Syrian army hits hard DAESH mercenary-terrorists’ command meeting in Deir ez-Zor

the real Syrian Free Press


Less than two days after the Syrian army’s airstrikes against ISIL leaders’ gathering centers in Raqqah province, similar massive strikes were waged against the terrorist groups’ commanders in Deir Ezzur.

Syrian sources reported on Tuesday that the air force targeted an ISIL position in Hatlah town in Deir Ezzur, where leaders of the terrorist group had gathered for strategic coordination.

Early tips from informants in ISIL camps disclosed that a large group of ringleaders, mainly from Saudi Arabia and Tunisia, have been killed in the raid.

The sources named the ringleaders as Abu Qasourah al-Saudi, Mostafa Sharif al-Abdallah, Hamed al-Hamoud, Ahmad Rahal, Ala Mostafa, Walid al-Ma’youf, Sarhan al-Abdallah, Majed Abdussalam and Nawaf al-Basiri.

Syrian fighter jets had hit ISIL positions in Raqqa province and managed to kill tens of high-profile Takfiri commanders in the area on Monday as well.

A senior Syrian military commander, speaking on the condition of anonymity…

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