Al Qaeda FSA Terrorists Behead Kidnapped People

Al Qaeda FSA Terrorists Behead Kidnapped People

Al Qaeda FSA Terrorists Behead Kidnapped People

If you don’t like someone just label him a Shabeeh and that’s enough to get him beheaded this way. Shabeeh, or government supporter also means: any public employee who refused to stay home and chose to go to work to feed his family instead of joining himself or sending his sons to join the ‘freedom fighters’ and give his daughters and wife to the ‘Wahhabi Sex Jihadists’ and to depend for living on what money they pay him.

The punishment for working in the Post Office in Al Bab city in Aleppo countryside was throwing the workers alive from the 6 floors building’s rooftop.

The punishment for working as the Aleppo University Hospital was shooting the doctor:

The punishment for college students staying at the Aleppo University dormitory was shelling the building with 2 rockets and claim the Syrian Army for shelling it by plane: 

The punishment for school children going to school and workers to work was this:

All such crimes are done by these people: 

& These:

sponsored by the morons in NATO thinking they can control Syria and open a path for the Qatari gas to Europe, secure israel’s safety and establish an Al Saud alike Islamist (not Islamic) caliphates all over the middle east, they’re in progress in:



Libya, Tunisia (you can google them) and the work is very hard in Mali:

Do you still support NATO’s mission in Syria?

 Another person reposted the video on LiveLeak, and now it’s approved, so it should be a bit more secure from moderators. It should also be more secure on LiveLeak than on YouTube.

The first upload on LiveLeak was only pre-approved and later rejected by a Zionist moderator. 

Please spread this post, re-share it even if you do not watch it yourself. It’s really horrific so I can really understand that. But somewhere in the chain, someone that might have influence over governments, press, media might watch and it might contribute to getting the truth out. 

Getting the word out is FAR more important than potentially upset other sensitive people or being worried what others think about oneself.

Please, please re-share.

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