President al-Assad performs Eid al-Adha prayer at Hassiba mosque in Damascus

President al-Assad performs Eid al-Adha prayer at Hassiba mosque in Damascus
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President Bashar al-Assad on Tuesday performed Eid al-Adha prayer at Hassiba mosque in Damascus.

Senior officials in the state and the Baath Arab Socialist Party (BASP), a number of the People’s Assembly members, Syria’s Grand Mufti, several Islamic scholars and a crowd of citizens also performed the prayer.

Following the prayer which was led by Sheikh Mohammad Tawfik Ramadan al-Bouti, the Chairman of the Levant ( Bilad al-Sham ) Union, the President listened to the Eid sermon with sheikh al-Bouti, stressing the sublime meanings of Eid al-Adha and pilgrimage to the Sacred House of Allah (al-Hajj) and the importance of love, fraternity and unity among the homeland’s people.

He noted that Islam unifies the word of nation rather than dividing it and that extremism breeds extremism only.

“Any logic adopts terrorism, exclusion and cancellation as an approach is unacceptable in our home,” Sheikh al-Buti said.

He stressed the need to restore the correct understanding of Islam which some people tried to distort its features.

Sheikh al-Bouti stressed the necessity of deepening the youth generations’ belief in God to remove the misunderstanding that left by the images of terrorism, murder and destruction.

He thanked the Syrian army personnel who sacrificed their blood for the safety of the nation.