctor Adnan Tawfik al-Samitt in Daraa.

SANA reporter quoted a source at Daraa Province as saying that the armed terrorist group shoot dead Dr. al-Samitt with their machineguns near his house at al-Qusour Neighborhood in Daraa city.

In the same context, the source added that another armed terrorist group randomly opened fire in al-Na’emeh village in Daraa countryside with the aim of intimidating the citizens and preventing them from going to their jobs.

Citizen Majdouline Suleiman Mahmoud, 14 years old, from al-Mitaeya village was injured by the fire while she was riding a bus heading to Daraa city.

Armed Terrorist Group Assassinates Lieutenant Colonel at Daraa Countryside

Another armed terrorist group assassinated Lieutenant Colonel Said Assi at al-Mismiyeh village in al-Sanamein City.

An official source told SANA reporter that the armed group set an ambush for the martyr Assi as it opened the fire on his car while he was returning from a tour in one of the military units, causing his martyrdom.

A Colonel and Warrant Officer Assassinated in Hama

Meanwhile, an armed terrorist group assassinated a Colonel and a warrant Officer in Hama.

SANA reporter quoted a source at Hama Province as saying that an armed terrorist group opened fire against Colonel Mahmoud Zaitoun and Warrant Officer Jihad Tawfik Ismael while they were passing by between al-Mazareb and al-Sibahi Roundabout Neighborhoods in Hama heading to their job.

Armed Groups attack civilians, perpetrate acts of killing, abduction at al-Arba’een and al-Mashaa areas in Hama

Armed terrorist groups today attacked civilians, perpetrating acts of killing, abduction and looting the citizens’ properties and cars at al-Arbaeen and al-Mashaa in Hama.

The competent authorities, in cooperation with the families, pursued the terrorists and clashed with them, arresting a number of them, seizing their weapons and restoring a big number of the stolen cars.

SANA reporter learned that the weapons included a big number of rifles, machine guns, RPGs, explosives and modern communication sets.

Terrorist Killed While Preparing Explosive Device in Deir Ezzor

An explosive device went off while the terrorist Majed Mansour al-Khalaf was preparing it in his house in al-Joura neighborhood in Deir Ezzor, causing his immediate death.

SANA correspondent quoted a source in the governorate as saying that weapons and communication devices were seized from the terrorists’ house.

In Aleppo, an armed terrorist group assassinated an Iraqi citizen in Salaheddin neighborhood. SANA correspondent quoted a source in the governorate as saying that terrorists in a Jeep shot dead the Iraqi citizen Alaa Mashhadani.

On a different note, military engineering units dismantled an explosive device planted by an armed terrorist group in Bosra al-Sham in Daraa countryside.

Explosive Device Goes off, Kills Family Members in Idleb

An explosive device planted by an armed terrorist group in Jarjanaz, Idleb, went off, killing and injuring members of one family.

SANA correspondents said that the device went off as members of al-Salloum family were digging foundations for building a house, killing a number of them and injuring others. The explosive device also left 10 injured.

CIA’s bloody revolution in Syria

Very important for  dissemination and generalization ……………
The project failed because it is the land of lions ..
“Surge” Syria is a replica of the “regime change” carried out by the CIA over the past six decades
CIA’s bloody revolution in Syria

While the mainstream media is going to great lengths to convince the world that events in Syria are the result of yet another ‘people’s revolution’, the facts point clearly to yet another US government-sponsored bloody ‘regime change’. Given that the US has been a de facto global empire for at least 60 years, with all of the power, infrastructure and influence that entails, how difficult do we think it would be for agents of the empire to manufacture a ‘revolution’ in any given country? The answer, surprisingly, is ‘not so easily’. But it is doable, as long as the empire is willing to murder innocent civilians to create the impression of a brutal regime in need of removal. And the USA has never balked at murdering a few hundred, a few thousand, or even a few million civilians to ensure it gets its geo-political way, to the delight of psychopaths in power everywhere.

A CIA History of Mass Murder and Global NIGYSOB

‘Hey, what’s in those boxes?’ CIA agents living it up in Laos in the 1960’s.

Back in the late ’60s and ’70s, the CIA funded, trained and armed so-called ‘anti-Communist’ Hmong rebels in Laos, a strategy that ultimately led to the US military dropping more bombs on the innocent civilians of Laos than all the bombs dropped during the second World War. From 1964 through 1973, 580,000 bombing runs were flown over Laos – one every nine minutes for ten years. At the same time, vast quantities of heroin were flown out by the CIA’s ‘Air America’ planes. Previous to, and since then, the CIA has orchestrated dozens of armed insurgencies in dozens of countries around the world, arming bands of mercenaries and death squads in an effort to establish and expand American economic and political hegemony over every corner of the globe.

