Turkey=the hand of the new born Zionist Jihad

Turkey=the hand of the new born Zionist Jihad

Regarding the last developments of the ralation betweenTurkey and Syria Reuters said<>

Media cited Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu says Ankara will decide the future of Syria; an blatant interference in the internal affairs of the Arab country.
Turkish media quoted Davutoglu as saying on Friday that Turkey plays a major role in the political developments in Syria.
Reports say Ankara has established bases in Turkey to let foreign-sponsored terrorists, including members of al-Qaeda, sneak into Syria and smuggle weapons into the country.

Relations between Damascus and Ankara have deteriorated over the past months.
On June 21, the New York Times reported that a group of CIA officers are operating secretly in southern Turkey and that the agents are helping the anti-Syria governments decide which gangs inside the Arab country will receive arms to fight the Syrian government.
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad told the Turkish Cumhuriyet daily in an interview in early July that Turkey “has supplied all logistic support to the terrorists who have killed our people.”

But Turkey’s history in sponsoring the different terrorist groups of Al Qaeda does not start with Syria

The newspaper Al-Hayat:Turkey allowed weapons to be smuggled to Al Qaeda forces in Iraq

The newspaper reports that it has gotten hold of classified official documents that prove that the the Turkish authorities allowed money and weapons to pass across Turkey’s border with Iraq, en route to Al Qaeda terrorists in Iraq.In addition, the documents show that Turkey was involved both directly and indirectly in carrying out terror acts in Iraq, including the blowing up of a bridge in Baghdad.One of the reports mentioned by Al Hayat is an intelligence cable that appears to have been sent by an American intelligence agency. The cable says: “Large amounts of water have arrived from Turkey, large waves will hit Baghdad in a few hours. Some people are widening the irrigation canals.”This message is believed to refer to the arrival of weapons from Turkey, that were intended for terror and warfare in Baghdad. Al Hayat also says that the documents show that ammunition seized in a terrorist’s apartment in Iraq in 2009 bore the markings “made in Turkey.”

The US is mounting a diplomatic damage control campaign as it prepares for the release of the documents. State Department Spokesman PJ Crowley said “These revelations are harmful to the United States and our interests. They are going to create tension in relationships between our diplomats and our friends around the world.”Crowley said the release of secret communications about foreign governments will likely the cause the US embarrassment and damage relations with other countries. “When this confidence is betrayed and ends up on the front pages of newspapers or lead stories on television or radio, it has an impact,” he said.

In the 1980’s the CIA commenced a vast covert operation to arm the anti-Soviet Mujahideen factions in Afghanistan as a means of turning this Central Asian country into a Vietnam-style quagmire. In forging this dangerous new transnational holy warrior movement, the CIA brought together such unlikely comrades in arms as the Islamic Brotherhood, Egypt’s Anwar Sadat, the Israeli Mossad, the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence, the Saudi royal family, and Islamic charities such as the International Islamic Relief Organization.

