To clarify: Wahhabism arose in the eighteenth century. Salafism was founded in the nineteenth century. So how can it be true religion?!

To clarify: Wahhabism arose in the eighteenth century. Salafism was founded in the nineteenth century. So how can it be true religion?!

by Azzaam Abdul-Hakeem on Monday, December 17, 2012 at 8:53pm ·
Yes I support Sunni and Shia unity and I oppose Salafism aka Wahhabism from KSA, they do respect the Prophet (saw), just as the Rasullah said in Hadeeth Pointing to Imama Ali (AS) and Fatimah (May Allah be pleased with her) whoever, makes war with them, makes war with me, whoever makes peace with them, is making peace with me. Allah in Qu’ran like I quoted earlier demands Sunni and Shia unity and so does the Rasullah people cannot ignore this otherwise they are not following sunnah nor true Islam and Allah knows best. However, the question I find asking myself is are the Salafi’s modern day Khawarijites? Is Sunni Islam which, I adhere to, similar in nature or the same as this Salafist sect? I will seek to gather the evidence and wage an opinion while leaving it open for your discussion and whether you agree or disagree with it.

Im Sunni Muslim and I support the word of Allah (swt) as supreme where He says in Qu’ran 3:103,3:105 and 6:159, “And hold steadfast, ALL OF YOU TOGETHER, to the Cable of Allah and do not separate. And remember Allah’s favour unto you; how ye were enemiesand He made friendship between your hearts so that ye became as brothers by His grace; And (how) ye were upon the brink of abyss of fire, and He did save you from it. Thus Allah maketh clear His relations unto you, that haply ye may be guided… And be ye not as those who separated and disputed after the clear proofs had come unto them. For such there is an awful doom”.

In a number of places in Sahih al-Bukhari, the report of the Messenger of God, upon him be peace, says: By God I do not fear that you will worship of other than God (shirk) after me, but I fear for you that the material world will appear before you in all its attractiveness – just as it did for those before you, and you will compete for it just as they did, and it will ruin you just as it ruined them.This narrative and teaching of the Prophet Muhammed (saw) is quiet revealing and telling, this prophecy has come to pass, with the spread of Islamism after the Arab Spring and with some pro Western Dictators pre Arab Spring we discover many are Neo Liberal economists, namely they support Usury, Interest Rates (Riba), High risk investments and Corporate Capitalism. Even in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where the Salafist rule in power and claim to be the guardians of Islam’s 2 Holiest Sights in Makkah (Mecca) and Madinah Cities. The Saudi Regime has claimed that pilgrims on the Hajj, who are there for spiritual cleansing, prayer, worship and good deeds in charityable giving for the needy, are requesting shops for clothes and other items in Makkah, this is something that is simply not true and in ths process they have permitted of all stores to open in Makkah a Paris Hilton Clothing Store to be opened. I find this rather hypocritical that a Totalitarian Salafist Regime like Saudi Arabia has with its Absolute Monarchy would ban women dressing in revealing clothing in public while, it would openly sell sexualised clothing to other Muslims on Hajj, that material World based on profits has came to Arabia aka the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This is a materialism to many that may seem trivial but to Muslims in our Holiest City, seems insulting and to have fallen prey to the Prophecies of the Prophet Muhammed (saw) as stated above. This is not the only prophecy of the Prophet Muhammed (saw) in regards to Arabia and the signs of the second coming of Christ with Imam Madhi (AS). Imam Madhi is a man who will be sent before Jesus has his second coming to help raise and lead the army of God to fight the servants of evil in this World. This is a similar story as there is in all 3 Abrhamic Faiths, regarding the second coming of Christ or in the Jewish case the first coming of the Messiah. The other Prophecies include the devils left horn will appear from Najd – modern day Riayydh and this can only be done due to the corruption which, would take over the land. The Prophet said, “O Allah! Bestow Your blessings on our Sham! O Allah! Bestow Your blessings on our Yemen.” The People said, “And also on our Najd.” He said, “O Allah! Bestow Your blessings on our Sham (north)! O Allah! Bestow Your blessings on our Yemen.” The people said, “O Allah’s Apostle! And also on our Najd.” I think the third time the Prophet said, “There (in Najd) is the place of earthquakes and afflictions and from there comes out the side of the head of Satan.” (Afflictions and the End of the World Bukhari :: Book 9 :: Volume 88 :: Hadith 214 Narrated Ibn ‘Umar)

