Mr.President’s speech-6/01/2013

Mr.President's speech-6/01/2013

President al-Assad : Out of Womb of Pain, Hope Should Be Begotten, from Suffering Important Solutions Rise
Jan 06, 2013
President Bashar al-Assad said if pain is pervading like a dark cloud over the country, the emotional state only, with its sublimity, is not enough to compensate the loss of the loved ones or the restoration of security and peace to the country or providing bread, water, fuel and medicine nationwide.

In his speech on the latest developments on Sunday, President al-Assad added that out of the womb of pain, hope should be begotten and form the bottom of suffering the most important solutions rise, as the dark cloud in the sky conceals the sun light, but it also carries in its layers rain, purity and hope of welfare and giving.

President al-Assad said “These feelings of agony, sadness, challenge and intention are huge energy that will not get Syria out of its crisis unless it turns this energy into a comprehensive national move that saves the homeland from the unprecedented campaign hatched against it.”

“This national move is the only balm to the deep wounds which affected our society and were about to divide it as it is the only way that is able to keep Syria geographically and making it politically stronger,” the President added.

“At the beginning they wanted it an alleged revolution but the Syrian people rebelled against them, then they tried to impose it by money, media and arms secretly and when they failed, they moved to the second phase through dropping the masks of a “peaceful revolution” and unveiled the cover of the weapons they were using secretly to use them openly starting their attempts to occupy cities as to pounce upon the other cities,” President al-Assad said, adding that “their brutal behaviors didn’t deter our people, through their awareness and steadfastness, to unveil their lies and reject them. Therefore they decided to take revenge on the people through spreading terrorism everywhere.”

The President stressed that the Takfiries were working at the back rows through the explosion operations and the mass killing leaving the armed gangs at the front line but the unity of the Syrian people and army obliged them to move for fighting at the front lines where they led the rudder of the blood, killing and mutilation ship.

“Each citizen is responsible and able to provide something even if it is tiny or limited as he/she may consider, because the homeland is for everyone; we all defend it each with his/her capacity and capability, because the thought is a way of defense, the stance is a way of defense, construction is a way of defense and protecting people’s properties is a way of defense,” President al-Assad added.

“Since the attack is launched against the homeland with all its human and material components, the mindful citizen has certainly known that passivity, waiting for time or others to solve the problem is a sort of pushing the country towards abyss, and not participating in solutions is a kind of taking the homeland backwards with no progress towards overcoming what the home is going through,”

They have killed civilians and the innocent to kill light and brightness in our country; they have assassinated the qualified and intellectuals to spread their ignorance on our minds; they sabotaged the infrastructure built with the people’s money to make suffering pervade into our lives; they prevented children from their schools to devastate the future of the country and express their wildness and they cut off electricity, communications and fuel supply, leaving the elderly and children suffering from the cold weather without medicine to emphasize their savagery. But their thievery has been manifested through sabotaging wheat stocks, stealing wheat and flour to make the loaf like a dream for citizens and to starve people… Is it a conflict for power and post or is it a conflict between the homeland and its enemies? Is it a struggle for authority or a revenge of the Syrian people who did not give those terrorist killers the password for dismembering Syria and its society.

”Because takfiri through is alien to our country, they had to import it from abroad, whether in terrorists or thought…Thus, takfiris, terrorists, Qaeda members calling themselves Jihadis streamed from everywhere to command the combat operations on the ground…The gunmen, having failed, retreated to the backlines as aides in acts of kidnapping, pillaging and sabotage…Servants, and at best, guides who spy on their fellow citizens to serve criminals takfiris who only speak the language of slaughtering and mangling.” ”The crisis has other dimensions, not only internal ones as it became clear to all who want to see.

Regionally, there are sides who seek to partition Syria, others to weaken it, and some sides are providing the criminals with funds and weapons, while others with support and training…It was no surprise to us what some neighboring countries have done to weaken and control the Syrian people, and the countries who sought a foothold in a history they don’t have, writing it instead in the blood of innocent Syrians, but Syria and the Syrian people are strong, and they vow that they will not forget.”

”Syria has always been, and will remain, a free and sovereign country that won’t accept servility and guardianship, which has been a nuisance for the West, so they sought to take advantage of internal events to drive Syria out of the political equation in the region to get rid of this irksome problem and to strike the culture of resistance and turn us into inferiors…But the West is not the entire international community, as there are world countries, namely Russia and China, and many others which won’t agree to meddling in the internal affairs of countries and destabilizing the region.”