In overcoming the differences that had long divided them, tens of thousands of Arabs from Algeria to Arabia left their homes to fight shoulder to shoulder against the Soviet-atheist invaders of the Dar al-Islam (Realm of Islam), often with logistic support from such strange bedfellows as the Israeli Mossad and American CIA!A background assessment of this understudied conflict presents unique insights into the ways in which pre-existing conflicts between Arab-sponsored fundamentalists and secular ones!During the 1980s, the Saudi Istikhabarat (Secret Service), working in conjunction with several Saudi charities, the Pakistani ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence),
a CIA, channeled tens of millions of dollars and thousands of young Arab fighters from Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Morocco, Egypt and elsewhere to the battlefields of Afghanistan. In the Dar al-Harb (Abode of War), these international holy warriors waged jihad (holy war) against the Ex Soviet Union.While the US was sending millions of dollars to finance the anti-Soviet mujahideen, (holy warriors) the Saudis (with the active support of the Islamist leader of Pakistan, Zia al Haq) used their money to not only arm the mujahideen, but to disseminate their Wahhabi version of Islam This latter policy of supporting the spread of Taliban-style fundamentalism to neighboring regions, such as Kashmir and Uzbekistan, actually began in the early 1990s. As early as 1992, Arab Wahhabi missionaries and Arab mujahideen veterans from Afghanistan began to disseminate both Qu’rans and AK-47 machine guns throughout the region.
For influence in Central Eurasia has pitted Saudi-style Wahhabi Salafi fundamentalists against indigenous secularists:Sufi-mystics in a transcontinental battle costing tens of thousands of lives. While largely overlooked outside of this region, this bloody struggle has surged across Eurasia, from the Pamir Mountains of Tajikistan and the Kashmir Vale in the Himalayas, to the mountain villages of the
secessionist statelet of Chechnya and the war scorched plains of Kosovo.This struggle for power and the nature of Islam in the heartlands of Eurasia has been especially bloody in the plains of northern Afghanistan (the Uzbek, Tajik, and Hazara lands around Mazar-i Sharif), Kashmir, eastern Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan, as well as the small ethno-republics of the Russian Federation’s north Caucasian flank (Chechnya, Ingushetia, and Dagestan in particular).Islamic morality and identity were sustained in this period of state sponsored atheism only by the folk Islam of the Sufi-mystics but Wahhabi or Salafi missionaries from the extremist religiously states of the Arab Gulf,Arabic fundamentalist Islam and militant jihadism were to threaten the traditional ethnic, political, and religious order. Most alarmingly, the extremists among them the world’s most wanted terrorist, Osama bin Laden, and his global jihadi movement.The export of this alien Wahhabi form of Islam throughout Eurasia in the late 1980s and 90s was the natural outgrowth of a historic process of forced proselytizing that actually commenced in the late 18th century with the founding of Saudi Arabia.
This form of Islam was carried throughout the deserts of Arabia with fire and sword by an army of fanatical warriors known as the Ikhwan (Brotherhood).
In the late 19thand early 20th centuries, Saud’s fanatical militant Ikhwan holy warriors organized raiding parties for attacking the neighboring lands (such as Mandate Iraq, where they destroyed Shiite shrines, or the Hijaz, where they cleansed Mecca and Medina of their ancient religious edifices). The Ikhwan raiders forcefully spread their version of Islam so it gave birth to the global export of a new form of militancy that mixed Saudi Wahhabi militantfundamentalism of the earlier Ikhwan with a newly codified Egyptian revival of the Medieval jihad.
Since Sept. 11th, Vladimir Putin prtrayed the plot to the US-led war on terrorism,Al-Qaeda terrorists’ . In the ex Yugoslav province of Kosovo, which was protected by NATO,Arab volunteer militants, for example grafted the concept of jihad to the Albanian Kosovo Liberation Army’s struggle against the Orthodox Serbs in 1999 and to spread their Wahhabi beliefs.The fighters of the KLA were able to rely on NATO air support while in other corners of Asia US Green Berets, for example, have participated in trainand-equip missions in the Republic of Georgia’s Pankisi Gorge, Uzbekistan’s deserts, and the jungles of the southern Philippine islands of Jolo and Basilan. US Special Forces are also operating in tribal zones in eastern Afghanistan, northern Yemen, and Iraqi Kurdistan WHILE spokesmen in Moscow, Tashkent, New Delhi, or Dushanbe linked the nebulous Al-Qaeda style with the ‘ International Extremist Islamic Terrorism ’
Turkey joined a vast covert operation, one that had the tacit support of the CIA and U.S. military, to send hundreds of Afghan-Arabs to Bosnia to assist their operations against the Serbs/ the arrival of Arab-Afghans in Europe that globalized the operations of the Afghan brotherhoods and led to the eventual formation of the al-Qaeda transnational terrorist network. In Turkey itself it created a growing network of Turkish Islamists who supported oppressed front-line Muslims with links to the Ottoman Empire (there was less interest in other causes such as those of Palestinian or Kashmir). This support came in the form of zakat (Muslim tithe) funds and a small number of volunteer fighters.
But at no time the Muslim jurist approve of terrorism. Nor indeed is there is no evidence of the use of terrorism in Islamic tradition of the Holy Coran Muslims are commanded not to kill women, children, or the aged, not to torture or otherwise ill-treat prisoners, to give fair warning of the opening of hostilities, and to honor agreements. Similarly, the laws of Jihad categorically preclude wanton and indiscriminate slaughter. The warriors in the holy war are urged not to harm non-combatants, women and children, “unless they attack you first.” A point on which they insist is the need for a clear declaration of war before beginning hostilities, and for proper warning before resuming hostilities after a truce. What the classical jurists of Islam never remotely considered is the kind of unprovoked, unannounced mass slaughter of uninvolved civil populations as we have seen in the past months in Syria,before every meeting of UN and as a reason for its enemies to follow their plans!So we saw :Jsr Shoughur,Assi bridge in Hama,Karm il Zeitoun in Homs,Midan and Qazaz in Damascus,Aleppo ,Hula in Homs,Tremseh in Hama and we all pray to Allah to protect against these Turkish trained and sponsored criminal militias ,the citizens of Aleppo as the guerrillas have already showed kidnapped persons there!
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on July 27, “We must do what we can together in the United Nations Security Council, and also in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Arab League, to make sure that we can make some important progress in trying to avert this appalling situation”,but” forgot” to mention continous sponsorship of those carying such massacres
Rajab Tayib Erdogan, this man who always talk from the must of Islamic duty a member of the extremist Muslims Brotherhood, who is described by loyal media as an anti Zionist (the war of words to lie the masses) but who built a cooperation relationship with zionists,cooperation in all fields with Israhell and NATO ,in the past several weeks, had been increasing Turkey’s actions agaist Syrian people as appearing on prominent jihadi forums and over online news websites regarding the influx of foreign jihadis to Syria, on their way to participate in the fighting against Syrians.
According to the testimony of the influx of refugees in Syria began peforming the action that caused the Jsr Shoughour massacre as a “predecessor Jihad” of the groups, particularly from the Gulf, including Saudi Arabia and Qatar which suported with capital.
The ArabGulf kingdoms opened their armories to theterrorists bruary, Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal raised the FSA’s hopes when he said that arming Assad’s opponents was “an excellent idea