Since its creation in 1947, the CIA has mounted approximately 3,000 major operations and 10,000 minor operations of this nature, every one of them illegal and many of them “bloody and gory beyond comprehension”.According to the former CIA agent John Stockwell (who was involved in several such operations), by 1988, over six million people had been killed as a result.

In an interview with Amy Goodman on March 2, 2007, U.S. General Wesley Clark (Ret.), explained that the Bush Administration planned to “take out” seven countries in five years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran. While the sequence of invasions seems to have been revised to some extent, the plan appears to be progressing nicely for the psychopathic lords of empire. But wait! The Bush government isn’t in power anymore! Obama’s in charge now, right? How can the Obama administration be following a foreign policy of subversion and mass murder that was devised under another president’s leadership?! Unless the president really isn’t the ‘commander in chief’. Unless the position of the president of the USA is little more than a ceremonial one, and some other group, that transcends changes in administrations, actually dictates government policy. But that wouldn’t be democratic, so obviously it’s not true.

Like Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya before it, Syria is next in line for NATO (aka American/Israeli) regime change, and the hallmarks of CIA, MI6 and Mossad subversion tactics are all over the media reporting of this latest ‘Arab revolution’. Syria has been on the Israelis’ ‘to-do’ list for several years, mainly because it is (now) the last independent, secular, multi-ethnic Arab country in the Middle East, a staunch support of Iran and, as such, an obstacle to Israeli hegemony over the entire Middle East.

Any questions?

It’s actually a grand game of NIGYSOB (‘Now I’ve Got You you Son Of a Bitch’) whereby some Arab governments that refuse to submit to Western and Israeli dominance are continually harassed and destabilized to the point that they are forced, in order to survive, to develop a security infrastructure that is, to one extent or another, totalitarian. Western powers and the Israelis can then, when it suits them best, decry the lack of ‘freedom’ within the targeted nation and begin the process of overthrowing the government. See Hugo Chavez’s terms as Venezuelan president as an example of how this ‘game’ is played by Western powers.

The origins of the Israeli-Arab conflict are, as many know, based on the fact that the Zionists decided that the Jewish people needed a homeland that belonged to some Arabs. With the help of the British and a liberal dose of ethnic cleansing in the late 1930s and 1940s, the founders of the Jewish state ensured then, and by their actions since, that Israel would be in perpetual conflict with their neighbors. For their part, the American elite’s motivation in targeting Syria is that which motivates all psychopaths: greed, power and the compelling desire to make others suffer, as was evidenced most recently by Hilary Clinton’s ecstatic delight at the brutal televised murder of Muammar Gaddafi. Of course, there are also more mundane reasons like the fact that, in 2006, the Syrian government switched all of the state’s foreign currency from dollar to euro, or that the same year Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad publicly stated the obvious, yet consistently denied, the fact that the Israelis murdered Yasser Arafat.

So far, the Syrian ‘revolution’ has been a carbon copy of most other CIA-sponsored ‘regime changes’ over the past 60 years: mercenaries and death squads are imported into the country to ‘stir things up’ in advance of a bombing campaign when the time is right. In Libya, that’s exactly what happened, with the British, Americans,Qataris and Israelis pooling their resources and sharing the contents of their little black books of ‘al-qaeda’ fighters they have been recruiting over the years.

