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Unspeakable propaganda to demonize Syria and its president, led by Western media and Arab  (Saudi Arabia and Qatar via chains satelittaires) announces a new stage in the implementation of the plan atlanto-Zionist reshaping the Middle East. As in Libya, it  is not rebellions, but acts of terrorism planned and organized from outside to overthrow the regime, according to the agenda of the United States.



After failing to keep Homs and lost the battle of Damascus, the Army “Syrian” free launched an attack against Aleppo. The ASL was able to take control of two of the city and a large public park. She took several police stations, killing all officers. The majority of the population of the districts concerned fled  […]
In this video, we see clearly members of “Free Syrian Army” (SLA “) trying to shoot a child in front of his house. […]
While Syria has six sites among the 745 listed on the World Heritage List of UNESCO, uneducated barbarians in the pay of the West destroy the unique cultural heritage of the country, as they did in Iraq in 2003 – IN
Armed forces and the relevant track down terrorists in Nahr Eicheh and neighborhoods Sayedeh Zeinab al-Hjeira and al-Dyabieh * Information Chinese Project Hollywwodien film showing an alleged fall of the Syrian regime. * The Ministry of information: Information western chains plan to divert Syrian spread lies * The People’s Assembly continues the discussion of the statement  […]
Live Interview Damascus July 26, 2012 about the failure of the “Free Syrian Army” (sic) in the battle of Damascus and even in that of Aleppo times over by the Syrian regime and the general misinformation propagated by the Western media against the regime of Bashar al-Assad. Photo: – Hezbollah mobilized tens of Thousands to reaffirm backing for Syria icts total  […]
Since reassuming his post as Russia’s President Vladimir Putin HAS lost no minute in Addressing The most pressing geopolitical terrorism threats to Russia Internationally. Not surprisingly, at the center of his agenda is the explosive situation in the Middle East, above all Syria. Here is Putin Engaging every imaginable means clustering of a further Top Preventing deterioration of the position into what Could Easily Become another “world war by  […]
Internationalnews by Fayrouz Letter from a Syrian citizen journalist Swiss SC Historical turning points put us to the test, we are at a historic turning point: today expressed reactionary Arab side of the plane of the Western- Zionist associates and performers in finance, arms and political aims. For the Arab population, it became clear that freedom, social justice and the right to national resources are […]
By Clara Weiss Given the worsening crisis in Syria, the newspaper Nezavisimaya Gazeta reported about que les Russian army is apparently being prepared Release for a mission in Syria. Citing anonymous sources in the military leadership, the newspaper Said That Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the general staff to work out a scheme for military operations outside Russia, Including in Syria. […]
“It seems that the U.S. government too sure of himself is determined to have a war on three fronts: Syria, Lebanon and Iran in the Middle East, the Far East, China and Russia in Europe. “  The Russian government has finally realized that his political opposition is funded by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), which is itself funded by U.S. taxpayers and other pharmacies […]
Washington’s reaction to the attack (*) Damascus is a clear justification of terrorism, has outraged the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov. The State Department of the United States stated that terrorist acts in Syria were not surprising given the regime’s behavior. Sergey Lavrov expressed his astonishment at a press conference  […]
“It seems that the U.S. government too sure of himself is determined to have a war on three fronts: Syria, Lebanon and Iran in the Middle East, the Far East, China and Russia in Europe. ‘ July 24, 2012 The Russian government has finally realized that his political opposition is funded by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), which is itself funded by U.S. taxpayers and other pharmacies in the  […]
Amin Hoteit Following the third double veto opposed by Russia and China to the adoption by the Security Council of a resolution paving the way for military intervention in Syria allegedly humanitarian, the U.S. and Britain have announced their intention to act now “outside” of  […]
Since reassuming his post as Russia’s President Vladimir Putin HAS lost no minute in Addressing The most pressing geopolitical terrorism threats to Russia Internationally. Not surprisingly, at the center of his agenda is the explosive situation in the Middle East, above all Syria. Here is Putin Engaging every imaginable means clustering of a further Top Preventing deterioration of the position into what Could Easily Become another “world war by  […]