The officers were ambushed by armed gangs the northern city of Jisr al-Shughour
Though the Western press portrays the Free Syrian Army as an armed revolutionary group, for more than a year Thierry Meyssan has affirmed that it is on the contrary a counter-revolutionary body. According to him, it would have progressively passed from the hands of reactionary monarchies in the Gulf to those of Turkey, acting for NATO. .

Under Turkish umbrella and Western Intelligence’s command the Salafi Jihadists had military training as “military trained volunteers participating in the Salafi-jihadist groups in Iraq, Libya, Yemen and parts of jihad, such as are given by the jihadis so to know how to use more than a single weapon but many weapons and bomb-making experts in the know-how. ” “Libyans, mujahediin entered Idlib through Turkey to analyze the” situation”. Weapons in the hands of the locals were considered insufficient Mujahideen against the Syrian regime, so Libyans, had the decision of the introduction of modern weapons to Syria which Libya sent to Syria through Lebanon! But the terrorists in Syria did not get the desired weapons as it were confiscated by the Lebanese army in Lutfalah II.
Cebhetun Nusra: (Nusret Front)

Abu Muhammad al-Fatih al-Cebhetun Nusra’da allegiance led by Colani is essential. Mujahideen entered Nusra’ya, their allegiance to their commanders. Here, the instructions must be fulfilled. For example, which is directly connected to al-Qaeda leader Cebhetun Nusra’nın the mujahadeen from someone “live bombs” where Mujahedin are required to fulfill these instructions.
It began operations in December 2011 : Cebhetun Nusra, announced that the tragedies from Damascus and Aleppo, were organized acts of suicide bomber who targeted the security forces. Actions, resulted in nearly 200 civilians killed and hundreds who were injured. Cebhetun Nusra actions also Idlib, Deir Ez Zor Daraa and had a number of attacks on the Syrian military forces

Tukish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan ,after Syrian forces shot down a Turkish warplane within Syrian airspace while it tested the Syrian air defense,at the Mediterranean coast ordered his armed forces to react to any threat from Syria near the border.NATO member states, summoned by Turkey to an urgent meeting in Brussels, condemned Syria over the incident as Western alliance called the incident “unacceptable” but stopped short of threatening retaliation.Also he came ut all guns blazing on Turkish TV; “We will not allow a terrorist group to establish camps in northern Syria and threaten Turkey.” referring to the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party (PYD) – affiliated with the PKK; after a quiet deal with the Assad regime in Damascus, the PYD is now in control of key areas in northeast Syria.

So Ankara may provide logistics to tens of thousands of Syria’s NATO “rebels” – which include plenty of hardcore Arab “insurgents” formerly known as terrorists; but as long as Syrian Kurds – which are part of the Syrian opposition – demonstrate some independence, they immediately revert to being considered “terrorists”

LIZZIE PHELAN: The moral logic of Angry Arab

LIZZIE PHELAN: The moral logic of Angry Arab: By Amal Saad-Ghorayeb And just when you thought Angry Arab’s analysis on Syria couldn’t get any sillier, he surprise..

