Zionist gathered together now they fail in group!Syria is the one who will ruin their dreams!

Zionist gathered together now they fail in group!Syria is the one who will ruin their dreams!

Support for anti-Syrian actors is dwindling. Last year in August they managed to gather 133 votes against Syria (GA/11266) with 12 against and 31 abstentions. Now it is down to 107 votes with 59 abstentions.
they tried so much to destroy Syria , with all different kind,of terror, Jihadis, death squad killing machine under the name of Rebels, Freedom fighters, Qaeda, CIA_DA
and they never Succeeded , after then their tender Mother Israel went to take her personal revenge by bomb Damascus, and also she not succeed by give her sons(the terrorists here) any hope by her raid !
Here is Syria the Gold Rock which all your agendas will break into your heads, i really want you to read the real history about Syria, no one mess with Syria all over the ages , i repeat again,Syria the motherland of Humanity , we have all the dark side creatures here now fighting hardly to kill all the meanings about humanity, and I Promise you all they will never Succeeded.
Every tear of rain and Each handful of Syrian dust will resist , just because this is Syria !
UNGA Approves Unbalanced and Politicized Non-Binding UN Resolution on Syria

May 15, 2013



NEW YORK, (SANA)- The United Nations General Assembly voted on a biased and politicized non-binding draft resolution on Syria.

The resolution contradicts the reality, backs terrorism in Syria as it hinders the international efforts to help achieve a political solution to the crisis in this country.

107 states voted in favor of the resolution, 12 against which are Russia, China, Iran, Bolivia, Cuba, the DPRK, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Venezuela, Zimbabwe and Belarus, voted against the resolution while 59 countries, mostly from Africa and Latin America, abstained from voting.

The resolution ignores the crimes and atrocities committed by the armed terrorist groups in Syria and the flow of thousands of international terrorists backed by the West, Gulf states and Turkey who provide them with weapons and money. The resolutions ignores all the terrorists’ heinous crimes and denounces what it called “the escalation of the attacks by the Syrian government”.

Al-Jaafari: Draft Resolution Submitted to General Assembly Seeks to Inflame Situation in Syria

Syria’s permanent Envoy to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari said that the draft resolution on Syria submitted to the General Assembly seeks to inflame situation in Syria, adding “it represents swimming against stream in light of the Russian-US rapprochement which was welcomed by Syria.”

“It is surprising that the draft resolution was presented within the item titled- prevention of the outbreak of armed conflicts- while the context of the draft totally contradicts this noble address as it has sought to escalate the crisis and instigate violence in Syria through creating a dangerous precedent in the international relations, which try to give legitimacy to offering weapons to the armed terrorist groups in Syria,” al-Jaafari said in a speech at the UN General Assembly session to discuss a draft resolution ion Syria.

He added that the coalition which Qatar Envoy has talked about is divided and it is a side which doesn’t even represent the opposition parties, it is a small faction of the external opposition which was founded in Qatar, adding that the heinous crimes, kidnappings, assassinations and the destruction of the sanctities by the terrorists are a little of what is going on in Syria.

“Giving Syria seat to al-Doha coalition in the Arab League and the attempt to get the UN involved by giving a delusive representation to it aim at breaking off the road in front of the solution to the crisis and tearing down the Syrian state,” al-Jaafari said.

“We bring your attention to the destructive role of the Arab League, led by Qatar and Saudi Arabia in addition to Turkey against Syria as the Arab League has given legitimacy to provide the terrorists with weapons,” al-Jaafari added.

He affirmed that it was surprising that some countries which pretend seeking democracy and freedom to Syria confiscate the right of the Syrian people in electing their representatives and leadership.

“Each time the signs of a political solution have occur in Syria, the terrorist acts increase and the steps of a number of countries accelerate to abort this approach,” al-Jaafari added.

Al-Jaafari added that hundreds of terrorist acts have claimed huge numbers of innocent civilians, pointing out that terrorist organizations are active in Syria, and their overtly pledged allegiance to al-Qaeda.

He went on to say that thousands of extremist and mercenary terrorists, who came to Syria under the supervision of international intelligence, have come in response to al-Qaeda leader’s call to destroy the Syrian state and establish an ” Islamic caliphate”.

