Syrian ‘Nour al-Sham TV’ and ‘Damascus Radio’ presenter, Batoul Moukhles al-Warar, killed in a terrorist attack with a mortar shell on Harasta Suburb [Damascus Countryside]

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Batoul Moukhles al-Warar-D

Two women killed (one TV prsenter), other civilians injured in terrorist attacks against Damascus Countryside and Deir Ezzor

(SANA, 3 Nov. 2015) ~ Two civilians were killed (one a TV presenter) and others injured in terrorists’ mortar attacks against residential areas in Damascus countryside and Deir Ezzor.

Damascus Countryside

A Syrian Nour al-Sham TV and Damascus Radio Presenter Batoul Moukhles al-Warar was killed on Tuesday in a terrorist attack with a mortar shell on Harasta Suburb, Damascus Countryside.

A source at Damascus Radio told SANA reporter that al-Warar was killed when she left her home heading for her job at the Radio and  Nour al-Sham TV after she sustained shrapnel wounds.

Meanwhile, a source at Damascus Countryside Police Command told SANA that terrorists positioned in Eastern Ghota fired a mortar shell on Block B 4 in Harasta Suburb, killing a woman and injuring others, in addition to causing a material…

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