”In light of this, there cannot be talk about the solution unless we take into consideration these factors: the internal, the regional and the international…Any procedure that does not change these factors is not a real solution and has no impact…Let’s start form the internal front: If some tended to see the disagreement in the beginning as one between loyalists and opposition, this disagreement in a civilized world should be on the way to build the homeland not destroy it…on developing it rather than taking it decades back…When part of the people becomes tied to the outside the conflict becomes between the homeland and outside powers, between the country’s independence and hegemony over it, between staying free or occupying it, and hence the issue becomes defending the homeland and all unify against the outside aggression which is aided by some internal tools.”

”It is not a matter of loyalists against opposition, nor an army vis-à-vis gangs and criminals…We are in a state of war in the full sense of the word…We are repelling a fierce outside aggression in a new disguise, which is more lethal and dangerous than a traditional war, because they do not employ their tools to strike us, but they have us implement their projects, and target Syria using a bunch of Syrians and a lot of foreigners.”

”Such war is confronted through defending the homeland in parallel with a reform that is necessary to all of us, which may not change the reality of war, yet it strengthens us and reinforces our unity in the face of the war…Reforms without security is like security without reform. No one will be successful without the other…Those who keep parroting that Syria has opted for a security solution do not see or hear…We have repeatedly said that reforms and politics go in one hand and eliminating terrorism in the other.”

“We did not ever reject the political solution as we have adopted it from the first day based on dialogue as its main pillar as we lend our hands to those who have a national political project that moves Syria forward but with whom we dialogue.. with those who are carrying extremist thinking, and do not believe except in blood, killing and terrorism, ” the president wondered.

President al-Assad also wondered whether we should dialogue with gangs that are ordered from abroad and pursue a foreigner who orders them to reject dialogue because it believes that dialogue will foil his schemes aiming at weakening and undermining Syria .

The President asserted that the leaders of some regional countries know that Syria to come out of the crisis will undermine their political future after they were involved and drowned their peoples with lies, spent their countries’ potentials in supporting terrorism and involved in the bloodshed and killing innocent.

‘The West, but not we who closed the door of dialogue as it has used to give orders while we have got used to independence, sovereignty and freedom of decision,” President al-Assad said.

The President added “Who talks only about the political solution and turned the blind eye to these facts is either an ignorant of the facts or a coward who immolates his country and citizens to the criminals and those who support them, the matter which we will not allow, ”

The political solution in Syria will be as following: the first stage, firstly, the adherence of all concerned regional and international countries to stopping funding and harboring gunmen in parallel to the cessation of terrorist operations by gunmen in a way that facilitates the return of the displaced Syrians to their original residing areas safely.

After that immediately, the military operations halt by the Armed Forces which have the right of response if the security of homeland or citizens is threatened or public or private properties were attacked.

Secondly, finding a mechanism to guarantee the adherence of all sides to the former item and curbing borders.

Thirdly, the current government starts intensive communications with all Syrian society spectra with all its parties and bodies to run open dialogues for holding a national dialogue conference as all sides desiring a solution in Syria from inside and outside Syria can participate.

The second stage: First, the current government calls for a comprehensive national dialogue conference for reaching a national charter that adheres to the Syrian sovereignty, its unity and territorial integrity.

It also rejects foreign interference and renounce all types of terrorism and violence, as this charter would draw the political future of Syria and propose the constitutional and judicial systems and depict the political and economic features, in addition to the agreement on new laws for parties, elections, local administration and others.

Secondly, the national charter is to be presented for a popular referendum.

Thirdly, a broadened government is established where the Syrian components are represented, as it is tasked to implement the items of the national charter.

Fourth, the constitution is presented for referendum, and after it is ratified, the broadened government adopts the laws agreed on in the dialogue conference according to the new constitution including the election law, and then carrying out new parliamentary elections.

The third stage : Firstly, a new government is formed according to the constitution.

Secondly, a conference for national reconciliation is held and an amnesty to those arrested due to the events is given with preserving the civil rights of their owners.

Thirdly, working on rehabilitating infrastructure, reconstruction, in addition to compensating the citizens affected.

