New terrorist attack on Aleppo killed 23 civilians, most of them children

the real Syrian Free Press

Rocket attacks Aleppo

The death toll from rocket attacks on Aleppo city has risen to 23 martyrs while scores others were injured, most of them are children, a source at Aleppo Health Directorate said.

The source pointed out that the death toll is likely to rise due to the critical cases of many wounded, adding that al-Razi and the University hospitals received more than 100 casualties, tens of them are children.

Earlier, a source at the province told SANA’s correspondent that terrorists located in Bani Zeid neighborhood fired rocket shells on the aforementioned residential areas, claiming the lives of eight people, three of them children, and injuring 70 others, 30 of them children.

The source said that the injured victims were rushed to al-Razi and Unviersity Hospitals in the city for treatment, and that the attacks caused massive damage to citizens’ homes and properties, with large chunks of a building near al-Rhaman Mosque…

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