He stressed that the UN has documented operations for smuggling various types of weapons into Syria from Libya and other places, in addition to barbarian and unprecedented crimes and violations of human rights perpetrated by the armed terrorist groups in Syria.

He added that systematic assassinations and kidnapping operations against Muslim and Christian scholars and the destruction of the oldest synagogue in the region were perpetrated by the armed terrorist groups.

Al-Jaafari pointed out that the “Syrian National Coalition” which was invented in Qatar includes theoretically at least 63 members, but practically it includes only 53 members because those who invented this extremist coalition which opposes dialogue have left 10 vacant seats to be occupied by secularists from the Syrian opposition, adding that the Qataris and their allies have not yet found ten secular people from the Syrian opposition to be part of this coalition.

He stressed that the Syrian Government dealt positively with all initiatives to resolve the crisis in Syria peacefully, reiterating that the Syrian government is committed to the issue of the comprehensive national dialogue under the leadership of Syria.

Chinese Representative to UN: China Believes in Political Solution to Resolve Crisis

Chinese Permanent Representative to UN, Li Baodong , stressed that China believes in the political solution to the crisis in Syria, stressing that Syria’s future will be decided by the Syrian people without foreign interference.

Addressing the UN General Assembly, the Chinese representative said that China is concerned about the resolution which will be presented for voting, calling for solving the crisis in Syria.

He said that the result is not in favor of the Syrian people, regional countries and the international community in general, adding that the international community should respect the independence and territorial integrity of Syria.

“China urges the Syrian government and opposition to fulfill their commitments and stop violence to start political talks as soonest,” the Chinese representative stated.

Russian Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN: UNGA Draft Resolution on Syria Aggravates Situation

Russian Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN, Alexander Pankin, stressed that the UNGA draft resolution on Syria is “irresponsible, unconstructive, and it aggravates the situation in Syria, in addition to hindering the international efforts to implement the Geneva Communiqué.”

Addressing the UNGA session, Pankin said, “the Russian delegation regrets presenting this draft resolution that aggravates the crisis in Syria.”

He added that Russia opposes the draft resolution because it promotes the so-called “National Coalition for Revolutionary and Opposition Forces” as the only legitimate representative for the Syrian people.

Pankin noted that accepting the Arab League’s decisions which were made last March means legitimatization of arming the opposition.

Iranian Representative to UN: Draft Resolution Undermines Efforts to Find Peaceful Solution to Crisis in Syria

Iranian permanent Representative to the UN Mohammad Khazaee stressed that the draft resolution on Syria submitted to the General Assembly undermines efforts exerted on the international level to reach peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria, adding that the draft deviated from principles of the international law and UN Charter.

“Iran refuses the draft resolution on Syria because it doesn’t indicate to Israeli aggression on Syria as a flagrant violation, which jeopardizes regional and international security, and it is considered a violation of the UN Charter, especially the items regarding banning the use of force against any member state,” Iranian representative said in a speech in front of the General Assembly.

He added that the UN role should be to find a peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria, while the draft resolution doesn’t help bringing the two sides to end the crisis peacefully, adding that the draft resolution undermines the efforts of the special envoy of the UN to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi.

He pointed out that the armed terrorist groups are the side which used chemical weapons, causing the killing and injury of several citizens and this was affirmed by the UN Human Rights envoy Carla Del Ponte.

South Africa’s UN Envoy : Such Resolution Worsen the Situation in Syria

In turn, South Africa’s UN envoy, Dumisani Kumalo, said that his country was disappointed with this resolution depicting it as ” unacceptable, unbalanced and biased to one side,”

” Such resolution would worsen the situation in Syria,” he affirmed.

He reiterated his country’s commitment to Syria’s sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity, stressing that the only solution to reach a peaceful solution, is through the implementation of the Geneva statement which was supported by the international community including the Security Council.

Venezuelan Permanent Representative, Jorge Valero, depicted as “biased, politicized and unbalanced” the draft resolution on Syria, saying it hinders dialogue violates Syrian sovereignty, fuels the situation in the region.

” It would have dangerous consequences on the world’s security and stability.” Valero said.

The representative of Bolivia stressed his country’s rejection of the draft resolution since ” it is hampering the efforts of a peaceful solution carried out by Russia and the United States and the UN Special Envoy Lakhdar Brahimi.

