Grand Mufti of the Republic, Dr. Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun, said that Syria is now tending to its wounds so that it may rebuild itself

Grand Mufti of the Republic, Dr. Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun, said that Syria is now tending to its wounds so that it may rebuild itself
Grand Mufti of the Republic, Dr. Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun, said that Syria is now tending to its wounds so that it may rebuild itself, pointing out that Syria is paying the price of its support for Arab causes and its refusal to submitting to US-Israeli dictations and projects.

In an interview with al-Mayadin TV broadcast on Friday, Hassoun said that the world will soon see the birth of a new Syria which learned new lessons after the schemes it faced for the past two years, stressing that freedom comes from the people, not from abroad, and that the Arab world is still embroiled in the chaos of the alleged “Arab spring.”

He pointed out that the political program presented by President Bashar al-Assad is more comprehensive than the Geneva statement, affirming that Syria’s doors are open wide to all those who wish to participate in dialogue.

Hassoun said that mass media can either be a messenger of truth or a false prophet that lies, elaborating that Syria stands amidst false media that distorts facts, those who contradicted themselves and stabbed their brothers in the back, and neighbors who responded to opening borders for peace with betrayal.

He noted that Syria opened its arms for the people of Iraq and Lebanon in their time of needs and hosted them in the homes of Syrians, not in tents, and that Syria bore its burden and never complained to the UN for aid.

Hassoun pointed out that before the crisis in Syria began, Turkish Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan told him that he respects President al-Assad and is worried for Syria from coming chaos, adding that he was surprised later by Erodgan’s stances and wondering for who’s sake did Turkey open its borders and allow murderers and thieves to cross into Syria.

The Grand Mufti held seditious preachers in Arab Gulf countries – particularly Saudi Arabia and Qatar who called for Jihad in Syria – responsible for the bloodshed in Syria, denouncing Yousef al-Qaradawi who calls for dialogue in Egypt while calling for sectarian instigation in Syria.

He called upon Islamic scholars to be aware of the western countries who came to Iraq and destroyed it under the pretense of liberating it, affirming that these countries want to do the same thing in Syria, Sudan, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and the rest of the region.

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Malaysia charges former army captain and woman for terrorism and for recruiting mercenaries for Syria

The state prosecutor of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, has charged a former captain of the Malaysian army, who is known to have links to an Al Qaeda associated organization, and a woman for encouraging terrorism in Syria. The former captain, Yazzid Sufaat, has allegedly been recruiting mercenaries from his home in a Kuala Lumpur suburb, while Halimah Hussein has been charged for aiding and abetting Sufaat. The mercenaries were supposed to be deployed to Syria to take part in the ongoing insurgency. Sufaat is tied to a biological and chemical weapons program for Al Qaeda.

Kuala Lumpur police arrested Sufaat and Hussein on Thursday, stating that the couple were the masterminds behind a militant recruitment network. The prosecutors office has not been forthcoming with many detail, other than that their actions could have threatened public safety…

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A political analyst tells Press TV that Moaz Al-Khatib’s call for dialogue was an obvious sign that the Syrian rebels were afraid that their effort would collapse and they were trying to make a deal.

Watch Interview

The comments came after foreign-backed militants reportedly suffered heavy losses after clashes with government troops over control of a key highway in Damascus. Syrian Army forces battled the militants on Saturday, one day after they cut off the strategic route near the capital.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley, author and historian, to further discuss the issue. What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.


Press TV: We see the Syrian Army gaining ground in Syria, this while Moaz Al-Khatib from the opposition has called for dialogue with the Syrian government. At the same time NATO allies, Turkey and US are at loggerheads over Israel’s recent…

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North Resistance

Nowadays, mainstream media controls all the conflicts; controls people in specific. Mainstream media has been the cause of many modern conflicts, even to this day.

To start with, mainstream media is biased but at the same time, they repeat the same lie over and over again until the people who watch too much television will believe that lie. As Hitler once said: “Make a lie, make it big. Keep repeating it and eventually people will believe it.

Mainstream media is also the cause of many wars. For example, mainstream media kept repeating the lie that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction and used it against their own people. That gave the United States the excuse to invade Iraq. The real reason behind the invasion of Iraq was actually for its rich resources, as they never found those Weapons of Mass Destruction. Worst of all, there is a large number of…

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KUALA LUMPUR- Prosecution in Malaysia charged an al-Qaeda-linked former army captain and a woman with inciting terrorist acts in Syria. 


“Yazid Sufaat encouraged terrorist activities,” said a ruling at the Magistrate Court in Malaysia, quoted by the Associated Press.

Sufaat was reported to have been doing so at a house in a suburb outside Kuala Lumpur sometime between early August and late October, while Halimah Hussein was charged for abetting him.

Police arrested Sufaat, Hussein and another man Thursday, saying they were the masterminds of an effort to recruit militants.

Prosecution documents offered scant details except that their actions could have threatened public safety in Syria.

Yazid Sufaat, and Halimah Hussein face up to 30 years in prison if convicted.

The Malaysian national news agency, Bernama, late Thursday quoted unidentified sources as saying that the suspects tried to recruit young people to be trained for missions that included suicide bombings.

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Al Qaeda FSA Terrorists on the Ground Threaten Moath Al Khatib!

Al Qaeda FSA Terrorists on the Ground Threaten Moath Al Khatib!

Al Qaeda FSA Terrorists on the Ground Threaten Moath Al Khatib!
Coming from way back in history, a Libyan terrorist known as Abu Hafs Libi (Libyan Abu Hafs) who leads a group of Al Qaeda Free (from) Syrian Army terrorists in a remote town in Aleppo countryside, appeared in a mosque addressing his audience in what looks like a sermon attacking Al Qaeda Levant (Jabhat Al Nusra) political leader abroad Moath Al Khatib for offering dialogue with the Syrian state, criticizing doesn’t look fit in the scene.

Abu Hafs Libi waving with his sword to cut the heads of the infidels
& who accept to negotiate with them from the Syrian oppositions
It is known that these apes whom are sold by the western mainstream media to their people as ‘freedom fighters’, know only one language: Terror, and the worst types of it, from detonating car bombs, to kidnapping, beheading, slitting throats, dismembering, raping for men, women and children and torturing, and such cavemen cannot be reasoned with after years of intensive training by the CIA and its franchises to dislodge them from modern human being and send them back in time to be able to manipulate them and use them as killing machines, or call them mercenaries.

We promise to get the full wording translated once we can get a Libyan or someone who understands the accent, as it’s a bit difficult for us Syrians to understand the full text of what he said but some of the words picked are like: ‘How could you negotiate with a regime while Sunnah ladies are killed?’, and ‘May your mother cry over your dead body’! addressing the Qatari Coalition of Syrian Opposition abroad..

How would the west justify the use of any political opposition lead by its own creation the Qatari based Coalition or the Turkey based SNC when they do not have any leverage on the ground over such rodents, or even if they do have any influence over such primitives?!

How to identify a terrorist?!

The Houla Massacre and the Battle of Taldou

The Houla Massacre and the Battle of Taldou.

The Houla Massacre and the Battle of Taldou

Part 1: The Digital Witnesses Have Their Say

The Golden Measure of Regime Massacres

In the 23 months since the start of the Syrian “Arab Spring” uprising, the charges of violent Syrian government repression of its own people have persisted and piled up. So too have credible claims the other way: car bombings, attacks on hospitals and TV stations, hostage-taking, mass executions, and more, have all emerged as crimes of the (partly foreign) Syrian opposition. Genocidal threats from the mostly-Sunni insurgents against the Alawi (Alawites – Bashar Al-Assad’s co-religionists), other Shi’ites, Christians, and others — and some delivery on those promises — have been accumulating for some time. So too have promises and implementation of Salafist Islamism grown in the rebellion’s wake. Their most effective force for change became and remains Jabhat Al-Nusrah, a direct offshoot of Al-Qaeda in Iraq.

Alleged government massacres — as sold by opposition activists and even rebel fighters — have continued to be denounced by the “world community.” However, over the last year they have increasingly been modified by outside media activists before being partially credited, passingly decried, and then shelved as increasingly “murky” and decreasingly urgent. The Tremseh massacre in July 2012 became a battle the rebels lost, most of the dead being their own. The enormous Daraya massacre, of at least 4-600 in August, was marred by accusations of mass hostage-taking (and killing) by rebels, as well as of padding the death toll with a much larger lost battle. Most recently, the story of a pro-government militia killing 106 at Al-Haswiyeh, Homs, on January 15, is questioned by locals who say Jabhat Al-Nusra killed at least 30, with many rebels dying in the following battle.

Most pointedly and far more one-sided was the alleged December 11 Aqrab massacre of up to 235 Alawi civilians. The rebel story of Alawi Shabiha militia killing their own human shields was proven to be a lie, and all now agree that rebel brigades in fact held those hostages. They last described them as killed, and have given no word or sign either way since then, and yet still they’ve avoided any overt censure for what fits at least a few definitions of genocide, even absent a massacre.

As for rebel-explained mass-killings, the golden days of disinformation were those following the May 25 massacre in Al-Houla, a cluster of three farming towns northwest of Homs. It was in the southern edge of the southernmost town of Taldou where a reported 108 people, 49 of them young children, were killed in often cruel ways. Rebels blamed army shelling, followed by home invasions by the Army and Shabiha from neighboring Alawi towns. The targets were all Sunni Muslims and killed mainly for that reason, it was said, in a genocidal gesture.

The government has of course always denied this, claiming the usual protection they offered was circumvented that day by a rebel (“terrorist”) attack. The alleged operation was planned in advance and was unprecedented in size, with an estimated 600-800 men from Taldou, from Kafr Laha and Tal Dahab (the other towns of Al-Houla), from nearby towns, and other nations. It’s said they hit different security posts in waves for the whole afternoon and evening, using truck-mounted heavy A-A guns, RPG launchers, and mortars, killing many soldiers.

