President al-Assad: “The Turks are using terrorism against Syria just as they did against the Armenian people”

the real Syrian Free Press


President Bashar al-Assad said the Syrian and Armenian people face the same challenges and dangers.

The President’s remarks came during a meeting on Thursday with the visiting delegation of the Armenian-Syrian Friendship Association at the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia, headed by the Association’s President Tachat Vardapetyan.

Drawing parallels between the dangers facing the people of Syria and Armenia, the President said the Ottomans who committed massacres against the Armenian people a hundred years ago are today, represented by Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his government, using the same tools, mainly terrorism, against the Syrian people.

He warned against the expansive threat of terrorism on the entire Middle East region and the world, saying terrorism “knows no border and doesn’t stop at the frontier of this or that country.”

That’s why parliaments, in their position as representatives of peoples, are called upon to take effective action to pressure the international community into adopting an efficacious policy against terrorism and…

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