He stressed that the draft resolution is unbalanced and biased and doesn’t reflect the reality. ” It doesn’t hold the opposition groups responsible for the atrocities committed in Syria rather than it tries to legitimize these groups and their crimes.”

Bolivia’s Representative said that the approval of the draft resolution also means giving priority to the war crimes and the escalation of violence in Syria, rather than giving it to build a long-term peace.

For his part, Representative of Tanzania, Daudi Mwakawago, said the draft resolution does not put an end to the violence and bloodshed in Syria, which must be stopped, warning that the flow of arms and terrorist groups to Syria pose a threat to stability in the region.

The DPRK Ambassador to the UN, So Se Pyong, rejected the draft resolution because it is a breach of the UN Charter and the rules of international law, stressing the need to respect the sovereignty of Syria in accordance with the UN Charter.

Nicaragua also rejected the draft resolution as it does not help resolve the crisis in Syria, but encourages war and continuing violence.

In turn, the Representative of Ecuador rejected the draft resolution since it violates the sovereignty of Syria and increases the bloodshed and legitimizes the illegitimate behaviors.

For his part, the representative of Cuba rejected the draft resolution on Syria because it does not lead a political solution to the crisis or stopping the violence.

The Pakistani delegate stressed that the solution to the crisis in Syria will not be but a political one that will be determined by the Syrian people.

The Cuban representative stressed that the outside should stop sending arms to Syria.

A bit more detail
Today :

A claimed truck used for “sending drugs and foods to the Syrian people”, but loaded with weapons coming from Turkey has exploded before reaching its criminal destination,another prove of the good i,peaceful intentions of those who get together to release such resolutions .

The terrorist attacks in Turkey -Reyhanli, after which the Turkish government has pointed a finger at Damascus has brought no consensus on the Turkish political scene and the leader of the main opposition: Republican People’s Party Mehmet Ediboglu said that the culprit belongs to the terrorists of FSA or Jabhat al Nusra . He noted that the used tactic corresponds exactly to the one used by the terrorists from al Nusra, and that the attacks were apparently “the work of the professional terrorist organization.” He recalled that Reyhanli lies near the border with Syria and the Syrian border is infested now by terrorists

Diplomats at the United Nations said the UK and France postponed a request Syria submitted demanding the designation of Jabhat al-Nusra as a terrorist organization.

Reuters quoted the diplomats who spoke on condition of anonymity that ”Al-Qeada penalties committee, resultant from the UN Security Council is due to discuss the counter-decision submitted by the UK and France later this week.

Jabhat al-Nusra, one of the terrorist groups in Syria, had earlier pledge allegiance to leader of al-Qaeda terrorist organization, Ayman al-Zawahiri.

Jabhat al-Nusra, an offshoot of al-Qaeda organization, has claimed responsibility for many terrorist attacks in Syria that claimed scores of lives and caused destruction to infrastructures that provide basic services to citizens.

Syrian Electronic Army Leader: Cyber-War to Continue Against Those “Distorting the Truth About Syria”

hack SEA

Blogged for The Huffington Post UK detailing the April 23rd cyber-attacks which were launched by the so-called “Syrian Electronic Army” (SEA) against the Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya News Channel.

As I couldn’t get hold of anyone from the so-called SEA at the time, I ended the round upwondering whether this “army” is, in-fact, just another “arm” of the Assad Regime (as their cyber-attacks are said to be too sophisticated to be done by amateurs), or indeed an independent group of Anonymous -like online activists who could be… anyone, anywhere.

Only a few hours after the piece was published , the answers emerged in front of me via Twitter, where I noticed an interesting interaction to the round-up by a particular tweep whose handle carried the Syrian Electronic Army acronym (SEA).

I made contact requesting an interview; he responded by “following” me insinuating that he wanted to resort to a private message exchange; it was then that he I realised that I was communicated with a member of the Special Operations Department (SoD) of the so-called SEA.

“THE PRO” – as he likes to be named – requested that we do the interview over Gmail Chat, I accepted.

(A screen-grab of parts of my Gmail-Chat interview with THE PRO)

Now having read the memoirs of Egyptian online activist Wael Ghonim, I knew that Gmail chat was among the preferred options for communication as, when combined with an IP changing programm such as TOR, makes tracking the person you are talking to – literary – virtually impossibly (not that I would know how to do it anyway).