It was after neutralizing the defenders that, Damascus said, the attackers turned, with swords and “sharp tools,” to their main targets. These were allegedly families that were Shi’ite and even Alawi, and those that were Sunni who remained loyal to the government. Whole families were liquidated, their homes and fields burnt.

That preposterous-sounding explanation was generally dismissed or called “another blatant lie.” The brutal Shabiha killings were widely decried, and most nations decided then to expel Syria’s ambassadors, as calls for the government to relent or surrender grew louder. It was a tipping point or turning point, depending, where it became clear “the wheels were coming off ” of Kofi Annan’s peace initiative.

Military and other aid to rebels increased, as did talk of direct intervention. That would become increasingly likely, said UK Foreign Office minister Alistair Burt, “if massacres like this are to continue.” A similar killing of 78 was reported at MazraatAl-Qubeir two weeks later, then Tremseh, Daraya, and the rest, with an increasing flow of smaller massacres between them coming on a near-daily basis. All along, the government blamed “terrorists,” and the opposition blamed Shabiha. All along, the world community was firm in its stated resolve to stop the people who would do something so horrible, and to hasten the return of peace and sanity to Syria.

Alleged Witness Conflict

What the world community thinks it knows about the events in Al-Houla comes from people claiming to be witnesses, and there is a set supporting each of the two main versions. The ones most will have heard about came through opposition channels. Activist-supplied eyewitnesses (a large roster) include the local activists themselves, FSA fighters, and alleged massacre survivors, mostly children and women.

Their stories are vague in spots and curiously precise in others, with the Shabiha explaining just what Alawite villages they came from, singing Alawite songs and speaking non-existent “Alawite accents.” They made sure to be seen stomping on the Qu’ran to prove that Alawites aren’t true Muslims. And, of course, they cruelly cut-down everyone except roughly one all-seeing survivor from each Sunni home.

Some of these supposed survivors contradict each other, and others contradict themselves. Consider widely-cited boy witness Ali Al-Sayed, who can’t remember what it was, beside the TVs and a computer, the Shabiha stole (it was either a vacuum cleaner or the washing machine). And he has given three different first names for his father — Ali, Aref, and Shaoqi (the middle one is the name of the man killed. Ali is probably not his son.

Those describing something more like the government’s version are also problematic. There are 15 known alleged witnesses to a rebel attack; a few are soldiers, but most are local civilians. The UN’s investigation looked at two of these, decided those were the only two, and found them “unreliable.” However, the given reasons have been studied and are poorly founded; their main weakness, really, was not agreeing with the rebel-supplied witnesses like Ali.

Nonetheless, these people’s accounts are vague, combining the little bit each of them saw and, mostly, what they heard, into disjointed strings of allegations with scant details that sometimes conflict. There are specifics they give but it would seem difficult to verify any of it.

Both sides absolve those they are loyal to and demonize the other side. But red flag that this is, whoever committed the Houla massacre is about as close to demonic as human beings can get. The “whoever” part is key, and the sheer gravity of this crime requires greater than usual patience with setting the blame. The rush to accuse the government while the story was hot and confused was not suited for the occasion. Neither side’s guilt has really been ruled out, and all these finger-pointing people should be considered as allegedwitnesses, since it can’t be known for certain which of the two sets lied to us.

The Digital Witnesses

It’s long-past time for a third force in the witness battle – cameras, the digital witnesses – to publicly have their say. Video evidence is prone to shakiness and poor resolution, possibly to fakery and deceptive editing, as well as being misattributed to the wrong time or place. But with a bit of visual confirmation, these problems can be identified and neutralized, and the digital witnesses can show their strength – the lack of an agenda in passing on just what they saw, and letting us see as well.

The video record has been cited before by the media, but in a vague manner: passing on the rebel description of what it shows, describing the scene a little, and capping it with the claim that they can’t possibly confirm it. Further, almost everything cited is from after the key events, when all that can be seen are corpses in rebel possession. That fighters swiftly recovered the bodies and took them to their mosque in the north of Taldou is not contested, and it does only so much to prove what happened before the victims died. The shooting and shelling of May 25 is what set that up, and it’s on videos of that that we must focus.

To really tell what a video shows requires analysis, as carried out by the author and others at the wiki site A Closer Look on Syria (hereafter ACLOS). This includes deciding where in town a scene was filmed, by comparing footage to satellite maps. With a location, the time of day can be set fairly accurately by measuring sunlight angles and using a solar calculator. These timed and placed events are then considered in relation to the other known and reported details. This has been done for tens of videos, with the work gathered and shown on the page Houla, May 25: Who Was in Control?

The Video Record: General Patterns

Digital witnesses can only tell us anything when available. For the availability here, we have rebels and opposition to thank. The overall record from Taldou is mostly theirs, and for the events of May 25, we have exclusively their videos to call on.

One class of things we can learn from a broad study of rebel video offerings is what is missing from the record. They filmed themselves in action on May 25, but took no video whatsoever of the Army and Alawite invaders. The reader might take a moment to ponder the significance of that curious and rather massive blank spot.

Horizontal “shelling” damage along Main Street.

Horizontal “shelling” damage along Main Street.

The damage shown in support of the crucial government shelling is nearly all horizontal in nature, effecting the walls – and only a very few roofs – of buildings right along Main Street in particular. Strangely enough, much of the damage is to government security posts. Some of this might pre-date the massacre, but much of it seems to be from fighting on May 25. The holes seem more likely to have been punched by light weapons, from street-level and up-close, than by artillery shells lobbed from the ridge south of town as alleged.

The UN’s Commission of Inquiry (CoI), in its “oral update” report of June 26 (PDF link) noted “much of the damage appeared to be caused by mortars, including large caliber mortars, heavy machine guns or light artillery.” (emphasis added) Implicitly, none of it could be explained only by artillery, which the rebels lacked, while they had plenty of truck-based heavy guns and mortars of all calibers by then. Some of the damage also looks like the work of rockets or rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs), which rebels also had no shortage of, thanks to Turkey, Rebel-held Libya, and others.

Neither are there are any great videos of the shelling occurring. Two of the best supposed scenes of it are discussed in part two (exhibits A and B). One of the videos could show government artillery hits, but it could also be rebel-fired RPGs, and the other is clear in showing nothing but a rebel firing RPGs.

This absence of direct evidence doesn’t mean there was no government shelling or Shabiha attack. Nor does it prove there was an FSA operation instead. It does, however, leave both of those distinct possibilities at the outset.

arabic_DVSyrian state TV on May 26 showed at least three massacred families left behind in Taldou. One family with young children was them gunned down while seated in their living room. On the bullet-pocked wall is scrawled an Arabic rebel slogan translating “from here on out, Free (Syrian) Army.” (see inset) This prima facie evidence for a rebel crime could, in fact, have been written by either side. So once again, nothing is proven.

Looking through the lens in such general terms, what we see is not remotely conclusive, but already intriguingly different from what rebels initially told the world, and what the “world community” has tried to continue believing.

What happens when we get more specific yet with the video record, as we will in part two, should be downright startling to most.

Syrian Massacres in Context

Part 2: The Houla Massacre and the Battle of Taldou — The Digital Witnesses Have Their Say

Read Part 1.

The Security Scene: At Least 40% Overrun

To understand what the videos examined show, it’s useful to have a feel for Taldou’s security scene and the bases the government/Alawite villains would have operated from as they launched their massacre on May 25.

Most of Al-Houla and its three towns was apparently open by then to rebel fighters who had formed into brigades. Syrian official sources record an escalating string of militant attacks in the area from the uprising’s start, including attacks on security posts, on a fuel pipeline, and on the electrical grid. Abductions and killings are mentioned sporadically, while the rebels were often able to show actual bodies as evidence of brutal massacres the official sources didn’t mention. One massacre, on April 5, 2012, was of allegedly defected army officer Mohammed Sawaf, killed with his wife and son. That Sawaf defected is countered by his young son still wearing the Syrian national colors (red, white, black) on his wrist, visible in at least two opposition videos.

To increase the scope of freedom, Houla rebels increasingly brought their attention to bear on the secured remainder; Taldou was apparently the front-line in their struggle from the summer of 2011 forward. The center and south of town hosted the strongest government presence in Houla, with five relevant posts (see targets on the map below). Nearly all rebel videos of protests, fighting, and dead civilians — including the Sawaf family — are from Taldou.

The northernmost base was in the center of town, marked by a traffic roundabout, the central clock tower, the city’s main mosque, Baath party HQ, and a general military presence with armored vehicles and sandbagged embattlements. Rebels call this area “Freedom Circle,” at least after its “liberation.” This is a distinct area from the mosque-based square rebels already held in the north of town, complete with a fake clock tower, that would host the famous mass grave on May 26.

660 meters south on Main Street was the local headquarters of military intelligence, guarded by two permanently parked blue armored vehicles. Just south of that was a mobile army post, usually stationed at the arches over Main Street (“the Qaws,” the old city gate), or nearby.

Further south, the army’s presence was anchored by the “water company,” (water authority, etc.). This was a proper, if very small, army base on the southeast ridge overlooking Taldou (“the mountain” in some accounts), near the highly visible water tower. Tanks or artillery were likely positioned there, and it’s the origin of the reported shelling on the massacre day.

Between the ridge and the arches on Main Street was the National Hospital, with a security detachment present, constituting the fifth main point of control. These five posts and the forces stationed at them, the Syrian government would tell us, normally offered protection for the citizens. On May 25 they didn’t do that job correctly. Either they went murderous then as widely presumed, or they were overpowered by someone else who did.

