THREE BLIND MINDS / THE DICTATORS’ HEAVEN. The three Arab dictators whom no one mentions enjoy the full security and safety that is provided by the world order to their stooges in the Gulf countries . These stooges have nothing to fear, neither revolutions , nor invasions , nor sanctions , not International trials; they […]


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Syria solution?-News Analysis-03-27-2012 PressTVGlobalNews

Syrian government has accepted the international peace plan in an effort to put an end to the yearlong West, Saudi-backed unrest inside the country.

A political analyst says that the armed groups backed by US allies, such as Turkey and the Persian Gulf kingdoms of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, are unlikely to accept the international peace plan, for their plan is to destabilize Syria in order to topple the legitimate president of the country.

Buffer zone along Syrian border, national suicide for Turkey’

Buffer zone along Syrian border, national suicide for Turkey’

‘Buffer zone along Syrian border, national suicide for Turkey’
Tue Mar 27, 2012 3:33PM GMT'Buffer%20zone%20along%20Syrian%20border,%20national%20suicide%20for%20Turkey%E2%80%99%20:%20&url=

Interview with Webster Griffin Tarpley, author and historian


This is an act of incalculable folly on the part of [Turkish] Prime Minister Erdogan and Foreign Minister [Ahmet] Davutoglu… The so-called buffer zone is a euphemism for an act of war that means occupying a strip of Syrian territory. The idea being that the NATO-backed death squads along with their fellow travelers, the various deserters and fanatics and other people, mercenaries that they have accumulated would then use that buffer zone for further actions against Syria… It is a national suicide for Turkey if they do it.”

Members of the Syrian opposition say Turkey has promised them to establish a buffer zone on the Turkish-Syrian border.

On Monday, Syrian opposition groups gathered in Istanbul, ahead of the second so-called “Friends of Syria” meeting which will be held in Turkey on April 1. 

Turkey shares a 900-kilometer border with Syria. It has allowed thousands of Syrian gunmen to take shelter and regroup on its soil. 

Damascus has been grappling with year-long unrest that has claimed thousands of lives– including those of its security forces. The opposition blames the deaths on the government, however; Damascus holds foreign-backed armed gangs responsible. 

Press TV has interviewed Webster Griffin Tarpley, author and historian from Washington, to further discuss the issue. Below is a rough transcription of the interview. 

Press TV: Some analysts believe that a buffer zone would be a declaration of war on the part of the Turkish government as it would require the militarization of the border area. Do you agree with that assessment? 

Tarpley: I think that is right and that maybe even understanding the danger. This is an act of incalculable folly on the part of [Turkish] Prime Minister Erdogan and Foreign Minister [Ahmet] Davutoglu. 

I have been looking at reports from the Associated Press, from Reuters, the Washington Post, all suggesting that there has been a meeting between Obama and Erdogan on the occasion of that conference on Controlling Nuclear Materials in South Korea and that some kind of a deal has been struck in this direction. We should be very clear. 

The so-called buffer zone is a euphemism for an act of war that means occupying a strip of Syrian territory. The idea being that the NATO-backed death squads along with their fellow travelers, the various deserters and fanatics and other people, mercenaries that they have accumulated would then use that buffer zone for further actions against Syria. 

But if you do that, of course you have simply moved the line and at that point, it would become a fighting front and if the Syrians shoot back, they would be shooting against the Turkish forces. So it is a big step towards war maybe not automatically but one or two steps further down the road, you can see a war. 

I recall a conversation I had last November in Beirut with General [Michel] Aoun of Lebanon, a very experienced military man. He pointed out that Turkey is the last country in the world that should be looking for foreign adventures like this. 

They have one split which is between the political parties which are Islamic and the generals which are secular. But they have also got a 25 percent of their population who are Kurds. Now if it looks like Syria is going to break up and be attacked by NATO, the Kurds will rise in rebellion and that rebellion will spread into Turkey and Turkey would be most targeted by that rebellion. 

Press TV: Some critics have drawn parallels between the autonomy of Iraq’s Kurdistan region after the US occupation and what is now happening in Syria, as most rebels are from a Kurdish background. Would you also say that this may be step-two in Western plans for propping up a pro-US Kurdish state in the region? 

Tarpley: If you have got a de facto Kurdish entity in northern Iraq, a de facto Kurdish entity in northern Syria, then there is going to be a gravitational pole on the Kurds in Turkey to join that, to say nothing of Iran and you can see through this what the goal of the imperialist is. 

The adventurism and the lunacy of the imperialist has reached a new height. The rebellion in Syria has essentially been defeated. The Syrian army is now in the process of mopping up these NATO-backed death squads and the fellow travelers. That has happened in Homs; it has happened in Idlib; it has happened Daraa; it has happened also along that Iraq to Syria border. 