Although THE PRO declined to offer his real name for safety reasons (which he explains in part II of this interview, to be posted tomorrow); He reveals that he is a Syrian living in Syria.

THE PRO also reveals not only a member, but actually “a leader” of this virtual army of “thousands of activists”, who share the same political positions and “reject the onslaught of information and distortion of facts happening in Syria”.

However, before I go on detailing – over two consecutive blog posts – what was discussed during the interview, I wish to state the following:

An independent verification of the identity of THE PRO as one of the leaders of SEA wasn’t attainable; however he has provided enough confidential “insider” information to support his story. He has also provided a number of exclusive images, such as – but not limited to – the hacked control panel of Al-Arabiya‘s Twitter account below

(A screen-grab of the hacked control-panel of Al-Arabiya‘s ‘Breaking News’ Twitter account which was sent by THE PRO )

Attack on Al-Arabiya

When asked to confirm if SEA had really attacked Al-Arabiya he confirms that the group was behind the cyber-attacks of April 23rd. However, he says that the battle isn’t with this Saudi-owned channel alone, but with the Qatari Al-Jazeera as well anyone who seeks to distort facts about what is going on in Syria.

For context purposes, it should be noted that Saudi Arabia and Qatar have led the way in criticising the Assad Regime’s handling of the 2011 pro-Democracy demonstrations which swept Syria.

Indeed, many Assad-loyalists perceive Saudi and Qatari media outlets as biased mouth-pieces of their respective governments, seeking only to place more pressure on Damascus.

“It (Al-Arabiya) said unreal number about killed people in Syria… it doesn’t said a word about the Pro-Assad demonstrations“, he explains.

I stop him there and say that these channels are not coming up with the numbers themselves; “the UN is saying that are 9000 people killed, Al-Arabiya is reporting what the UN Is saying, so is the UN also wrong?”, I asked him.

“The story is dodgy at best, but more importantly it ignores key facts like the 3,000 dead Syrian soldiers… they didn’t commit suicide!” he replies adding that there are “thousands of civilians killed by the armed groups and the fundamentalists”.

During the conversation, he also shares a number of videos which he says are proof of the biased reports Al-Arabiya and others are broadcasting.

One of the shared videos merely suggest that Al-Arabiya got the job-title of one of the regime’s “martyrs” wrong, referring to him as the “Manager” of Chemistry Faculty at Homs University, when in fact he was the “deputy manager”.

Another video shared was criticising Al-Jazeera for saying that on 29 January 2012, Damascus’s Abbassiyyin Square was occupied by the armed protesters; the video suggests otherwise.

THE PRO also shared a video which contained an in-depth analysis produced by Dunya Television(a newly launched privately-owned pro-Assad local channel) suggesting that Al-Arabiya resorted to photo-shopping images as well as lifting footage from recent protests in Bahrain and portraying them as if they occurred in Syria.

(Report produced by Syria’s Dunya TV suggested image-doctoring and false reporting by Al-Arabiya)

Asked regarding what one commentator told the Financial Times (FT) earlier today about SEA being aided by a possible Syrian Regime supporter inside Al-Arabiya; THE PRO simply responds “haha, No!”, thus denying any infiltration of the Dubai-based Saudi-owned news broadcaster.

He does, on the other hand, specify that SEA has “thousands of members both inside and outside Syria”.

For his part, Mazen Hayek – the official spokesperson of Al-Arabiya’s mother company, MBC Group – declined to comment on the content of SEA’s claims of the channel’s bias.

However an authorised source within the group said that the claims resemble a “typical attempt” to “blame on the media”.

The source notes that “the killing, injuring and mutilating of the tens of thousands in Syria was not caused by any media outlet”, adding that the media’s job is simply to uncover wrongs and reflect that the true.

“In all cases media outlets and journalists are victims of conflicts and not instigators, thus calling upon all parties in conflicts to respect safety in journalism and protect journalists for which ever outlet they may belong to”, concludes the source within Al-Arabiya.

Al-Arabiya, like other international news channels are banned from reporting on-the-ground in Syria and since the regime’s handling of last year’s pro-democracy demonstrations has escalated to the current crisis, many journalist who have tried to cover the situation were killed on duty.