Live Damascus. NATO is preparing a big operation intoxication, via chains Arab Gulf monarchies in his pay, to believe that public opinion mercenaries terrorists are winning the battle of Damascus. It is tr! S likely that the attack was beheaded (temporarily) the security of the State has been launched from the U.S. embassy in Damascus. Mecanopolis See our July 21, 2012  […]
These are the “rebels” that supports the West, combined with monarchists obscurantist Gulf. These are the ones they would like to bring to power in Syria, secular country like Libya was now in chaos. It is not a civil war, but a war waged by foreign powers, and programmed a very long time … Warning grim pictures IMAGE HARD – SYRIA: Inhumane treatment of civilians by terrorists Salafi Al Qaeda […]
While holding a soothing speech on the defense of human rights and promotion of democracy, the Obama administration has expanded its area of operations in which it violates human rights and violates the democratic aspirations of the people . For 236 years the U.S. has defended democracy everywhere: this is what Hillary Clinton assured in Cairo [1]. It is therefore  […]
Internationalnews Global Research, July 16 2012 by Ben Schreiner The familiar threat of U.S. war drums Have Resumed at a fevered pitch, as Iran again finds Itself Firmly oz Within the Pentagon’s cross hairs. Selon multiple reports, the U.S. is currently in the midst of a massive military build-up in the Persian Gulf is a scale not seen in the area since 2003 Prior to the U.S. invasion of Iraq. The military surge reportedly includes year influx of air and naval forces, ground  […]
Internationalnews 15 ‘CrossTalking with Abdulhamit Bilici, Brian Becker and Joshua Landis.
This staging evil had already been used in Libya …Decorations imitating squares and governmental facilities in Damascus and other Syrian cities, including Aleppo and Lattakia are built not far from the capital of Qatar, Doha, contacted Thursday Syrian official SANA news agency.Information Agency indicates that it is a new attempt by the authorities of Qatar  […]
Western powers and Gulf launched the largest military operation since the secret of the Contras in Nicaragua. The Battle of Damascus is not intended to topple President Bashar al-Assad, but break the Syrian Army to better ensure the domination of Israel and the United States in the Middle East. While the city is preparing for a new onslaught of foreign mercenaries, Thierry Meyssan presents the point of […]


Navy will deploy the aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis strike group and Its oven Months Earlier Than Previously scheduled shift icts and destination to the Gulf region, two carrier strike groups Maintaining que area, Pentagon Press Secretary George Little Said Monday. The deployment will take up this late summer in response to the Central Command’s requirement for carrier presence extended year, Little said. The  […]

Syria: the incredible admission Laurent Fabius

Internationalnews July 15, 2012 It is time to prepare for the “after Holland” and “after Fabius”!, July 14, 2012 The According to the statements of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Laurent Fabius, the major powers are already preparing after Assad. They even thought to find a successor to the Syrian president, in defiance of the people’s sovereignty. Pierre Levy “rubs his eyes.” Shoes, luggage and bags luxury. These are some of  […]
Internationalnews July 10, 2012 From what I play! By what right can France afford it ask a foreign head of state to leave his post? France which also looks more like a banana republic than a democracy … The Lisbon Treaty, for example, remained across the george a large majority of French.Holland and forgets that he owes his election (a very short head) that desire Fran! Ais get rid of Sarkozy … Holland […]

Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria (video) + file

Nice peaceful protestors against the Syrian regime … A video to see quickly because it has already been removed from youtube. Who can send us a brief summary of what in Arabic translated into French? Reader Favorites Report Link + Download Subscribe Homs massacres were perpetrated by terrorist groups in the pay of the West (+ video) – Syria terrorist attack against a television channel by commandos to pay  […]
“The Western powers have already decided, by turning their war machine, to annex Syria to their new empire.”, July 3, 2012 The Art of War “Deeply concerned by the escalation of violence,” which could widen the conflict to regional dimensions, they require firm “cessation of armed violence in all its forms. ” Who are non-violent? Members  […]
Gunmen invaded Wednesday a television pro-government killing seven people, injuring several others and taking hostages. […]
Jean Bricmont back on the fallacious notion of “humanitarian war”, and denounces ideological conditioning from the mass media, which aim to make it as acceptable to the public with a  […]
By Chris Marsden The Hula massacre of May 25 was carried out by opposition forces in accordance with the Free Syrian Army (SLA), according to the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. The report refutes the official version of the United States and other major powers and which was taken by the media blindly. The massacre was attributed to pro-government forces and used  […]
Interview conducted by Sherif Internationalnews Abdedaïm, The New Republic Despite the focus of news on Iran, Syria remains subject to concern on the part of observers. This restive country to establish the New World Order is still “a victim of terrorism planned and organized by foreign powers.” What part of the western secret services in this attempt at destabilization? Manipulation by NATO […]
PR Michel Chossudovsky, professor at the Center for Research in Globalization about What Has Already Become an illegal war of sorts against the sovereign state of Syria, about the atrocities against innocent Being COMMITTED Civilians in Syria, who is Causing  […]
Shocking pictures Have surfaced, revealing the Alleged desecration of Christian churches in Syria by Western-backed rebels. […]
Short memory … Fabius said horrifé crimes committed in Syria, which he attributed to its president, without any evidence, but gets amnesia when it comes to deaths due to contaminated blood when he was Prime Minister.  […]
Personal testimony of a journalist britannique.Dans the propaganda war in full swing on Syria, the death of journalists can be a good deal and the armed opposition to the Syrian government have understood who did not hesitate to drive European journalists to what should have been their certain death.  […]
Member States of NATO and the GCC preparing a coup and sectarian genocide in Syria.Soon, the Syrians who want to watch the national channels will replace them on their television screens created by the CIA. Images taken in studio show massacres attributed to  […]
Washington admits that Al Qaeda is active in Syria’s attempt to stir up media public outrage after the massacre of Hula, associated with the expulsion of Syrian diplomats coordinated by the major powers, is an act of shameless cynicism . Its purpose is to legitimize the current campaign of destabilization led by the Obama administration and its allies in Europe and the Middle East …]
The CIA set up a dispostif sabotage of the Annan Plan and any attempt at peace in Syria. Methods of reviving the Cold War during which it manufactured subversive groups in the Eastern Bloc and incorporated in international fronts fighters, the CIA organized […]
Since the publication May 16, the Washington Post article about an influx of weapons to the Syrian opposition forces, the Obama administration proposed a proxy war against Syria has become even more obvious. The Post said that opponents managed to “a much larger quantity of more powerful weapons financed by the Persian Gulf and coordinated […]
Washington is coordinating the shipment of arms into the country and working to expand the deadly conflict. The Syrian “rebels,” the Post reported about, “have Begun Receiving Significantly more and better weapons in  […]
Syrian Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Wealth, Sufian al-Allao, announced that Venezuelan ship loaded 35 000 tonnes of fuel oil arrived in Syria to break the embargo unilaterally implemented illegally by Westerners. [… ]
“Our policy is to try and accelerate the arrival at a tipping point” where the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad is overthrown, explained last March the Under Secretary of State for American Affairs in the Middle East. Thursday we have seen the latest incarnation of this policy devastating bombs placed in cars and  […]
“The wars of the last century were those of oil, but a new era, that of the gas wars.” by Imad Fawzi Shueibi […]
After their military defeat against the regular army, the legions of the anti-Syrian coalition now have recourse to indiscriminate terrorism  […]


Syria: Holland in favor of military intervention by France!

The candidate “socialist” has announced that it will commit French troops if the UN decides to intervene “to protect civilians”  […]
Foreign Policy Holland, if elected, will not change one iota from that pursued by Sarkozy […]
The “Nouvel Observateur” posed ten questions to candidates on foreign policy. […]
By Bahar Kimyongür First, there is the factor secularism. Syria is in this case the last secular Arab state. (1) Religious minorities shall enjoy the same rights as the Muslim majority.For some Sunni sects champions of the war against the Other whatsoever Arab secularism and equality inter-religious conflict with Sharia, are an insult to Islam and make the state more Syrian  [… ]
Death Squads Internationalnews CIA Exposed
Testimony We asked a Syrian native Homs (*) who now resides in a village in the province of Homs, to explain why the army of Bashar al-Assad and repress violently bombarded his own people, as repeated ever international media. SC: The images broadcast by television channels and comments from journalists, as you  […]


Internationalnews Holland: “The diplomacy of Qatar is rather in the sense of stability and peace” “In rivalry with Saudi Arabia, the Wahhabi emirate has become the main financier of al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. L Emirate hired mercenaries to dial 5000 Special Forces who fought on the ground in Libya in violation of UN resolution. has since transferred these troops in Syria, about 1500 members of Al- Qaeda in Libya under the command  […]

By Mohamed Belaali “We have the best relations with NGOs, who are such a force multiplier for us, such an important part of our combat team. (…) Because [we] are all committed to the same singular purpose, to help mankind, to help every man and woman in the world who is in need, hungry (…), give all the ability to dream of a future that is brighter “said Collin Powell” [2]. “States  […]
With 83 states and intergovernmental organizations represented the Second Conference of “Friends” of Syria was a media success. But this scene can not hide the defeat of NATO and the GCC in Syria, unable to overthrow the regime in a year of low-intensity war, and now forced to face away from the front Russo- Sino-Iranian. Thierry Meyssan deciphers this strange  […]


Bomb blasts hit Internationalnews Have security installations in Syria killing Civilians and security forces, amid reports of arms smuggled into Syria to equip anti-Assad armed groups.Press TV HAS Interviewed Daoud Khairallah professor of law at Georgetown University, Washington, about law and strategy over the Western and Arab arming and training of terrorist groups and terrorist attacks in Syria. What follows is an approximate transcript of the interview. Press TV: If Damascus has-been  […]