But now in some bid to snatch something from the jaws of defeat, Obama and Hillary Clinton seem to be shooting the works but they are doing it at Turkish expense. This is the key thing. This is known as buck passing. This is essentially playing Turkey against Syria and possibly other countries with the goal of destroying all of them. 

This is the kind of thing that Zbigniew Brzezinski is noted for. Do not have the US attack Syria or some other countries maybe Iran but get Turkey to do it and then you can arbitrate the entire thing. You can destroy all of the parties involved which is ultimately the goal of imperialism. 

Press TV: All this is being done in preparation of the ‘Friends of Syria’ meeting to be held soon. What can we expect to see coming out of it other than just pledges and promises of support for Syrian armed groups? 

Tarpley: The last ‘Friends of Syria’ conference we had was in Tunis and that was a debacle. Right as everybody said, with friends like that, Syria does not need enemies. It is an ‘Enemies of Syria’ conference. 

The previous one failed because the goal was really to get up a hysteria in favor of an armed intervention against Syria that failed. Now this time the pressure will be even greater. What you can look for is a bidding war of inflationary body counts among the forces of the Syrian national council, the coordination, the observatory, the free Syrian army. 

All of them are going to be pumping up their estimates of how many people have gotten killed to try to create a world hysteria that would then push the Turks into the step. It is a national suicide for Turkey if they do it. Ataturk would have known that. 

The Kurd-Turkish leadership scorns Ataturk. If they had followed his wisdom, they would not be in this situation and they need to pull back. 

History of Rule in Qatar (Addounia TV report – Video)

History of Rule in Qatar (Addounia TV report – Video)