هام جدا للنشر والتعميم ……………
المشروع الفاشل لانه ارض الاسود ..
“الفورة” السورية هي نسخة طبق الأصل عن عمليات “تغيير الأنظمة” التي نفذتها المخابرات المركزية الأمريكية طيلة العقود الست الماضية
الثورة الدموية للسي آي إيه في سورياصورة لمئات آلاف المتظاهرين المؤيدين للرئيس الأسد في سورية، مسيرات تأييد اعتادها السوريون في حين تعمل وسائل الاعلام الكبرى على تصوير أحداث سورية وكأنها ثورة أخرى شعبية من ثورات “الربيع العربي”. الوقائع تؤشر إلى أن ما يجري في سورية هو في الحقيقة عملية أخرى من العمليات السرية المدعومة أمريكيا للإطاحة بالسلطة بشكل دموي. نظرا لحقيقة أن الولايات المتحدة هي بحكم الواقع امبراطورية عالمية منذ 60 عاما، مع كل ما تملك من قوة، بنى تحتية ونفوذ، كم من الصعب عليها أن تقوم بتصنيع “ثورة” في أي بلد؟
قد يكون الجواب مفاجئا، القيام بذلك ليس أمر سهلا، لكنه قابل للتنفيذ طالما أن الامبراطورية مستعدة لقتل مدنيين أبرياء بهدف خلق انطباع أن السلطة في البلد المستهدف هي سلطة وحشية ويجب التخلص منها. تاريخ أمريكا يثبت أنها لم تأنف يوما عن قتل بضع مئات من المدنيين، أو بضعة آلاف، وحتى بضعة ملايين لضمان تطبيق سياستها الجيوسياسية، ولإسعاد المختلين نفسيا المتعطشين للسلطة في كل مكان.
تاريخ السي آي إيه في القتل الجماعي العالميفي الستينات والسبعينات، قامت السي آي إيه بتمويل وتدريب وتسليح ما يدعى “بالثوار المناهضين للشيوعية” في لاوس، تلك الاستراتيجية أدت لاحقا إلى قيام الجيش الأمريكي بقصف المدنيين في لاوس بقنابل يزيد عددها عن إجمالي القنابل التي تم إسقاطها في الحرب العالمية الثانية بأكملها.
من عام 1964 وحتى 1973، تم تنفيذ 580 ألف غارة على لاوس بمعدل غارة كل 9 دقائق لمدة عشرة أعوام، فيما تم تهريب كميات ضخمة من الهيروين من لاوس على متن طائرات السي آي إيه.
منذ ما قبل تلك العملية، وحتى يومنا هذا، قامت المخابرات الأمريكية بتنسيق وترتيب عشرات الانقلابات المسلحة والتمردات المسلحة في عشرات البلدان حول العالم وتسليح جماعات من المرتزقة وفرق الموت بهدف دعم الاقتصاد الأمريكي وتوسيع دائرة الهيمنة الأمريكية فوق أركان الأرض الأربعة.

منذ تأسيسها عام 1947، نفذت المخابرات المركزية الأمريكية حوالي 3000 عملية كبرى و 11 ألف عملية صغيرة من هذا النوع، وكل واحدة منها غير شرعية والعديد منها “اتسمت بدموية ووحشية تفوق التصور” كما وصفها عميل السي آي إيه السابق جون ستوكويل (الذي شارك في العديد منها)، وبحلول عام 1988، وصلت حصيلة القتلى نتيجة تلك العمليات إلى أكثر من 6 مليون قتيل.

في مقابلة أجرتها إيمي غودمان في 2 آذار 2007، صرح الجنرال ويسلي كلارك أن إدارة بوش خططت للقضاء على 7 بلدان خلال فترة 5 سنوات وهي: العراق، سوريا، لبنان، الصومال، السودان وإيران. تم لاحقا إعادة ترتيب تسلسل الغزو إلا أن الخطة تسير كما يشتهي لوردات الامبراطورية المتعطشين للدماء. لكن إدارة بوش انتهت أيامها، وأوباما في السلطة الآن، فكيف يمكن لإدارة أوباما أن تنتهج سياسة خارجية تتبنى القتل الجماعي والدمار، وهي ذات السياسة التي ابتدعتها إدارة رئيس آخر؟

كما حدث في أفغانستان، العراق وليبيا، فإن سورية هي التالية ضمن مخطط تغيير الأنظمة بالنسبة للناتو (الأمريكي/ الاسرائيلي).، وبصمات المخابرات المركزية الأمريكية والمخابرات البريطانية، والموساد واضحة في تكتيكات التغطية الاعلامية لما يجري في سوريا. التخلص من سوريا أمر موجود في الأجندة الاسرائيلية منذ سنوات طويلة، السبب الرئيسي كونها آخر بلد عربي مستقل علماني متعدد الأعراق في الشرق الأوسط، وداعمة لإيران وهي بالتالي تشكل عائقا أمام هيمنة إسرائيل على كامل الشرق الأوسط.

