Al Jazeera,ya 5nzeera!

An Algerian who is in Syria right now was watching Aljazeera when they claimed there was “activity”‘ in his area. He looked out his windows and listened closely and realized this was all a lie. Listen to what he has to say to Aljazeera

3 thoughts on “Al Jazeera,ya 5nzeera!

  1. Charley Hankins says:

    Can someone translate into english?

    • the title :AJ-you pigs!!!!

    • working on it!basically ,this guy sees on AJ a report about bombings in Khalidya and he shows the screen with the aired news!unfortunately for those bastards he is in Khalidya,in a hotel,so he filmed the area to contradict the lies…after that he cursed and addressed them some well deserved “blessings”

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