A Syrian survivor soldier from Deir Ezzour attack: “The U.S.-coalition warplanes were finishing the wounded [Syrian soldiers] by machine gun” ~ [Eng/Fra] ~ EXCLUSIVE

the real Syrian Free Press

archive-pic-syrian-army-injured(archived image)

A Syrian survivor soldier from Deir Ezzour attack: “The U.S.-coalition warplanes were finishing the wounded [Syrian soldiers] by machine gun”

A survivor of the attack by the planes of the international coalition led by the United States doubt that it was an error: the planes acted barbarically, breaking down with machine guns the wounded Syrian soldiers.

A reconnaissance aircraft flew first over the positions of the Syrian army, and shortly after warplanes attacked, told the Syrian military site ‘Life.ru’.

“We thought the planes were leading the recognition of the Daesh positions. But soon after we were attacked by coalition fighters that hit our tanks, armored vehicles and artillery pieces.

They were finishing with machine guns our soldiers who tried to take refuge in the streets. Each fighter jet fired at least three missiles at us.

I saw with my own eyes the death of about 100 soldiers. They shelled our soldiers in…

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