War Crimes Alert ~ Syrian government: “France delivers air strikes on Syria without coordinating with us”

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(TASS) ~ The air strikes France delivered on Syria were not coordinated with Damascus, Syria’s Ambassador to the United Nations Organisation (UN) Bashar Jaafari told TASS correspondent on Sunday.

“The French president has not coordinated those actions with the Syrian president,”he said.“The French military acted without an agreement with the Syrian armed forces. It is impossible to be fighting terrorism other than in cooperation with the legal government in Syria and the Syrian military. This is exactly what President Putin meant calling the Syrian army the only legitimate force to deal with in fighting terrorism.”

He said France does not have the right to “fight terrorism this way – unilaterally,” even if it is a member of the so-called “coalition” for fighting the Islamic State (IS) in Syria and Iraq.

“This is an American coalition, not an international one and it is not based on the Security Council’s resolution…

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Al-Jaafari: “Terrorism and the unilateral economic sanctions are main reasons behind paralysis of economic life in Syria”

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Syria’s permanent envoy to the UN, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari said on Wednesday that terrorism and unilateral, coercive measures imposed on the Syrian people are the main reasons behind the paralysis in the economic life and destruction of infrastructure and the departure of large numbers of Syrians from their country.

“The tragedy of the Syrians is a big one, but, unfortunately, the UN Security Council didn’t touch the real reasons behind the departure of different spectrum of the Syrian people from their country, mainly, terrorism and the unilateral economic sanctions which paralyzed the economic life, stopped job opportunities and increased unemployment,” al-Jaafari said at a UN Security Council session on the state in the Middle East to discuss UN Secretary General report about implementing resolutions 2139, 2165 and 2191 regarding the humanitarian situation in Syria.

He referred to armed terrorist groups, like the so-called “Jaish al-Fatah” in northern Syria, financed by…

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“Asylum Plan”, an ISIS Trojan Horse [NWO brand] ~ REPORT: Massive Weapons Shipment to Migrants Intercepted in Greece [VIDEO]

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Excerpts from “New World Order’s ASYLUM Plan Exposed”,
by Stefan StanfordVideo by Jessuatwork
Photo collection by WarPress.info

“I don’t think there’s any doubt in extremists creativity. Wolves disguised as sheep crossing international borders with thousands of refugees is just the beginning. The bigger concern is the asylum process where new identities can be acquired allowing safe passage around the world.”
Retired Navy SEAL/JSOC Operative, and author of the book ‘100 Deadly Skills’, Clint Emerson

If the very interesting story we just read on Conspiracy Outpost is any indication, this Washington Post story from yesterday confirms that the European Union is sealing their own doom with a plan to give 160,000 asylum seakers asylum and redistribute them across the continent.

Quite interestingly, the Outpost story references a top-secret ‘new world order’ plan called ASYLUM, a cover story being used to send thousands and thousands of ISIS fighters to their new homes, homes in countries…

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Daesh [ISIS]: the AntiChrist’s tool ~ [Documentary]

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In early 2015, a small Egyptian village was dealt a cruel blow.

ISIS [Daesh] killed 20 men from Al-Ur because they were Christian.

Now their families take comfort from their faith as they to come to terms with the loss.

The whole community honours the dead as martyrs, Christian and Muslim neighbours alike mourn their deaths and condemn the killers.

A few survived and are torn between survivor’s guilt and admiration for the courage shown by their fallen friends.

However hard times may be for this village, the community finds solace and pride in how the martyrs’ faith remained strong to the very end.

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World War III – Who Will Be Blamed?

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[Video Sources & Transcript]

If you want to start a to war, the unwashed masses must be convinced to send their brothers, sons and fathers to die on the front lines. The specter of an external enemy must be etched into their collective mind through trauma, exaggeration and repetition. History must be whitewashed, twisted and cherry picked down to a politicized nursery rhyme. At no point should the real motives or consequences of such an endeavor be discussed.

World War is upon us. It has been unfolding in slow motion for years. The only question now is who will get blamed.

Humans tend to view each stage of history in isolation. As a result they rarely see the chain reactions that build over decades, until a flash point catches their attention.

September 11th, 2001 was one such flash point. You could make the case that this was where it all…

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17 civilians killed in twin terrorist bombings in Hasaka city

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The double blasts took place on Monday in Khashman and al-Mahatta neighborhoods of Hasaka

17 civilians were killed and 70 others were injured in twin terrorist attacks using two car bombs driven by suicide bombers which took place on Monday in Hasaka city.


