ISIS the USA’ scarecrows in the Arab world, while Saudi Arabia is the bodyguard of the american interests of oil fields in the Middle East , Yemen is another Gaza

Syriana Afraa

usa' dollzio-saudi

Saudi arabi is the bodyguard for american interest in the middle east , while the world under the phobia of ISIS , who is ISIS , just a scarecrow , but we are not the fool birds ,

HRW , is human rights watch just a big lie ? , where are those organizations when there is daily bombing launched by Saudi arabia and her arab allies on poor civilians on Yemen , what a smart and evil idea , let arabs kill arabs by themselves , we waited  for long time for such arab alliance , to defend civilians in Palestine against zio-Israel , but look at them , finally they made it by the arab league’ blessing , but to be against arab , People in the west started to be angry from Israel and USA’ aggression on arab countries , from NATO , as in Libya …

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