Ruling family tree in Qatar
Shiekh Muhammad Bin Thani Al-Thani is the top of the ruling family tree in Qatar, according to the emirate history.
Succeeded by shiekh Qasim Bin Muhammad Al-Thani. After him, shiekh Abdullah Bin Kasem Al-Thani took over the emirate ruling.
Shiekh Abdullah had three sons: Shiekh Hassan Bin Abdullah Al-Thani, Shiekh Hamad Bin Abdullah Al-Thani, who is the grandfather of the current Qatar ruler “shiekh Hamad”.
As for the third, he is shiekh Ali Bin Abdullah Al-Thani.
Between those two, started the story of the coup in Al-Thani family.
The beginning of the coup story in Qatar.
The story began when shiekh Hamad Bin Abdullah Al-Thani appointed his brother Ali as his successor, as he is better than his son “Khalifa”.
But the brother “Ali” left the rule for his son “Ahmad”, and did not return it to his nephew “Khalifa”.
That was the shift that resulted later in the series of family coups, that ended now in the reaching of shiekh “Hamad” -the current ruler- for the emirate chair, After overthrowing his father “Khalifa Bin Hamad Al-Thani” in 1995.
When Qatar gained its independence from UK in 1971, the sheikhdom was ruled by shiekh “Ahmad Bin Ali Al-Thani” whose father granted him the emirate, instead of returning it to his nephew “Khalifa” as was expected.
Instead, it was settled to appoint “Khalifa” as a successor. Yet he did not content with that, so he overthrown his cousin in a military coup.
Then he reinforced his rule by handing over the aspects of the state to his sons.
The position of the current Qatari prince “shiekh Hamad” among his brothers.
Shiekh Khalifa Bin Hamad Al-Thani has 18 children (13 daughters and 5 sons).
Shiekh “Hamad”, the current ruler of the country.
Shiekh Abdullaziz and Shiekh Abdullah.
Shiekh Muhammad and shiekh Jasem.
Shiekh “Hamad” was “Khalifa’s” elder son, and less interested in his education and study.
He finished secondary school very hard, and through a princely mediation.
Then he was sent to “Sandhurst Military Academy” in UK.
Hamad was unable finish studying in this college, as he was dismissed after 9 month
Yet he returned to Qatar with the rank of “General”!!
And after his arrival, he became the army leader .. then crown prince in 1971.
The marriage of shiekh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani
Shiekh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani married three times.
His first marriage was to his cousin Mariam Bint Muhammad Al-Thani… two sons (Mishaal and Fahd).
His second marriage was from Moza Bint Naser Al-Musned.. her children (Tamim, Hind, Mayasa, Jasem, Jawa’an, Khalifa and Mhmd).
His third marriage was from his cousin Norah Bint Khaled Al-Thani.. her children (Khaled, Abdullah, Muhammad, Khalifa and Kaakaa).
Marrying off Hamad to Moza bint Naser Al-Musned was a political deal with a privilege between Khalifa and Musned families.
A deal that limits the ambitions of Musned family.
Naser Al-Musned was a fierce opponent to the rule of Khalifa family.
So there was the marriage of Hamad and Mosa in return of irregular privileges and authorities that were granted to Musned family.
As this marriage was a deal that restrained Musned family dreams in the emirate chair on the near extend, it was at the same time the “knockout” to the rule of Khalifa conclusively, on the somewhat far extend.
A marriage that overturned the family history.
Shiekha Moza was not content to be only the wife of the crown prince, specially that prince Khalifa’s health was implying that he will live long.. at least theoretically.
Helping her in what she desired, was her husband’s “shiekh Hamad” ambitious in succeeding his father, and worried about his cousins influence, whom publicly declared their right to rule.
So Mosa rushed to inflame the situation for the sake of her husband, so that he takes over, before they do.
Mosa’s close position to the ruling family, as the wife of shiekh Hamad the crown prince, made her note the grandfather Khalifa’s attention to his grandson Mishaal, the son of the first wife Mariam.
As being the next ruler… specially that her husband Hamad has Kidney failure, and his death was expected at any moment.
So she had to hurry in planning and execution, before anything happen to her husband, as then the chance will be lost forever.
The sward that Mosa used.
Mosa was unable plan and execute all by herself, so she had to choose someone wise and powerful enough to carry on this mission.
This person was from the same family, shiekh Hamad Bin Jasem Bin Jaber Al-Thani, prime minister and current foreign minister.
The wife of the isolated khiekh “Khalifa” is the sister of Hamad Bin Jasem, and it was said, that the sister cut the ties with her brother, and issued an internal declaration within the family, distributed from her residence back then in Abu Dhabi.
Declaring her exempt from her brother Hamad Bin Jasem and her two sons Abdullah and Muhammad, who have joined their brother Hamad in overthrowing his father after he split the cake for everyone.
The tale of the son’s coup on his father.
Tuesday, June 27th, 1995.
Shiekh Khalifa had left Qatar to Europe on a luxury trip, similar to all the Gulf shiekhs and VIPs in the summer.
The prince had a goodbye party in Doha airport, and shiekh Hamad kissed his father’s hand with the media watching.
A kiss, which was a stamp and a seal signed by Hamad on a bill that overturned the emirate history.
Who was a crown prince, became through this kiss a prince, and who was a prince, after the kiss became nothing.
A kiss declared being the barrier between drawing the coup plan, and the start of implementing it.
The plan of the son’s coup over his father.
The TV coup!
Close sources to the father shiekh Khalifa, said: his son shiekh Hamad, invited the sheikdom’s elders, then the TV filmed them while they were shaking his hand.
From the elder’s point of view, the invitation was normal, as they didn’t know that this party and this hand shake will be presented to the public as a pledge of allegiance to the new prince.
Tuesday morning, Qatar TV disrupted its broadcast to announce declaration No.1
as what was expected…. happened.
The TV broadcasted images for the sheikhdom elders pledging their allegiance to sheikh Hamad as his father’s successor.
It was said later; that the broadcasted mute images were montaged in a way serves the idea of implying the pledge.
Which forced the media channels to describe the coup as a “TV coup”!!
Shakes after the coup earthquake.
The coup resulted in arresting 36 people who were close to father sheikh “Khalfa”.
They were sent to “Buhamoor” prison.
In February 1996, a conspiracy was discovered to overturn the new rule regime, led by sheikh Khalifa’s cousin.
It seems that Hamad’s sons (the new ruler of the country) had participated one way or another in the conspiracy, to avenge their grandfather.
That was a golden chance for Mosa, to clear the stage for her two sons, Jasem and Tamim.
She exploit it perfectly, as the old source of worry “Meshaal” the son of her first fellow wife, is now exactly in the range.
She accused him of conspiring with his grandfather on his father, i.e her husband.
So he was ousted from all his military positions, and placed under house arrest with the supervision of her son Jasem, who became the handler of all the security issues in the country, among them the Qatari intelligence service.
