Canada’s parliament authorizes the launch of illegal airstrikes on Syria

the real Syrian Free Press


(Press TV, 31 March 2015) ~ Canada’s parliament has approved to expand the country’s current military mission in Iraq ‘to target ISIL terrorists’ in neighboring Syria.

The motion, ratified by 142 to 129 votes on Monday night, also extended the Iraq mission – which was due to expire on April 7 this year – until March 30, 2016.

The measure, which allows Canadian fighter jets to enter Syria and strike ISIL targets, is neither authorized by the United Nations, nor a NATO mission (…nor by Syrian government: SFP note).

Canada will be the second NATO member state, after the United States, to carry out airstrikes in Syria along with non-NATO members Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates.

Speaking in the parliament on Monday, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper defended the move, saying, “We cannot stand on the sidelines while ISIL continues to promote terrorism…

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