Crazed U.S. Senator Graham Attacks Defense Secretary For Not Planning War With Russia! ~ [Must See!!!]

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Crazed US Senator Attacks Defense Secretary for not Planning War With Russia!

(Russia Insider) ~ Depraved disciple of Mad John McCain just took crazy to a whole new level. If Mad John McCain is the most disgusting man in America (and he is), then certainly his snarling little sidekick from South Carolina Lindsey Graham is a strong second.

by ‘The Old Sniper

This is the most disgusting display of American “exceptionalism” … why a bunch of rich old senators from America have the RIGHT TO MESS IN OTHER COUNTRIES?

These morons talked about supplying a rebel force inside a sovereign country with goal to topple the elected leader?

That’s illegal by International Law… the hubris and arrogance displayed here are truly disgusting, nothing good will come from this except WW3.

Video byRussia Insider TVSubmitted by 'The Old Sniper' Network at: ~…

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