As for his brother Fahd, his fate was similar.
He was accused for supporting Arab Afghans, through what was called his “close relation” with Osama Bin Laden back then.
He was accused of being an extremist Islamist, and was ousted from the shields weapon, and then finally and because of his religious tendency, he was accused of madness, to be placed under house arrest.
After the failed coup attempt against his father Hamad Bin Khalifa, Who’s presence was rooted as a future prince for the country, and to crown all that, in October 1996, Mosa’s eldest son, sheikh Jasem Bin Hamad was appointed as crown prince.
Distributing the coup cake.
The coup would not have succeeded unless it was pushed by hands from within the ruling family itself.
As the wife of the displaced prince Khalifa, disavowed her brother Hamad Bin Jasem, and her two sons, Abdullah and Muhammad for participating in the plot.
So the new prince had to make a distribution that would satisfy all, averting any uncalculated turnover.
He granted the Prime Ministry to his brother Abdullah, and appointed his uncle Hamad Bin Jasem as Foreign Minister, Who became in 2003 as Prime Minister, keeping the position of foreign minister as well, after sheikh Abdulla’s resignation.
Necessary scandals..
Not accepting the reality by the displaced father, and leading a coup attempt over his son after less than one year, led to the compulsion of the son and the new prince who is trying to root his govern, sheikh Hamad to play the card of the corruption scandals against his father, which led to uncover many secrets about the regional and international relations of the emirate.
It turned out that the oil incomes goes entirely to a personal account in the prince’s name.. About 10 Million Dollars.
And less than 20% of this income is paid to the sheikdom people and its services, and the Public facilities.
It was realized also that the prince has a known share in all the companies and institutions working in the sheikdom.
And all the bribes and commissions of the treatment deals and weapons and others, go to the prince and his sons.
His sons, whom the new prince himself was supposed to be one of them and among them.
Those secrets broke out after the sons formally asked the Swiss banks to freeze his father Khalifa’s money, claiming they belong to the Sheikdom.
Playing the card of corruption by prince Hamad against his father, had achieved its business, as the real goal was not returning the country’s money to its treasury, but it was stopping the father Khalifa’s thinking about any attempt to go back to the rule.
So it was.. as it was fixed with Arab mediations, so the father pledged not committing any suspicious moves, or contact his internal supporters.
He agreed to appoint his senior assistants, who used to live an Abu Dhabi.
The road to Washington..
The coup plan’s success in the world of kingdoms and emirates, is not complete by insuring the present of the ruling father only, yet in insuring the future of the sons the crown prince’s as well.
This is exactly, what Mosa fully realized.
As her husband suffer of kidney failure, and appointing her younger son sheikh Jasem as crown prince is currently not enough.
Especially that he has many opponents and enemies.
As his brothers from his step mother are demanding their right in the emirate, and his uncle Abdulla is strong and powerful, and see himself worthy of taking over the sheikdom.
So she had to develop her relations in the milieu of the ruling family to insure the sheikdom and the emirate for her sons no others.
And paving the road to Washington with its geographical distance was politically shorter for Mosa, who doesn’t know how to play politics.
The new image of Mosa..
Mosa preceded her younger son to Washington, in his first visit to USA, after he became the crown prince.
It was said back then, that Mosa is presenting herself as a free Gulf sheika, wearing jeans, and go out without a man with her, which is not familiar neither in the Gulf nor in Qatar.
She doesn’t even wear a gown or a veil.
Results showed later that Jasem’s visit to Washington, and his mother’s visit before him, aimed for US guarantees to support the current rule militarily and politically, through the US military presence in Qatar.
But later, the facts showed that the young sheikh Jasem is not good for achieving that on the far extend.
As in 2003, sheikh Jasem gave up the crown prince position to his brother Tamim, for obscure reasons to the ruling family members.
All Washington in Qatar..
The Israeli diplomat “Sammy Ravel” , who was the president of the first office to represent the Israeli interests in Doha, between 1996 and 1999, connected in his book which its Arabic translation was issued by a publishing house called “Jazirat Al-Ward”, in Cairo.
He connected between the progressing of sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, the prince of Qatar to the power, after overthrowing his father, and the acceleration of the growing relations between Qatar and Israel, saying: “The prince hastened to root his country’s relations with the United States, through signing a joint defense agreement with it, and allowing it establish US military bases in his country”.
Which provided a US protection for the emirate in facing any pressure that it might face from the seniors surrounding it.
And brought to mind, a declaration by the new Qatari prince to (nbc) channel, only three months after becoming the new prince, Said in it: “There is a plan for a gas project between Qatar, Israel and Jordan, which is underway”.
The prince demanded to end the imposed economic siege by the Arabs on Israel.
Sammy Ravel, says that Qatar’s embark upon normalizing the relations with Israel, and specially exporting gas to it, aimed to market the north field in Qatar, which is described as the largest natural gas field in the world.
The gas in this field is estimated to more than 25 Trillion m3.
Ravel claim that the tensions witnessed by the Egyptian-Israeli relations, is due to the pressures by Egypt on Qatar, to restrain it’s rushing relations with Israel.
As Cairo is worried about its regional position on the political side, and in fear that Doha might lead the deal to export gas to Israel, instead of Egypt.
The deal which always been controversial within the political and economical and the public milieu.
Sources in the Qatari opposition, confirm from another view, that prince Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani offered in return of the US presence in his country, which insure the sustainability of his rule the country, he offered normalizing his relations with Israel, and open the Qatari gas pipes to light Europe, and turn the US military presence in Qatar into a permanent presence, that outnumber the US presence in US bases in Bahrain, specially Al-Addid US Air-base in Qatar, as according to a report by WSJ, this airport runway, is considered the longest in the Middle East.
As it is 4500m long, and building it cost more than 1 Billion Dollars
even though Qatar did not own more than 12 war aircrafts, back then.