The UN’s Commission of Inquiry (CoI) showed little interest in clearing the Syrian government of blame, but were forced by the evidence to concede thatthe northernmost “one or two” security posts were taken over by rebels in what might have been a “premeditated attack.” (p 7). The clock tower post was acknowledged as overrun (p 10), and various videos show an area vacated and abandoned in the days after.

The intel HQ further south was given by the CoI as “likely overrun by anti-gov’t forces” (map, p 21). Charred armored personnel carriers guarding a charred building, as revealed on videos from May 26 forward, makes it more than just “likely.” An Associated Press article noted this with what proves to be an understatement; a day-after video was released by the U.N. monitors that “showed two destroyed armored personnel carriers – suggesting that local rebels put up more of a fight than the activists acknowledged.”

The non-rebel alleged witnesses imply that four, or even all five, of these posts were taken. But the CoI decided the three posts surrounding the massacre sites in the south of Taldou (those marked in orange on the map) remained in government hands. That continuity started, they felt, with the mobile unit at the Qaws. It was quite near a better-fortified site that fell to rebels, and was the only post capable of driving away. Therefore, holding that position makes little sense, and the given reasoning is questionable (army trucks were at the arches – still or again – the following morning).

The reasoning for the two posts further south holding seems to follow on that; the attackers came from the north, and never got south of the arches. Plus, they said, “there was no indication or evidence” that either post fell (p. 10). There were witnesses who said so, but the CoI decided those were “unreliable” and thus not generators even of the faintest evidence. Clearly, that reasoning is inadequate.

The Rebel Assault: Video Exhibits

Shortcomings aside, the CoI’s decision is worthy of some deference. However, the amount due is nowhere near enough to overcome strong video evidence to the contrary. The following seven exhibits, most comprising two or more videos, form a broad sampling of May 25 fighting videos. All the clues they have to offer have not yet been exhausted; the investigation is ongoing.

Exhibit A: Early Movement — Attacking The Clock Tower Post (app. 12:30-1:30 PM)

One astute alleged witness — dubbed “Arifah” by ACLOS — says she gleaned information by listening in on rebel communications with a radio scanner, with details filled in later. This sounds a little fishy, but it is possible. As translated, she said “the groups attacked checkpoints in the area simultaneously at around 1:30. ” A mortar was fired, and then they “opened heavy fire on the checkpoint,” in what the chatter suggested was a distraction.

The post isn’t clearly stated, but another witness dubbed “the rebel defector,” claiming he was part of the attack (although not that part), says the clock tower post was hit first, as a distraction. (“Arifah” said it was attacked again and actually conquered later, around 7 PM).

“The rebel defector” said:

Gunmen showed up near the Clock Roundabout, while a large group headed down the road to al-Sad area [Saad Road?] which is known as Tripoli road, with the first group beginning to shoot their guns in the air to keep the checkpoint at the roundabout busy and give the impression that they intend to attack it.

His account had that attack as starting “after noon prayers,” when a rebel unit gathered “in the northern district of the village, which is located beyond the checkpoint, next to the place with the clock.” An activist video shows rebel fighters with machine guns and RPG launchers run around alleys, firing a bit east down a street, and otherwise seeming to be preparing more than fighting. From the short shadows, the time is near solar noon, 12:30 PM +/- 15 minutes. Perhaps two dozen lightly-armed men are shown in different groups, seeming cheerful and exuberant. The location is most likely in the center of town or further north, but the spot is not set.

Perhaps close by, we can see several explosive attacks on houses filmed in the center of town at about 12:40-12:50 PM. The stationary cameraman  was seemingly expecting the hits at the spot he was filming, just northwest of the roundabout and the mosque. It’s not clear what the targets are, what they’re being hit with, and who’s firing (although one gunner might be on the roof of the building this activist filmed from – possible shell casings are seen falling). It’s branded as government shelling.

RPGFrom the north, the defector says, the rebels fired on the security post “with the clock.” Three videos show just such an attack, with a few men taking turns firing automatic rifles around the corner. They’re in a certain spot 110 meters NNW of the detachment, and firing right along that line. One of them with many rounds prepared (see inset image) is hit by return fire almost instantly, a bullet clear through the abdomen, and he’s carried away. The shadows suggest a time of 1:25, +/- 15 minutes, or just about the 1:30 that “Arifah” cited for the roundabout attack.

Exhibit B: RPG Firing near City Center

One of the more famous activist videos, cited widely in support of government shelling, contains a powerful and little-noted contradictory clue. Filmed on north Saad Road, just southwest of the mosque at city center, it’s said to show rebel men laboring “to rescue the women, children and elderly men who were trapped in their homes, some of which were being splintered by artillery and tank shells” that were “crashing down.”

But following the one nearby blast and billow of smoke that makes the video so dramatic, we can see no damage, and one man alone falls down a second after the blast. His white headscarf falls off, but he stands right back up unharmed. The Jihadist was the victim of recoil; he walks straight towards the camera, holding his RPG launcher loosely at his right side.

He seems to be ignored in embarrassment by the activists loading some bodies (perhaps his victims) into a van. He walks south, and then two more similar explosions are heard — to the south, it seems — before he seemingly disappears in a puff of exhaust smoke. Four rocket blasts, at least from one person, and that is among the best available raw video of the “shelling” of Taldou.

Exhibit C: Main St. Fighting/Intel HQ

“The rebel defector” describes a unit attacking from Satto Road which, by the spot he points to on the map, connects to Main Street from the east, south of city center. One video from “the battle to liberate freedom circle” shows a group firing guns and rockets west from a barricade on Satto Road minutes before sunset. They run towards Main Street and, from the corner, stage an attack. One of the rebels, covered by automatic gunfire, runs out and fires a rocket-propelled grenade south, towards the military intel HQ and/or the Qaws, then returns cheering a successful hit.

Another video of May 25, perhaps as early as 6:45 PM but once again near sunset, is filmed from a great distance to the northwest. It looks southeast clear across Taldou, to the giant water tower by the elevated “water company” post. In between, huge plumes of smoke rise from the south span of main street, very near or at the intel HQ. Since no one contests that that post was overrun and torched, the discovery is not earth-shattering, but gives us a rough no-later-than timestamp.

Defenses were overcome again, and the way was opened further south, wheremore fighting right at sunset was seen just below the HQ. A small group fired machine guns around the corner, south towards the Qaws, as smoke rises to the south and another building right across the street started belching smoke.

Exhibit D: Firing on the “Water Company”

Twice, it seems, and again near sunset, we can see a presumed rebel militant firing an RPG towards the “Water company” army base that was the backbone of Taldou’s defenses. Again, just before sunset, a video shows (at 0:43) a flash and smoke on the hillside a ways north of the base. Another sunset video (timed at 7:31 +/- 3 minutes) is shot nearer, and shows another flash and a smoke trail originating further north, but with its direction more clear – south towards the base.

Continued attacks suggest this elevated position at least remained government-held at that time. Syrian official sources seem to have it holding out through the night and later helping reclaim Main Street. (SANA video, 4:17). However, they say it was incapable of an offensive for a time, pinned down by a rebel attack. The video record is entirely consistent with that.

Exhibit E: Burning The Hospital?

“Arifah” heard that in the mid-afternoon (3-4 PM), rebels took over some check-point (unclear), then set fire to it, along with “the nearby hospital and the woods behind it, completely burning down the trees.” Syrian official sources and at least one other witness agree the National Hospital was burned by rebels, although later video proves the trees remained.

Rebel sources never mention the hospital either way, aside from one activist, Monther Hrfosh, who posted a video of the hospital apparently burning, wanting to accuse the Army of shelling it. The time is not certain, but about sunset, 7:30 +/- 8 minutes. The hospital’s distinctive trees and outer wall are seen from across the fields, with a giant cloud of whitish smoke rising above. The bulk drifts north over the seconds, so it may be smoke from an RPG or other explosion dissipating. There are not, however, any other sounds suggesting an ongoing battle there.

However, two other videos show smoke rising on different lines of sight matching the hospital. One is from the same activist, a bit south and perhaps earlier, with faint whitish smoke seen at 0:10. Another view just seconds before full sunset (approx. 7:36) captures it from the north up Main Street at 0:40. Here the smoke appears fairly dark and billowing. This video would seem to be later than the others; apparently, the National Hospital started burning at about sunset, following at least one explosion. In context, it’s fairly clear who’s responsible.

Exhibit F: The Six-Hour Blank Spot

Some facets of the alleged rebel attack do not come through in these available videos. The use of mortars or truck-based heavy machine guns isn’t shown. No security post is shown up-close. Neither is the capture or execution of any soldiers shown, nor obviously the reported rebel massacres themselves.

In fact, the whole relevant period from about 1:30-7:30 seems to be almost completely un-documented. At least from the wide portion ACLOS has studied, there is a general gap of about six hours  after the few shared videos of the early afternoon (ex A). There is the Saad Street RPG video around 6:15 PM (ex B), but nothing else until minutes before sunset, when activists all across town were suddenly able to film again. For reference, the fighting started at 1-2 PM, all sides agree. The first bases fell around 3-4 PM, and the early massacres seem to have run from roughly 5-7 PM (others reportedlyran from 10/11 PM until 3/4 AM).

What could cause the rebels filming of such a dramatic event to pause for six hours? Perhaps they all had to retreat, and all returned just before sunset. But it could also be an order from local rebel command to avoid filming the heart of their victory-studded battle that apparently did occur.

Exhibit G: Celebration Videos

Finally, some different recorded moods of the opposition might be instructive. Those activists seen on video wailing over the bodies of women and children clearly seem upset, cursing both Assad and UN peace envoy Kofi Annan. Contrast that with the activists who filmed themselves reviewing those videos, now up on Youtube, and watching the news; smiles and victory signs abound. This could just be the euphoria of getting out the horrible truth, or something more ugly than that.

