Syrian civilians in Lattakya killed by the “freedom fighters ” of Saudi Arabia in Syria

A ‪#‎Saudi‬ fighting in ‪#‎Lattakia‬ publishes proudly photos of him and his victims!
The Saudi Jihadist Najm Eddin Azad (he is known as one of the so-called Arabic Afghans) has published, proudly, on his account on Twitter photos of him and his victims (that he supervised their execution), according to Asia news agency that revealed his real name to be as Adel Al-Outaybi. He’s been entered Syria since 2 months and fighting in the brigade “Souqour Al-Izz” that is a main force among the Jihadist brigades in eastern Syria. He displayed of some of his victims beheaded. He confirmed on Twitter that the bodies fill the streets in the villages attacked by the Jihadists. He’s lost his leg and uses a motto.
Names of the victims of the massacres which wiped out entire families, committed by ‪#‎Al_Nusra_Front‬ backed by hundreds of terrorists from ( ‪#‎Baghdad_and_Al_Sham_Islamic_State_Army‬ ) terrorist group against the civillians in 8 villages in the countryside north-eastern city of ‪#‎Latakia‬ and ‪#‎Slenfeh‬.
This happened at the dawn of Sunday 4/8/2013 :

Victims names in village “‪#‎Nabata‬”:
1 – Hafez Mehrez Shehadeh, 80 years old.
2 – Kamal Mohammed Shehadeh and his wife and their three children:
– Rend a 11-year-old girl.
– Nasr 9 years.
– Mohammed 7 years.
7 – Jafar alSheikh …. a child of 4 years,he was scared so he asked for water to drink …, a bearded man stabbed him to death.
8 – Yassin Najdat Shehadeh.
9 – Jaudat Shehadeh.
10 – Emad El Sheikh.
11 – Tamadur Salim Shehadeh,17 years old.
12 -Khitam Adeeb Shehadeh.
13 – Ibrahim AlSheikh.

Names of kidnapped people from village “#Nabata”:
1 – Hajja Sheikh Ibrahim (Hafiz Shehadeh’s wife).
2- Fahima Mohamed Osman.
3- Ramza al Sheikh and (4)her daughter Tayma.
5- Child: Amer Ghassan Yahya
6- Ahmed Shehadeh and (7) his wife Shaza Hattab and (8) their little baby :9 months old.
9- Ali Hattab
10- Kazem Mehrez Shehadeh and (11) his wife Dyaa Sweid and their three children:
(12)Ola – (13)Haider – (14) Zain: one year old.
15- Mona Fatima (Kidnapped After they slaughtered her husband)
17- Samara alSheikh.
18- Lotus alSheikh.
19- Marah alSheikh.
20- Anaam alSheikh, 13 years old.
21- Bashar al-Sheikh,11 years old.
22- Ahmed Alhiekh.
23- Aktham AlSheikh.

Victims names in village “‪#‎Alhmbushiah‬” mostly children:
1- Hani Shakouhi.
2- Hamza Maryam.
3-Tahir Maryam.
4- Munther Darwish .
5- Hala: Munther Darwish’ wife, she was pregnant, the terrorists cut her stomach after killing her and grabbed the baby out and threw him away.
6- Ayman Maryam (a little boy).
7- Lina Qadera (a little girl).
8- Ahmad Maryam (a little boy).
9- Refaat Maryam.
10-Dalaa Maryam (a little girl).
11-Marah Maryam (a little girl).
12-Farah Maryam (a little girl).
13- Mohammad Maryam (a little boy).
14- Jaafar Ismail (a little boy).
15- Wesal Tamer.
16- Taim Shakouhi (one year old boy).
17- Tamer Shakouhi (3 years old boy).
18- Lamia Shehadeh and all of her children.
19- Intesar Maryam.
20- Asrar Maryam.
21- Narjes Maryam.
22- Wahieb Maryam.
23- Nazier Arifu.
24- Adel Maryam.
25- Wael Maryam.

