Syrian Army General Command: “Establishing control over Rabi’a area forms springboard for completely eliminating the presence of all mercenary gangs of terrorists in Lattakia countryside”

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(Lattakia, 24/1/2016, Hazem Sabbagh) ~ The General Command of the Syrian Army and Armed Forces said that army units, in cooperation with popular defense groups, established control over Rabi’a area in the northern countryside of Lattakia province on Sunday morning following a series of successful operations that resulted in establishing control over 18 towns and villages.

In a statement, the General Command said the most notable of the aforementioned towns and villages are al-Ghnaimiye, al-Qalai’e, Beit Sukkar, al-Ouainat, Khan al-Joz, Beit Riha, Bradon, al-Souda, al-Khadra, Reef Mekhtaro, al-Jamousiye, al-Saraya, al-Rayyana, al-Shakria, and a number of vantage points and hills covering an area of over 120 square kilometers, and this was achieved after eliminating large numbers of terrorists while others fled towards the Turkish borders as their ranks suffered a complete breakdown.

latakia-24jan2016.jpg-large2click on map to enlarge

The statement pointed out that the significance of this achievement lies in the…

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The Syrian opposition circus comes to town

Mideast Shuffle

This article was originally published on RT’s Op-Edge on December 22, 2015

In January, the Syrian government will – ostensibly – sit across the negotiating table from ‘the Syrian opposition’ to decide on the structure and make-up of a transitional government that promises to end the 5-year Syrian conflict.

The ‘Syrian opposition,’ we are told by US Secretary of State John Kerry, will be selected by ‘Syrians’ and will therefore be ‘representative.’

“This is not about imposing anything on anyone,” Kerry remarked about the Vienna process, convened to broker a Syrian peace – which was negotiated by 20 countries, but without the involvement of Syrians.

“I want to be clear: the Syrian people will be the validators of this whole effort,” said Kerry again – lest we forget. This is just before he instructed us that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad cannot hold any long-term position in Syria: “Asking the opposition…

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Twin terrorist bombings in Homs, 22 people killed, over 100 injured, death toll expected to rise [Reports, Videos, Photos]

This gallery contains 9 photos.

Originally posted on the real Syrian Free Press:
The first attack was caused by a car bomb that targeted a security checkpoint in the 60 Street, which was followed, while people were giving aid to the wounded,  by a second blast committed by a suicide terrorist with an explosive belt. Killing people who are giving…

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More Faked News and Images of Starvation in Madaya Surfing the Web

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This photo that has gone viral on the web to win the world sympathy and turn it into a global condemnation of the Damascus government has been taken in Amman, the Jordanian capital, and belongs to a Syrian refugee covered in an al-Arabiya news channel report in January 2014, where she was called Syria’s Mona Liza.


The Arab and western media outlets have been releasing images of Madaya town in the past few days which is now under the Syrian army and Hezbollah forces’ control. The images show that the residents of this town are starving and the pro-Syrian government forces prevent sending foodstuff to them.

The al-Arabiya and al-Jazeera news channels along with other Saudi-affiliated media outlets in the region and the western media have released several reports about this issue in the past few days and the February 14 Movement has also launched propaganda against Hezbollah in Lebanon…

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More Anti-Assad Propaganda Exposed: ‘Starving Syrian Child’ Revealed as Healthy Lebanese Girl

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FAKE-STARVING-GIRLNeither of these images are from Madaya

Another example: A photograph of a malnourished girl claimed to be taken recently in Madaya was actually a photograph of a young Lebanese girl taken 3 years ago. She is now well and developing normally. The photograph has been abused on several occassions by ‘human rights’ groups with an agenda to push.
(Submitted by Yonatan)

(By Rudy Panko, RussiaInsider, 10 January 2016)

A viral photo depicting a “malnourished Syrian child” being “starved” by the “evil Syrian army” is a bona fide fraud. The details, via Lebanon’s Daily Star(‘Starving Syria child’ revealed as south Lebanon girl):

The family of a south Lebanon girl depicted in a photo that went viral alleging to show a starving child from a besieged Syrian border town has expressed anger over the incident.

“They took it too far this time,” Rosine Mazeh, the grandmother of…

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