الواقع أن القضية قضية عض أصابع كبرى تتعرض فيها الحكومات العربية التي ترفض الخضوع للسيطرة الغربية والاسرائيلية للضغوط والزعزعة إلى النقطة التي تجبر فيها من أجل البقاء على تطوير أنظمة شمولية تتمتع ببنية تحتية أمنية كبيرة. بالتالي يصبح بإمكان اسرائيل والغرب التباكي على تدني مستوى الحرية في النظام المستهدف وانتهاز الفرصة للإطاحة بنظام الحكم، ويمكن رؤية ذلك بوضوح في تعامل القوى الغربية مع فنزويلا شافيز.

جذور الصراع العربي الاسرائيلي كما يعلم الجميع أساسها حقيقة أن الصهيونية قررت أن اليهود بحاجة لوطن في أرض العرب. بمساعدة بريطانيا وجرعة التطهير العرقي في أواخر الثلاثينات والأربعينات، ضمن مؤسسوا إسرائيل عبر أفعالهم منذ ذلك الحين وحتى الآن بقاء إسرائيل في حالة من النزاع المتعاقب مع جيرانها. أما النخبة الحاكمة في أمريكا، فدوافعها لاستهداف سوريا هي الطمع، شهوة السلطة، وحب التسبب بأذى الآخرين، وهو ما شهدناه في تلذذ وسعادة هيلاري كلينتون بمشهد القتل الدموي لمعمر القذافي. توجد بالطبع دوافع وأسباب أخرى لاستهداف سوريا، منها قيام الحكومة السورية عام 2006 باعتماد اليورو بدلا من الدولار الأمريكي في كافة التعاملات المالية الحكومية، وقيام الرئيس الأسد بالتصريح علنا بأن الاسرائيلين هم من قام باغتيال ياسر عرفات.

حتى هذه اللحظة، “الثورة” السورية هي نسخة طبق الأصل عن عمليات “تغيير الأنظمة” التي نفذتها المخابرات المركزية الأمريكية طيلة العقود الست الماضية: يتم ارسال المرتزقة وفرق الموت إلى الداخل لتحريك الوضع بانتظار حملة القصف عندما يكون الوضع مؤاتيا. هذا بالضبط ما حدث في ليبيا حيث قامت أمريكا، بريطانيا واسرائيل باستخدام مواردها ونشر كل مقاتلي القاعدة الذين قاموا بتجنيدهم على مدى أعوام.

the real Syrian Free Press


Terrorismo Euro/Nato:

Nuove Sanzioni Contro la Siria: uno schiaffo al Piano Annan e un’azione di sabotaggio del lavoro degli Osservatori delle Nazioni Unite.

SyrianFreePress – 23 aprile 2012 – L’Unione Europea ha emesso nuove sanzioni contro la Siria, nello stesso momento in cui gli Osservatori delle Nazioni Unite stanno monitorando la situazione. Tutto ciò è uno schiaffo al cessate il fuoco siriano ed una evidente azione di boicottaggio al Piano Annan.

A seguire 3 VIDEO: 2 Interviste, di cui una a Lizzie Phelan e 1 Video resoconto del lavoro degli Osservatori ONU





Video recorded from Press Television

Reloaded by SyrianFreePressNetwork





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Friends of Syria

USA are still paying the terrorists to destroy the public buildings in Syria and blame it on the government, but as CNN were caught out over their destruction of the pipeline with terrorists they are now posting their films on the US Embassy Facebook, since CNN have been discredited after proof of terrorist acts.

See the similarities in this film and the one that CNN set up for the pipeline explosion.

You will see in this film that the camera has been set up in a room, to get a clear shot of the explosion, exactly the same as in the pipeline film. Set up the camera and wait for the explosion.

The posting of this film on their Embassy Facebook is proof that they are determined not to give up on the fight with Syria. They openly admitted to paying the terrorists salaries, which means they are paying them…

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Syria’s Permanent U.N. Envoy Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari -21st of April

Syria’s Permanent U.N. Envoy Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari said Syria has showed full cooperation and commitment to the plan of the UN Envoy to Syria, Kofi Annan, as it has a real interest in the success of the plan and the work of the U.N. observers due to its keenness on the security of Syria and safety of its citizens.

In his speech during the UN Security Council session on Saturday al-Jaafari addressed those who claim problem of minorities in Syria by saying ” in Syria there is only a national unity.”

He added that the UN should guarantee commitment of the armed groups to Annan’s plan…

تبنى مجلس الأمن الدولي بالإجماع مشروع قرار بنشر 300 مراقب في سورية.