Rebel fighters celebrate either on July 14 or May 25.

Rebel fighters celebrate either on July 14 or May 25.

Potentially more troubling is a video of about two dozen armed rebels standing atop Taldou at sunset, pouring heavy smoke from at least two spots that are difficult to identify at this resolution. The fighters are smiling, raising their guns, and cheering “Allahu Akbar,” as if the devastation below were something good.

Filmed somewhere on the ridge near the Water Company, this video is dated July 14, 2012, the attack given as a response to the Tremseh “massacre” two days earlier. But an ACLOS analysis finds this and other videos in the same batch show signs of the May 25 battle (like fighters from Rastan arriving from the northeast, also around sunset). Furthermore, there is no news of any actual violence in Al-Houla on July 13 or 14 (see above link), and it’s difficult to imagine a smoldering city going unreported as “regime” shelling, a rebel victory, or both. That makes it all too likely this is a laundered video of May 25, when violence of course was reported. If so, they’re celebrating the destruction – and perhaps the massacre that rode in with it — as if it was their own job well done.

Video Recap

In summary, we see in opposition videos actions that illustrate the alleged rebel attack on Taldou, almost as if it actually happened. The early afternoon attacks from the north are eerily consistent with the dismissed witness set’s description. The sunset also matches with their “blatant lies,” showing rebels firing on the last holdout posts, and smoke rising from the military intel HQ and the hospital, both of which they say were hit.  And the missing six hours between these glimpsed periods is itself a clue, especially the seemingly synchronized resumption of shared videos in the minutes before sunset.

Conversely, opposition sources are less consistent with their own video record. The multi-front offensive we can see becomes, in their accounts, a single passing skirmish at a checkpoint, either before or after a protest. After this victory-free fluke, the unhindered security forces unleashed their fiercest shelling yet, forcing the rebels to retreat and stay away. One of them told theGuardian “the places that were being hit were impossible to reach,” especially by him and his fighters.

Again for emphasis, they made no video of the Shabiha or army invaders, their tanks or buses, or any such thing, even from a safe distance. In short, the videos offer no support for what rebels say, and do show things they didn’t say.

The rebel story was of course successfully sold to the world at large, and this and all other contradictory evidence has been kept from interfering with the planned sale. Apparently, it’s quite a seller’s market for this particular type of bogus product.

Syrian Massacres back in Context

The RPG firing in exhibit D is just south of a cluster of homes that might be the Alawi village of Al-Shumeriyeh. There, ten or even “dozens” from Alawi families were reportedly killed on May 25, victims the opposition simply doesn’t seem to acknowledge, as Sunni or otherwise. Fighters reportedly came down from the northeast, so the people firing on that hillside might well have passed through that village.

The bloodied “veranda” of a verified massacre site, perhaps of the Mustafa Abdulrazaq family, May 27. That video, and another cited above (exhibit E), were both posted by a Houla activist called Monther Hrfosh. They’re also tied together by apparently mixed-up names; “targeting the hospital” shows RPG firing, and “heavy shelling of the city” shows smoke over the hospital. Both are filmed from different spots about 100 meters apart, in the orchards just off South Saad Road, 2-300 meters from several homes where some 65 members of the Abdulrazaq family had just been massacred. By rebel accounts, that wrapped up by roughly 7:00 PM, while a direct reflection of sunlight in one of the videos gives us a time of filming at 7:31 +/-3 min.  Hrfosh was there within minutes of the killing’s end, or he was there before, but decided not to record the actual events or the killers, whoever they were.

He did, however, film the attack with the possible implications for the Alawi victims mentioned above. And he filmed the hospital attack, with its implications for yet another set. The family of Muawiya Al-Sayed, a retired police officer, lived immediately across the street from the hospital. Whoever was in charge of that area killed him, along with his son (an active-duty Army soldier on leave with a broken leg) and an eight-year-old daughter, plus most likely his wife and his adult daughter (people claiming to be those are among the alleged witnesses blaming Shabiha).

While government forces were seen in the days after the massacre battling to regain control, they didn’t really keep it. Both armed rebels and the world told them to pull out of Taldou; at month’s end, the roundabout post was still vacated, with the Baath party HQ exploded from inside (described as a shelled house). The south of town was afterwards apparently empty of civilians, meaning some thousands more displaced. Rebel brigades have retained the run of Al-Houla, while still suffering frequent military attacks and several smaller massacres among the dwindling population, all decried with yet more videos.

It was in fact from this base that rebel forces in early December 2012 attackedAqrab. Not two kilometers north of Houla, it had an Alawi western district of 2-3,000 that was forcibly emptied, with homes burnt. Most fled, but around 500 men, women, and children were taken hostage, with 300 released in prisoner exchanges. Again in Aqrab following a rebel victory, the Alawite Shabiha attacked on December 11, rebels said, killing most of the remaining hostages as mentioned at the start of part 1. Rebels tried to stop it, but the Shabiha blew up the house they were held in, and army shelling and an air force bombs followed.

This time, there were less videos; a few showed survivors under rebel control, vaguely blaming Shabiha. None showed the dead, except for one of the rebel-approved hostage negotiators. One important video was from the news, Channel 4 in the UK, showing that thrice-exploded house still standing. Although it’s not clear what happened to the last prisoners, it can hardly be good, and the rebel story of the Aqrab massacre is now acknowledged – to the extent it is acknowledged – as a bald-faced lie. Sadly, so it seems is the tale of the big massacre that essentially gave these rebels Al-Houla, their base from which to launch a campaign of genocide and deception.

This campaign has been enabled by a “world community” – the United Nations and several world governments, the bulk of the mainstream media, human rights groups, etc. — accepting of any rebel explanation that demonizes the target government. In this way, the artificial moral clarity continues to lubricate the pursuit of an “inevitable post-Assad Syria,” just as it did in Libya to such disastrous effect. It seems a bit like we’re living under a system completely twisted by Western geo-strategic goals, once again putting convenient regime-change projects far ahead of truth and justice and human life. All the while, of course, that system loudly claims to do the opposite.

If the “world community” is serious about stopping these hideous acts, it needs to acknowledge that we probably have the Houla massacre understood backwards. Further, we’re likely wrong about a whole lot of horrible things explained, in part, by their similarities to that high point of moral outrage. And these things could either get better or far worse, depending, as long as the insurgency is encouraged and enabled by outside powers.

It could be the attitude that has underpinned this crisis for nearly two years will, in the end, only delay the inevitable return of peace and sanity to Syria. That is, aside from claiming tens of thousands of lives, and scarring perhaps millions. If, on the other hand, the government is finally destroyed as so many propose, it could be far worse.

As they have for 23 months already, Syrians — men, women, and children — will have to pay the price for any wrong choice the “world community” makes. It remains to be seen how steep and sharp that cost will be, once the dust that used to be people settles.

Moscow’s Message to America: “Hands Off” the Middle East and Africa

Moscow’s Message to America: “Hands Off” the Middle East and Africa.

Munich’s Security Conference is held annually. This year marks the 49th session. Dozens of countries participated. Hundreds of world leaders attended.

They included heads of state, foreign affairs and defense ministers, as well as other senior figures. Active engagement was prioritized. Current and future security challenges were discussed.

In 2007, Russian President Vladimir Putin took full advantage. He pulled no punches. He sharply criticized US foreign policy. He called it:

“very dangerous (in its) uncontained hyper-use of force – military force – in international relations, force that is plunging the world into an abyss of permanent conflicts.” US imperialism, he stressed, “overstepped its national borders in every way.”

“(U)nilateral illegal actions have not resolved any single problem. They have become a hotbed of further conflicts.”

“We are seeing increasing disregard for the fundamental principles of international law….No one feels safe! Because no one can feel that international law is like a stone wall that will protect them.”

“Of course, such a policy stimulates an arms race. The dominance of force inevitably encourages a number of countries to acquire weapons of mass destruction.”

Putin also addressed a “unipolar world.” He called it one “in which there is one master, one sovereign. And at the end of the day, this is pernicious not only for all those within this system, but also for the sovereign itself because it destroys itself from within.”

He added that “We are constantly being taught about democracy. But for some reason those who teach us do not want to learn themselves.”

America deplores democracy at home and abroad. It prioritizes unchallenged dominance. It demands what it says goes. Russia supports peace, not war. It favors diplomatic conflict resolution.

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov attended this year’s Conference. Itar Tass headlined “Moscow calls on West not to impose outside values on peoples of Middle East, Africa.”

Lavrov told participants:

“We all aspire for stability and conditions for sustainable development in the Middle East and in Africa, we want the peoples of countries there to be able to move towards the democracy and wellbeing, to have guaranteed human rights, smooth supplies of hydrocarbons and other vital resources.”

“If those are our joint objectives, then, we may agree on transparent and clear rules, which should be used by all players in their practical actions.”

“Agree that we all will be supporting the democratic reforms of the changing countries, but not to impose an outside value scale, acknowledging the variety of development models.”

“Should agree that we shall be supporting the peaceful settlement of the inner state conflicts and stopping of violence via conditions for an inclusive dialogue with involvement of all national political groups.”

“Should agree that we shall refrain from outside interference, especially by force, without a clear mandate from the UN Security Council and from any unilateral sanctions. That we should continuously and firmly fight extremism and terrorism in all forms, should demand observation of rights for ethnic and confessional minorities.”

“Approaches of our Western counterparts cause many questions.”

“Does support for change of regimes justify terror methods? Is it possible to be fighting in one situation against those who you support in another one?”

