Iran has announced the sending of special operations’ commando units to Syria, to destroy all terrorist gangs, fake “freedom fighters”, mercenaries of foreign powers and any kind of adventurers

the real Syrian Free Press

Iran Raises the Stakes on ISIS in Syria.

Iran says it is going in, warring on ISIS and “her sisters.”

The term used is “to the death.”


by Gordon Duff and Nahed al Husaini, Veterans Today Damascus

Last week, General Qassam Suleimani visited Idlib, the Syrian city conquered by Turkey and Al Nusra. 

Suleiman commands the Al Quds brigade and is considered the inheritor of ViGeneral Qassam Suleimanietnamese General Vo Nguyen Giap

If you don’t know who General Giap was, Americans know him well.  General Giap died at 102 years old in 2013.  He crushed the Japanese, the French and then the Americans.  General Suleimani is his “apprentice.”

Iran has announced it is sending special operation commando units to Syria to be used in a combat role against all organizations warring on the Damascus government.  By organizations, we may well be referring to governments as well as terrorist groups, “freedom…

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