FSA are killing Syrians! Food blockades and shooting at protesters in Aleppo

FSA  are killingSyrians!  Food blockades and shooting at protesters in Aleppo

#FSA were blocking roads and preventing food, medical provisions and even baby milk formula from reaching Aleppo and when the city’s residents attended protests against the food blockade were shot at and killed by terrorist of Al Qaeda.
According to a letter printed in Arabic in the previous picture, insurgents fighting the Syrian army are threatening anyone caught with food during Ramadan with one month in prison.
In this clip a man was accused of been a smuggler and called “shabi7a”-supporter of the government because he has tried to bring food for himself and his children.

This is what an Aleppo citizen said:

Today the Syrian army was able to brake this blockade in some areas ,where two truckloads of flour, and four diesel tanks have entered Hamdania neighborhood of Aleppo .
The civilians of Aleppo have repeatedly asked for help and we pray that ,the terrorists will be defeated soon.