Lavrov said answers to key questions “should be found jointly, especially regarding final objectives for the efforts to settle crises in countries of the Euro-Atlantic region, which have more uniting aspects rather than discrepancies.”

Russia categorically opposes force. It wants Syrians alone to decide who’ll lead them. It wants no external interference. It’s got international law on its side.

Earlier Lavrov expressed concern about Israeli aggression on Syria. He called it “unacceptable.”

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak also addressed Munich participants. He admitted Israel’s involvement.

He said “what happened in Syria several days ago (is) proof that when we said something we mean it….and we say that we don’t think it should be allowed to bring advanced weapons into Lebanon.”

Israel committed naked aggression. It was unrelated to cross-border weapons transfers. Israel’s objectives aren’t clear. It may be to goad Syria to counterattack.

Doing so would risk greater war. It could become regional or global. History proves small conflicts at times become major ones.

Iran’s Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani warned Israel, saying:

 ”The world is witnessing a vengeance carried out by the West, particularly the US, and some backward elements in the region against resistance.”

He urged regional countries to distance themselves from Israel. He said “the Islamic awakening movement in the region would give a proper response to the Zionist regime.”

On February 3, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) said “Israeli Aggression Reveals Israel’s Role in Destabilizing Syria.”

Assad responded publicly for the first time. He said Israel acted in “collaboration with hostile external powers.” Syria’s able to confront challenges. It’ll repel aggression. Destabilizing Syria won’t work. Iran offers full support.

On February 2, Voice of Russia contributor Konstantin Garibov headlined “Israel’s air attack against Syria heralds new regional conflicts,” saying:

Doing so entails great risks. Russia’s Foreign Ministry condemned Israel’s attack. It called it “an unprovoked attack against a sovereign state.”

Syria declared the right to respond. International law permits justifiable self-defense. Lebanese political scientist Imad Rizk called the attack’s timing “symptomatic.”

Netanyahu “returned to big politics.” He forming a coalition government. He’s negotiating for strategic advantage. He’ll deal with Washington’s new Secretary of State.

 ”It looks like the attack became the US and Israel’s joint declaration” of war on Syria.

Vladimir Putin said “Israel will keep delivering blows on facilities or forces participating in the Syrian conflict. They would be either Islamist groups of troops loyal to Bashar al-Assad. I can foresee that as the crisis becomes worse, Israel could expand its participation in such attacks.”

Israel allegedly fears Islamic extremists. Supposedly it’s concerned about ties to Hamas and Hezbollah.

Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Oriental Studies analyst Vladimiri Sotnikov believes “It would be a nightmare for Israel.”

It’s likely what Israel prefers. It needs enemies to justify belligerence. Peace, calm and stability defeat its agenda.

As foreign minister in 1982, Yitzhak Shamir explained why Israel attacked Lebanon. A “terrible danger” existed, he said, “not so much a military one as a political one.”

On June 6, 1982, Israel invaded Lebanon. Fighting lasted nearly a year.

An Israeli staged false flag was pretext. Arafat was falsely blamed for Abu Nidal militants’ attempted assassination of Israeli UK ambassador Shlomo Argov.

Israel got the war it wanted. Around 18,000 Palestinians were massacred. Southern Lebanon remained occupied until May 2000. Israel still illegally holds Sheba Farms.

It’s a 14-square mile water-rich area near Syria’s Golan. It’s been lawlessly occupied since 1967 along with Ghajar, a bordering Lebanese village.

Sabra and Shatila remain symbols of Israeli ruthlessness. At the time, Ariel Sharon was defense minister. He ordered the slaughter. He let Phalangist fascists do his dirty work.

Palestinian civilians were massacred in cold blood. Women were raped multiple times before being killed. Children were murdered like adults.

Whole families were shot, stabbed, bludgeoned to death, or buried dead or alive under homes. Some were tortured before dying. Bodies were decapitated.

Corpses were charred and violated. Eyes were gouged out. Faces were unrecognizable.

Israel maliciously planned it. Sharon led it. He called it “ridding the world of the center of international terrorism.” Orwell couldn’t have said it better. No one to this day was punished. Israel massacres with impunity.

Haaretz contributor Gideon Levy said “Israel does as it pleases.” Rogue states operate that way. Criticizing them is called “heresy and treason.”

Israel overflies Lebanon’s airspace with impunity. It’s “taken for granted.” It bombards whatever it calls dangerous. It “invade(s) any place, settle(s) anywhere. It may do (almost) anything.”

It does any damn thing it wishes. Washington offers full support. They’re imperial partners. They jointly plan aggression. They get away with it because who’ll stop them?

“(A)nything allowed (is) shaped (in) Israeli consciousness.” It’s based on largely baseless assumptions. Notions about being surrounded by hostile Arabs don’t wash.

It bears repeating. The only threats Israel faces are ones it invents. It menaces regional neighbors and humanity. It prioritizes Middle East dominance.

It wants regional rivals eliminated. It wages unprovoked naked aggression. Israel alone has weapons of mass destruction. Using them is prioritized if threatened.

“(T)o hell with all the troublesome questions,” said Levy. Only what Israel wants matters. Rule of law principles apply to others. “Israel is allowed to do anything.”

It gets away with mass murder and much more. Its right is divine, it claims. It doesn’t matter what others say. Only Israeli interests count.

Saying so claims Jewish exceptionalism, specialness, and uniqueness. Israeli hardliners say they’re God’s “chosen people.” They have a divine right to commit naked aggression. Spurning human rights comes with the territory.

They can do any damn thing they wish. They debase moral values and ethical principles. They threaten Jews and non-Jews alike. They endanger humanity.

They need to be stopped before they kill again. In response to Israel’s May 2010 Mavi Marama massacre, former Congressman Dennis Kucinich asked colleagues to sign a letter to Obama, stating:

“It is not acceptable to repeatedly violate international law. It is not acceptable to shoot and kill innocent civilians. It is not acceptable to commit an act of aggression against another U.S. ally.”

“It is not acceptable to continue a blockade which denies humanitarian relief. It is not acceptable to heighten tensions in a region while the United States continues to put so much blood and treasure on the line.”

“No one questions the right of Israel to defend its border. (Doing so) does not extend to shooting innocent civilians anywhere in the world, anytime it pleases.”

“Israel must account for our support, for the lives of our soldiers, for the investment of billions from our taxpayers.”

“Israel owes the United States more than reckless, pre-meditated violence waged against innocent people.”

It’s hard imagining anyone in Congress today this forthright. It’s likely why Kucinich lost his March 2012 primary reelection bid. Dark forces targeted him. The Israeli Lobby wanted him ousted.

They went after Cynthia McKinney the same way. Doing the right thing is costly. The Israeli Lobby ran her out of Congress twice. Ruining her political career became policy.

Virtually no one in Congress criticizes Israel. Doing it risks being a career ender. McKinney believes principle matters most. Her soul isn’t for sale. Hopefully, Kucinich feels the same way.

He’s free to keep doing what’s right. Voices for truth and justice are badly needed. The most perilous time in world history demands they speak out. Imperiled humanity depends on it.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at

His new book is titled “Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity.”

Visit his blog site at and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.

Minister of Defense: Syrian Army Strong, Syria Will Remain United

Minister of Defense: Syrian Army Strong, Syria Will Remain United

Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Army and the Armed Forces and Minister of Defense, Gen. Fahd Jassem al-Freij, stressed on Monday that the Syrian Arab Army has proven to the whole world that it is a strong and well-trained army, and that Syria will remain united.

In an interview with the Syrian TV Channel, Gen. al-Freij said that the Israeli enemy instructed the armed terrorist groups to attack Syria’s air defenses because the Israeli enemy knows that Syria has air defenses that cover the whole country and prevent its aircrafts from carrying out any violation without the knowledge of the Syrian Army.

He added that when the General Command of the Army viewed that the air defenses are being greatly focused on, a decision was made to deploy them in safe places that the armed terrorist groups will not be able to attack them with mortar shells.

Gen. al-Freij asserted that the Israeli attack on the scientific research center in Jamraya in Damascus Countryside was carried out in coordination between the Israeli enemy and the armed terrorist groups after it was attacked several times by these groups to seize it and destroy it.

He pointed out that the failure of the armed terrorist groups to attack this center pushed Israel to intervene and carry out the attack through its warplanes to respond to the heavy losses inflicted upon its tools.

Concerning Taftanaz Airport, Gen. al-Freij said that the airport is located near the Turkish borders, and it is for helicopters only, adding that it hosts a number of broken-down helicopters, and its staff are technicians who are not prepared to fight under such circumstances.

He noted that when the armed terrorist groups exerted heavy pressure on the airport for months, the General Command decided that it is not necessary that members of the airport staff remain in it, so its equipment was transferred while the broken-down equipment was left.

As for al-Bukamal agricultural airport, the Defense Minister noted that the airport includes agricultural aircrafts and it does not host any warplanes or helicopters, so the airport is not important as it is an empty land.

Regarding al-Yarmouk Camp, Gen. al-Freij said that the Syrian Arab Army did not enter the area at all. The armed terrorist groups, instructed by Israel, planned to enter the area to embarrass Syria and expose the Syrian Army as entering the area to attack the Palestinians.

He added that the armed terrorist groups are targeting the infrastructure of the state, including hospitals, schools and factories which means that they are targeting the Syrians in the first place.

The Minister emphasized that the Armed Forces will exert all efforts possible to protect the economic and service institutions and deliver supplies to all citizens who are invited to cooperate with the army through informing the army units about the dens of the terrorists.

He added that the main task of the Armed Forces is protecting the borders and confronting the Zionist entity which is occupying Syrian land, but when large numbers of terrorists were recruited to carry out the conspiracy against Syria, the Armed Forces’ duty was to pursue the terrorists.