In this context, shikh Hamad Bin Jasem Bin Jabr Al-Thani, the Qatari foreign minister, say: “We cannot defend Qatar, if a large force would attack us, so we need the presence of the US forces, and the US needs us”.
Hamad Bin Jasem Bin Jabr Al-Thani, the man that the prince highly admires and appreciates his potentials, as the secret that many don’t know about, is that prince Hamad Bin Khalifa do not leave the country without asking his uncle and foreign minister and prime minister to leave with him, as from one side, he doesn’t want to repeat his father’s mistake, and from another side, he is in constant need of Bin Jasem’s services.
Apart from anything else, Hamad Bin Jasem granted Qatar its biggest pride …
Qatar under protection, and the first condition
“Al-Jazeera channel”.       
In mid 90s, sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani became the prince of Qatar
Normalizing relations with Israel, and the US military presence in the country, where not the only two conditions to protect the prince throne.
But Qatar had to raise in its Jar, a small Cobra snake, that grew up and became strong.
And on the flute tones, this snake bring out its head, spread its poison, and then sleep when needed.
In mid 90s, BBC Arabic had to close its offices as a result of the strict control policies of Saudi Arabia, which was a partner in the channel.
Qatar noticed the chance, and in April 1996, less than one year of Hamad’s rule in Qatar, Al-Jazeera channel was established.
And since the establishment of the channel, the Qataris said it is an independent channel, that work without a governmental interference.
But practically, the Qatari foreign minister Hamad Bin jasem Al-Thani appointed his men to run it, and linked the Qatari foreign ministry’s representatives with the task of pushing it forward.
What was wanted from Al-Jazeera?
Al-Jazeera has become a source of basic legitimacy for the rule of prince Hamad, a mix of a popular television station, and an unlimited wealth, that allows the son of Khalifa to go ahead with unimaginable economical adventures, to enhance his image.
Like committing to spend 37 Million Dollars to host the 2022 football world cup
And to buy a privilege to cover Barcelona club shirt with 165 Million Euros
Or compete on the ownership of Manchester United club.
Add to that, conducting campaigns that would serve the interests of the emirate and Prince.
for example, in 1996 Qatar invested more than 1 Billion Dollars to build Al-Addid US military base, but in the first years, Qatar noticed that the Americans are assigning small tasks for the base… like a storage camp.
So the prince ordered Al-Jazeera to wage a media campaign, demanding to remove the US forces from the Arab island.. i.e. from Saudi Arabia.
In order to move to his country (Qatar).. This is what really happened.
After that, Al-Jazeera did not repeat the talks about the US bases, when USA built two bases in Qatar.
With time, the Qataris harvested their yield, as most of the forces in Saudi Arabia, had been moved to Qatar.
And thus Al-Jazeera became showing her head sometimes, and hides it in other times
shed light on things, and be completely absent on others to translate the US-Qatari understanding and comprehension in its clearest images.
As in time USA found herself in need to overturn the region’s map, in the beginning of 2011, Al-Jazeera had turned with all that it own, to serve this approach, even at the expense of any spilled Arab blood.
At a time of turning its blind eye to all the violations in occupied Palestine, from killing and settlement expansion on one hand
And all the abuses and corruption cases that’s taking place in Qatar itself on another hand.
The future of rule in Qatar…. till when?!
It was announced recently a failed coup attempt on the rule of Sheikh Hamad, led by the Qatari Army Chief of Staff, General Hamad Bin Ali Alatiya.
Followed by isolating at least thirty officers in the Qatari army, while some of them were placed under house arrest, with the help of US elements in civilian clothes, participated in raids and arrests.
Also US military forces had deployed in Doha streets, and around the sensitive spots and places, after the success of the coup for a period of time, in an attempt to foil it.
The news of the coup coincided with a statement issued by figures in the princely families in Qatar accompanied by politians opposing the current ruling regime, announcing their un-recognition of the legitimacy of prince Hamad Bin Khalifa
and assuming the power of Qatar emirate to his brother who live in France Abdullaziz bin Khalifa bin Hamad Al-Thani.
66 figures of the Qatari opposition signed the statement, among them 16 figures from Al-Thani family itself.
The statement included dangerous accusation of prince Hamad, among them establishing relations with Israel, and employment for the United States, and the work on the dispersal of the Arab ranks.
Besides getting involved with his family and the family of his wife of corruption and social injustice.
In addition to considering the on-going media appearance of Mosa in untraditional clothes that contradict the Qatari traditions, a very shameful mater.
The statement also adopted the call that was launched on Facebook to topple the ruling regime of Qatar.
Sources in the ruling family revealed that what infuriated the Qatari people generally, and in the milieu of the ruling family elders personally, was leaking two video clips of the prince.. The first, reveal a secret visit by Hamad Bin Khalifa accompanied by his uncle Hamad bin Jasem to Tel Aviv.
The clip shows the prince’s reaction toward the Israeli camera man’s attempt to film him, the prince said to him in English: “Do not reveal us”.
Another video, more dangerous, shows prince Hamad documenting the process of loading the U.S. aircrafts from its bases in Qatar with white phosphorus bombs, ammunition and military equipment.
And the establishment of a military bridge between Doha and Tel Aviv through a third country, during the recent assault on Gaza Strip.
Which was coinciding to the extent of matching, with Qatar’s undertaking (with all its potentials) the sponsorship and funding of her file with Millions of Dollars
In order to win to host the 2022 Football World Cup .
The latest release, the request of Qatar that Israel provide the protection of Qatar’s sports facilities, during the same world cup
All this was at a time Gaza people did not have any support of help.
Under the influence of all of the above factors and data, the frustration, rancor, rejection and popular unrest in Qatar are growing on one side, and the Arab public from another side, against the dual and contradictory Qatari role, that Qatar is dealing with using two arms.
The first is the arm of her public relations that support Palestinians through the media channel Al-Jazeera, that was stripped naked by the recent Arab events and exposed its role.
With the other arm, it provides the Zionist Palestinian executioner with the tools to kill them and shed their blood.
Finally, the bet remains on the moment that authorizes the public anger inside and outside Qatar to burst.
Anger, in case it was authorized to burst, it will burn and will not leave anything……..
The History of Rule in Qatar..
The End…
Addounia report.
Translated by ((JaNo Souria))
News About Syrian – English