”Homeland is above all…We can strengthen Syria through political initiatives and defending every single grain of land…The Syrian throbs with forgiveness and tolerance, but pride and patriotism run in his veins…the majority of people have risen against terrorism. Some have helped through providing the competent authorities with valuable information which enabled them to abort terrorist attacks against citizens…Others have risen against terrorists and deprived them of a support base, whether through defending their areas or even taking to the streets in protest against gunmen, many even martyred while doing so, and others have defended the cities, districts and infrastructure hand in hand with the armed forces.”

”Those citizens have demonstrated deep awareness. The aspired-to security does not come through fence-sitting, watching, escaping or groveling to the outside…If we are not fine in our country, we won’t be so anywhere outside it…The homeland is not for those who dwell in it, but for those who defend it.”

”The homeland is for those who rose from all walks of life and affiliations when their homeland needed them, even though they were wronged at times…Their giving has been without bounds…Some were honored with martyrdom, and their blood had punctured the fake ‘Spring’ and shielded the people from deceit that was about to bear fruit in the beginning…Their blood has punctured what the West falsely dubbed Spring, but was a vindictive fire that sought to torch whatever came its way through an abominable sectarianism, blind hatred and loathsome partitioning…It was a Spring only for those who planned it and tried to make it a reality, which is now collapsing.”

”The blood of martyrs protected and will protect the homeland and the region, and will protect our territorial integrity and reinforce accord among us, while at the same time purify our society of disloyalty and treason, and keep us from moral, human and cultural downfall, which is the strongest victory…When the homeland triumphs, it does not forget those who sacrificed for its sake.”

”I’d like to extend my salutations to those who deserve it most: the Syrian Arab army who are shedding blood and sweat for Syria which they see uppermost…Greetings to our armed forces who are fighting the fiercest of wars and are determined to restore security and stability to the homeland through uprooting terrorism.”

”The armed forces have wrote down the epics of heroism thanks to their cohesion, steadfastness and national unity which reflected those of the people…thus doing citizens proud and keeping them safe…Kudos to every soldier who is completing the mission of his colleagues who passed away!” ”I salute every single citizen who did his national duty through standing by the armed forces, each from his position…Those are the pride of Syria whose names will go down in history, for they are writing history in their blood and valor.”

”I come from the people and will remain so…Posts are transient but the homeland is everlasting…The tears of bereaved mothers will refresh the pure souls of their gone loved ones ad burn the criminals…”

”Syria will remain as it is and will return, God willing, stronger…There is no ceding rights or giving up on principles…Those who placed their bets on weakening Syria to forget Golan and its occupied lands are mistaken…Golan is ours and Palestine is our cause that we won’t give up on…We will remain the supporters of resistance against the one enemy..Resistance is a culture, not individuals.”

”The people and state who bore the brunt of standing with the Palestinian people in their just cause for decades, despite all the challenges and costs that every Syrian citizen has paid, cannot be but in the same place towards Palestinians…Any attempt to implicate the Palestinians in the Syrian events is aimed at deflecting attention from the main enemy , and is stillborn…The Palestinians in Syria are doing their duty towards their second homeland like any Syrian…We are responsible, as Syrian people and state, for doing our duty towards them as towards any Syrian citizen. I salute every honest Palestinian who valued the Syrian stances and did not treat Syria as a hotel which he leaves when the service goes downhill.”

”In spite of what has been planned against Syria, they could never change us…Patriotism runs in our blood and Syria is the most precious of all…Your steadfastness over two years tells the whole world that Syria is impervious to collapse and the Syrian people impervious to humiliation…We will always be like that…Hand in hand we will move ahead, taking Syria to a brighter and stronger future.”

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says the ongoing conflict in his country is not between the state and opposition but between the nation and its enemies.

In a key speech on the situation in the country, Assad said on Sunday that his government will always extend its hand for dialogue with the opposition and political parties.

The Syrian president, however, said that the government “will not have dialogue with a puppet made by the West.”

“Government will call for a comprehensive national dialogue” in the near future, he said.

“Syria wants peace and reconciliation,” he said, adding that “Armed groups must halt terrorist acts.”

The president added that the constitution will be subjected to referendum and that general amnesty will be announced.

Assad warned that that there is an “agenda to partition Syria” but stated that “the nation is for all and we all must protect it.”