وقال مندوب سورية الدائم لدى الأمم المتحدة بشار الجعفري إن سورية أبدت تعاونا والتزاما كبيرين بخطة انان ولها مصلحة حقيقية بنجاح الخطة وعمل المراقبين الدوليين انطلاقا من حرصها على أمن الوطن وسلامة مواطنيه.

وأضاف الجعفري في كلمة له أمام مجلس الأمن اليوم “لمن يدعي وجود مشكلة أقليات في سورية نقول له لا يوجد في سورية الا وحدة وطنية”.

وقال الجعفري “على مجلس الأمن أن يضمن التزام المجموعات الإرهابية بخطة انان”.

تشوركين: على الدول التي لها تأثير على المعارضة السورية الضغط عليها لوقف العنف والالتزام بخطة أنان

وأكد فيتالي تشوركين مندوب روسيا الدائم لدى الأمم المتحدة “أن القرار الذي اتخذه مجلس الأمن اليوم بخصوص نشر مراقبين دوليين في سورية يبعث برسالة دولية مهمة مفادها أن مجلس الأمن هو صاحب الحق في اتخاذ قرارات لتسوية الأزمات الإقليمية مثل الأزمة السورية وأن أي مجموعة أصدقاء أو دول ذات مصالح أو أي طرف آخر يجب أن يلتزموا بشكل واضح بقرارات مجلس الأمن وألا يقوضوا إمكانية تطبيق هذا القرار”.

ولفت تشوركين في كلمة له أمام مجلس الأمن إلى “أن روسيا تقدمت بمبادرة هذا القرار على أساس إرسال بعثة مراقبين إلى سورية من أجل تعزيز الوجود الأممي في ذلك البلد” مؤكدا “أهمية القرار للدفع بعملية التسوية السلمية في سورية إلى الأمام إضافة إلى كونه يجسد وحدة موقف وإجماع المجلس وراء خطة كوفي أنان ذات الست نقاط”.

وقال تشوركين “إن الهدف الأساسي اليوم هو احترام جميع الأطراف للقرار وإن أي انحراف عن بنود القرار سواء عن طريق تفسيره أو تأويله هو أمر غير مقبول.. والنموذج الليبي يجب أن يبقى شيئا من الماضي.. والقرار يبين محددات المسؤولية لكل الأطراف السورية والحاجة لتعزيز مهمة المبعوث الخاص ومهمة المراقبين لكي يكون هناك تطبيق كامل للقرار”.

وأكد تشوركين ضرورة “أن يتصرف اللاعبون الخارجيون الضالعون في الازمة السورية بمسؤولية وأن يتذكروا بنود القرار التي اتخذها مجلس الأمن للوصول إلى عملية سياسية تشارك فيها كل الأطراف السورية من أجل إقامة نظام سياسي ديمقراطي تعددي لكل السوريين بغض النظر عن خلفيتهم الدينية أو العرقية معتبرا أنه من خلال هذا النموذج يستطيع السوريون اتخاذ قراراتهم المتعلقة بمستقبل بلادهم السياسي”.

وأوضح المندوب الروسي أن أي محاولة لفرض أي قوى خارجية على السوريين قد تفاقم الأزمة مطالبا الدول التي لها تأثير على المعارضة بالعمل على تشجيعها للامتناع عن العنف وتطبيق خطة أنان.

وقال تشوركين في مؤتمر صحفي بعد الجلسة.. إن هناك قوى تريد تنفيذ خطط خلافا لما يريده المجتمع الدولي من تحقيق الأمن والاستقرار في سورية.

وأضاف.. روسيا تهدف إلى إنشاء عملية سياسية وإنهاء العنف وتحقيق طموحات الشعب السوري وعلى من يريد الخير لسورية ان يدعم ذلك.

وقال تشوركين “على الجميع ان يتعامل مع سورية ذات السيادة المطلقة والبعض يريد ان يقفز بشكل خاطئ وهذا مرفوض لان كل الاتفاقات يجب ان تعقد مع سورية”.

مندوب الصين في الأمم المتحدة يجدد التزام بلاده بإيجاد حل سلمي للأزمة في سورية مع ضمان وحدة سورية وسلامة أراضيها

وجدد لي باو دونغ مندوب الصين الدائم لدى الأمم المتحدة التزام بلاده بإيجاد حل سلمي للأزمة في سورية من خلال حوار سياسي واحترام إرادة الشعب السوري وحرصها على وحدة سورية وسلامة أراضيها.

