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Syria – The REAL Story — MUST SEE

Syria: 5 Minutes in Homs – February 6, 2012 [VIDEO]

Armed Terrorist Groups also know in the Westen World as Peaceful Protesters are killing everyday innocent Civilians and Army Members. Schools are burning everyday. This is School number 1951 that has been burned by them.

Full Translation:

man 1, All the glass is broken in this School
They shot at this school
We can’t send our kids to school, because of this issue
Thank God, we don’t have any injured here
What should i tell you
I ask all people to stay at home
Shooting are coming from all Directions
We wish the Army will control this
man 2, It is enough we are scared the whole time…
We know the Army are suffering like us…
Those Terrorist are not Muslims…
man 3, We want the Army to enterfer
we have no other solution…
we are suffering
Now more than a Kid was shot
We just want the Army to come
man 2, A Kid running the street was shot, what did he wrong to be shoot
It’s Enough
It’s the 3 time they attack these schools
girl, We want from the President to bring the Syrian Army to us and protect us…
An RPG was shoot at our school… We are afraid… We want the Army
…minutes later an armed terrorist groups were attacking again
man 4, Come on
Camera man, look there an RPG
…man 2 who was speaking before was shoot in his face
man 5, This is the 3 Rpg at this School
Is this what the Arab League wants?!
This is what Hamad (Qatari Leader) wants?!
Isn’t this Syrian Blood?!
This is their Freedom
We want the Army to come (They repeat it several times)
look at this school, this is their Freedom
man 5, Please Mr President, may your father Rest in Peace…
We need your help!

Record reveals that the last Khaled Abu Salah prepares a child to show on the Al Jazeera as the hit power and fire missiles. Has been wrapped in a big pile of medical gauze to her head almost full, including the eyes and part of her body, before the curse words taught Bashar al-Assad and his wife, and claims that Bashar al-Assad killed her sister, though they barely know how to speak! The girl’s mother, which appear to be forced to perform this disgusting scene representative, fabricated by the novel! Join an environment and show room in a “dada Amr” Abu Salah allegedly attached to it as “a field hospital was no longer room for injuries,” as one of his aides appear a curse God because he did not give him the certificate!


Addition to the above, the sections that show aired on Addounia” this evening, otherin this video you can see the alleged Dr saying ” i memorized all what i am supposed to say” he practices the lies..then he forgets the condition of one fabricated patient so he asks the alleged patient “what’s your condition” the patient says “i am not injured!!” the camera man tells him to say they want “don’t be shy” he says “just say whatever you want” .then the camera man says “come on quickly bandage them ..sorry folks no more room for other participants”” ..and then they LAUGH!!!!! in these alleged circumstances of war ,death and massacres? who laughs? someone also tells the camera man to “shake his hand” to make it look like armature cellphone video !!!!!!!!! by the way they say there is no heating fuel electricity in Homs yet both the heater (you can see the fire) and the electricity are working!! the child is bored and she is moving a lot to see through the bandage!! didn’t see any one that was hit by a sniper in his eyes moving like this!!! this translation is between (miute1- minute2 )we
yeah and one of the guys says don’t show my face !guys says don’t show my face !!or my mum and dad will have a heart attack if they see this!! thew camera man tells him to put his hands on his face More is yet to come!! scandals reveal more nasty dirty tactics being resorted to for a lie and a fraud and deception of public opinion. It does not affect the significance of these passages it is aired by the channel “minimum”, the truth can be overwhelming to come out of the mouth of a dog even try! here is not professional for a “minimum”, but to the point of security technology that has been able to get the raw information materials.

At the same level, according to information received, the hotbeds of the insurgency in Homs are concentrated now in my neighborhood “Khalidiya” and “Hamidiya”, as well as some pockets south of the neighborhood “Baba Amr” itself, as well as those who were able to flee to Lebanon  Local sources estimate the number of militants were arrested in the “Baba  Amr” During the past week, hundreds, including a large number of militants is SiouxReyn.

  At this level as well, and described the citizen a Russian called “Galina” in connection with the television her what she saw in the city of Homs as “catastrophic,” noting the description to criminal acts and atrocities committed by terrorists, “the army free” and their own armed groups in Homs against the humans and stone. Galina(see side bar)  said that the gunmen were preventing people out of the house, and that snipers targeting the large and small . She explained that those who call themselves revolutionaries are carrying out the kidnapping and killing, and blowing up power generators and water pumps.

 أداء هذا المشهد التمثيلي المقرف، فبدت في مكياجها الكام

ull interview on YouTube of Rafiq Lutuf
the first part second part

French Journalist Thierry Meyssan and The Facts of the Situation in Homs

Many of their weapons have been captured, and many more are being smuggled.Here’s another one that’s known as the “Voice of Homs”…while sitting in his home in London, of course!

