Preliminary report on the massacre of Hula

The report is based on statements from live witnesses, in addition to proofs and facts regarding the attack on the security forces in al Houla area. This is a preliminary report on the massacre, not a final one!The Chairman of the Commission of Inquiry on the Hula massacre: There were a gathering of militants in the village after Friday prayers and between 600 to 800 armed terrorists began to attack simultaneously
The majority of the victims were supporters of the government!
Security forces have never entered the area of the massacre.

The victims bodies did not show any traces of bombing. The buildings were not subjected to any heavy attacks of the army
The first victims targeted were relatives of a parliament member, who were also killed, before the terrorist plans went out of its aim to commit the massacre.
Mr. Jihad Maqdisi is now responding to journalists
what is important for us : that the Syrian army does not commit such a massacre,
certainly , they targeted the family of one Deputy who participated in the elections
Our first care are the Syrian citizens first, and that is why the military exists: to protect civilians,
we sent Maud to the place of the massacre
Those who sent observers is the Syria, began to stream lies and after sending observers
There are dark rooms working all the time to target Syria
and to seed strife among Syrians,aiming at hitting the national unity in Syria through the fuse to ignite sectarian war


Syria is a mosaic country. There are more than 18 religious sectors in our country. There is some serious work to attack this mosaic, and to target the sectarian harmony. We refuse to look at a Syrian citizen based on his sectarian background. The co existence of Syria will never be shaken.

We are unhappy with the diplomatic expulsion, but we still believe in diplomacy as a way of dialogue.

There is a paradox, while Annan calls for dialogue, and they expel our ambassadors. However, we believe that such a resolution is a sovereign issue.

– There are more than 200 media apparatuses in Syria, more than 100 accredited officially.

– It is unfortunate that Mr. Ban Ki Moon would preach a sectarian war. Would he go back to the document we signed with his UN? It shows what we committed ourselves to.

– We would like Mr. Annan to see what his observers are saying. The observers have a website and a media team, so I am sure he is listening to what we are saying now.

– We want things to calm down so we can go for the political solution. Please go ask the opposition, and ask them to come to Syria so we can discuss what we want to do for her. Anyone who does not call for a foreign intervention in Syria is welcome in Syria.

– I have attended the meeting between President Assad and Mr. Annan, and any leaks regarding threats and such matters are baseless. They discussed Annan’s six points plan, not international policies.

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