دعا نيافة المطران عطاالله حنا رئيس أساقفة سبسطية الروم الارثوذكس بالقدس المحتلة الشعب السوري إلى التمسك بوحدته وتلاحمه لتفويت الفرصة على المتآمرين على سورية قيادة وشعباً لتبقى حضن العرب الدافئ وبلد الحرية والديمقراطية والأصالة والتاريخ .

وقال نيافة المطران خلال زيارته للجولان العربي السوري المحتل على رأس وفد من المؤسسات الارثوذكسية في القدس .. إننا وكل الشعب الفلسطيني نستنكر ونشجب المؤامرة الخطيرة التي تستهدف سورية نتيجة لمواقفها القومية ودفاعها الدائم عن الشعب الفلسطيني والحقوق العربية .

وأكد المطران حنا أن الزيارة رسالة من القدس الى الشعب السوري في كل مدنه وقراه لحثه على الاستمرار في توحيد طاقاته لسحب البساط من تحت المتآمرين الذين يريدون النيل من مكانة سورية الأصيلة الراسخة عبر التاريخ .

وقال المطران ..أتيناكم من القدس لكي نؤكد تضامننا مع سورية وقائدها وشعبها رافضين لهذه الحملة المشبوهة التي تستهدفها والتحريض الغير مسبوق الذي تتعرض له ونحن على ثقة بانها ستخرج من الأزمة اقوى بفضل قيادتها ووعي شعبها…

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president bashar al-assad visits to baba amr homs 27 3 2012

president bashar al-assad visits to baba amr homs 27 3 2012
اتحاد القنوات السورية على اليوتيوب
جنود الاسد،شبكة منقول الإخبارية , السوريون على اليوتيوب ، شبكة اخبار طرطوس, شبكة شام المؤيدة ، سيريان ليكس,شبكة من اجلك سورية الاسد، Syria tube, Syrian TV ,The Truth about Syria

. Selling their children for the arming of terrorists and insurgents!A man displays his children for sale to arm terrorists in Syria in Syria

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – Syrian rebels fighting to oust President Bashar al-Assad have been accused of using children as fighters in violation of international conventions banning the recruitment of child soldiers, a senior U.N. official said on Monday.

