The Truth about Syria

Friday 03.February.2012 was the 30th anniversary of what is known as “Hama Events” that ended many years of clashes between the Syrian government and the Muslim brotherhood terrorists.

That anniversary was an occasion for the liars of the Wahhabi media to post more lies. They published several photos claiming to be for alleged-massacres committed by the Syrian army against “Civilians” in the city of Hama.

However, nothing new; the photos were fake. By fake I mean they were for other events that took place outside Syria. To be specific some took place in Lebanon during the civil war and the Israeli invasion, others took place in Palestine decades ago.

Let us start with the Wahhabi channel Al-Arabiya:

On 31.January.2012 they posted the photo below on their website claiming it to be for the so-called “Hama Massacres” in 1982.

A photo from the Lebanese Civil war being used by Al-Arabiya…

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Here is the  Source of the original picture  and the   Source of the fake picture .

Picture 2:

Source of original picture 

Picture 3:

The original picture is that of an event organized by Syrians to emphasize their love towards their country, “My Country, You’re Vested with Glory,” on Juin 22, 2011. The original picture features the Syrian National flag and tens of thousands of Syrian young people colouring the flag in front of the castle of Aleppo. The flag was 80/30 m long. However, the fake rebels took the picture and changed the flag, then pretended that the huge gathering was theirs. This is the link to a video that proves it as it shows Syrians colouring the flag as the original picture says it:

Picture 4:

Picture 5:

Picture 6:

Picture 7:

Picture 8:

source of original picture (PS: the Beach Hospital, Alexandria, Egypt)


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Syria: Mail-Order Massacre

Syria: Mail-Order Massacre. Syria: Mail-Order Massacre Posted on February 5, 2012 By Timoth Bancroft Hinchey – Pravda Ru Remember Libya anyone? You know, when NATO promised Russia and China they would fill in the details later and that there would be only a no-fly zone to protect civilians? Well, February 4 is X-Day declared by the NATO-backed Syrian Opposition, […]

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– الإخوان “المسلمون” نشأة مشبوهة و تاريخ أسود. الجزء الأول

The first part (origination, organization):In 1936 named Mustafa Sibai returned to Damascus from his studies in Cairo after being schooled by Hassan Banna, the founder of the Brotherhood and the Egyptian Amusliman (his relationship with the famous British intelligence), where he met the seven-strong organization of extremism was named Youth Mohammed, where the seven-turn to […]

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NATO-Staaten und ihre arabischen Lakaien entblößen sich beim Plot gegen Syrien weiter

NATO-Staaten und ihre arabischen Lakaien entblößen sich beim Plot gegen Syrien weiter. NATO countries and their Arab servants continued to uncover the plot against Syria First February 2012 It is said that lies have short legs. Or they make a long nose, like Pinocchio. Would the British Foreign Secretary William Hague of lying like Pinocchio getting a long […]

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GLADIO, Bin Laden to Erdogan, Belhadj and Hamas: Mossad´s and NATO´s Dirty Underwear 2012.

GLADIO, Bin Laden to Erdogan, Belhadj and Hamas: Mossad´s and NATO´s Dirty Underwear 2012.. This network was operating under different names in different countries, such as “Gladio” in Italy, but all were from the beginning on under strict US and UK control and command. (6) While these stay behinds remained relatively dormant in some countries, […]

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Tagesschau lässt zu Terror in Syrien nur False-Flag-Kommentare zu

This reveals a pattern of Western propaganda. Are Wahhabi terrorists in a terrorist attack against pro-Israel countries or individuals from countries suspected of pro-Israel, the question of whether Israel or a Western government has made ​​the terrorist attack itself, is considered taboo. See 9 / 11, Rafiq Hariri, 7 / 7 and so on and […]

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Turkey interferes in Syria’s internal problems-on what legal base?TERRORISM,AS ALWAYS!

