The three Arab dictators whom no one mentions enjoy the full security and safety that is provided by the world order to their stooges in the Gulf countries . These stooges have nothing to fear, neither revolutions , nor invasions , nor sanctions , not International trials; they can kill, fund wars, smuggle weapons, train terrorists , ignite riots , steal Arab wealth, , prevent people from their civil rights , violate laws, attack peaceful demonstrators , suppress any opposition , incarcerate people , invade other countries , use heavy weapons against civilians , assault doctors and paramedics, conspire against other countries, fund deceitful media , engage in illegal smear campaigns , transmit lies and broadcast dubious information and misinformation , interfere in other countries’ affairs and ignite sectarian and religious conflicts. All this they can do and they are doing and they will do without endangering their position or rule while everyone is busy with Bashshar al Assad and with the Syrian revolution that is nothing but a riot instigated, funded and planned by the world order through their stooges of the Gulf regimes and carried on by hired thugs funded by these Gulf regimes , these riots in Syria are planned in order to protect their rule , the rule of the Arab Gulf stooges against any change that the region might witness after the victory of Hizbullah and its allies Iran and Syria . This victory was final in determining the future of the region putting at stake the fate of many of the Arab regimes , this is when the world order rushed to protect the Arab stooges and through them Israel the usurper state whose existence and security depend on the continuity of the Gulf dictators’ rule and this by attacking the countries that are carriers of a real change and a real challenge threatening to Israel and capable of reorganizing the whole region in favor of peace freedom and justice of the Arab people and the Palestinians and the world at large.

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