For his part, THE PRO vows that SEA will continue waging cyber-war against all those who “distort” what he sees to be “the truth” in Syria.

End of Part 1

In Part 2 (to be posted tomorrow): THE PRO talks about SEA financing, management and operations as well as fallen comrades who he claims have been kidnapped, tortured and killed by anti-regime activists.


On April 23rd, 2012 a series of crippling cyber-attacks were waged against the social media outlets of the Dubai-based Al-Arabiya News Channel.

Within moments, editors at this leading newscaster lost all control over the channel’s Facebook, YouTube and Twitter accounts as they (the accounts) began disseminating false information relating to the neighbouring State of Qatar.

Indeed, the channel’s Breaking News Twitter account began tweeting news items insinuating a rift within this Gulf Nation’s Royal Family and spreading rumours of a gas-field explosion (neither claims were true).

As executives at the Saudi-owned channel’s newsroom sought to gain control over their social outlets, they soon realised the cyber-attacks weren’t over yet; Even the personal Twitter accounts of leading Al-Arabiya and other MBC Group (the news newscaster’s owning company) presenters were targeted throughout the night and the following day.

The perpetrators?

A group known as the “Syrian Electronic Army” (SEA) which believes Al-Arabiya, like the Qatari-owned Al-Jazeera, are biased and serving as mouth-pieces of their respective governments in their vocal criticism of the Bashar al-Assad Regime’s handling of the pro-democracy demonstrations which has left thousands killed since these protests began last year.

A spokes person for Al-Arabiya has declined commenting on the content of SEA’s claims, but an authorised source within the channel has said that their comments resemble a typical case of “blaming it on the media” stating that it wasn’t a media outlet which has instigated or caused the loss of the thousands of lives.

Al-Arabiya, like other international news channels, are banned from reporting on-the-ground in Syria.

(SEA’s logo)

Now, if you haven’t heard of SEA yet or if you are tempted to think that their potential damage is going to be contained only within the Middle East, then it is time to guess again!

The Syrian Electronic Army, said to be composed of thousands of hackers in Syria and around the world, are making their cyber-war global.

Only two days ago (Thursday 26 April), SEA hacked and defaced the blog of the business networking site, LinkedIn. The attack generated global headlines within hours.

Similarly, in September 2011, the same group of online activists hacked and vandalised Harvard University’s website; at the time, pundits rushed to the conclusion that the attack was the work of a heavily-financed and possibly government-backed organisation, not individuals…. they were wrong!

Over the past few days, I managed to make contact with one of the leaders of SEA via Twitter and Gmail Chat.

Known by his code-name of “THE PRO”, he confirms he is a Syrian living in Syria and suggests that he is a member of the Special Operations Department (SoD) of the so-called Syrian Electronic Army.

In the first part of the interview, published yesterday, he revealed that SEA has thousands of members around the world who are waging an on-going cyber-war against those who he believes are “distorting the facts” in Syria.

Today and in this second and final part of the interview, THE PRO reveals why this “on-going cyber-war” isn’t limited to media organisations; as well as other details regarding the financing and hierarchy of this virtual army.

However, before I go on detailing what other details were discussed during the interview, I wish to state the following:

An independent verification of the identity of THE PRO as one of the leaders of SEA wasn’t attainable; however he has provided enough confidential “insider” information to support his story. He has also provided a number of exclusive images, such as – but not limited to – a screen-grab of the hacked “Dash Board” of LinkedIn’s blog below.


(A screen-grab taken by SEA’s of LinkedIn’s blog “Dash Board” upon hacking it yesterday)

Why LinkedIn?

I had originally thought I had more than enough material following my first interview with THE PRO on April 24th (the day following the attacks on Al-Arabiya); yet, I had to get back in touch when SEA generated headlines again by hacking into LinkedIn’s blog yesterday.

I could understand – though not agree with – why the group might have an issue with news channels, but what could possibly justify attacking a social network which has a primary concern of helping people find jobs?

“LinkedIn a very famous website, we can sent our message through it to a lot of people that they know it and use it
“, answers THE PRO.

He denies that this social networking site has done or published anything anti-Assad, however says that LinkedIn was head-hunted in particular to “make all people know that there are armed gangs killing innocent people in Syria and that through our peaceful message

THE PRO also confirms he leads the same “Syrian Electronic Army” which hacked Harvard University’s website and left a picture of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in his military uniform on its main page.