The Minister concluded that the failure of the plan to subvert Syria from the outside pushed the conspirators to try to subvert it from inside, so the U.S., Western and Zionist administrations planned for that and the Arab regimes, unfortunately, funded their plans, whereas the tools were the armed groups that they brought from outside Syria which hold the Takfiri thought and Jabhat al-Nusra on top

Belgian MP: Fuck you, leaders who play with bombs as kids do in a playground!

Belgian MP: Fuck you, leaders who play with bombs as kids do in a playground!

Belgian MP: Fuck you, leaders who play with bombs as kids do in a playground!

Source – by Laurent Louis

Laurent Louis
Laurent Louis

Thank you, Mr. President. Dear Ministers, dear colleagues.

Belgium is indeed the land of surrealism. This morning we learned in the media that the Belgian army is incapable of fighting some extremist soldiers having radical Islamist beliefs existing within its own ranks and who cannot be dismissed by legal of legal means. However, at the same time, we decide to help France in its war against “Terror” by providing logistical support for its operation in Mali.

What wouldn’t we do in order to fight against terrorism outside our borders? I just hope we took care not to send for this anti-terrorist operation in Mali, these much talked about Belgian Islamist soldiers! I seem to be joking, but what is going on in the world today does not make me laugh at all. It doesn’t make me laugh because without any doubt, the leaders of ouir Western countries are taking the people for imbeciles with the help and support of the Media which are nothing more today than an organ of propaganda of the ruling powers.

Fighting “terrorism” for destabilization

Around the world, military actions and regime’s destabilization are becoming more and more frequent. Preventive war has become the rule. And today, in the name of democracy and the fight against terrorism our states grant themselves the right to violate the sovereignty of independent countries and to overthrow legitimate leaders. There has been Iraq and Afghanistan, the wars of the American lie. Came later, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya where thanks to your decisions, our country has been “first in line” to participate in crimes against humanity, in each case to overthrow progressive and moderated regimes and to replace them by Islamist regimes, and – isn’t it weird? – their first will was to impose Sharia law. This is exactly what is currently happening in Syria where Belgium is shamefully funding the arming of the Islamist rebels who are trying to overthrow Bashar Al Assad.

Thus in the midst of economic crisis, as more and more Beligians can no longer house themselves, feed, heat and cure themselves – Yeah, I can hear what a filthy populist I am – Well, the Minister of Foreign Affairs decided to offer the Syrian rebels 9 million euros! Of course, they’ll try to make us believe that this money will be used for humanitarian purposes … one more lie! As you can see, for months, our country is only participating to put in place, Islamic regimes in North Africa and the Middle East. So, when they come and pretend to go to war in order to fight against terrorism in Mali, well … I feel like laughing. It’s false! Under the appearance of good actions, we only intervene to defend financial interests and to complete a neo-colonialist mindset.

It’s real nonsense to go to help France in Mali in the name of the fight against Islamic terrorism when at the same time, we support in Syria the overthrow of Bashar al-Assad by Islamist rebels who want to impose Sharia law, as was done in Tunisia and in Libya. It is about time to stop lying to us and treating people like imbeciles. The time has come to tell the truth. Arming the Islamist Rebels, as Westeners have in the past armed Bin Laden, that friend of the Americans before they turned against him, well, the western countries are taking the opportunity to place military bases in the newly conquered countries while favoring domestic companies.

Everything is therefore strategic. In Iraq, our American allies have put their hands on the country’s oil wealth. In Afghanistan, it was its opium and drugs – always useful when it comes to make lots of money pretty quickly. In Libya, in Tunisia, in Egypt or then again in Syria, the aim was and still is today to overthrow moderate powers, to replace them by Islamist powers who very quickly will become troublesome and that we will shamelessly attack, pretending once again to fight terrorism or protect Israel.

Thus the next targets are already known. Within a few months I bet that our eyes will turn to Algeria and eventually to Iran. To go to war, to free people from an outside aggressor is noble. But to go to war to defend the interests of the USA … To go to war to defend the interests of big corporations such as AREVA … To go to war to put our hands on gold mines, has nothing noble at all and it reveals our countries to be attackers and thugs!

“Fuck you” to the leaders, left and right

Noone dares to speak, but I will not shut up! And if my battle makes me look like an enemy of this system who flaunts the Human Rights in the name of financial, geo-strategic and neo-colonialist interests, so be it! Flaunting and exposting this regime is a duty and makes me proud. And honestly, I apologize for my low class speech, but fuck you, all the so-called do gooders, both left and right wingers or from the center who are today licking the boots of our corrupted powers and who will be pleased to ridicule me. Fuck you all, leaders who are playing with your bombs as kids do in a playground! Fuck you! – you who pretend to be democrats while you are nothing more than low class criminals. I don’t have much respect either for the journalists who have the audacity to label the opponents as mentally retarded while basically, they know very well that these opponents are right. Finally, I despise at the highest point those who believe they are the kings of the world and who are dictating their laws because I am on the side of the truth, the side of justice, the side of innocent victims of looting at all costs.

Opposing the pro-war resolution

And it is for this reason that I have decided to clearly oppose this resolution. Since the beginning of the French operation, the lie has been organized. We are told that France is only answering the call for help of a Malian president. We almost forget that this president has no legitimacy and that he was put in place to ensure the transition following th coup of March 2012.

Who supported this coup d’état? Who started it? For whom is this president of transition actually working? This is the first lie! The French president, François Hollande dares to pretend to wage this war to fight against jijadists who threaten (Ohhh do you realize!) who threaten the French and European territory! But what an ugly lie! By taking the official argument, while taking the opportunity to frighhten the population, increasing the terror alert level, implementing the Vigipirate plan our leaders and media are demonstrating an un-imaginable outrage! How dare they use such a point while France and Belgium have not hesitated to arm and support Jihadists in Libya and that these same countries continue to support these Jihadists in Syria. The pretext hides strategic and economic purposes.

Our countries are no longer fearing inconsistency because everything is done to hide it. But the inconsistency is well present. It is not tomorrow that you’ll see a Malian citizen commit an act of terrorism in Europe. No, unless we’ll suddenly create one so we an justify this military operation. Haven’t we created September 11th, after all, to justify the invasions, arbitrary arrest, torture and massacre of innocent populations? Thus, to create a Malian terrorist is no big deal!

Protection of Human Rights as a pretext for war

Another pretext used these recent months to justify military operations is the protection of Human Rights AHHH! … This pretext is still used today to justify the war in Mali. But yes! We have to act, otherwise the evil Islamists will impose Sharia law in Mali, stoning women and cutting the thugs’ hands off. Oh! The intention is truly noble. Noble and salutary for sure. But then why is it, Good Lord, why is that our countries have contributed in Tunisia and Libya to the accession to power of Islamists who have decided to apply this Sharia Law in these countries which were still not so long ago, modern and progressive?

I invite you to ask the young Tunisians who have launched the revolution in Tunisia, if they are happy with their current situation? This is all hypocrisy. The purpose of this war in Mali is very clear. And since nobody will talk about it, I WILL. The purpose is to fight against China and allow our American ally to maintain its presence in Africa and the Middle East. This is what guides these new-colonialist operations. And you will see, when the military operation will be over, France will, of course, keep its military bases in Mali. These bases will be a benefit to the Americans as well. Western corporates will put their hands on juicy contracts that will once again deprive re-colonized countries of their wealth and raw materials.

Mali’s wealth and the beneficiaries of the war

So let’s be clear, the primary beneficiaries of this military operation will be the owners and shareholders of the French giant AREVA who has been trying for years to obtain a uranium mine in Falea, a town of 17,000 inhabitants located at 350 km from Bamako. And I don’t know why but my little finger is telling me that it won’t take long before AREVA will eventually exploit that mine. I don’t know, it’s an impression I have. It is therefore out of the question that I would take part in this colonialist mining – that modern times colonialism. And for those who have doubt about my arguments, I sincerely invite them to learn about the wealth of Mali. Mali is a major producer of gold, but recently it has been designated, recently, eh … – as being a country that offers a world class environment for the exploitation of uranium. How strange! One step closer to a war against Iran, it is obvious.

Time to get Belgium out of UN, NATO & EU

For all these reasons and in order to not fall into the traps of lies they are telling us, I’ve decided not to give my support to that intervention in Mali. Therefore, I will vote against it. And by doing so, I’m being consistent since I never supported in the past our criminal interventions in Libya or in Syria, and so being the only MP in this country to defend the non-interference and the fight against obscure interests. I really think it is about time to put an end to our participation in the UN or NATO and get out of the EU if Europe instead of providing peace becomes a weapon of attack and destabilization of sovereign countries, submissive to financial rather than human interests.

Opponents to Mali Regime are not “terrorists.”

Finally, I can only urge our government to remind President Hollande the obligations resulting from the Geneva Conventions regarding the respect of all prisoners of war. Indeed, I was shocked to hear on television from the mouth of the French President that his intention was to “destroy” – I say “destroy” – Islamist terrorists. So, I do not want the qualification to be used to name the opponents to the Malian regime – it is always convenient today to talk about Islamic terrorists – to be used to circumvent the obligations of any democratic state in terms of respecting the rights of prisoners of war. We expect such respect from the Fatherland of Human Rights.

In conclusion, let me emphasize how lightly we decide to go to war. First, the government acts without any consent from the Parliament. It appears as though it has the right to do so. It sends equipment, men to Mali. The Parliament subsequently reacts and when it responds, as today, well, this institution [today] happens to be composed of only 1/3 of its members. Much less if we speak of the French speaking MPs. It is therefore a guilty lightness which does not really surprise me, coming from a Parliament of Puppies, submitted to the dictates of political partires. Thank you.

the real Syrian Free Press

la siria non si tocca


CAPITALS, (SANA)-The National Union for Syrian Students and the Syrian community in Italy, in cooperation with the Syrian-Italian Friendship Committee staged a stand in solidarity with Syria at the Flaminio Square in Rome.

