STOOOOOOOOOOOOOP the terrorists-Let Syria breath!!!!!!!


The page ” coordinating Midan” predicted 3 hours before the occurrence, a huge explosion blast in Damascus, this either knows the unseen, or either…. knew of the bombing …!!!!!!!!

شخص كتب بوست بصفحة تنسيقية الميدان يتنبأ به قبل 3 ساعات من التفجير بوقوع انفجار كبير في دمشق , فإما أن يكون يعلم بالغيب وإما أنه يعلم من قام بالتفجير
Another explosion occurred on Friday afternoon under a footbridge in al-Adawi district of the Syrian capital Damascus, wounding two people, pro-government al- Ekhbaria TV reported.

The blast was caused by an explosive device, the report said, adding that two people riding a taxi were injured when the device was blown off.

Syria on Friday witnessed a dramatic surge of violence, as many explosions were reported to have occurred since early hours Friday.

The deadliest blast Friday occurred in the central al-Midan neighborhood, when a suicide bomber detonated himself near a security forces’ bus, killing 9 people, including security forces and injuring 28 others.

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