Internationalnews April 7 2012 Global Research April 5 2012 “The” Al Qaeda Brand “, a Lucrative” Investment “by Finian Cunningham …. A British foreign policy think tank released a week HAS this study Claiming que les terror group Al Qaeda is regrouping Creating Africa in “an arc of instability” from the Western to the Eastern Sahel Horn. The Royal United Services Institute, based in Whitehall, London, and Closely aligned to official British foreign policy, cited “disturbing new trends” […]
A very interesting documentary on the revolution That Is Manufactured plaguing Syria and threatening to plunge it into chaos, who is behind it, why are they doing it, and confirmation That this so-called “Revolution” is nothing more than the year against Imperialist Campaign innocent and righteous people of Syria and it’s honorable government. (Shabir’sblog)
Internationalnews March 29, 2012 Massacre of civilians in Homs by foreign terrorists armed by the West and Qatar


Original title: The Syrians demonstrate massive support for the Government in many cities While in Geneva 200 NGOs of human rights, particularly Amnesty International, mount to the wall for President Assad accused of the worst atrocities, major events we are talking about more than a million-to support the reform program initiated by President Bashar al-Assad and rejecting any interference  […]


In Syria, the perpetrators of atrocities are armed opponents

Internationalnews March 15, 2012 by SC The March 13, 2012 Opponents of Homs in Syria armed one year after the beginning of the unrest Engineer expressed here living in the city of Homs, until in June 2011, frightened by the horrors perpetrated by Sunni extremists in his neighborhood, he fled with his family Homs to seek refuge with relatives in a village near Homs (*). What he says in this interview with SC […]
Internationalnews March 13, 2012 March 13, 2012 The Original title: Massacre in Homs: Victims supported President Assad “The escalation by armed terrorist groups became ritual before any meeting of the Security Council and to mobilize positions against Syria, “he told the news agency Sana observer who remain anonymous. “The terrorist gangs perpetrated the most atrocious massacres in the neighborhood of Karm al-Zeitoun in Homs  […]
Philippe Conrad presents “When Syria wakes up,” Richard Labévière and Talal El-Hatrache, published by Perrin in 2011.It recalls the undeniable economic results from the advent of Bashar al-Assad in 2000 and the modernization of the economy with the development of the private sector, but point too often characterizes corruption regime. It also emphasizes the permanence of threats hampering the draft liberalization  […]

Internationalnews March 19, 2012 by Pepe Escobar Mecanoblog for Asia Times Online How exciting is that the first anniversary of a true pro-democracy movement Arab in the Persian Gulf – then ruthlessly crushed – falls on Feb. 14, the day of St. Valentine is celebrated in the West. Talk about a love story doomed … And how Washington will he honor this tragic love story? Taking up arms sales to the Sunni dynasty  […]
In French here: Obama and the Pentagon preparing war plans against Syria 2012-03-12 WSWS 9 March 2012 testimony before a Senate In committee Wednesday, the Pentagon’s Civilian and uniformed chiefs Confirmed That They Are drawing up war against Syria plan at the request of the Obama White House. The statements by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Chairman  […]
Internationalnews WSWS February 27, 2012 U.S. President Barack Obama and international diplomats gathered for the meeting of the “Friends of Syria” in Tunis yesterday issued a statement pushing for a military intervention in Syria. They cited as a pretext for intensifying war between the “rebel” forces Syrian supported by the United States and the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.  […]


“In Misrata we came to Syria Free!” Images that come from Homs, showing a deserted city, devastated by the fighting, are worrying. Since February 6, after failing to restore communication, we lost contact with our correspondents. (*) Homs is unfortunately a disaster battlefield where government troops battle armed groups, according to witnesses not  […]

WSWS Internationalnews March 8, 2012 March 7, 2012 By testifying Tuesday before a Senate Committee, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad could be called “war criminal.” “If it is based on the definition of a war criminal and crimes against humanity, could defend that [Assad] falls into this category,” said Clinton before the Commission. Hardening rhetoric aimed at Washington  […]

internationalnews The New Republic February 26, 2012 What is the Arab League? Question that keeps tapping spirits saw crises in the Arab world. As we saw in the Libyan war, this “league” supposed to defend the interests of the Ummah has been approve the plan dictated by its US-Zionist masters. A discharge to destroy a country reluctant to imperialist hegemony under the banner of a so-called New World Order. The  […]
February 21 Internationalnews 202 A journalist (which I will not mention the name or the newspaper where she works) asked me a question about my “supporting dictators” (especially Assad), interference in the internal affairs of countries like Syria that would support, my relationship with the extreme right as well as sites “conspiracy” and “bond” rationalist and progressive that I would bring them. Here  […]