Russian warships in Syrian territorial waters 18 November   Russia’s position : it will stand with the Syrian leadership and people to prevent any external interference in the affairs of Syria قائد الجيش يدعو العسكريين للنأي بأنفسهم عن الرهانات الخاطئة بوارج حربية روسية في المياه الإقليمية السورية دمشق تدرس الرّد على طلب استقدام مراقبين .. و […]

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President Bashar al Assad met Patriarch Kirill of Moscow

  مقابلة قناة العالم مع المفتي احمد حسون 13 11 2011 Damas/ Le président Bachar al-Assad a rencontré aujourd’hui à midi le patriarche de Moscou et de Toute la Russie Kyrill. Le patriarche Kyrill a affirmé que sa visite en Syrie intervient pour confirmer les relations fermes entre les deux peuples russe et syrien. Il […]

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The press conference held by Syrian Foreign Minister,Walid Al Muallem

المعلم المخطط مكشوف امامنا من رمضان ولا نخدع ابدن.mp4 المعلم يهدد تركيا اذا ارادت العداء نحن جاهزين.mp4 Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem said “The Arab League (AL) decision on suspending Syria’s membership and the other provisions it has included constitute a very dangerous step on the present and future of the joint […]

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The ‘Humanitarian’ Road to Damascus

The ‘Humanitarian’ Road to Damascus Pro-Israel Groups Outline U.S. Options to Assist Syrian Opposition by Maidhc Ó Cathail On November 8, the Foreign Policy Initiative and the Foundation for Defense of Democracies jointly issued a discussion paper that outlines “policy options for the United States and like-minded nations to further assist the anti-regime Syrian opposition.” […]

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Bashar al Assad

Bashar al-Assad (Arabic language: بشار الأسد‎ born on 11 September 1965) is the President of the Syrian Arab Republic ( elected as President in free and fair election in 2000 and 2007) and Regional Secretary of the Ba’ath Party. He became president in 2000 after the death of his father Hafez al-Assad, who had ruled […]

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Le patriarche Hazim rejette les appels extérieurs à protéger les chrétiens en Syrie

07 Nov 2011      Damas  /  Mgr Ignace IV Hazim, patriarche d’Antioche et de tout l’Orient pour  les Grecs Orthodoxes, a catégoriquement rejeté les dires du courant  étranger que les Chrétiens en Syrie sont opprimés, affirmant que les  Chrétiens en Syrie jouissent de la sécurité et que leurs craintes se  portent plutôt aux appels internationaux […]

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Internal Syrian opposition disagrees the external zionist payed one!

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هام جدا وعاجل يرجى النشرالخبر اليقين من أرض العرين الدكتور قدري جميل : لن ال…بي دعوة الجامعة العربية للإجتماع معها في القاهرة .. من يريد الإجتماع معي فليأتي إلى دمشق خاص : الخبر اليقين من أرض العرين Mr. Kadri Jamil,mentioned,during the meeting with syrian expatriates from Romania ,that patriotic opposition,(founded on Syrian teritory) rejects the […]

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delegation of Syrian expatriates


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 Mr President,Bashar al Assad was the first person who asked for a new Constitution law,so the democratic changes can take place in Syria!Military and police officers died at the hand of armed gangs because the presidential orders said “no live  shooting”,not even for defense!So ,terrorists slaughtered thousands of order cadres! Still,some  people still have suspicions about what is happening in Syria thinking that there is no conspiracy in Syria and that the regime is killing its own people and that it fears  losing its position!They say international press is not alowed to transmit from Syria:wrong again:CNN,BBC  and a lot of others filmed there!But they did not aired it!One “journalist” from MTS,a TV station from UK was filming Hama when these pictures were taken-he just tried the same patern of linking events now with those in ’82 and acused the syrian army to response “fire with Fire”What did he mean?That Syrians should stay and watch how their families,friends,researchers,local leaders,army and police cadres are slaughtered by takfiri,and do nothing?The Syrian people, army and regime are confronting armed groups and armed insurgence which aim at controlling  Syria and dividing it into 4 emirates. From the very beginning of the Syrian demonstrations, the Syrian president began meeting delegations formed by the protesters themselves, a step which has never been taken by any other president who faced demonstrations, neither Arabian leaders nor foreign ones. Reforms began IMMEDIATELY  after the first demonstration in Daraa and still continuing till now. National dialogues began in every city in Syria, and still continuing till now. All the Syrian patriotic parties are contributing in finding  a solution to this crisis throughout these dialogues.  The regime can have a dialogue with parties who use their minds and thoughts, but it can’t use dialogue with parties holding guns, kidnapping the Syrians, killing them, cutting their extremities, terrorizing them, trying to cut regional and international roads “as it happened 3 days ago in Homs . It is the duty of this regime to protect its citizens especially when some parties tries to set the sectarian war in Syria in a very vile way “which is so dangerous”. The Syrian regime is solving this crisis in two ways; dialogues with the Syrians who want to put an end to what is happening in Syria, and confronting those terrorist groups who are supported by many very well-known countries. We, the Syrians, know very well that security is the most important thing, we want our regime to impose it that is why there is that unity between the Syrian people on one hand and the Syrian  army on another hand, thought their media tried so hard to deform its image and show that this “patriotic, heroic, and doctrinal” army is killing the Syrian to save the regime which is so misleading. The Syrian regime can’t find a compromise with parties which have one ideology; terrorism to the greatest degree.
As Mr.Ibrahim al Amin said in article in “Damascus Press:” those who founded and started all this situation only have demands ,warnings and penalties, as:

Release all political and security detainees.

Leave people to taketo the streets to demand your overthrow.

Remove your appointees  from state and public bodies.

Change the constitution now.

Make your party relinquish all official positions.

Then begin a dialogue with the Syrian National Council(SNC), which the world has decided is the sole legitimate representative of the Syrian opposition. You must hold this dialogue at Arab League headquarters in Cairo, because you cannot be trusted to keep your word. You will then arrange for early parliamentary elections on terms to be drawn up by experts in the field (including from the Gulf states, no less). And get ready to make an early exit from office

If you refuse these orders  and you are now qualified to do no more than listen to our demands  you will be held responsible for the consequences of your actions. In other words, you will bepunished. A number of steps will be taken in this regard:

First, we will isolate you in the Arab world  We will withdraw all remaining Arab ambassadors from your capital, and expel your diplomatic missions from our countries. We will officially declare the SNC the sole representative of the Syrian people. We will turn over Syria’s embassies and diplomatic missions to the SNC, as we did with Libya.and name Radwan Ziadeh  to read out prepared statements,so he can practice his pronunciation). Burhan Ghalioun will be accorded theprotocol and VIP treatment worthy of a president (special suites at top hotels,police motorcades, etc.). He will be entitled to select the members of thedelegations that he will lead as he travels the world to attend ceremonies of appointing new Syrian ambassadors. After that, the Arab regimes will add, wewill announce the severing of economic and trade relations with Syria. Our airlines will no longer fly to and from the country. We will only offer undisclosed flights to anyone wanting to join the rebel army. We will cut off whatever aid we provide to any organization that does not declare its recognition of the SNC. Our blacklists will grow longer than many think possible. We will endorse anyone ” civilian, military, or security ” who defects from the regime, and support any action taken against its various institutions.All will come under the heading of legitimate self-defense. We will also promote civil disobedience. We will back any insurrection in the regular army. And if the opposition should suddenly decide that it has turned into an army and wants to form a rebel military force,we’ll back that too. Isn’t it worth studying the experience of Libya? The Arab and Western countries that operated in Libya will try to avoid repeating the organizational and logistical errors that occurred in the former jamahiria cities before they were destroyed.To make a long story short, a worldwide campaign of sanctions and embargoes will be mounted against you. If that can not be done by means of UN Security Council resolutions, countries and groups will take steps of their own. The European Union and the institutions of civil society, no less, will file for indictments in every national and international court, including new ones that may be created especially for Syria. Anyone who retains any connection with the regime will be damned. Learned religious scholars, clerics, and thinkers, sponsored by the Ford Foundation and others,will pronounce it sinful to have anything to do with the regime in Syria. Within weeks, Syria ‘s only remaining ties will be with rogues like Iran, Hezbollah,Hamas , North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, and a few  who support the resistance against Israel. On top of all that, life will become difficult for those Syrians who stayed at home and failed to take to the streets to sacrifice their lives for the sake of Basma Kadmani and Riad al-Shaqfa andhis comrades. Assassinations will be one means of accomplishing this. Operativesand targets are currently being readied. Car-bombings of the kind previously employed in Iraq are another means. A decision has been taken to transfer their use  . The regime’s supporters in Lebanon must pay a price too. Never mind that there will be more casualties. The media will say  quoting anonymous and invisible activists,observers, or eyewitnesses ” that the regime perpetrates these terrorist atrocities because it is in crisis.All this will compensate for the impossibility of a regular military war, directly or by proxy, similar to Libya’s. Practical considerations do not allow an operation of this kind to be launched in Syria at present. But this does not mean there are no alternatives available to those who may be interested. The moment will eventually arrive when the West weighs in with the final fireworks display. This will take the form of an attack aimed at killing whoever needs to be killed, exiling whoever needs to be exiled, and destroying whatever remains to be destroyed. The intention is for the country, by then, to resemble nothing the Arabs have not ever seen before in Iraq, Libya, or Palestine. It must serve as an example for others. After that, let the world inquire about human rights in Syria!