ولفت لي في كلمته أمام مجلس الأمن إلى “أن كوفي أنان يعد قناة مهمة للتعاون من أجل حل الأزمة في سورية” داعيا جميع الأطراف السورية إلى التعاون بشكل كامل مع أنان من أجل إطلاق عملية سياسية تقودها سورية.

وطالب المندوب الصيني المجتمع الدولي بالاستمرار في تقديم دعمه القوي لجهود أنان وتعزيز ما تم التوصل إليه من تقدم مهم في تنفيذ الخطة حتى الآن.

وجدد المندوب الصيني رفض بلاده لأي جهود أو أقوال من شأنها عرقلة مهمة أنان لافتا إلى أن ضرورة البدء بإرسال المراقبين بأسرع وقت أمر مهم بعد التقدم والنجاح الذي حققته جهود أنان.

وأعرب المندوب الصيني عن أمله بأن تحترم بعثة المراقبين بشكل كامل سيادة سورية وتعمل وفق التفويض الصادر إليها من مجلس الأمن وأن تلتزم معايير الموضوعية والحيادية وتعمل من أجل وقف العنف في سورية داعيا الحكومة السورية وجميع الأطراف ذات العلاقة إلى التعاون مع بعثة المراقبين

‘Muslim Brotherhood tool of CIA…James Corbett



CIA and the MB


A tool of CIA and the Devil itself!Bloody monsters who live in pre-historical time and act also in sponsor the Syrian terrorists too!
Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators have once again engulfed Cairo’s Tahrir Square in protest against the ruling military council. The rally involves supporters from exact opposite ends of the political spectrum, with secular activists rubbing shoulders with Islamists. To discuss this latest display of civil unrest, joining me now is James Corbett, a political analyst with a special interest in the Arab uprisings.

بينما يجري الأطاحة بالمدعومين من الولايات المتحدة في جميع أنحاء شمال أفريقيا والشرق الأوسط أو هزتهم احتجاجات شعبية، تتصارع واشنطن مع مسألة حاسمة في السياسة الخارجية: كيفية التعامل مع جماعة الإخوان المسلمين القوية ولكن غير الشفافه. في مصر، اتخذت جماعة الاخوان المسلمين جزءا قويا على نحو متزايد في الاحتجاجات، واصدرت بيانا الخميس يدعو الى استقالة مبارك فورا. وعلى الرغم من أنه ليس من الواضح ما هو الدور الذي سيتعين على الإخوان لعبه في حال تنحى الرئيس مبارك، والرئيس المصري قد يدعي ان الامر سيستغرق أكثر. في أي حال، فإن الحركة من المرجح أن تكون لاعبا رئيسيا في أي حكومة انتقالية.

الصحفيين والمحللين وزنوها بالفعل في مع المشورة بشأن مواطن القوة ومخاطر هذه الحركة ذات ال83 عاما ، التي لها فروع وطنية مختلفة وهي القوة المعارضة الأكثر فعالية في الواقع في كل من هذه البلدان. ويتساءل البعض كيف سيعامل الاخوان إسرائيل، أو إذا كانت حقا قد تخلت عن العنف. الأكثر بما في ذلك إدارة أوباما، يتصورون في الغرب انها حركة ويمكن التعامل معها، حتى لو كان البيت الأبيض ينفي اي اتصالات رسمية.
إذا كان هذا النقاش يثير شعورا بتكرار الحدث، وذلك لأنه على مدى الستين عاما الماضية كان لدينا من قبل مرات عديدة، مع نتائج مماثلة تقريبا. منذ 1950s، ضربت الولايات المتحدة سرا حول التحالفات مع الإخوان أو فروعها في قضايا متنوعة مثل محاربة الشيوعية، وتهدئة التوترات بين المسلمين الأوروبيين. وإذا نظرنا إلى التاريخ، يمكننا أن نرى نموذجا مألوفا: في كل مرة، يقرر قادة الولايات المتحدة أن جماعة الإخوان المسلمين يمكن أن تكون مفيدة ويحاولوا تطويعها إلى الأهداف الأميركية، ي كل مرة، وربما ليس من المستغرب، الحزب الوحيد الذي قد استفاد بوضوح هو جماعة الإخوان المسلمين.