Participants in the stand expressed support to Syria and rejection of terrorism which targeted it, denouncing the Israeli aggression on Jamraya scientific research center.

They raised the Syrian flag and photos of President Bashar al-Assad and chanted slogans which confirm rejection of the foreign interference in their country.

They also expressed appreciation for the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab army to restore security and stability to Syria.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Students in Cuba and the Cuban National Students Union staged a stand in solidarity with Syria and denunciation of the Israeli aggression on one of the scientific research center in Jamraya in Damascus countryside.

Participants in the stand expressed rejection of the foreign interference in Syria’s…

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The Rise of the Caliphate

The Rise of the Caliphate

Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him has mentioned the rise of the caliphates after his death then how the caliphate would collapse and kingdoms would ensue, then after a while a new Caliphate would rise and lead the nation once again.

Enemies of Islam have read this prophecy and understood it quite well to the extent they manipulated many Muslims in following it. New sects of Islam had to be invented, sects which look like Islam but would work against the tolerance religion, again in another Hadith (words of the prophet) it was mentioned: ‘My nation would split into few & seventy sects, all are misguided except one which will remain following my preaching’. Wahhabism was invented by the Brits and used since. Salafism was taken by Wahhabism and it grew very strong especially after Abdul Aziz Al Saud used it to gain influence over Arabia and called it after his family’s name.

Wahhabism for Islam is just like Zionism to Judaism and KKK for Christianity, if not worse. Every extremism in any belief or ideology would work against the cause of that belief or ideology naturally, so imagine when it was founded to destroy that belief or ideology.

Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him described a group of people he called Khawarij (Outlaws of Islam), he said they’ll be looking like Muslims, growing beards but not shaping it unlike Muslims, wearing shorter dresses, while Muslims are only told to wear dresses that do not touch the ground while walking to avoid filth picked from the ground, he added these group of people will recur multiple times, they will be killing Muslims and making allies with enemies of Islam. Does that sound familiar? Look at the Wahhabi clerics and the followers of Wahhabism how close they are in Saudi & Qatar to the Zionist leaders of the west.

The Zionist leaders of the west have used Wahhabi followers to further their goals, the military wing of Wahhabism is Al Qaeda in its different names depending on the region it is, its political wing regionally is called the Muslim Brotherhood and its international movement is under the wing of Hizbul Tahrir.

Note how in this documentary this Hizbul Tahrir enjoys freedom in practicing its call for establishing the Caliphate which is supposed to unite Muslims and control their huge nation which naturally should be a threat to the Zionist hegemony, but by organizing it into this system: Al Qaeda fighters, Muslim Brotherhood political parties and Hizbul Tahrir international body, the Zionists dream of keeping the control on the inevitable coming Muslim Ummah (nation) and its leader the Caliph.

This might explain the dream of the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan of becoming a Caliph over Muslims, and the cancerous Muslim Brotherhood parties in the countries falling into the well designed Arab Spring ,or as Condoleezza Rice put it: ‘Creative Chaos’.

Unprovoked attacks on targets on the territory of a sovereign country, which blatantly violates the U.N. Charts conforms to the old Zionist plan

Unprovoked attacks on targets on the territory of a sovereign country, which blatantly violates the U.N. Charts conforms to the old Zionist plan

Unprovoked attacks on targets on the territory of a sovereign country, which blatantly violates the U.N. Charts conforms to the old Zionist plan

To appreciate more fully what is happening, and who the raptor is, some historical background is useful.

Having Israeli civilians killed helps Israel in the public relations war

Is Israel’s anguish that we must respect when still more Arabs are murdered by Israeli terror and civilian populations were to be held hostage under the threat and exercise of extreme violence, until they compel their governments to accept the Zionist plans for the region ?? Could Israel ‘s and the Council set dangerous precedents on the international stage to be followed by other States refusing to engage with the UN in order to avoid critical appraisals?Why is Israel allowed to ignore the Council and the OHCHR ,underlining here the ongoing refusal to respect the decisions, resolutions and mechanisms of the UN?

In a Jerusalem Post report was mentioned : “Even if the Iranians don’t use the bomb, Netanyahu fears the very fact that they have it could lead to a mass exodus of citizens from the Occupied Territories under threat, weakening the state and compromising the Zionist dream.”Speaking at the annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference in Washington, DC, on March 5, 2012, Netanyahu said: “We’ve waited for diplomacy to work. We’ve waited for sanctions to work. None of us can afford to wait much longer. As Prime Minister of Israel, I will never let my people live under the shadow of annihilation”.What people? By “my people” he must have thought of the big corporate he represents!Israel ‘s leaders commit increasingly desperate acts attacking Syria and Iran, as its leadership direct expression of corporate interests-financiers foreigners, and not as of the Jewish community or its best interests (including peace and even survival).

    The “launch of the surgical operation”

Seems that external forces supporting the project against the Syrian national state has exhausted its internal tools ,where the terrorist groups are being eliminated fast and realized that it is impossible to achieve any victory that can be built upon … They decided to move their advanced base in the region, Israel in an attempt to drag Syria into a regional war ( but not the first ,remember the Turkish provocation last year) .. Just as it did thirty years ago when the Syrian state was able to eliminate the last bastions of criminal gangs in 1982, when was hoped that these gangs would burnout the Syrian state and when another Arab and international conspiracy was defeated .. Back then Israel invaded the southern Lebanon after being abandoned by his “stainless” Abu Ommar in less than 48 hours, for fighting the Syrian army ,present at that time in Lebanon .
The entire west economies are going into a disastrous economic crisis and badly need a war to win or at least start, and since the beginning of the crisis Syria kept playing cool to withdraw any triggering of a war in the region, especially after that Iran clearly stated by its highest authority: Any attack on Syria is an attack on Iran.. An air raid is not an attack, it’s an air raid, can be retaliated with an air raid, not declare war that will witness each day thousands of air raids..
The west needs any distracting away from their ailing economies and a new war in the region will help them big time, they can even force their stooges Qatar, Saudi among others to pay for fixing their economies, they’ll benefit from selling weapons, and they think by going all in they’ll prevent Russia from stepping in, who needs a WWIII now?! But Syria is not giving them that card, even it didn’t retaliate directly against Turkey for the assassination of its crisis cell or for the training and smuggling of terrorists into the country or stealing the factories. Syria can start a war with Turkey easily as Iran will continue it when Syria opens another front at the same time to the south. But again keeping calm is making the enemies look stupid while at the same time finishing off the terrorists. Before the strike Syria was fighting western backed terrorists, now the state is fighting clearly Israel & Israeli forces on Syrian ground, just like the South Lebanese Army when it was there.

1982- the year of the massacre of Sabra and Shatila in Lebanon and the attack of the similar attacks of Zionist forces in Syria:Israel from exterior and the Muslim brotherhood from interior.


During the course of Israel’s bombardment of the country, civilians and civilian infrastructure were systematically attacked, refugee camps and Lebanese towns were leveled, Beirut was battered for seventy-five days, and after all military objectives were met, the affair concluded with a grotesque massacre of women, children, and the elderly at the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps .
On June 9, Israel destroyed Syrian SAM missiles which were installed in the spring of 1981 in the Bekaa Valley. A Syrian-Israeli air confrontation ensued which resulted in military losses for the Syrians.
By June 13, the ring around Beirut was closed, about 15,000 PLO and Lebanese fighters were trapped within, the Syrian units in Beirut were under attack ,while hard fights were witnessed between the Zionist and the Syrian air forces.
British journalist, Robert Fisk, was on the ground at the Shatila camp while the massacre had not yet ended. His account, written up in Pity the Nation, is worth reading in full if only to grasp the scale of the barbarity. Walking the streets of Shatila with two other reporters, occasionally “losing sight of each other behind piles of corpses,” through a town littered with the dead, the raped, and the mutilated, at every corner. “They were everywhere,” wrote Fisk:
[I]n the road, in lane ways, in back yards and broken rooms, beneath crumpled masonry and across the top of garbage tips.… When we had seen a hundred bodies, we stopped counting. Down every alleyway, there were corpses-women, young men, babies and grandparents-lying together in lazy and terrible profusion where they had been knifed or machine-gunned to death.… There were women lying in houses with their skirts torn up to their waists and their legs wide apart, children with their throats cut, rows of young men shot in the back after being lined up at an execution wall. There were babies-blackened babies because they had been slaughtered more than 24 hours earlier and their small bodies were already in a state of decomposition-tossed into rubbish heaps alongside discarded U.S. army ration tins, Israeli army medical equipment and empty bottles of whisky.
Such crimes were the reason of Hezbollah ‘stance :to defend their homeland of foreign criminal invasion!But the Occidental powers named them terrorists ,pictured the entity as a victim and kept using the same picture every time the Zionist state targets a sovereign country!.
The “Arab brothers” wanted the full Syrian army depleted in the battle for the destruction of its strength , as the whole country :on one side there was the internal war against the cruel gangs of the Muslim Brotherhood ,slaughtering,as in our days, civilians,doctors and military cadres,and the international boycott and economic embargo suffered by Syria throughout the eighties and the Zionist entity on the other side who rapidly took advantage of the situation.qatar israeli love
How similar these days are! The same goals .. And the roles were attributed to the same players …
The Yarmouk refugee camp took the place of Sabra &Shatila in the new scenario! Its inhabitants suffer from the attacks of the Al Nusra!Leila Khaled,one of the bravest women fighting the Zionism said on the 29th of January:”We stand by the Syrian army and the people of Syria!We are confident in the people of Syria who have taken us,Palestinians under their wings and hosted us ,on their land for more than sixty years”,unlike the Muslim Brotherhood and its arm in the battle:Al Qaeda -FSA who attack the civilians who do not approve them,bomb the cities ,destroy the infrastructure and the economy,and what is not destroyed is sold,piece by piece to Turkey! Talking about Yarmouk,Mr President Assad said that camp has its symbolism, which led the Syrian leadership not to take the decision to confront the militants that occupied a part of it. The solution of the Yarmouk predicament was left to the Palestinian factions, to provide initiatives for a solution, which the Syrian official side agreed to.”

