Chapter 7 resolution of the UN Security Council on Syria vetoed by Russia and China

Chapter 7 resolution of the UN Security Council on Syria vetoed by Russia and China

Chapter 7 resolution of the UN Security Council on Syria vetoed by Russia and China
It was the third time in nine months that Russia and China used their powers as permanent members of the 15-nation council for Syria. There were 11 votes in favor of the resolution. Russia and China voted against it, while South Africa and Pakistan abstained from voting.
Addressing the council, Russian Representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin accused the Western members of the UNSC of attempting to “fan the flames of confrontation in the Security Council.”
“The draft resolution which was voted on was biased. The threat of sanctions was leveled exclusively at the government of Syria, and does not reflect the realities in the country today. It’s especially ambiguous in light of what happened with the grave terrorist attack that took place in Damascus”, Churkin said

Chapter 7 allows the 15-member council to authorize actions ranging from diplomatic and economic sanctions to military intervention. US officials have said they are talking about sanctions on Syria, not military intervention, but Russia and China strongly believe allowing such a resolution to pass could create a repeat of the so-called ‘Libya scenario.’
A Russia-backed resolution was scheduled to be presented to the UNSC as well, but Churkin said the draft will not be put to a vote, after some members of the Council refused to even discuss it.
“We believe that continued confrontation in the Security Council to be useless and counterproductive, and for this reason we will not submit our draft to a vote”, Chukin said.
Instead, the Russian representative proposed a brief depoliticized resolution on a technical extension for the UN observer mission, whose mandate had to expire on Friday but was decided to continue another 15 days.

Dr. Bashar Ja’afari: we expect the Security Council to engage positively with respect to the matter of Syria

There is a suspicious synchronization between meetings of the Security Council and the treacherous acts of terrorism against the Syrian people and institutions
The Security Council did not condemn the terrorist act in Damascus and this means that all international community that established a fight against terrorism is only ink on paper
All international community must unite the efforts to find a peaceful solution in Syria!Dialogue is the only solution!
The success of the Annan plan does not mean only Syrian commitment but also on the commitment of the international and regional parties to stop supporting terrorists with money and weapons
if the UN doesn’t condemn the Damascus terrorist attacks then everything the UN has built to fight terrorism is in vain.
The Syrians are now doubtful of any meeting the UNSC holds, for the synchronicity of these meetings with terrorist actions that had led to the death of may of our people.

I am sure you remember the bombings and massacres that have taken place before each and every meeting. And today, the act that had preceded your meeting was the assassination of three of our generals.

The UNSC did not condemn this act. If this act had not succeeded in getting the attention of your council, right away, then this would mean that everything the UNSC stands for is just ink on paper, and worth nothing.
Some countries contributed to inflame and distort the image of the Syrian government
if the UN doesn’t condemn the Damascus terrorist attacks then everything the UN has built to fight terrorism is in vain.
the terrorists have external support,and they are nothing but Arab and non Arab terrorists
internal opposition participated in dialogue and they reject the attacks on civilians,oil pipelines ,buildings or infrastructure
some provided arms or logistic support for the armed gangs in Syria,
if you want to impose the law of the jungle in other countries than allow it in your own!
about chemical weapons:it reflects the wish of some to use this kind of weapons against our people and than use it as an excuse in the Security Council to appeal chapter seven
The news about chemical weapons and Syria’s intention to use them, are absolute lies.

As Syrians, we have to realize, that those countries calling for the Syrians so called freedom, are not really concerned with the Syrians, but their main aim is the state of Syria, and its regional and global role.

Those who have stopped at nothing to help Israel, or to mock the Arabs into Sykes Pictot, and Balfour, would never want our interests.

As Syrians, we should always realize that our solution should be Syrian, and only Syrian

د. بشار الجعفري :كنا نتوقع من مجلس الأمن الانخراط الإيجابي فيما يتعلق بالشأن السوري

هناك تزامن مشبوه بين جلسات مجلس الامن وبين اعمال ارهابية غادرة تطال الشعب السوري ومؤسساته

أضحى الشعب السوري ينتابه الريبة قبل انعقاد أي جلسة لمجلس الأمن بسبب التزامن المشبوه لهذه الجلسات مع أعمال إرهابية غادرة

اليوم للأسف تكرر هذا النهج المؤلم لجميع السوريين حيث امتدت يد الإرهاب لتطال وزراء وعدد من قادة الأجهزة الأمنية

مجلس الامن لم يدن العمل الارهابي في دمشق وهذا يعني أن كل مابناه المجتمع الدولي حول مكافحة الارهاب لم يكن إلا حبراً على ورق

نجاح خطة عنان لاتقتصر على النية السورية فقط وإنما على إلتزام الأطراف الدولية والإقليمية بإيقاف دعم الارهابيين بالمال والسلاح

الجعفري :اعتمدنا نهجا منفتحا للوصول الى حل سلمي في سوريا

هناك إرهابيون بينهم أفراد من القاعدة يرتكبون مجازر في سوريا

ذهبت بعض الدوائر للترويج عن صورة مغلوطة عما يجري فعلا في سورية

الأزمة في سورية هي أزمة مركبة لها أبعاد متشعبة داخليا وخارجيا ولولا ذلك لما كنتم تنظرون بهذه الأزمة

الحكومة السورية لم تنكر المطالب المحقة وعدت أصحابها شركاء

هناك من غرر بهم وحملوا السلاح وهؤلاء أخطؤوا

بعضكم أيها السادة من قرر اغلاق سفاراته في دمشق وسحب سفراءه لا يعرف أن المجموعات المسلحة هاجمت 3 مرات محطات توليد الطاقة الكهربائية في سورية

هناك دول تدخلت في الشأن السوري بشكل فظ وقرعت طبول الحرب وقدمت السلاح والمال والتغطية السياسية والإعلامية للجماعات المسلحة

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