كيف يمكن للأميركيين أن يجهلوا هذا التاريخ؟ مزيج من التمني والهاجس الوطني مع التكتم، والذي يحوطه تعامل الحكومة الامريكية واسع النطاق مع الإخوان.
بالنظر الي الرئيس ايزنهاور. في عام 1953، في العام قبل حظرالإخوان من قبل عبد الناصر، نفذ برنامج سري للدعاية للولايات المتحدة برئاسة وكالة الإعلام الأميركية تمثل في جلب أكثر من ثلاث دزينات من العلماء الإسلاميين والقادة المدنيين معظمهم من البلدان المسلمة لما كان رسميا مؤتمر أكاديمي في جامعة برنستون. وكان السبب الحقيقي وراء هذا الاجتماع محاولة لإقناع الزوار بقوة أميركا الروحية والأخلاقية، حيث كان يعتقد أن يتمكنوا من التأثير على الرأي المسلم العام أفضل من حكامهم المتحجرين. وكان الهدف النهائي هو تعزيز جدول أعمال مكافحة الشيوعية في هذه البلدان المستقلة حديثا، وكثير منها كان به أغلبية مسلمة.

As US-backed strongmen around North Africa and the Middle East are being toppled or shaken by popular protests, Washington is grappling with a crucial foreign-policy issue: how to deal with the powerful but opaque Muslim Brotherhood. In Egypt, the Brotherhood has taken an increasingly forceful part in the protests, issuing a statement Thursday calling for Mubarak’s immediate resignation. And though it is far from clear what role the Brotherhood would have should Mubarak step down, the Egyptian president has been claiming it will take over. In any case, the movement is likely to be a major player in any transitional government.

Journalists and pundits are already weighing in with advice on the strengths and dangers of this 83-year-old Islamist movement, whose various national branches are the most potent opposition force in virtually all of these countries. Some wonder how the Brotherhood will treat Israel, or if it really has renounced violence. Most—including the Obama administration —seem to think that it is a movement the West can do business with, even if the White House denies formal contacts.

If this discussion evokes a sense of déjà vu, this is because over the past sixty years we have had it many times before, with almost identical outcomes. Since the 1950s, the United States has secretly struck up alliances with the Brotherhood or its offshoots on issues as diverse as fighting communism and calming tensions among European Muslims. And if we look to history, we can see a familiar pattern: each time, US leaders have decided that the Brotherhood could be useful and tried to bend it to America’s goals, and each time, maybe not surprisingly, the only party that clearly has benefited has been the Brotherhood.

How can Americans be unaware of this history? Credit a mixture of wishful thinking and a national obsession with secrecy, which has shrouded the US government’s extensive dealings with the Brotherhood.

Consider President Eisenhower. In 1953, the year before the Brotherhood was outlawed by Nasser, a covert US propaganda program headed by the US Information Agency brought over three dozen Islamic scholars and civic leaders mostly from Muslim countries for what officially was an academic conference at Princeton University. The real reason behind the meeting was an effort to impress the visitors with America’s spiritual and moral strength, since it was thought that they could influence Muslims’ popular opinion better than their ossified rulers. The ultimate goal was to promote an anti-Communist agenda in these newly independent countries, many of which had Muslim majorities.

One of the leaders, according to Eisenhower’s appointment book, was “The Honorable Saeed Ramahdan, Delegate of the Muslim Brothers.”* The person in question (in more standard romanization, Said Ramadan), was the son-in-law of the Brotherhood’s founder and at the time widely described as the group’s “foreign minister.” (He was also the father of the controversial Swiss scholar of Islam, Tariq Ramadan.)

Eisenhower officials knew what they were doing. In the battle against communism, they figured that religion was a force that US could make use of Central Intelligence Agency analyses of Said Ramadan were quite blunt, calling him a “Phalangist” and a “fascist interested in the grouping of individuals for power.” But the White House went ahead and invited him anyway.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower in the Oval Office with a group of Muslim delegates, 1953. Said Ramadan is second from the right.

By the end of the decade, the CIA was overtly backing Ramadan. While it’s too simple to call him a US agent, in the 1950s and 1960s the United States supported him as he took over a mosque in Munich, kicking out local Muslims to build what would become one of the Brotherhood’s most important centers—a refuge for the beleaguered group during its decades in the wilderness. In the end, the US didn’t reap much for its efforts, as Ramadan was more interested in spreading his Islamist agenda than fighting communism. In later years, he supported the Iranian revolution and likely aided the flight of a pro-Teheran activist who murdered one of the Shah’s diplomats in Washington.