While the Prophet was distributing (something, ‘Abdullah bin Dhil Khawaisira At-Tamimi came and said, “Be just, O Allah’s Apostle!” The Prophet said, “Woe to you ! Who would be just if I were not?” ‘Umar bin Al-Khattab said, “Allow me to cut off his neck ! ” The Prophet said, ” Leave him, for he has companions, and if you compare your prayers with their prayers and your fasting with theirs, you will look down upon your prayers and fasting, in comparison to theirs. Yet they will go out of the religion as an arrow darts through the game’s body in which case, if the Qudhadh of the arrow is examined, nothing will be found on it, and when its Nasl is examined, nothing will be found on it; and then its Nadiyi is examined, nothing will be found on it. The arrow has been too fast to be smeared by dung and blood. The sign by which these people will be recognized will be a man whose one hand (or breast) will be like the breast of a woman (or like a moving piece of flesh). These people will appear when there will be differences among the people (Muslims).” Abu Sa’id added: I testify that I heard this from the Prophet and also testify that ‘Ali killed those people while I was with him. The man with the description given by the Prophet was brought to ‘Ali. The following Verses were revealed in connection with that very person (i.e., ‘Abdullah bin Dhil-Khawaisira At-Tarnimi): ‘And among them are men who accuse you (O Muhammad) in the matter of (the distribution of) the alms.’ (9.58) (Dealing with Apostates Bukhari :: Book 9 :: Volume 84 :: Hadith 67 Narrated Abu Sa’id), this chapter is regarding those who will come and intentionally misguide the Muslim Ummah (Community/ Nation) and they will be like arrow shot out of direction into the wilderness.

The Prophet Muhammed (saw) predicted that there will be a time when none Muslims will come like Muslims and take over the land of Makkah and Medinah and they will build the buildings taller than the mountains and this will be a sign of the end. “Verily, O’Muslims, in the end the kafr will take over the land, and he will raise the buildings taller than the mountains,woe unto them, for this displeases Allah”The Saudi Salafist Regime has also, sought to destroy the Heritage sights of Muslims, this began in 1925 when the Tomb of Imam Husseyn the Grandson of the Prophet Muhammed (saw) was bulldozed and destroyed since then many other historical sights have fallen to the same fate such as;
In both Mecca and Medina, the Saudi state has already bulldozed over 90% of the Islamic monuments going back some 1400 years. In their place, they are putting up five star hotels, parking lots, and shopping malls. Adding injury to insult: In the same cities of Mecca and Medina, where the Wahhabi-backed Saudi state has bulldozed the historical shrines and cemeteries of the family of the Prophet, now we have the establishment of shopping malls featuring…. Paris Hilton. Yes, the Saudis have bulldozed:

*An Ottoman Fortress overlooking and protecting Mecca, plus a whole mountain, was removed to put down the monstrosity known as the Mecca Royal Clock-Tower, aka “Big Ben on crack.”
*The house the Prophet was born in, currently a library, is under consideration for destruction.

*The house of the Prophet’s wife, Khadija, who is referred to by Muslims as the “Mother of the Faithful” was recently torn down, and in its place a row of toilets were established.
*Old Ottoman and Abbasid columns will likely be torn down to make room for a 680 million dollar expansion of the Great Mosque.

*The old historic cemeteries of Jannat al-Baqi, containing the remains of the descendants of the Prophet, have been bulldozed, and nothing but a dirt mound remains of the former shrines there.

Sami Angawi, the director of the Hajj Research Center which is trying to preserve what’s left of the Islamic heritage of Saudi Arabia says of the Saudi state:
“They are turning the holy sanctuary into a machine, a city which has no identity, no heritage, no culture and no natural environment. They’ve even taken away the mountains.” ( For information regarding the bulldozing of Islamic Heritage.
Qu’ran 2:190; “Fight in the way of Allah (swt) against those who fight against you, but begin not hostilities. Lo! Allah loveth not aggressors. Transgress not, for Allah loves not the trasngressors”.

Beheading in the name of Allah is a transgression, mugging people for money and kidnapping them at gun point is transgression of Allah, killing unarmed civilians and lynching the mentally ill in Damascus is transgression of Allah code for us in War and Allah loves not the transgressors such as the Salafist Free Syrian Army which, include Al Qaeda of Iraq inthe form of Jabhat al Nursa Front and Muslim Brotherhood and Allah knows best. The first true allie of the Free Syrian Army was never a fellow Muslim Nation like many may think it was Turkey, on the contrary the first real financier and backer of the Free Syrian Army is the Republic of France, where the Syrian National Council leader has a base and has written many articles, including some promising land to Israel in the Goland Heights and region, including promises to isolate the Islamic Republic of Iran from Hezbullah and Hamas in Gaza. However, France although, the major European backer of the Free Syrian Army under both Neo Conservative Nicholas Sarkozy and under the so called Socialist President of President Hollande. But the United Kingdom and London in particular has held host to the Syrian Rebels and has based them here also. Although, the British public has little appetite for intervention which they rightly see as more War, the British Coalition Government of Conservative and Liberals seems hell bent on instigating a situation in which, it becomes somewhat popular to intervene in Syria, news agencies have been crucial in spreading of lies which, is known as “Information Warfare”.

