Fabricating protests & False shooting 101

As you note from the title, sectarianism is in all videos coming from the channel “Omawi”, this channel belong to “Sajed” the agent, owner of the alleged Syrian revolution channel on PalTalk, he is one of the biggest instigators on the sectarian ordeal, and all who observe his channel on PalTalk will notice the sectarianism and racism in their talk overtly..
One word i would like to say to this worthless person “Sajed” … You can never be able plant sectarianism in the souls of the Syrian people, as they are stronger than falling in the sectarian trap that you Mossad operators are working on planting it in the Syrian body.. You are noting but a Mossad agent, executing their orders..

In this scene, you will see how they fabricate a protest of almost 10 people, then one of their FSA armed men will start shooting on the houses, just to film a video titled “The Syrian Arab army is shooting protesters and the UN observers”..
What’s strange in this video is that you will never see the UN observers … Lies, Fabrications and utter stupidity… What draw my attention is shooting a mosques minaret, as you will note how they have fabricated the shooting process… Watch the scene..

Finally, as i always conclude, treachery is your habit, and betrayal is inherited in your ill souls, your stupidity is our weapon against you, you who claim sectarianism, aren’t you the ones instigating for it, by targeting mosques just to show that the Syrian army is the one shooting??
May God curse you.. you unbelievers.. With this video we prove to all skeptic people who is behind targeting minarets and mosques to accuse the Syrian Arab army with it.. Our honorable army protects the mosques from such dirty and mean creatures who seek to plant the ordeal between the Syrian sects ..
May God protect Syria and the Syrian Arab army, the honor of the entire Arab nation.

One thought on “Fabricating protests & False shooting 101

  1. nafnafa says:

    May God curse them.
    May God protect Syria.

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