The moral logic of Angry Arab

And just when you thought Angry Arab’s analysis on Syria couldn’t get any sillier, he surprises you with more simplistic and infantile analysis here. He argues:
“Hezbollah has decided that his enemies (US, Saudi Arabia, and Israel) have basically took over the cause of ridding Syrians of the Assad regime from the Syrian armed and unarmed opposition.”
Really? Hizbullah “has decided”? Because the Israeli-GCC-NATO role in steering the proxy militias otherwise known as the “armed Syrian opposition” is a figment of their imagination. Right. I urge him to read, not alternative media, but mainstream media for a reality check.
“The alliance with the regime and the extraction of political and military benefits exceeded other humanitarian considerations.”
Other “humanitarian” considerations? What is more humanitarian than protecting Syria and the region as a whole from the colonizers’ grip? What is more humanitarian than rejecting the sectarian bloodshed that the agents of destruction have sown? What is more humanitarian than defending Lebanon and Palestine from the cancer in our midst, Israel? What is more humanitarian than pursuing the liberation of Palestine?
“If Hezbollah feels it can only choose the side that is opposed to Israel, it should know that it has alienated a large section of the Syrian people.”
So according to his cost-benefit calculus, Hizbullah should sacrifice Syria’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity not to mention Lebanon’s security and the future of Palestine because this alienates the not insignificant minority of misled Syrians who have been fed a steady diet of Qatari-Saudi-American misinformation, happen to believe they are better served by the their colonial masters than by the resistance axis?
“While Hezbollah is right, from its standpoint, to be most focused on its supply line from Syria and on the military support it has received from the regime. It has to know that support from the people of Syria lasts far longer than support from a regime that sooner or later will go down.”
So the other Syrian people , who otherwise constitute the majority if we must talk numbers, don’t figure into Angry’s pseudo-moral arithmetic. And maintaining the support of a segment of one country’s population is more strategically beneficial to a resistance movement than supporting a government whose fall who would spell the end of Palestine and Hizbullah as a resistance movement. But have no fear Hizbullah, the Syrian oppositionists allied with Israel will secure the weapons’ flow for your resistance and ensure Gaza is well armed for the next Israeli invasion. How do we know this? Because Angry Arab says so. From California no less.
“But Hezbollah has yet again displayed disregard for the suffering of the Syrian people. How could Nasrallah express sympathy for the dead henchmen of the regime – even if they rendered services to Hezbollah in its fight against Israel – and not express sympathy for the any of the civilian victims of the regime? Hezbollah, like all allies of the Syrian regime in Lebanon from the Phalanges in 1976 to Jumblatt and Hariri and many others, never really expressed concerns for the welfare of the Syrian people.”
So basically, Hizbullah’s fear of sectarian warfare , it’s fear of NATO and Israeli military intervention, and all the other plans being hatched by Empire are not an expression of sympathy for the Syrian people. Because people don’t die of imperialism, only of “authoritarianism”. And as for comparing this paragon of justice and self-sacrifice, a man who sacrificed his own son, Hadi,  for the  cause of Palestine, with the despicable collaborators and slaves of Israel and the US like Jumblatt and Hariri, what can one respond within the bounds of “civilized” discourse beyond shame ? Shame, shame, shame on your petty, colonized, self-serving little mind. Spare us your public mea culpa’s “I was wrong” (see his recent post here) when you clearly never learn from your mistakes. You were wrong then and you are wrong now. 


The US-NATO War on Syria: Western Naval Forces Confront Russia Off the Syrian Coastline?

The US-NATO War on Syria: Western Naval Forces Confront Russia Off the Syrian Coastline?ars choose us. ‘Military planners have a responsibility to prepare for intervention options in Syria for their political masters in case this conflict chooses them. ‘Preparation will be proceeding today in several Western capitals and on the ground in Syria and in Turkey. ‘Up to the point of Assad’s collapse, we are most likely to see a continuation or intensification of the under-the-radar options of financial support, arming and advising the rebels, clandestine operations and perhaps cyber warfare from the West. ‘After any collapse, however, the military options will be seen in a different light.’ (Daily Mail, July 24, 2012, emphasis added)