The Free Syrian Army has had some success due to its alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood, who are highly popular with an estimated 150million supporters Worldwide with many of them in Europe including the UK and France. Many academics in the Western World who are Muslims have affiliations or sympathies with the Muslim Brotherhood. Even the Muslim Council of Great Britain is part financed and backed by the Saudi Government thus spreading the Salafist message, hence, many Muslims especially Shia Muslims who are 2% of the British Muslim population and many Sunni Muslims feel this organisation does not represent them. Furthermore, the Muslim Council of Great Britain (MCB) is not the only organisation of this kind. The Muslim Brotherhood under many assumed organisational names has been highly successful in spreading its message and its religious interpretation of Islam and its political message in Europe. The younger brother of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, which, was created in Egypt in 1926, who is 90 years old now Mr al-Banna has expressed disliking of the Muslim Brotherhood exposing them in numerous documentaries on the issue as being intolerant to Western values and of having 1 goal the re-occupation of Europe which, true or otherwise is absolutely not the agenda of the vast majority of Muslims who do not subscribe to the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood may have 150million members, but there is over 1.5billion Muslims Worldwide, so the figure works out less than 10% of Muslims follow the Brotherhood. This is a threat many Islaamphobics have latched on to and many Muslims have been concerned about speaking out on, however, to fight the Fascists and to show ourselves more than anyone else, that we are capable of reviving the true message of Islam, a message of Compassion, Protection for all who live in our communities, Mutual Respect for all humans regardless of faith and regardless if they wear a bear or wear a hijab or not. Islam is a faith of many dimensions and the Prophet Muhammed (saw) himself said that Islam would split into 74 sects but only 1 would be true. Just as Christianity is split into sects such as Catholicism, Evengelical, Protestant, Baptist, 7th Day Adventist etc etc and just as Judaism is divided into sects such as Sephardim, Ashkenazim, Heradim etc etc…

We Sunni’s know Shia do not curse Ayeesha (May Allah be pleased with her), indeed, the Ayatullah said anyone who insults her or the Prophet family is a mushirk to Shia Islam and also, to Sunni Islam we accept. Shia also, do not pray towards Qom or want it to replace Makkah which, is another Salafi lie. They face Makkah and they take Hajj to Makkah too, I have prayed in their Mosque’s like I have in Sunni and Salafi Mosque’s Salafi Mosques are the worse they are full of hatred and division of Islam and self righteous preachings by crazy bearded ones. Shia also, do not worship Muhammed (saw) like some Salafi call Muhammed (saw) their master which, is mushrik since Allah is the only master and His creation is not the master that is a simple fact.

Also, Sunni and Salafi are different because we Sunni accept Shia as brothers, while Salafi lie about them as being Kafr and worse. We Sunni say God has no human form, Salafism says Allah has a shin bone, hand and head of a human which, is innovative bidah of the worst kind, attributing human appeal to Allah (swt). Sunni differ also, because when Mohammed Abdul bin el Wahhab the false prophet was alive he massacred the Sunni Ulema and then when he realised Sunni had some similarities with Salafism aka Wahhabism, he changed course and pretended he was Sunni and that when the lies on Shia began in the modern World. Also, we Sunni reject ibn el Wahhab false Prophecy that Islam had died for 600 years before he came to rebirth Islam, like a modern day Prophet he was not. We reject this and say if this was true Sallahuddin was a pagan fighting Christians under Salafi dogma.Here is some more clear differences between Sunni Islam and Salafism the creation of Mohammed Abdul bin el Wahhab (hence, why some call it Wahhabism, to followers of el Wahhab), in the 18th century and it was an innovation from Islam that cannot be accepted. It like the Khawarij attempts to take control and pervert the knowledge of Islam for its own gains, by joining us and masquerading as one of us. Sunni Creed is predicated on the belief that Allah ABSOLUTELY does not need or resemble the creations. The Sunnis say that the Creator of space, place, distance, and direction exists without a space, place, distance, or direction. The Sunnis say that Allah is not a jism (body/object/spatial entity). The Wahhabis, on the other hand, say that Allah has real-actual eyes, fingers, a shin bone; they teach that Allah casts a shadow and that Allah has comparatively small feet that are on the Kursiyy. When all is said and done, the Wahhabis believe that Allah, the Al-Musawwir (the CREATOR of all forms) is something with a form, a location, and a size. In other words, they pray to a giant object, and the Sunnis say that the one who takes an object for worship has committed shirk.

Are Salafi’s Khawarij in your view? Does the Salafist sect match the Sunni sect in your view? And does the Salafist sect with its infused politics pose a threat to European society or is European politics collaborating with them in parts of the Arab World to create sectarian division and mass anarchy and destruction?

Bismillah al Rahman ar Rahiim – In the name of God most merciful, most gracious.

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