Names of kidnapped people from village “#Alhmbushiah” by Al-Nusra Front:
1- Fadel Shakouhi.
2- Wazifa Shakouhi.
3- Kenanah Shakouhi.
4- Afief Shakouhi.
5- Moustafa Shakouhi.
6- Faten Maryam.
7- Wedad Maryam.
8- Elien Maryam.
9- Doaa Maryam.

Victims names in village “‪#‎AlBalouta‬” ,Where entire families were wiped out :
1- Azab Salim.
2-Taim Salim (1 year old).
3- Sameir Salim.
4- Haider Salim.
5- Wafik Ibrahim and his 3 children:
6- Shadi Ibrahim.
7- Meqdad Ibrahim.
8- Ghaidaq Ibrahim.
9- Nihad Deip.
10- Fawzia Deip.
11- Ghadir Deip.
12- Amjad Deip.
13- Ziena Deip
14- Ziad Deip (1 year old).
15- Hussein Ibrahim.
16- Mariam Ibrahim.
17- Zahra Ibrahim.
18- Ismail Ibrahim.

Names of the kidnapped people from this village are not known yet.

Victims names in village “‪#‎Bermseh‬”
1- Solaiman Fatima and (2) his wife Samira Ghanem.
3- Mohamed Fatima and (4)his wife Fekriah Yassin.
5- Nadi Fatima, and (6) his wife and (7) (8) their two sons.
9- Basem Fatima and (10) his wife and (11)(12)(13) their 3 children.

Names of the kidnapped people from this village are not known yet.

Victims names in village of “‪#‎Abu_Mecki‬”:
1- Asaad Solaiman Qadra.
2- Mohamed Kamel Qadra.
3- Faeqa Haidar, a school teacher.

I could not document more information about the fate of this village.

Village “‪#‎Aubin‬” was burned by the terrorists and we don’t know anything about the civilians fate there, yet.

Village “‪#‎Esterbeh‬” close to ‪#‎Salma‬. the civilians escaped but the terrorists occupied the village.
Waiting for the Human Rights and Civil Society in the world that doesn’t seem to care a lot!

bandar bin shit

After the empty-handed return of Bandar bin Sultan from Russia he gave orders to immediately start the war in coordination with the Americans and the Turks , a sectarian attack on the Syrian coast as the final card left in their hands, using thousands of terrorist Wahabi takfiri with orders to commit the most heinous type of crimes. Bandar bin Sultan declared the failure of the plan just one day after the announcement of the start of the battle.
Meanwhile CIA deputy director said: More foreign fighters are pouring into Syria
The Central Intelligence Agency ‘s second-in-command that there are now more foreign fighters from the West pouring into Syria to fight alongside al-Qaeda affiliated groups.

Speaking to The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday, Michael Morell warned that the violence in Syria was likely to spill across borders into Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq.He considered that the crisis in Syria is “probably the most important issue in the world today” and that it is also now poses the greatest threat to U.S. national security.

UN report: Crisis in Syria witnessed strong al-Qaeda presence

A United Nations report said the crisis in Syria has seen the emergence of a strong al-Qaida presence drawing from al-Qaida in Iraq attracting hundreds of recruits from outside Syria.

The al-Qaeda-affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra constitutes along with the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham the core of backbone of the armed terrorist groups that are shedding the Syrians’ blood.

Despite the fact that the US has put Jabhat al-Nusra on its list of terrorist organizations, the US is still offering all forms of support, including arms, to the terrorist groups.

The new report, the 14th issued by analysts working for the Security Council Committee which deals with sanctions on al-Qaida, indicated that al-Qaeda and its affiliates have become “more diverse and differentiated than before, united only by a loose ideology and a commitment to terrorist violence.”

Yet, the report added, the diversity of al-Qaeda affiliates has not reduced the threat posed by these groups on civilians and national governments and on targets set by each affiliate in its area of activity.According to the report, the current leader of al-Qaida, Ayman al-Zawahiri, “has demonstrated little capability to unify or lead al-Qaida affiliates.”


