Why Aleppo Will Never Fall – by Danny Makki

Why Aleppo will never fall

There is a reason why the ‘armed opposition’ is failing to occupy Syria’s industrial/commercial/economic Capital. Aleppo is not a hub for the so called ‘revolution’ or insurgency. Much like Damascus it is filled with people who support and have pledged allegiance to the government. The inhabitants proudly confess their affiliation to the state, even though their voices are subdued and oppressed in ‘rebel’ held areas.

Aleppo was never turned into a battleground from within, it was invaded, from all four corners by elements which came from outside the city, through the Turkish borders and from other cities. The people of this blessed city are merchants, traders well known for their business nous and rich History. Be under no illusion that it is not them who are fighting the government. Western media reported that the majority of opposition fighters are from other Arab countries, jihadists, extremists, adventurers who came for loot and ‘jihad’.

One unnamed citizen stated “We used to live in peace and security until this malicious revolution reached us and the Free Syrian Army started taking bread by force,”.

Was Aleppo not one of the safest and most peaceful cities in the region before this proxy war?. The people of Aleppo never supported fighting the Syrian state and are being punished for that reason, just because they opposed foreign intervention the ‘Armed militias’ turned their beautiful city into a war zone, evicted thousands from their houses and declared the mother of all battles.

It was not so much a battle as it was an invasion.

There is much tension between ‘Rebels’ and Aleppines who clearly reject the insurgency and the extremism which comes with it. It is not the Syrian government who will defeat the Insurgency in Aleppo, it is the people themselves who have wasted no time in condemning and opposing the ‘FSA’.

A recent report by Reuters stated that 70% of Aleppines still support Assad, despite the hardship and war that they are living with, that is unequivocal solidarity. One which will never be forgotten, especially in the face of this resistance to the armed opposition. So long as there are inhabitants of Aleppo inside the city it will never fall, History rests on it and so does Syria.

History also teaches us that no militancy can succeed without the support of the people, Aleppo is the greatest example. So i salute the brave inhabitants of Aleppo.

Long live Aleppo
Long live Syria.

By Danny Makki

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