The U.N. concern about the possibility that Syria’s opposition may be using child soldiers follows last week’s report from the New York-based rights group Human Rights Watch that armed Syrian opposition groups have kidnapped, tortured and executed members of supporters of Assad and members of his security forces.

“We are receiving allegations of children with the Free Syrian Army,” Radhika Coomaraswamy, U.N. special representative for children and armed conflict, said in response to a question about Syria’s rebels

‎#RealSyria #Syria #syria #Syriantruth
للنشر في اصقاع الفيس بوك
هذه اخرة المعارضة والفوار … بيع اولادهم من اجل تسليح الارهابيين والمسلحين في سوريا … لقتل اخوااانهم … هذه فورتهم ..
رجل سوري يعرض اولاده للبيع لتسليح الارهابيين

Friends of Syria

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – Syrian rebels fighting to oust President Bashar al-Assad have been accused of using children as fighters in violation of international conventions banning the recruitment of child soldiers, a senior U.N. official said on Monday.

The U.N. concern about the possibility that Syria’s opposition may be using child soldiers follows last week’s report from the New York-based rights group Human Rights Watch that armed Syrian opposition groups have kidnapped, tortured and executed members of supporters of Assad and members of his security forces.

“We are receiving allegations of children with the Free Syrian Army,” Radhika Coomaraswamy, U.N. special representative for children and armed conflict, said in response to a question about Syria’s rebels. She gave no details.

“We haven’t been able to verify or check” the veracity of those allegations, Coomaraswamy added.

Earlier this month the International Criminal Court in The Hague convicted Congolese warlord Thomas Lubanga…

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Syria – Facts about the splits in Syrian army

#real Syria
Syria news – Facts about the splits in Syrian army. Is it real on the ground? This video will expose Al-Jazeera misleading about this issue.

اتحاد القنوات السورية على اليوتيوب
شبكة منقول الإخبارية،شبكة اخبار طرطوس,شبكة شام المؤيدة,حلب نيوز،السوريون على اليوتيوب،جنود الاسد,The Truth about Syria سيريا تيوب

Terrorist Cut the Throat of his Sister and Nephew

Terrorist Mahmoud Rabia`a slaughtered his sister and her son for refusing to join him and his crimes in Kisweh, close to Old Damascus
The terrorist leader Mahmoud Rabi`a is one of the armed terrorist groups which committed a horrendous crime against his sister and her son in Kisweh close to Damascus because they refused his terrorism and crimes against the nation.
The terrorist Rabia`a slaughtered his sister Mary, aged 50 years after the slaughter of her son, Zuhair Ibrahim Nasser in front of her and the kidnapping of another.

The terrorist Rabia`a kidnapped his nephew Basil Nasser and poor burnt oil on him as well.

Ismael Nasser, the son of Mariam, told the Syrian TV that terrorist in al-Kisweh area ordered him to quit his job as a state employee and threatened him repeatedly, and after he refused their commands, they burned his house, forcing him to flee and live in Jaramana area.

He said that terrorists abducted one of his brothers a week and beat him up so hard he was hospitalized, and they burned his brother Bassel by pouring boiling oil on him.

Nasser: The terrorist Mahmoud slaughtered my mother and my brother today and he was the leader of a terrorist group in Iraq two years ago and returned to Syria and is wanted for various crimes and he has threatened me either to leave my job and joined him, or slaughtered the entire family.

Meanwhile, Bassel Nasser said that terrorists under the command of Mahmoud Rabia’a abducted him from the street and poured burning oil on him, and then they killed his mother and brother for refusing to join them

الإرهابي محمود رابعة يذبح شقيقته وولدها لرفضهما إرهابه وجرائمه في الكسوة بريف دمشق
أقدم الإرهابي محمود رابعة زعيم إحدى المجموعات الإرهابية المسلحة على ارتكاب جريمة مروعة بحق شقيقته وابنها في منطقة الكسوة بريف دمشق لرفضهما إرهابه وجرائمه بحق الوطن.

وعمد الإرهابي رابعة إلى ذبح شقيقته مريم البالغة من العمر 50 عاما بعد أن قام بذبح ابنها زهير إبراهيم ناصر أمام عينيها واختطاف آخر.

وكان الإرهابي رابعة اختطف ابن شقيقته باسل ناصر وأحرقه بالزيت أيضا.

وقال إسماعيل ناصر ابن المغدورة في حديث للتلفزيون العربي السوري أمس: إن الإرهابيين في الكسوة طلبوا مني ترك عملي كموظف حكومي وهددوني أكثر من مرة وعندما رفضت حرقوا منزلي فغادرت الكسوة وسكنت في جرمانا.