Then their leaders love Israel:

More footage of sectarian abuse by Syrian opposition:

9) The “FSA” is an illusion…

The Free Syrian Army, as they call it, is supposedly a group of defected soldiers that have come together to protect “innocent Syrians” from the “brutal regime”. That sounds like a fairytale.

They claim they’re defected soldiers and they’re thousands in number. Logically speaking if that many soldiers from the army had defected, they would have been able to overtake Syria.

The FSA is nothing but a name given to armed terrorists inside Syria. They have their own uniforms, perform their own skits and are an illusion to the Western population.

It’s also quite ironic that the cities that the FSA tries to “take over” turn into hell, crime scenes and grave yards. It’s worth giving a thought to. For example, Hamidya in Homs was a pro-Assad stronghold for 11 months. When FSA tried to “free” it, it turned into this:

10) They fail to realize Syria is not Egypt nor Tunisia

We’ve heard it being said time and time again.

In Egypt & Tunisia, millions came out. They stayed in Tahrir Square for days.

Syria has not witnessed anything like this. Not even when the “revolution” first started. They occupy little allies, streets, mini-villages etc.

Because of its Stance on Syria, Horstl Ashamed to be German

French Senate refused to approve the arming of the Syrian opposition
Thursday, 01 March .2012

This is the Free Syrian Army made up of Al Qaeda terrorists calling for the West

Arab League Report Shows that Syria Has Been Mischaracterized

While the Western media act like the Syrian government is wantonly and indiscriminately killing its own people without provocation, an independent investigation has found a different reality on the ground.

Specifically, over 160 monitors from the Arab League – comprised of both allies and mortal enemies of Syria – toured Syria and published a report on January 27th showing that the situation has been mischaracterized.

Initially, the report noted general cooperation by the Syrian government:

The Mission [i.e. the Arab League investigative team] noted that the Government strived to help it succeed in its task and remove any barriers that might stand in its way. The Government also facilitated meetings with all parties. No restrictions were placed on the movement of the Mission and its ability to interview Syrian citizens, both those who opposed the Government and those loyal to it.

The report noted that the media has greatly exaggerated the amount of violence in Syria:

The Mission noted that many parties falsely reported that explosions or violence had occurred in several locations. When the observers went to those locations, they found that those reports were unfounded.

The Mission also noted that, according to its teams in the field, the media exaggerated the nature of the incidents and the number of persons killed in incidents and protests in certain towns.


Since it began its work, the Mission has been the target of a vicious media campaign. Some media outlets have published unfounded statements, which they attributed to the Head of the Mission. They have also grossly exaggerated events, thereby distorting the truth.

Such contrived reports have helped to increase tensions among the Syrian people and undermined the observers’ work.

Indeed, some of the observers themselves violated their oath of neutrality and exaggerated the violence:

Some observers reneged on their duties and broke the oath they had taken. They made contact with officials from their countries and gave them exaggerated accounts of events. Those officials consequently developed a bleak and unfounded picture of the situation.

While the government has exaggerated the number of detainees released, it has in fact thousands of detainees:

On 19 January 2012, the Syrian government stated that 3569 detainees had been released from military and civil prosecution services. The Mission verified that 1669 of those detained had thus far been released. It continues to follow up the issue with the Government and the opposition, emphasizing to the Government side that the detainees should be released in the presence of observers so that the event can be documented.

The Mission has validated the following figures for the total number of detainees that the Syrian government thus far claims to have released:
• Before the amnesty: 4,035
• After the amnesty: 3,569.
The Government has therefore claimed that a total of 7,604 detainees have been released.

The Mission has verified the correct number of detainees released and arrived at the following figures:
• Before the amnesty: 3,483
• After the amnesty: 1,669
The total number of confirmed releases is therefore 5152. The Mission is continuing to monitor the process and communicate with the Syrian Government for the release of the remaining detainees.

While the government has not withdrawn all of its forces, the military has withdrawn from many areas:

Based on the reports of the field-team leaders and the meeting held on 17 January 2012 with all team leaders, the Mission confirmed that all military vehicles, tanks and heavy weapons had been withdrawn from cities and residential neighbourhoods. Although there are still some security measures in place in the form of earthen beams and barriers in front of important buildings and in squares, they do not affect citizens.

Perhaps most importantly, the report notes that the Syrian people do not want foreign intervention:

However, the citizens believe the crisis should be resolved peacefully through Arab
mediation alone, without international intervention. Doing so would allow them to live in peace and complete the reform process and bring about the change they desire.

