Syrian Arab Army and Hezbollah Resistance downed hundreds of Daesh-IS and al-Nusra terrorists [CIA’s jihadists] in different areas ~ [6 Video Reports]

the real Syrian Free Press

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Hezbollah fighters hunt down al-Nusra Front terrorists
who were fleeing near of Arsal


Syrian Army regains control over al-Zeyadeyeh, al-Sararef,
Tl-Gazal, Tl-Aawar in Idleb countryside


Syrian Army blows up a truck bomb belonging to ISIS terrorists,
south of Hasaka city


Syrian Army destroys tunnels’ network for Jaish al-Islam in Harasta,
Damascus Countryside


Syrian Army kills 15 ISIS terrorists near Kweris Airport,
Aleppo’s eastern countryside


Syrian Army regains control over new area
in al-Mri’ya near of Deir Ezzor airport



Syria Fighting Terrorism
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