A source at the Hasaka Police Command told SANA’s correspondent that a suicide bomber driving a car rigged with explosives carried out the first bombing at Khashman neighborhood in the northern outskirts of the city, killing five and injuring 30, some of them women and children, and most of them sustained very severe injuries.


The source went on to say that about half an hour later, another suicide bomber, this one driving a tanker rigged with explosive, carried out the second bombing in al-Mahata neighborhood in the west of the city, claiming the lives of 12 people including a woman and her two children, and injuring…

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The ISIS Conspiracy: Origins ~ [Excellent Video Report]

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The ISIS Conspiracy is a video series created by independent journalist and writer Brandon Martinez and is based on his book The ISIS Conspiracy: How Israel and the West Manipulate Our Minds Through Fear.

In Part I Martinez unravels the murky origins of ISIS and unveils how the group’s meteoric rise in Iraq and Syria is a continuation of US psychological warfare designed to facilitate the Zionist-Neocon agenda of toppling seven sovereign Middle Eastern and North African States.

Part II unravels the intricate web of deceit and double-dealing that lies behind the manufactured ISIS phenomenon, and shows how the US and Israel have for decades plotted behind the scenes to implode the Middle East.


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Refugees flee American aggression

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By Margaret Kimberley – IntrepidreportFreedomrider

The ongoing migrant crisis in Europe is a direct result of American and NATO interventions and aggressions in the Middle East. Had those partners in crime not exacted regime change in Libya, that country would not be a magnet for human trafficking and an embarkation point for desperate people. The plan to produce the same result in Syria has failed thus far but there is still chaos and suffering on a mass scale. These refugees exist because of imperialism which has laid waste to nation after nation.

Millions of people around the world are asking how they can help the refugees now streaming into Europe. Personal generosity may seem commendable but in this case it ought to be discouraged.

The individuals who want to help should instead spend time demanding that their governments cease intervening in the affairs of other nations. They should…

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Dr. Bashar Al-Ja’afari: “It is unacceptable to politicize issues of ‘protecting civilians’, dealing with it in selectivity or exploiting civilians’ suffering to justify violation of national sovereignty” ~ [+Great Speech Video Related]

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New York, 8 Sept 2015 ~ Syria’s permanent envoy to the UN, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari said on Tuesday that it is unacceptable to politicize issues related to protecting civilians, dealing with it in selectivity or exploiting civilians’ suffering to justify violation of national sovereignty.

Syrian people fall victims of terrorism, human trafficking gangs as they risk their souls to flee the brutality of terrorist organizations and search for means of living after the unilateral procedures, imposed by some member states on Syria, blocked all resources of living in front of them,” al-Jaafari said at an unofficial Interactive dialogue session of the UN General Assembly on “Responsibility for Protection.”

He added that the Syrian delegation expresses regret because some dominating states have seen, in what has been approved by member states at the UN world Summit before 10 years on “Responsibility for Protection”, nothing but a new tool and…

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26 killed in twin terrorist blasts in Sweida [South Syria] ~ More DAESH’s barbarianism in Palmyra

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Sweida, 4/9/2015 ~ The death toll of the twin terrorist blasts that took place in the southern city of Sweida on Friday has rise to 26, according to sources at Sweida Police Command.


Earlier, police sources in the city told SANA that terrorists blew up a car bomb on Dahr al-Jabal road on the eastern outskirts of Sweida city, killing four and wounding others.

Almost simultaneously, another car bomb went off outside the National Hospital in the city, killing four and wounding 14, some critically.

The sources reported material losses in the area where the explosions struck.

The Cabinet denounced the bombings in a statement that SANA received a copy of, expressing deep condolences to the families of the victims and wishing the wounded a speedy recovery.

The statement said that terrorist attacks will only make the Syrians even more determined to defeat terrorism.

R E L A T E D…

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Jordanian senior terrorist leader within Daesh gangs confirmed dead in al-Qaryatain, Homs

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Homs, 5 Sept. 2015 ~ Thank Syrian Arab Armed Forces, a senior leader within DAESH (the Fake Islamic State of CIA & Mossad) was confirmed dead in al-Qaryatain city in the eastern countryside of Homs province.