Their reference to terrorist attacks by al-Qaeda to “point to the persistent challenge of acts of expressive terrorist violence committed by individuals or small groups,” was limited to the attacks in Boston, London and Paris without any mention of the terrorist bombings in Syria that left many victims and were claimed by Jabhat al-Nusra.


اسماء ضحايا المجازر التي ارتكبتها جبهة النصرة المدعومة بمئات المسلحين من جيش دولة بغداد والشام الاسلامية بحق ثماني قرى في الريف الشمالي الشرقي لمدينة اللاذقية و التابعة لناحية صلنفة والتي ابيدت فيها اسر بكاملها
حدث هذا في فجر 4 /8/ 2013 الاحد

ضحايا قرية “نباتة”
1 – حافظ محرز شحادة 80 سنة
2 – كمال محمد شحادة و زوجته واولاده الثلاثة –
– رند وهي طفلة عمرها 11 سنة
– نصر 9 سنوات
– محمد 7 سنوات
7 – جعفر الشيخ ….طفل 4سنوات. من رعبه وخوفه طلب ماء ليشرب فانقض رجل ملتح وطعنه
8 – ياسين نجدت شحادة
9 – جودت شحادة
10 – عماد الشيخ
11 – تماضر سليم شحادة … 17 عاما
12 – ختام اديب شحادة
13- ابراهيم الشيخ

المخطوفون من قرية “نباتة”
1 – حاجة الشيخ ابراهيم زوجة حافظ شحادة وفهيمة محمد عثمان زوجته الثانية 3- رمزة الشيخ وابنتها تيماء 5- الطفل عامر غسان يحي
8- احمد شحادة وزوجته شذى حطاب وطفلهما الصغير 9 اشهر
9- علي حطاب
10– كاظم محرز شحادة و زوجته ضياء سويد واولاده الثلاثة . علا – حيدر- زين عمره سنة واحدة 15- منى فطيمة…… بعد ذبح زوجها 17 – سمارة الشيخ – لوتس الشيخ – مرح الشيخ .. بنات عماد الشيخ الذي ذبح 20- انعام الشيخ 13 سنة
21– بشار الشيخ 11 سنة
22- احمد الشييخ
23- اكثم الشيخ

ضحايا قرية “الحمبوشية” معظمهم من الاطفال
1- هاني شكوحي
2- حمزة مريم
3- طاهر مريم
4- منذرد رويش
5- هلا ؟ زوجة منذر درويش المرأة الحامل الذي بقر بطنها احد الملتحين بعد قتلها وانتزع الجنين ورماه
6- ايمن مريم ……. طفل
7- لينا قادرة …… طفلة
8- احمد مريم … طفل
9- رفعت مريم
10- دلع مريم ….. طفلة
11- مرح مريم … طفلة
12- فرح مريم … طفلة
13- محمد مريم …. طفل
14-جعفر اسماعيل .. طفل
15- وصال تامر
16- تيم شكوحي … طفل بعمر سنة واحدة
17- تامر شكوحي 3 سنوات
18- لمياء شحادة واولادها جميعا
19- انتصار مريم
20- اسرار مريم
21- نرجس مريم
22- وهيب مريم
23- نظيرة عريفو
24- عادل مريم
25- وائل مريم

المخطوفون في قرية “الحمبوشية” من قبل جبهة النصرة
1- فضل شكوحي
2- وظيفة شكوحي
3- كنانة شكوحي
4- عفاف شكوحي
5- مصطفى شكوحي
6- فاتن مريم
7- وداد مريم
8- ايلين شكوحي
9- دعاء مريم

