. Selling their children for the arming of terrorists and insurgents!A man displays his children for sale to arm terrorists in Syria in Syria

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – Syrian rebels fighting to oust President Bashar al-Assad have been accused of using children as fighters in violation of international conventions banning the recruitment of child soldiers, a senior U.N. official said on Monday.

The U.N. concern about the possibility that Syria’s opposition may be using child soldiers follows last week’s report from the New York-based rights group Human Rights Watch that armed Syrian opposition groups have kidnapped, tortured and executed members of supporters of Assad and members of his security forces.

“We are receiving allegations of children with the Free Syrian Army,” Radhika Coomaraswamy, U.N. special representative for children and armed conflict, said in response to a question about Syria’s rebels

‎#RealSyria #Syria #syria #Syriantruth
للنشر في اصقاع الفيس بوك
هذه اخرة المعارضة والفوار … بيع اولادهم من اجل تسليح الارهابيين والمسلحين في سوريا … لقتل اخوااانهم … هذه فورتهم ..
رجل سوري يعرض اولاده للبيع لتسليح الارهابيين

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