In the middle of events-Syria

Satayhi Briefs Romanian Delegation on Current Situation…Syria Going Ahead with Reform Oct 30, 2011 DAMASCUS, (SANA) – Member of the Regional Leadership of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party and Head of the Media and Foreign Relations Bureau, Haitham Satayhi, on Sunday met with the Romanian media delegation and members of the Syrian Community in Romania visiting […]

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The original article at Syrien im Würgegriff Seit dem Frühling 2011 steht Syrien im Fokus der weltweiten Medienberichterstattung. Die Regierung gehe mit brutaler Gewalt gegen friedliche Demonstranten vor, so die Berichte im Westen. Geopolitisch befindet sich das Land in einer schwierigen Situation. Die Kriegsdrohungen gegen Damaskus werden immer lauter. By:Manuel Ochsenreiter   God be […]

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Jouhaina -Qatar,France and Turkey’s alliance against Syria

تتصاعد وتيرة الهجوم الدبلوماسي الفرنسي ضد سوريا بالتزامن مع تصعيد إعلامي قطري عبر فضائية الجزيرة. وقد بلغت حدة التصريحات الفرنسية المتحاملة على الرئيس السوري بشار الأسد مستوى غير لائق دبلوماسياً، ظهرت فيه علامات الحقد والكره بعيداً عن علاقات الدول ومصالحها وفق ما قال المؤرخ الفرنسي فيليب بريفو، صاحب كتاب مسؤولية فرنسا في المأساة الفلسطينية لموقع […]

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The Arab League-one more attempt to intimidate Syria’s independence failed!

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نزار محمدTranslation Rifaat Assayed Ahmed: «GCC» call to the League meeting is a plot against Syria and is not the solution for her  problems. Monday 10/17/2011 Dr. Rifaat Sayed Ahmed, director of the Jaffee Center for Studies and Research in Cairo Said, that the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) call for an emergency meeting of Arab […]

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Army Member, 2 Civilians Martyred by Terrorist Groups in Homs and Hama   Oct 22, 2011   DAMASCUS, SANA_ An army member and two civilians were martyred on Friday by the fire of armed terrorist groups in the provinces of Homs and Hama. An official source in Homs told SANA correspondent that the competent authorities […]

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Blue Jasmine Project

JN:YASMINA BLUE by Sabina Chiaburu أميركا تهدد سورية بالحرب إذا وصلت أجهزة اتصال “الياسمينة الزرقاء” لروسيا أو الصين شارك | جهينة نيوز: سرب موقع إسرائيلي أن الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية وجهت تهديد بحرب على سورية اذا وصل اي من اجهزة الاتصال الأمريكية التي وقعت في يد سورية الى روسيا أو الصين. وكشف الموقع أن وزير خارجية […]

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Dumas about Syria

Dumas about Syria by Louis Denghien (Press Release: Infosyrie – 07/12/11) * Foreign Minister (1984 to 1986) and Foreign Affairs (from 1988 to 1993) of François Mitterrand – a minister who tried to keep the Gaullist policy of friendship between France and the Arab world and to defend the right the Palestinians a state – […]

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الخرائط الكامله لمخطط تقسيم الدول العربيه و بعض الدول الأخرى لاضعافها والهيمنة عليها/ وفقاً لتقارير عديدة

الخرائط الكامله لمخطط تقسيم الدول العربيه و بعض الدول الأخرى لاضعافها والهيمنة عليها/ وفقاً لتقارير عديدة Full maps of the scheme of division of the Arab countries and some other countries to weaken and dominate them / and according to numerous reports Posted on 29/09/2011 by KARAM   So as not to forget the Bernard […]

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