“Any initiative must be based on Syrian vision,” Assad said, adding “we are to go ahead with own political process.”

The president went on to say that the Geneva initiative on the transition in Syria was ambigiuous. He also said that “Any talk of revolution in Syria is just bubbles of soap.”

The Syrian president lauded people in the villages that tried to block the enterance of militants from Turkey, adding that “the nation is for those who protect it.”


The nation is above everybody, Syria is above all else!!!!!!!!!!!!

out of pain ,hope must be born
A revolution must be done by the people, it is not imported from other countries and conducted by foreigners
enemy states built on occupation and aggression were not a surprise but, a neighbor tried to weaken Syria and its people, but Syria and Syrian people are stronger and firmer and promises that they will never forget.
Syria does not accept submission and does not accept guardianship that’s been annoying for the West
we live war deadlier than traditional wars
the conflict is a conflict between the people and the killers.
There are various countries such as the BRICS countries whom stood by Syria. Especially Russia, China & Iran who we will always be grateful to.
there are people who initiated bridges between the State and the people, and this gave great results, there are unknown soldiers fighting for Syria’s sake, I tell them we are counting a lot on their initiatives
the solution must be a comprehensive one which includes the political aspect and the fight against terrorism -a social solution
Syria does not need lessons from anyone. We are a country of people established for thousands of years. We’re perfectly capable of leading our country
any initiative forwarded by any party or person or state, must be based on the Syrian vision
we will continue the fight against terrorism until we eliminate all terrorist elements

There is only one way to go about the crisis:
Stage 1 – regional and international counties must stop sending and sheltering arms and terrorists.

Stage 2 – then will all military missions stop since they are currently fighting terrorism.

Stage 3 – our neighbouring countries should help us secure the borders.

Stage 4 – then we can begin dialogue
I would like to tell you about the young men from Ras al-Ayn in Hassake, opposite the Turkish border who fought the enemy there

Friends of Syria

The rhetoric in regards to kidnappings in Syria is quite amazing, when there are claims that it is done by the government the words ‘regime thugs’ or ‘shabiha’ suddenly spring up on the mainstream media. When it is an act perpetrated by the opposition, the words ‘fighters’ and ‘rebels’ are seldom not used.

The latest case is the American James Foley, kidnapped by an extremist group, the independent refers to the terrorists who kidnapped him as ‘gunmen’ or ‘insurgents’, the Guardian describes them as ‘armed men’ not terrorists, not radicals, not jihadis but gunmen, mere gunmen. Why would you border on glorifying extremists groups who kidnap western journalists.

It is as though there is a hesitancy to say things the way they are, this is a crime within itself, destroying objectivity and impartiality. In the Iraq, Afghanistan wars the word terrorists was used so frequently that the public were presented…

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The School Map Committee in Damascus Countryside reviewed the implemented steps for the repair and maintenance of 200 schools that came under terrorists attacks by armed terrorist groups in 2012, with a total cost of SYP 60 millions.

The Committee also discussed establishing new schools in some areas in the governorate.

Engineer Hussein Makhlouf, Governor of Damascus Countryside, requested that the governorate be informed of any obstacles hindering the schools’ maintenance process to be tackled soon, calling for going ahead with the educational process despite all circumstances.

For his part, Director of Education in Damascus Countryside, Khaled Rahima said that the repair and maintenance process is set to continue this year, indicating that the educational process in the governorate is steadily improving.

M. Ismael – SANA Network at




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By Douglas Chalmers

Foreign Minister Bob Carr has this week warned that “it is illegal for Australians to join the uprising in Syria” [… ]. Senator Carr’s ‘message’ to Syrian community leaders must have been all the more incomprehensible, though, given that just a day earlier he had suggested that the assassination of Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad would somehow accommodate “the desire for change” among Syrians [… ].

That is NOT much of a reason for exhorting such a brutal act and was essentially an insult to Syrian Australians who were (a) automatically expected to support Carr’s dreams of invoking regime-change in a foreign land, and (b) approve of the murder of their home country’s beloved president. It also tarnishes all Syrian Australians as pro-FSA ‘rebels’ (Free Syrian Army) supporters – that is, the group who would be assumed to carry out such an execution.