The report condemns violence by both sides, but stresses that much of the violence has been perpetrated by the rebels against government forces:

In Homs and Dera‘a, the Mission observed armed groups committing acts of violence against Government forces, resulting in death and injury among their ranks. In certain situations, Government forces responded to attacks against their personnel with force. The observers noted that some of the armed groups were using flares and armour-piercing projectiles.

In Homs, Idlib and Hama, the Observer Mission witnessed acts of violence being committed against Government forces and civilians that resulted in several deaths and injuries. Examples of those acts include the bombing of a civilian bus, killing eight persons and injuring others, including women and children, and the bombing of a train carrying diesel oil. In another incident in Homs, a police bus was blown up, killing two police officers. A fuel pipeline and some small bridges were also bombed.


Recently, there have been incidents that could widen the gap and increase bitterness between the parties. These incidents can have grave consequences and lead to the loss of life and property. Such incidents include the bombing of buildings, trains carrying fuel, vehicles carrying diesel oil and explosions targeting the police, members of the media and fuel pipelines. Some of those attacks have been carried out by the Free
Syrian Army [the main opposition group] and some by other armed opposition groups.

Why Hasn’t The Report Received Media Coverage?

Why hasn’t the Arab League report received any press, given that it provides a much more reassuring and less apocalyptic picture of what is going on in Syria?

Pepe Escobar reports in the Asia Times:

When the over 160 monitors, after one month of enquiries, issued their report … surprise! The report did not follow the official GCC [i.e Arab League] line – which is that the “evil” Bashar al-Assad government is indiscriminately, and unilaterally, killing its own people, and so regime change is in order.

The Arab League’s Ministerial Committee had approved the report, with four votes in favor (Algeria, Egypt, Sudan and GCC member Oman) and only one against; guess who, Qatar – which is now presiding the Arab League because the emirate bought their (rotating) turn from the Palestinian Authority.

So the report was either ignored (by Western corporate media) or mercilessly destroyed – by Arab media, virtually all of it financed by either the House of Saud or Qatar. It was not even discussed – because it was prevented by the GCC from being translated from Arabic into English and published in the Arab League’s website.

Until it was leaked.


Still [the U.S., Israel, Saudi Arabia and Qatar – what Escobar calls the NATOGCC], blocked from applying in Syria its one-size-fits-all model of promoting “democracy” by bombing a country and getting rid of the proverbial evil dictator, won’t be deterred. GCC leaders House of Saud and Qatar bluntly dismissed their own report and went straight to the meat of the matter; impose a NATOGCC regime change via the UN Security Council.

So the current “Arab-led drive to secure a peaceful end to the 10-month crackdown” in Syria at the UN is no less than a crude regime change drive. Usual suspects Washington, London and Paris have been forced to fall over themselves to assure the real international community this is not another mandate for NATO bombing – a la Libya. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton described it as “a path for a political transition that would preserve Syria’s unity and institutions”.

But BRICS members Russia and China see it for what it is. Another BRICSblank Independent Report Contradicts Western Portrait of Syria member – India – alongside Pakistan and South Africa, have all raised serious objections to the NATOGCC-peddled draft UN resolution.

There won’t be another Libya-style no fly zone; after all the Assad regime is not exactly deploying Migs against civilians. A UN regime change resolution will be blocked – again – by Russia and China [this happened last week]. Even NATOGCC is in disarray, as each block of players – Washington, Ankara, and the House of Saud-Doha duo – has a different long-term geopolitical agenda. Not to mention crucial Syrian neighbor and trading partner Iraq; Baghdad is on the record against any regime change scheme.
By Dr. Ismail Salami –

The volatile situation in Syria generated by the Saudi-Qatar-funded Wahhabi armed group known as the Free Syrian Army and backed by the West is now an accident waiting to happen.

There is certainly one ulterior motive behind the US-friendly Syrian crisis extravagantly fuelled by the presstitute media which keep distorting the facts on the grounds. A recent article published by the New York Times by Efraim Halevy, who headed Mossad from 1998 to 2002, sheds light on this motive. He states that Iran’s foothold in Syria has enabled Tehran to pursue its “reckless” regional policies, and to stop those policies, Iran’s presence in Syria must be ended.

To this end, the events in Syria must be so choreographed that they should lead to the overthrow of Assad regime and consequently “result in a strategic debacle for the Iranian government.”

“THE public debate in America and Israel these days is focused obsessively on whether to attack Iran in order to halt its nuclear weapons ambitions; hardly any attention is being paid to how events in Syria could result in a strategic debacle for the Iranian government,” he said.