ضحايا قرية “بلوطة” و لقد ابيدت عائلات بكاملها
1- عذاب سليم
2- تيم سليم …. طفل .. سنة واحدة
3- سمير سليم
4- حيدر سليم
5- وفيق ابراهيم وجميع أ ولاده الثلاثة وهم
6- شادي ابراهيم
7- مقداد ابراهيم
8- غيدق ابراهيم
9- نهاد ديب
10- فوزية ديب
11- غدير ديب
12- أمجد ديب
13- زينة ديب
14- زياد ديب …. سنة واحدة
15- حسين ابراهيم
16- مريم ابراهيم
17- زهرة ابراهيم
18- اسماعيل ابراهيم

و لم تعرف اسماء المخطوفين في هذه القرية

ضحايا قرية “برمسة”
1- سليمان فطيمة وزوجته سميرة غانم
2- محمد فطيمة وزوجته .. فكرية ياسين
3- نادي فطيمة و زوجته و ولداه الاثنان
4- باسم فطيمة و زوجته واولادهالثلاثة

ولم تعرف اسماء المخطوفين حتى الان

ضحايا قرية “ابو مكة”

1- اسعد سليمان قادرة
2- محمد كامل قادرة
3- فائقة حيدر….. وهي معلمة مدرسة .
و لم استطع توثيق المزيد من المعلومات حول مصير القرية

قرية “أوبين” و لقد أشعلوا فيها النيران ولم نعرف عن مصيرها شيئا

قرية “استربة” وهي قريبة من سلمى وسكانها فروا منها الا ان المسلحين احتلوها.

هذه المعلومات موثقة لكنها لا تمثل الحقيقة كاملة اذ اننا لم نحصل الا على هذه المعلومات فقط وسنوافيكم بالمزيد من المعلومات بمجرد حصولنا عليها وتوثيقها.

Syrian army’s day-1st of August 2013

Syrian army's day-1st of August 2013

3ashet Suria al Assad!

‪#‎President_Bashar_al_Assad‬ stressed Thursday that the enemy, despite all of its attempts and those standing behind it, has failed to kill the pride and courage of the Syrians as it found itself faced with an army that knows no defeat nor fear.

During inspecting a unit of the armed forces in ‪#‎Daraya‬ city in ‪#‎Damascus‬ Countryside on the occasion of the Syrian Arab Army’s Day, marked on August 1st of every year, President al-‪#‎Assad‬ said the Syrian army has spread fear in the terrorists’ hearts and has protected the homeland and is still doing so.

He added that history will record what the Syrian army members are doing today as the whole world are now talking about the Syrian Arab Army.

“Your motto has always been ‘Homeland…Honor…Honesty’, and here you are honestly defending the homeland and its honor,” President al-Assad said.

Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Armed Forces and Minister of Defense, Gen. Fahd Jassem al-Freij, on Thursday extended a salute to the brave members of the Syrian Arab Army, stressing that the Syrian army is fighting terrorism on behalf of the whole world.

“We have been confident from the very beginning in the ability to achieve victory; otherwise Syria would have not held its ground,” said Gen. al-Fraeij in a phone call with the Syrian Television on the 68th anniversary of the foundation of the Syrian Arab Army.

The Minister said Syria is not only engaged in a war against terrorism and terrorists, but it is in confrontation with Arab and regional ruling systems and is fighting terrorism on behalf of the entire world.

He stressed that the armed forces, on their day, renew their pledge to continue to go all the way until restoring security and stability to all parts of the homeland and getting it rid of the evils of international terrorism.

He added that the Syrian army is the honest guarantor of the Arabs’ just causes after the enemies have succeeded in weakening other Arab armies.

“Our destiny in Syria is to be steadfast and to remain the beacon and the model to all those who want to know about legendary steadfastness,” the Minister said, stressing that Syria will continue to be the defender of the Arabs and the Arab honor and identity.

He noted that the power of the Syrian army has always been and continues to be the top preoccupation of Syria’s enemies, particularly the Zionist entity that has usurped Palestine, who are seeking to target this army.

“Yet, despite all the support and funds, the enemy has failed and its mercenaries have failed too and their dreams were destroyed thanks to our army’s steadfastness,” Gen. al-Freij stressed.