But the fact that it was said in the Senate that “some Australians were joining the uprising” indicates that there is actually a breeding- ground for Al Qaida jihadists in Australia and that some group or association may be acting as a conduit. Again, that is an insult to Syrian Australians who mostly do NOT support the violent overthrow of the government in Syria. Recently, there have been pro-Assad demonstrations in Sydney, Melbourne, etc which prove that and can be seen on YouTube [search ‘hands off Syria rally’ + add the city].

Rather, the violent protest in Sydney recently about the US-made film Innocence of Muslims in which some radical extremist demonstrators carried placards demanding the beheading of “all those who insult the Prophet” was a vivid indication that there are Salafist (Wahhabist) organizations within Australia. The pro-sectarian Khilafah movement which today exists in Britain and Australia openly advocates the creation of a global caliphate (khilafah) under imposed Sharia law – which is essentially a kind of 7th century legalism, but NOT “God’s law” as they imagine to suit their own divisive agenda.

In doing so, the Khilafah movement routinely smears governments of Muslim countries which do not impose Sharia on their citizens and even those who do in some form if they are not of the same sect in Islam. Thus they are ideologically aligned with Wahhabist sectarian regimes such as the Gulf states, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, which have themselves recently admitted funding the murderous insurgency in Syria. It may be convenient for countries in the West (US and NATO allies) to allow these groups to exist within their own states but they actually do not ‘share our values’ in any genuine sense at at all.

It is thus shameful for Australia’s Senate to accept that our foreign minister, Bob Carr, has gone on national television to make a lengthy statement that was simply to the effect that he would like to see Syria’s president murdered. Presumably, such an act would most probably also incidentally include the murder of al-Assad’s beautiful wife and their three lovely young children, uhh! [see picture… ].

Also see the Four Corners program with the video of Bob Carr here… [ ].

But, as for Bashar al-Assad, he is a doctor and a surgeon as well as his country’s leader and perhaps unwillingly since his father died and facing the struggle of having adversarial nations on Syria’s borders. He is not ‘an evil dictator’ as has been portrayed in the West but he is a better politician than most of the incompetent loud-mouthed lawyers who make up the pathetic political scene in Western democracies as well as being a true gentleman [see his Ramadan speech in 2011 + click ‘captions’ for English text… ].

But for those Australians who do wish to join the uprising in Syria, they will make their way whether legally or not as did Sydney cleric sheikh Mustafah al-Mazjoub who died recently in Syria with the FSA insurgents. Regardless of their delusional fantasies though, the Syrian Arab Army will ‘send them to Paradise’ as soon as they do encounter them. They do NOT wish to see armed terrorists form foreign lands stomping about in their fair country. As it is, they would join many from Libya, Chechnya, Pakistan, Turkey and the Gulf states and emirates.

“Public figures must think twice before commenting about someone’s death…” is a solemn warning to all these days but applies as much to prattling Australian politicians as to anyone else [ ]. Bob Carr seems to think that his way of asking politely for ‘someone’ to murder Syria’s president is not illegal yet one day he might find himself charged with war crimes in that respect at least. Given that a number of Syria’s top government people were killed or injured in a recent bombing, it is weakly late of Carr to assume that “a major defection” could thus be precipitated. It has NOT happened.

The idea that his inviting an assassination constitutes a “pre-conditions of movement towards peace in Syria” is essentially false as the problem with the conflict is that external forces are already extensively involved (FSA and their Al Qaida foreign fighters and mercenaries) and that they are being financed by states backing their own sectarian agenda with their $$petro-dollars. Then there is also the involvement of neighbouring Turkey which allows these insurgents to transit freely and even have bases within Turkey and despite the frequent protests by Turkish citizens in the border province of Hatay.

Sadly, Bob Carr continues to prattle ignorantly about Syria with his latest ‘op-ed’ piece published both in The Australian and on his personal blog. His topic suggests almost apologetically that there are other things that Syria’s people need more urgently than murdering an elected president of a legitimate government [“Let’s get doctors and medicine to Syria’s suffering people” –… ].

The fact is, though, that he has no real ‘plan’ and, worse, he also prefers NOT to have anyone post any critical comments on his blog. Despite the fact that I had posted a comment there which remained visible online overnight, it was removed the following day. For those who are interested, the text can still be seen on my FaceBook page addressing the issues Bob Carr has raised recently [ ].