(Harvard’s defaced website)

Given its Ivy League university status; Harvard’s fame played a vital role in making it a seductive target for SEA as it served the purpose of attracting attention. However, it also being an American institution seems to have made it “fair game” even more.

“You know it’s an American university, and we all know what America do to our country and the Middle East”, says THE PRO.

(THE PRO confirming attack on Harvard and explaining reasons behind it during Gmail Chat)


Throughout my conversations, I tried several times to get to know who THE PRO really was, how old was he or what he does in real life.

He gives a very strong argument for why he prefers to stay anonymous.

“I like to give you my name, but anti-Assad (demonstrators) killed 2 of our members“, he explains.

He went on to elaborate that at the early stages of crisis in Syria back in 2011, SEA members used to interact on Facebook using their real names; something they realised later was nothing short of a fatal mistake.

He shares a link to a news report produced by Dunya Television (a recently-launched, privately-owned, pro-Assad local channel); the report mourns a 17-year-old Syrian by the name Mohammad Ahmad Kabbani who is said to have been a member of SEA. (Notification: video contains graphic images, viewer discretion is recommended).

According to the report, the 17-year-old Kabbani who hails from Idlib – a city in North-western Syria – was kidnapped, tortured and killed by anti-Assad forces strictly because of his affiliation to SEA.

THE PRO claims the killing occurred on August 26th, 2011 and explains that the attackers were able to track Kabbani because he had used his real name while commenting one of SEA’s many Facebook pages.

Shortly afterwards, SEA mourned another member. This time it was Sergeant Major/Lawrence Fawaz Barakat; whose is referred to here by a military rank because he served in the “real” Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

SAA is the country’s formal army and is tightly controlled by the Assad-Clan; it is said to be responsible of the killing of thousands of civilians since last year, though the regime also claims that many of the causalities are from SAA itself.

Now,according to several online photos available of Barakat;  where he paused with a gun, he seems to have intentionally publicised both his SAA and SEA military background.

In his memory, SEA launched an honorary Facebook page for Barakat where it is claimed that he was killed by “gangs” in Damascus Countryside on November 29th, 2011.

Following these incidents, SEA members decided to work anonymously. However, even then, things were still getting complicated.

THE PRO claims Facebook has shutdown their page 148 times. This explains why when I first reported Al-Arabiya’s hacking on Monday 23rd , I was wondering why SEA had two official pages, these were the ones that the virtual army managed to convince Facebook to unblock.

Both pages are real and were set up by SEA, in addition, there is the current page number 149 which could be accessed (however, it seems the page has been shut-down since the interview was conducted)

The Price of Loyalty

So, is the Syrian Electronic Army fully behind current President Assad? Does THE PRO not see anything wrong with the practices of the current regime? And does he and his fellow online activists not aspire for democracy like the protesters do?

“I am not with the protesters“, replies the SEA leader, stressing that that he believes President Assad IS making reforms.

“We are with Syria and stability of Syria and President Assad is the only guarantee for Syrians for not having (a) civil war“, he adds.

So does this loyalty come at a price? Or in other words how much is the Assad Regime directly or indirectly paying for this sophisticated online operation?

“What you call The Regime is at the heart of its people… we do not and will not charge any money to defend Syria because it is our countr
y”, responds THE PRO as he claims that SEA fully-finances itself.

Now, according to Facebook, it seems that a counter virtual effort conducted by the Syrian FREE Electronic Army has also emerged.

Effectively, SEA is now facing a brigade of online activists fighting alongside the pro-democracy demonstrators against the current Syrian Regime.

“This talk does not concern us all as we are concerned is to be shareholders in protecting our country from terrorism“, responds THE PRO.

As for the hierarchy, THE PRO stresses he is “a” leader not “the” leader of the alleged thousands of activists who belong to SEA.

“We (have) coordination between us in all our work to achieve the goals we had agreed upon“, he concludes.

I try to get THE PRO to reveal SEA’s next target; so I ask him if there is anyone they would like to send a warning to?

“We don’t threat anyone, but we hack to put our message to the world”, he replies.

It SEAms clear that for THE PRO, the end always justifies the means.


 Faisal J. Abbas