He added that the Syrian army has carried the pan-Arab responsibility on its shoulder for decades and offered a lot of blood and men in defense of its convictions and people, which did not please the enemies “to whom we say: Our army will continue to teach lessons in patriotism, and no one will be able to break it as it will continue to chase the terrorists wherever they are.”

He pointed out that the Israeli enemy has tried to stay behind the front seeking to weaken Syria through its agents on the ground who soon started to be vanquished, which promoted a direct aggression by the enemy to help its terrorists to hold their ground.

The Minister said that the mask fell off the face of the Zionist enemy as its role in the aggression on Syria has been exposed, with all the indications of its involvement through its blatant attacks and support for the terrorist groups are now seen by the whole world.

Gen. al-Freij said that although the price that has been paid in the war against the homeland is expensive, but it is still much less than what was planned for Syria, adding that Syria has realized from the start that the price for preserving dignity is very high, but at the same time it has been confident in the ability to achieve victory.

The Minister lauded the successes and great achievements of the Syrian soldiers which have amazed the whole world.

He explained that confronting imported terrorism is an open process that exceeds the conventional war and guerrilla and street warfare to reach various types of information, intelligence, psychological and media warfare “in which the Syrian soldier has proved being psychologically and morally immune and capable of facing dangers and threats with composure, a high sense of self-confidence and an ability to achieve victory.”

He affirmed that the most dangerous and difficult at this stage has been overcome, adding however that “as long as the flow of and support to the gunmen continue by many countries , the Syrian Arab army can’t lag in performing its constitutional and national duties.”

The Syrian army, Gen. al-Freij reiterated, will continue to hunt the terrorists wherever they are in defense of the security of the homeland and citizens.

“On its day, the army affirms that its compass remains one and the same, its watchful eye is still the same and its rifle has not lost and will never lose its aim regardless of the varied masks of the enemies,” he added.

The Minister congratulated President Bashar al-Assad, the armed forces members and the Syrian people on this day, expressing his great pride in being a member of “this great army with its history, achievements and heroism.”
وجه السيد الرئيس الفريق بشار ‫#‏الأسد‬ القائد العام للجيش والقوات المسلحة كلمة عبر مجلة جيش الشعب إلى رجال قواتنا المسلحة الباسلة بمناسبة الذكرى الثامنة والستين لتأسيس الجيش العربي السوري جاء فيها:

إخواني رجال قواتنا المسلحة ضباطا وصف ضباط وأفرادا.. أحييكم تحية الاعتزاز والتقدير وأنتم تصونون اليوم عزة الوطن وكرامته وتسورون حدوده بأجسادكم وتسهرون على أمنه وأمانه واستقراره.

ببطولاتكم تكتبون حروف النصر وتعبرون عن وجدان الشعب وتحمون قيمه وتطلعاته

ببطولاتكم تكتبون حروف النصر وتعبرون عن وجدان الشعب وتحمون قيمه وتطلعاته وبتضحياتكم تحافظون على وحدة الوطن وتصونون ترابه الطاهر وتبذلون الغالي والنفيس كي تبقى رايته خفاقة عالية.

أظهرتم وما تزالون شجاعة نادرة في مواجهة الإرهاب وذيوله وأذهلتم العالم أجمع بصمودكم وقدرتكم على تذليل الصعاب وتحقيق الإنجازات معبرين عن رجولة قل نظيرها في مواجهة أشرس حرب همجية شهدها التاريح الحديث..

فتحية لكم في الذكرى الثامنة والستين لتأسيس جيشنا الباسل حامي الديار ومصدر الفخر الذي يخوض اليوم أشرس أنواع الحروب والذي كان له عبر مسيرته النضالية التي تمتد قرابة سبعة عقود دور بارز في الحفاظ على الهوية الحضارية للأمة العربية ولسورية الأبية أم الأبجدية ومهد الحضارة الإنسانية.