Concluding Remarks
The World is at a dangerous crossroads. The shape of this planned naval deployment in the Eastern Mediterranean with US-NATO warships contiguous to those of Russia is unprecedented in recent history.  
History tells us that wars are often triggered unexpectedly as a result of “political mistakes” and human error. The latter are all the more likely within the realm of a divisive and corrupt political system in the US and Western Europe.
US-NATO military planning is overseen by a centralised military hierarchy. Command and Control operations are in theory “coordinated” but in practice they are often marked by human error. Intelligence operatives often function independently and outside the realm of political accountability.
Military planners are acutely aware of the dangers of escalation. Syria has significant air defense capabilities as well as ground forces. Syria has been building up its air defense system with the delivery of Russian Pantsir S1 air-defense missiles.
Any form of US-NATO direct military intervention against Syria would destabilize the entire region, potentially leading to escalation over a vast geographical area, extending from the Eastern Mediterranean to the Afghanistan-Pakistan border with Tajikistan and China.
Military planning involves intricate scenarios and war games by both sides including military options pertaining to advanced weapons systems. A Third World War scenario has been contemplated by US-NATO-Israeli military planners since early 2000. 
Escalation is an integral part of the military agenda. War preparations to attack Syria and Iran have been in “an advanced state of readiness” for several years.
We are dealing with complex political and strategic decision-making involving the interplay of powerful economic interest groups, the actions of covert intelligence operatives.
The role of war propaganda is paramount not only in moulding public opinion into accepting a war agenda, but also in establishing a consensus within the upper echelons of the decision-making process. A selective form of war propaganda intended for “Top Officials” in government agencies, intelligence, the Military, law enforcement, etc. is intended to create an unbending consensus in favor of war and the Police State.
For the war project to go ahead, it is essential that both politicians and military planners are rightfully committed to leading the war “in the name of justice and democracy”. For this to occur, they must firmly believe in their own propaganda, namely that war is an instrument of peace and democracy.
They have no concern for the devastating impacts of advanced weapons systems, routinely categorized as “collateral damage”, let alone the meaning and significance of pre-emptive warfare, using nuclear weapons.
Wars are invariably decided upon by civilian leaders and interest groups rather than by the military. War serves dominant economic interests which operate from behind the scenes, behind closed doors in corporate boardrooms, in the Washington think tanks, etc.
War propaganda, namely media lies, constitutes the most powerful instrument of warfare.
Without media disinformation, the US-NATO led war agenda would collapse like a deck of cards. The legitimacy of  the war criminals in high office would be broken.
It is therefore essential to disarm not only the mainstream media but also a segment of the self proclaimed “progressive” alternative media, which has provided legitimacy to NATO’s “Responsibility to protect” (R2P)  mandate, largely with a view to dismantling the antiwar movement.  
The road to Tehran goes through Damascus. A US-NATO sponsored war on Iran would involve, as a first step, the destabilization of Syria as a nation state. Military planning pertaining to Syria is an integral part of the war on Iran agenda. 
A war on Syria could evolve towards a US-NATO military campaign directed against Iran, in which Turkey and Israel would be directly involved.

It is crucial to spread the word and break the channels of media disinformation.

A critical and unbiased understanding of what is happening in Syria is of crucial importance in reversing the tide of military escalation towards a broader regional war.
Our objective is ultimately to dismantle the US-NATO-Israeli military arsenal and restore World Peace.  

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SYRIA: NATO’s Next “Humanitarian” War?

– by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky – 2012-08-15
ONLINE INTERACTIVE I-BOOK. The insurgency in Syria is based on the “Libya Model”: it is integrated by mercenaries and Al Qaeda affiliated paramilitary brigades supported by British, French and Turkish Special Forces…

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WWIII Scenario

“This book is a ‘must’ resource – a richly documented and systematic diagnosis of the supremely pathological geo-strategic planning of US wars since ‘9-11’ against non-nuclear countries to seize their oil fields and resources under cover of ‘freedom and democracy’.”John McMurtry, Professor of Philosophy, Guelph University

“In a world where engineered, pre-emptive, or more fashionably “humanitarian” wars of aggression have become the norm, this challenging book may be our final wake-up call.”
-Denis Halliday, Former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations
Michel Chossudovsky exposes the insanity of our privatized war machine. Iran is being targeted with nuclear weapons as part of a war agenda built on distortions and lies for the purpose of private profit. The real aims are oil, financial hegemony and global control. The price could be nuclear holocaust. When weapons become the hottest export of the world’s only superpower, and diplomats work as salesmen for the defense industry, the whole world is recklessly endangered. If we must have a military, it belongs entirely in the public sector. No one should profit from mass death and destruction.
Ellen Brown, author of ‘Web of Debt’ and president of the Public Banking Institute