وأضاف إسماعيل إن الإرهابيين قاموا منذ أسبوع بخطف شقيقي واعتدوا عليه بالضرب حيث أسعفناه إلى المشفى كما قاموا بحرق شقيقي الآخر باسل بصب الزيت المغلي عليه.

وقال ناصر: إن الإرهابي محمود قام بذبح والدتي وشقيقي اليوم وهو زعيم مجموعة إرهابية كان في العراق وعاد منذ عامين إلى سورية ومطلوب للعدالة بجرائم مختلفة وقد هددني إما أن اترك وظيفتي وانضم إليه أو يذبح العائلة بكاملها.

في حين قال باسل ناصر إن الإرهابيين بزعامة محمود رابعة خطفوني من الشارع وقاموا بحرقي بصب الزيت علي واليوم قاموا بذبح والدتي وشقيقي لأنني رفضت المشاركة معهم في الأعمال المسلحة.

The Plan to Destabilize Syria – Exposed

The Plan to Destabilize Syria

US scenario in Syria: Turkish incursion, Israeli invasion
US geo-political wars may lead to WWIII

The Arab League has announced plans to open talks with the Syrian opposition and cut all diplomatic ties with the Syrian government, aligning itself with the US-led effort to wage war against Damascus.

Informed sources have uncovered a US plot entailing a Turkish incursion and a full-scale Israeli strike to overthrow the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

The sources said aspects of the plan such as rejecting calls by Damascus for an Arab League meeting over the crisis in the country, recognizing of the Syrian opposition as the “legitimate” government of the country and granting them offices in Turkey to work against the Syrian government, have already been carried out.

As part of the plan, Syrian embassies and consulates would be attacked in several countries and the diplomatic offices would be used as bases to inflict heavy blows on the Syrian government.

According to the sources, the other parts of the US plot which are in process or expected to happen in the near future include:

Firstly the Syrian government will be demonized as a war criminal and its case will be taken to The Hague and international human rights bodies.

Washington will then task Turkey with sending troops across the border into Syria to incite internal friction and civil war within the country by arming Syrian civilians and the opposition against the government.

In the next step, Washington will arm Wahhabi fighters and members of the Fath al-Islam in Tripoli, supported by the Qatari army and Libyan fighters, and order them to attack Syrian border villages.

Israel will jump into the fray by expressing readiness to carry out military operations against Syria. Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman recently announced he would be visiting the US next week. He is expected to meet with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, US senators and other senior officials.

Officials close to Lieberman were quoted by Israel sources as saying that the he will ask the US government to increase international pressure against Syria, urging Washington to go beyond sanctions in line with efforts to overthrow the Syrian government.

Jordan, another Syrian neighbor, will also announce its readiness for military intervention in Syria upon receiving the US green light order.

Al-Qaeda militants stationed near the Iraqi-Syrian borders will also start operations inside Syria after receiving a US-Qatari order.

Syrian Television channels will then be removed from Nilesat and Arabsat satellites to prevent the Syrian government form airing its side of the developments.

New Syrian passports will be issued and Syrians who do not obtain the new document will not be allowed into Western and Arab countries.

One necessary condition for the success of the plot to topple the Syrian regime, according to the informed sources, will be the defection of Syrian armed forces and the prime factor in the conspiracy will be the assassination of the Syrian president

CNN crew filming from Homs

CNN crew filming from Homs placed their camera in the window hours before the pipeline explosion took place. They positioned the camera correctly and took off to the location of the explosion to film it “hands on”.

Of course Mr. Rafik Lutif has gotten exclusive footage of the CNN crew behind the scenes. As soon as they returned from filming, the cameramen was in respiratory distress and had issues are you can hear.

Also CNN claims to have no ties with Danny Abdul Dayem. Well think again (photo shown in video).

Friends of Syria

As in the case of Libya, from NY Times to Fox News, from Guardian to National Post and from Le Monde to Le Figaro, the Western mainstream media’s coverage of the Syrian conflict has been mostly simplistic and black & white with a Hollywoodian good (opposition) and evil (Syrian government) story.

The basic storyline reported is: “The dictatorial Syrian government is torturing and killing Syrian protestors and civilians including women and children and that the Western counties and the Arab League want to protect these Syrian civilians”.

These outlets use any information that supports their stance regardless of its source and quality, and dismiss or ignore any information that brings it to question.

The bloody suppression of protestors by the Syrian government and also instability resulting from the armed insurgency aggravated by a complex set of foreign forces, each with its own set  of vested interests, have resulted in significant…

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