Cooperation ebbed and flowed. During the Vietnam War, US attention was focused elsewhere but with the start of the Soviet war in Afghanistan, interest in cultivating Islamists picked up again. That period of backing the mujahedeen— some of whom morphed into al-Qaeda—is well-known, but Washington continued to flirt with Islamists, and especially the Brotherhood.

In the years after the September 11 attacks, the United States initially went after the Brotherhood, declaring many of its key members to be backers of terrorism. But by Bush’s second term, the US was losing two wars in the Muslim world and facing hostile Muslim minorities in Germany, France, and other European countries, where the Brotherhood had established an influential presence. The US quietly changed its position.

The Bush administration devised a strategy to establish close relations with Muslim groups in Europe that were ideologically close to the Brotherhood, figuring that it could be an interlocutor in dealing with more radical groups, such as the home-grown extremists in Paris, London and Hamburg. And, as in the 1950s, government officials wanted to project an image to the Muslim world that Washington was close to western-based Islamists. So starting in 2005, the State Department launched an effort to woo the Brotherhood. In 2006, for example, it organized a conference in Brussels between these European Muslim Brothers and American Muslims, such as the Islamic Society of North America, who are considered close to the Brotherhood. All of this was backed by CIA analyses, with one from 2006 saying the Brotherhood featured “impressive internal dynamism, organization, and media savvy.” Despite the concerns of western allies that supporting the Brotherhood in Europe was too risky, the CIA pushed for cooperation. As for the Obama administration, it carried over some of the people on the Bush team who had helped devise this strategy.

Why the enduring interest in the Brotherhood? Since its founding in 1928 by the Egyptian schoolteacher and imam Hassan al-Banna, the Brotherhood explained their backwardness in an interesting mixture of fundamentalism and fascism (or reactionary politics and xenophobia): today’s Muslims aren’t good enough !

But the Brotherhood has been a tricky partner. In countries where it aspires to join the political mainstream, it renounces the use of violence locally. Hence the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt says it no longer seeks to overthrow the regime violently—although its members there think nothing of calling for Israel’s destruction. In Egypt, the Brotherhood also says it wants religious courts to enforce shariah, but at times has also said that secular courts could have final say. This isn’t to suggest that its moderation is just for show, but it’s fair to say that the Brotherhood has only partially embraced  In Egypt, the Brotherhood, after a slow start, has become a key player in the anti-government coalition; on Thursday, the new vice president, Omar Suleiman, invited the Brotherhood for talks. In Jordan, where the group is legal, King Abdullah met with the Brotherhood for the first time in a decade. And in Tunis, the Islamist opposition leader Rachid Ghanouchi, who has been a pillar of the Brotherhood’s European network, recently returned home from his London exile.

Bomber Erdugan

Bomber Erduganعندما يرسل الرئيس بشار الاسد جيشه لمواجهة العصابات المسلحة و حماية المواطنين و اعادة الامن و الاستقرار للمناطق السورية فانه يتهم بالدكتاتورية و الارهاب , لكن عندما يرسل مأمور النظام العالمي اي السيد اردوغان طائراته الحربية لقصف حزب العمال الكردستاني فان لا احد يعترض و يعتبر ذلك دفاعا مشروعا عن النفس. لقد حصل اردوغان […]

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  • Ieri un gruppo terroristico armato ha fatto esplodere un ordigno al passaggio delle forze dell’ordine sulla strada che collega Al Mastouma con Idlib. Nell’attentato hanno trovato la morte  sei agenti, tra cui un tenente, e sono stati feriti sei ufficiali.
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par Bahar Kimyongur pour Investig’Action

Depuis le début du printemps syrien, le gouvernement de Damas prétend combattre des gangs terroristes. La plupart des médias occidentaux dénoncent, dans cette thèse, une propagande d’Etat servant à justifier sa répression contre le mouvement de contestation. S’il est évident que celle-ci tombe comme du pain béni pour l’Etat baassiste de réputation peu accueillante envers les mouvements d’opposition qui échappent à son contrôle, elle n’en est pas fausse pour autant. Plusieurs éléments objectifs accréditent en effet la thèse du gouvernement syrien.

D’abord, il y a le facteur laïcité. La Syrie est en l’occurrence le dernier Etat arabe laïc. (1) Les minorités religieuses y jouissent des mêmes droits que la majorité musulmane. Pour certaines sectes sunnites championnes de la guerre contre l’Autre quel qu’il soit, la laïcité arabe et l’égalité inter-religieuse, incompatibles avec la charia, sont une injure à l’islam et rendent l’Etat syrien plus détestable…

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