I had also posted a comment on the USA’s Brookings Institution’s latest topic on Syria which was also about aid for Syrians. They seem to have been able to accept my genuine criticisms openly even though our fellow Australian and political representative has boorishly refused [ ]. Thus, again Australia has been weakly caught out by a government whose senior members continue to act poorly as pawns for the perceived interests of international partners who are themselves far more capable on the world stage.

Friends of Syria

‎”SEA | Leaks” is an operation carried out by the Syrian Electronic Army to expose the countries that tried to destroy Syria

This operation included penetration of most ministry’s mail systems of said nations… including the Ministries of Defense and Defense Industries

The operation also included hacking of the League of Arab States mail system and the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Interior, and the Amiri Diwan for some countries…

The most important leaked documents will be published in the form of a television series.

All of the leaked E-mail and documents will be published on the Leaks website that belongs to the Syrian Electronic Army |

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Friends of Syria

by Stephen Lendman

On January 2, the UN News Center headlined “Data suggests death toll could be more than 60,000, says UN human rights office.”

The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) commissioned the analysis. It covers the March 15, 2011 – November 30, 2012 period.

It’s impossible to compile precise figures. Analysis depends on methodology and sources used. Bias corrupts findings.


UN Human Rights Council High Commissioner Navi Pillay long ago fell from grace. Like Ban Ki-moon, Kofi Annan, and Lakhdar Brahimi, she’s a reliable imperial partner.

Her previous reports on Syria expressed one-sided anti-Assad sentiment. She part of the conspiracy to replace him with a pro-Western puppet.

Whatever she reports is suspect. Credibility on Syria isn’t her long suit. She spurned her mandate. Instead of responsibly “strengthening the promotion and protection of human rights,” she defiled them in deference to Western interests.

Throughout the…

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Nuovo attentato terroristico contro il quartiere Barse a Damasco.

È stato colpito il distributore di benzina vicino all’ospedale Hamish, provocando 9 vittime e decine di feriti, tutti civili, oltre ad un ingente danno materiale.

I primi rapporti delle indagini indicano che l’attentato e stato causato da un ordigno esplosivo piazzato su autobus di trasporto pubblico.

Le immagini parlano da sole. L’ennesimo atto di vigliaccheria e di terrorismo puro ai danni della popolazione civile, che non servirà certo ad attirareil consenso popolare su un branco di assassini e di cui i media occidentali ovviamente non parleranno . Aiutateci a diffondere queste notizie. Grazie



New terrorist attack on the Barse district in Damascus.

The terrorists have hit the gas station near the Hamish hospital, causing nine deaths and dozens of wounded, all civilians, as well as a significant material damage.

The first reports of the investigations indicate that…

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Friends of Syria

By Webster G. Tarpley

In the annals of international criminal aggression, the destabilization, dismemberment, and ultimate annihilation of independent Czechoslovakia in 1938 and 1939 by Hitler’s Nazi regime has come to occupy a place of particular infamy.


The eagerness of British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and French premier Edouard Daladier, at the infamous Munich conference of September 1938 with Hitler and Mussolini, to sacrifice the national existence of Czechoslovakia in the service of their policy of appeasing and supporting Hitler’s eastward expansion is widely regarded as the event which placed Europe on track for the outbreak of World War II slightly less than a year later.

It has been less widely noted that the 2011-2012 destabilization of Syria by NATO and the reactionary Persian Gulf monarchies has been closely following the script of Hitler’s onslaught against Czechoslovakia in the summer of 1938.

Hitler was hostile to Czechoslovakia because it possessed…

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Secret Documents American Media Will Never Disclose

An Interview with Tim Byrnes by Kourosh Ziabari

A few weeks ago, German political analyst and author Dr. Christof Lehmann put me in touch with an Australian journalist whom he said possessed precious and valuable information about an underground arm smuggling deal and needed to publicly talk about the long way he has come to unveil one of the most complicated and vicious machinations of the United States for dominating the Caucasus region.

After some correspondence, I conducted an interview with the Australian journalist and filmmaker Tim Byrnes, who was fired from his job at the Australian Government’s Department of Broadband, Communications and Digital Economy after acquiring some secret information and leaked documents about the plans by the U.S. government to illicitly transfer arms and ammunitions to Georgia, where it had successfully brought to power its close ally Mikhail Saakashvilli in a Rose Revolution in 2003.

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