Ironically :the Israeli raid coincided with the concentrated attack of armed gangs on the Defense systems and radars in Damascus !After al Nusra  has failed to destroy the site of Advanced Intelligence Center in Sasa ,was the Zionist entity decision to attack, only a few days later, a coincidence? In the same day the opposition from abroad announced it will participate in the national dialogue. Was it considered a surrender of an ally by Israel ,who took care of supplying Al Nusra with Israeli manufactured weapons,medical products and food?
We have seen that what happens in Syria is not targeting the “ fall of the system”, where burning wheat, as well as looting factories and burning cotton, and scientific research centers, gas lines and electricity, and military units have nothing to do with that,but with the destruction of the country and its stance and defense capabilities!And the eternal “fear” ,Netanyahu’s excuse to start the WWWII was demolished by NATO which stressed that there are no indications or information that Syria possesses chemical weapons.

Presenting the NATO’s annual report in Brussels, the NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said that the Alliance has no indications of any activities related to chemical weapons in Syria,but Israeli government warned that it would not tolerate what it called “game-changing” as the IDF’s intelligence chief, Major-General Aiv Kochavi, arrived in Washington on Tuesday for private talks with the US chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, Martin Dempsey, at the Pentagon and Netanyahu told Sunday’s cabinet meeting that” In the east, north and south, everything is in ferment, and we must be prepared: strong and determined in the face of all possible developments.”
On Sunday, Israel moved a battery of its Iron Dome defense system to the northern city of Haifa. Matthew Levitt, a former US intelligence official who works at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, said Israel flew reconnaissance flights over Lebanon “with impunity right now”.

Why do they need the Syrian defense out of picture or Syria ruled by puppets

The distance from Israeli bases to Iranian nuclear facilities(the surgical operation Netanyahu spoke about) imposed two significant difficulties.
The first involves airspace. Depending on the route selected, Israeli aircraft would have to cross
the airspace of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, Syria, and/or Turkey both en route and on
the return trip. “The route over Iraq would be the most direct and likely, defense analysts say, because Iraq effectively has no air defenses as it was drawn of picture and the United States no longer has the obligation to defend Iraqi skies.“It seems likely that Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait will have no interest to “see” the Israeli aircraft. Blinding the Syrians was the most important objective!!!

Have ever wondered why does Al Nusra takes pride every time it announces that some radar systems or defense ones has been “conquered”? What ‘s the point of even targeting it?

al nusra quneitra

picture:the terrorist claim they have  “liberated” Quneitra
The second one:securing the south !They tested the Palestinian reaction and capabilities in December 2012 and with the help of Qatar,Saudi Arabia and the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt and its tentacles in Hamas the succeeded: Khaled Mashaal announced at the end of January 2013 that he will accept the” 2 states solution” aka the Zionist plan!

Hamas is not a southern danger anymore!( Since early March 2012, some treacherous Hamas leaders reportedly stated that an Israeli attack on Iran would not cause Hamas to retaliate but they used the weapons delivered by Iran in the last criminal attack of Israel on Gaza).They have been ignored by the resistance as it is well known that they do not represent the majority of the Palestinians or their views.

In May 1948, in the midst of Israel’s “war for independence,” the Zionist leader, and its first Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion, presented the following aims to his general staff:
“We should prepare to go over to the offensive with the aim of smashing Lebanon, Transjordan, and Syria.…The weak point in the Arab coalition is Lebanon.It is artificial and easy to undermine. When we smash the [Arab] Legion’s strength and bomb Amman, we will eliminate Transjordan too, and then Syria will fall. If Egypt still dares to fight on, we shall bomb Port Said, Alexandria, and Cairo.”
Since than,the strategy has changed,but not the plan of controlling the Middle East!Some Arabs ,from the Persian Gulf became the trustful allies of Zion and the gate ! Egypt not only will not dare but it will not want to fight the Zionists because it is ruled now by their puppet,the Muslim Brotherhood! They want to destroy Egypt just in time with a major operation against Syria ! After they have installed the Muslim Brotherhood puppet they took care that the puppet can not act!Lebanon is not the weak link anymore,as Hezbollah has transformed it in a fearful enemy of the Zionist entity!
The policy shift has brought Saudi Arabia and Israel into a new strategic embrace and they have been involved in direct talks, and the Saudis believe that its alliance with Israel will give Iran less leverage in the region, have become more involved in open Arab-Israeli relations.SAUDITREASON
Qatar invested in the occupied land through Zionist companies,sponsored their settlements or in election campaign of Netanyahu!

arab palest


The internal Zionists

tv destr

“When Israel launches an attack designed to salvage the bankrupt opposition and to spark a regional war that would push NATO into an invasion of Syria on behalf of this opposition, then it cannot make the argument that its interests merely coincide with Israel’s. The Syrian opposition, with a few notable exceptions, effectively serves Israel, through takfiri jihadis. Today, the opposition is strategically aligned with Zionism and shares its enemies and their prioritization accorded to confronting them: the Syrian government and army,trying to attack the resistance the Hezbollah and Iran.Even though there can be no peaceful solution to the war in Syria without including these collaborators in a future political make. But they remain the enemy within and their flag will only ever symbolize servitude and treason not just against Syria, but against the Arab umma”.(Resistance-Episteme)
The leader of American born”Syrian Coalition” ,Moataz al Khatib commented on the Israeli bombing of Damascus, from Cairo,asking for a Syrian military response against Israel! The most logical question that comes in my mind is:WHY DON’T YOU DO THAT MR.AL KHATIB?YOU HAVE YOUR OWN AL NUSRA ARMY,YOU DO DESCRIBE IT AS A POWERFUL ONE AND THE WEST RECOGNIZED YOU AS THE “LEADER” OF THE SYRIANS’ ,RIGHT? PLEASE,SEND YOUR AL QAEDA TO ERASE THE ZIONIST ENTITY!!!!!

The US air force units stationed at the Turkish Incerlik air base, the US special forces deployed at the Jordanian Mafraq air facility and the American, German and Dutch Patriot missile interceptors deployed in Turkey are NATO ‘s steps to protect the plan.

turks hands off

When the press announced,a day before the Israeli attack ,that the king of Jordan had agreed in a phone call with Mr.President Assad ,to stop the terrorists crossing the border and sneak into Syria it was another disturbing situation of the plan. So they acted and it seems that Al Nusra had the cameras ready:

The attack came soon after the Israel Air Force jets had flown over Lebanon’s air space in three separate missions late Tuesday and early Wednesday.
Earlier this week, the Lebanon Army reported that the IAF had violated Lebanon’s airspace on Saturday in four different incidents. The Lebanese newspaper The Daily Star reported that IAF fighter jets were seen flying around the Beka’a Valley.
The General Command of the Army and Armed Forces said that Israeli warplanes violated Syrian airspace on Wednesday dawn and bombarded directly a scientific research center responsible for raising the levels of resistance and self-defense in Jamraya area in Damascus Countryside.Israeli warplanes took of from the north of Al-Sheikh Mountain, flying at a low altitude and below radars, heading to Jamraya in Damascus Countryside where a branch of a scientific research center is located and bombarded the location before sneaking away.
The aggression resulted in considerable material damages and destruction to the building, in addition to a vehicular development center and a garage, martyring two workers and injuring five others.

Jamraya3 Jamraya2Jamraya1
The statement of the General Command of the Syrian Army and Armed Force stressed that the allegations of some media outlets that the Israeli warplanes targeted a convoy headed from Syria to Lebanon are baseless, with the General Command affirming that the Israeli warplane targeted a scientific research facility in blatant violation of Syrian sovereignty and airspace and it has become clear to everyone that Israel is the motivator, beneficiary and sometimes executor of the terrorist acts which target Syria and its resistant people, with some countries that support terrorism being accomplices in this, primarily Turkey and Qatar.
Damascus condemned the attack as a violation of a 1974 disengagement accord that followed the last major war between the Arab country and the Israeli regime.
Syria has summoned the commander of the UN peacekeeping mission in the Golan Heights over the Israeli attack on a defense research center in Damascus:the head of the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF), Major General Iqbal Singha, was called to the Foreign Ministry on Thursday, where the protest was delivered.

Israeli regime has started deploying military forces on the Syrian border. But this time Israel will not be able to invade one Syrian village because the rules of the game have changed and fear in the camp of Israel is even bigger than we have ever imagined.
The Army chief of Staff, General Ali Abdullah Ayoub on Thursday paid a field visit on a number of the armed forces units and formations, inspecting the readiness of these units and assuring the situation of the soldiers in their positions.

chief staff


During the tour, General Ayoub said “we are committed to our national and pan-Arab stances, we are aware of the volume of challenges that we face.He affirmed :”anyone would be mistaken if he/she imagines to test the capabilities of the armed forces”.
Ayoub said that the war with the Zionist enemy is continuous, indicating to the connection between the Zionist entity and its tools of the gangs of killing which practice the organized terrorism against the Syrian people.

Syria and its allies for the focus now should be deter further Israeli aggression and to avoid at all costs that the conflict will amplify.
In an eventual response , the results and consequences will be huge for the entire region and for the world to bear .. Syria knows it and soon Israel will find out!