So, it seems that the fate of Syria is intimately interwoven with that of Iran. The exorbitant efforts the West is expending in Syria to overthrow the Assad regime are in fact directed against the Islamic Republic. Once the regime of Assad is trampled under the imperialist boots, the political influence of Iran will be severely damaged. In the meantime, some media such as the state-funded BBC, the Qatar-funded Al Jazeera and the Saudi-run Al Arabiya are carving out a similar scenario in league with western imperialists.

In point of fact, Qatar’s sabotage activity in Syria started in February 2011 when Al Jazeera embarked on a pointlessly mischievous act. A page titled “The Syrian Revolution 2011” was created on Facebook which was an open invitation to rebellion in Syria. It was sonorously called “Day of Wrath” in the manner of similar Facebook pages created for uprisings in the region. Instantly, the page received over 80000 likes which was of course a technical manipulation to create multiple accounts. Interestingly, the only channel which promoted and highlighted the spurious event was Al Jazeera which was bitterly disappointed with the failed attempt as the snare it laid failed to catch any game.

Furthermore, Al Jazeera’s reporting is partly based on what it receives from the London-based “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”, an ostensibly independent institute which has recently come into limelight thanks to its fallacious name. Funded by the Qatari and Saudi Wahhabis, the institute is composed of two groups: some members of the extremist Syrian Muslim Brotherhood and some elements from the PKK, a branch of the terrorist PKK groups who are scattered in parts of Syria, Iraq and Turkey.

Along the lines of the same policy, Saudi-run Arabic channel Al Arabiya keeps delivering exaggerated reports on the number of those killed in Syria and pointing the finger of blame at the Syrian government while independent reports reveal that the terrorists financed by the West and the Wahhabis are behind the killings. On 13 December 2012, armed terrorists exploded a gas pipeline in the Syrian province of Homs. In Idleb province, a homemade bomb killed six workers of a textile factory and wounded 16 others who were going to work on a minibus. The terrorists have also engaged in a number of sabotage activities including attacking Syrian military facilities and law enforcement agencies, exploding oil pipelines, railroads, and killing citizens, burning schools and killing students and teachers all in the name of Syrian government.

On January 18, the Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani in an interview called for deployment of Arab troops in Syria in order to put an end to what he described as “deadly crackdown” in Syria.

Also, a recent report by DEBKAfile reveals that “British and Qatari troops are directing rebel ammunition deliveries and tactics in the bloody battle for Homs”.

According to the report, Britain’s intelligence arm MI6 has set up four operation centers in the city with the troops on the ground gearing up for an undercover Turkish incursion into Syria.

Reportedly, part of the talks between Syrian officials and head of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service Mikhail Fradkov which took place on Tuesday (7 February) was focused on the presence of British and Qatari forces in Homs.

Apart from the extremist Wahhabis, the US and Turkey have been training Syrian armed groups in southeastern Turkish city of Hakkari. A former employee with the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Sibel Edmonds says the US is involved in smuggling arms into Syria from Incirlik military base in Turkey in addition to providing financial support for Syrian rebels.

The US has reportedly released hundreds of terrorists from its prisons in Iraq provided that they leave the country for Syria and fight against the government of President Bashar al-Assad. The terrorists have entered Syria via Turkey.

Therefore, the US and Turkey have been paving the ground for military intervention in Syria by providing the terrorists with training and arms. Large caches of weapons including anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles, mortar bombs and heavy machine guns have been sent via ground to major unrest-wracked Syrian cities.

Add Israel to this list of anti-Syria and anti-Iran groups.

In recent years, Qatar and Israel have cemented their ties to brotherly levels. In January 2008, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak met former Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Khalifa al-Thani at the Davos Economic Forum in Switzerland.

In line with this meeting hitherto kept secret by Israel, a senior Qatari figure reportedly paid a visit to Israel in mid-January 2008 and met Israeli officials with a common agenda: Iran. Also, former Israeli Foreign Affairs Minister Tzipi Livni visited Qatar in April 2008 and met the Emir, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Oil and Gas. Numerous meetings between the two sides have taken place since then under different pretexts; yet, they have agreed on a number of points, inter alia, diminishing Iran’s influence in the Middle East.

Be it as it may, they are all moving in one single direction in targeting Syria without consciously wishing to form a concerted front.

What a farce!

The extremist Wahhabis, the neo-colonist Zionists and the Western imperialists have taken up arms against those who fly in the face of extremism and expansionism in the region each with its own agenda on Syria as a whipping boy with the ultimate goal of relegating Iran to the outer fringes of political power.


Dr. Ismail Salami is the author of ‘Iran, Cradle of Civilization’. He writes extensively on the US and Middle East issues and his articles have been translated into a number of languages.


An intelligence report has revealed that British and Qatari troops are leading armed terror gangs in the Syrian city of Homs in their bloody battle against civilians and the Syrian army forces.


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