يارجال الوطن الشجعان كنتم وستبقون بحق جيش الشعب بما قدمتموه من تضحيات

وأضاف الرئيس الأسد.. يارجال الوطن الشجعان كنتم وستبقون بحق جيش الشعب بما قدمتموه من تضحيات ولذا بادلكم الشعب بالثقة ووقف معكم جنبا إلى جنب في خندق الدفاع عن الوطن فكان هذا التفاعل الخلاق والتلاحم الوطني الذي تعيشه سورية المقاومة بين جيشها الباسل وشعبها الأبي سر نجاحنا وعنوان صمودنا الأسطوري.

لقد أثبتم للعالم بأسره أن الضغوط والمؤامرات وإن اشتدت وتنوعت لن تزيدكم إلا عزيمة وإصرارا على مواجهة التحديات مؤكدين أن في سورية أسسا لا يمكن المساس بها قوامها مصالح الشعب العربي السوري وأهدافه الوطنية والقومية وسيسجل التاريخ بحروف من نور تضحياتكم وبطولاتكم التي أبديتموها دفاعا عن الوطن.

لو لم نكن في سورية واثقين بالنصر لما امتلكنا القدرة على الصمود

وقال الرئيس الأسد.. أيها الأخوة في القوات المسلحة.. لو لم نكن في سورية واثقين بالنصر لما امتلكنا القدرة على الصمود ولما كانت لدينا القدرة على الاستمرار بعد أكثر من عامين على العدوان.. ثقتي بكم كبيرة وإيماني راسخ بقدرتكم على حمل الأمانة وأداء الرسالة والاضطلاع بالمهام الوطنية الملقاة على عاتقكم ولتكونوا دائما كما عهدكم شعبنا السوري الأبي جنودا ميامين تضيفون أنصع الصفحات إلى تاريخ جيشنا الباسل وتمثلون القدوة والانموذج الأمثل في العنفوان والشموخ وخالص الانتماء للوطن.

تحية الإكبار والإجلال لأرواح شهدائنا الأبرار الذين رووا بدمائهم الزكية تراب سورية الغالي.

تحية إلى كل أسرة شهيد وأم شهيد نستمد منها جميعا القوة والصمود..

تحية لكم ولأسركم الكريمة التي تتحمل أعباء مسؤولياتكم الوطنية التي أفرزتها طبيعة عملكم ومهامكم النبيلة.

تحية لشعبنا الأبي على امتداد ساحة الوطن الذي جسد بتلاحمه مع جيشه انموذجا في الوحدة الوطنية والمحبة والتآخي.. والسلام عليكم.

رئاســة الجمهوريــة العربيــة السوريــة

Le président al-Assad : L’ennemi n’avait pas pu liquider la ‪#‎dignité‬ ni le courage des ‪#‎Syriens‬ en dépit de toutes ses tentatives

01 Août 2013

Banlieue de Damas / Le président Bachar al-Assad, ‪#‎commandant_en_chef_de_l_armée‬ et des forces armées, a affirmé que ce que fait actuellement l’armée arabe syrienne sera enregistré dans l’histoire et que tout le monde parle de cette armée dont le slogan était toujours “Patrie, Honneur et Fidélité”, soulignant que l’armée arabe syrienne défend actuellement la patrie et son honneur en toute fidélité.

Se rendant aujourd’hui à #Daraya dans la banlieue de ‪#‎Damas‬ où il a visité une unité de l’armée à l’occasion de l’anniversaire de la fondation de l’armée arabe syrienne, le président al-Assad a fait savoir que l’ennemi n’avait pas pu liquider la dignité et le courage des Syriens en dépit de toutes ses tentatives et de celles des parties qui le soutiennent, car il a trouvé une armée qui ne connaît point la défaite ni la peur, une armée qui a semé la panique dans les cœurs des ‪#‎terroristes‬, protégé et protège toujours la ‪#‎patrie