#Syria #RealSyria Important note from the media man Mr. Rafiq Lutf:

 #Syria #RealSyria  Important note from the media man Mr. Rafiq Lutf:

#Syria #RealSyria

Important note from the media man Mr. Rafiq Lutf:

Zero hour had struck, therefore, asking i am all the brothers here to take utmost precaution and be fully aware of what thing are going to be in the coming days, specially in the coming month… As through my follow-ups during the past few weeks, and through monitoring the enormous shipments of smuggled weapons that some are trying to send to Syria.. It turned out that there is a large concentration by the terrorists to gather in Damascus and maybe in Aleppo too in order to spread anarchy and corruption by all means possible for the aim of destroying the country and create chaos… So we have to be extra careful and very cautious, we must be the eye that never sleeps, if any person moved again to the area of your residence, you should check him and his goals, and if suspicious, you should inform the authorities..

We are now in front of the biggest definite victory, thus we should not leave the greater burden on the Syrian army and the security forces, but we should be the eye that never sleeps and inform the interior ministry of any suspicious matter right away… The zero hour had struck, and we should be very responsible, and every upright Syrian citizen should know that he is an integral part of the honorable Syrian Arab army, this work is legitimate and patriotic at the same time…

They want to terrorize us though slaughtering, mutilating and drag the innocents on the ground till death… But we tell them, even if you cut us to pieces and burn our corpses, we swore to fight until victory is achieved..

As for the deceived ones, they have to turn themselves in to the authorities and i am ready to help if they ask me to, as i can be the middle man, and he can go back home in the same day if only he swear not to repeat what he had done …

الإعلامي رفيق لطف
Translation: News About Syria – English

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