The Jordanian mercenary Hazem Mneizil Abu Rumman, who is nicknamed “Abu al-Qaqa”, was believed to be one of DAESH-ISIS chief leaders.

Abu al-Qaqa was killed in army airstrikes on DAESH-ISIS positions in al-Qaryatain (Homs).

He was very close to the Salafi Movement in the Jordanian Salt city, Abu al-Qaqa’s birthplace, and left the Jordanian territories for Syria three years ago, where he was in charge for the mercenary-terrorist gangs for the area of al-Qariyatain.


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Australians for Reconciliation in Syria (AMRIS): “If the Australian government is genuine in its desire and commitment to defeat ISIS, Al Qaeda and all terrorist groups in Syria, to restore peace and security, then it must work in cooperation with the Syrian Government and Syrian Army”

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‘Australians for Reconciliation in Syria’ (AMRIS) condemns Australian participation in an illegal war in Syria

Following a meeting in Melbourne Australia of “Australians for Reconciliation in Syria” (AMRIS) today, 3 September 2015, spokesperson David Macilwain said that AMRIS unequivocally condemns atrocities committed by ‘Islamic State’ in Syria.peace-for-SyriaAMRIS deplores, however, the decision by the Australian Government to follow the lead of the United States in taking military action against IS within the borders of Syria, one of the founding members of the United Nations, without the consent of the Syrian Government.

Mr Macilwain said,“Such action will do little to ‘degrade and destroy’ the terrorist group, whose control over territory has only continued to increase despite a year of US Coalition airstrikes. Furthermore there have been significant civilian casualties and damage as a result of those airstrikes…

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16 civilians killed, scores injured in terrorist car bomb and mortar attacks in Lattakia and Damascus ~ [UPDATED]

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10 civilians were killed and 25 were injured in a terrorist car bomb attack which took place at the outskirts of Lattakia city on Wednesday.

A source at the province told SANA that terrorists detonated a white van loaded with large amounts of explosives that was parked in front of Imad Ali School at al-Hamam Square at the outskirts of Lattakia, claiming the lives of 10 civilians, injuring 25 others, and causing material damage to homes, cars, and private properties.


On Tuesday evening, the authorities managed to dismantle two car bombs that terrorists were trying to sneak into Lattakia city and arrested members of the terrorist group responsible for rigging the two cars with explosives.


Cabinet condemns the bombing

The Cabinet condemned the cowardly act that targeted innocent civilians at the outskirts of Lattakia city.

“These acts will only make the Syrian people, leadership and people more resolved to…

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Syrian Arab Army and Hezbollah Freed the Border Region of al-Zabadani

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(FNA, 2 Sept. 2015) ~ The Syrian Army and the Lebanese Hezbollah Resistance Movement took back Syria’s border region of Zabadani from the terrorists early Wednesday.

The border city was purged of the terrorists Wednesday midnight after two months of intense clashes, FNA dispatches said.

Hezbollah and the Syrian army gained full victory after the remaining gangs of Ahrar al-Sham and al-Nusra Front terrorists were forced to withdraw from the Southern parts of Zabadani towards al-Mazaya region.

Although the Syrian army and Hezbollah have not yet officially confirmed the freedom of Zabadani, their forces are now fully cleansing the region and disposing the bombs planted in the houses and streets.

Zabadani was freed after a ceasefire plan went into effect three times and the two sides accepted to hold fire in the border region.

According to the ceasefire plan, the two sides would provide safe passage for enemy troops to…

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Daesh’s barbarians continue to remove pieces of humanity’s historical memory: large parts of the ‘Temple of Bel’ [Palmyra] demolished

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Satellite Images Confirm Partial Destruction of Famed Temple in Syria’s Palmyra: UN

(Al-Manar) ~ Satellite images confirm the destruction of another famed temple in Syria’s Palmyra, the United Nations said late Monday.

“We can confirm destruction of the main building of the Temple of Bel as well as a row of columns in its immediate vicinity”, the UN training and research agency UNITAR said, providing satellite images from before and after a powerful blast in the ruins of the ancient city Sunday.

The blast had already raised fears Monday that the Takfiri group, ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and Levant), had damaged another of the Middle East’s most treasured heritage sites.

UNITAR said its satellite program put to rest any doubts that the 2,000-year-old Temple of Bel had been destroyed in the blast.

A shot taken on August 27 clearly shows an erect, rectangular structure surrounded by columns, while a…

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