Syria: “Oqab Saqr ordered the kidnapping of Lebanese pilgrims”, 700 US troops in Jordan & CIA trained militants

Silver Lining

“Oqab Saqr ordered the kidnapping of Lebanese pilgrims in Azaz”

Al Manar

Mazen Ali Hamoush a member of the so-called “Storm of North Brigade “, said that the Lebanese MP of al-Mustaqbal bloc Oqab Sakr has ordered his militant group to kidnap the Lebanese pilgrims coming from Turkey to Aleppo as they were passing in the area of Aazaz, SANA news agency reported.

“Saqr is involved in the coordination of funding and arming militants in Syria as well, he added.

Hamoush also confessed to his involvement in murder and kidnapping actions with terrorists from Tunisia, Libya, Chechnya, Afghanistan, Egypt and other countries.

In confessions aired on Syrian state television, Hamoush said that he first participated in the siege on the military security building in Aazaz for 18 days with a number of armed groups from the town and its countryside, including the group of Ammar Dadikhi called “Storm of North…

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