Internationalnews order to facilitate the work of liberating forces […] a special effort should seek the elimination of certain key individuals […] in the early days of the uprising and intervention […] Once a political decision taken to sow unrest in Syria, the CIA and the SIS (MI6) attempt to organize Syrian soil minor incidents of sabotage and raids (sic), by working with individuals […] The incidents  […]


Internationalnews WSWS February 10, 2012 The Sino-Russian veto in the UN resolution paving the way for intervention in Syria has caused a furious reaction from the United States and its imperialist allies. Susan Rice, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations representative and influential going in the war of “rights” that require universal acceptance of the shenanigans of U.S. imperialism, called the ruling emissaries of veto “shameful and  […]
The United States, France, Britain and the Arab League put pressure on the Security Council of the United Nations to adopt a resolution on Syria denies it is intended to pave the way to a regime change and a Western military intervention […]
The Syrian who lives here testifies in Homs, in the area where Gilles Jacquier was killed along with eight supporters Syrian Assad government. The shells fell around his building when we talked. Paralyzed by fear and anxiety of death that lurked, he spoke softly, hardly. We believe that this framework,  […]
The Pentagon HAS drawn up plans for military action in Syria. A military strike Would Be Coordinated with Turkey, the Gulf States and the NATO powers, selon Such reports acknowledge That Officially Plans for the first time. The Plan is Described as an “internal review” by Pentagon Central Command, to allow President Barack Obama to Maintain the pretense que le White House is still seeking a diplomatic solution. This  […]
The Free Syrian Army is commanded by Military Governor of Tripoli by Thierry Meyssan In favor of the “Arab Spring” and NATO interventions, both official and secret, Qatar seeks to impose wherever he may Islamist leaders . This strategy has led it not only to fund the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Jazeera to offer, but also to support Al Qaeda mercenaries. These now flank the Army  […]



Extract conference Bernard Henri Levy and Tzipi Livni on the Arab Spring given at the University of Tel Aviv June 2, 2011.The conference, in its entirety (in English): In addition: BHL requires its war against Syria!
RESPONSE-MARIAM AGNES CROSS WITH A REPORT OF SOFIA By AMARA Mother Agnès-Mariam of the Cross, abbot of the monastery of Saint Jacques the Mutilated in Qara (Syria) responds to the war propaganda relayed by French journalist Sofia Amara (*) in the film broadcast by Arte October 11, 2011. It unravels the facts reported as having no connection with what is happening on the ground. […]
A very interesting article in the Anglo-Lebanese journalist Hala Jaber, a correspondent for the British newspaper The Sunday Times named Journalist of the Year 2003 by Amnesty International. Just arrived in Syria in late June, she investigated and Damascus in the north-west of the country particularly affected by the unrest. While underlining the brutality and unnecessary killing forces  […]
Who is telling the truth about what is really happening in Syria? The Israeli intelligence services working for years to bring down a regime that resists them?Community journalists who echo the propaganda distilled from the embassies of Israel? Syrians refugees at the Turkish border? Those who say that many of these were related to gangs who shoot the Syrian army? The  […]

Syria News, August 24, 2011 Boris Dolgov, a Russian friend of Syria, among many others Here, as expected, we granted the interview in Damascus, August 22, Dr. Boris Dolgov, member of the Academy Russian Science and the Institute of Oriental Studies in Moscow, and a doctorate in history. Friend of Syria and its president, Boris Dolgov gives us his views on the situation in Syria, the roots of the crisis, and the position of Russia. -Infosyrie: Can you  […]
The former President Emile Lahoud said yesterday that “the attacks against the barracks of the police (in Syria) and the fact that many members of the security forces were killed that show what happens Syria is an armed attack that targets the regime and the people, and the security of this country. “He added:” It is not at all a popular revolt that could compare to […]
Internationalnews Aug 24 2011
Responding to the call of the collective “Syria is my homeland,” more than a million people demonstrated on October 12, 2011 instead of Sept Fontaines and the surrounding neighborhoods in Damascus. Participants agreed their support to President Bashar al-Assad to meet foreign aggression against the country. They also wanted to thank China and Russia for having saved the country from the destruction  […]
Internationalnews Extract conference Bernard Henri Levy and Tzipi Livni on the Arab Spring given at the University of Tel Aviv June 2, 2011.

Or how American students finance their education through a small job at the CIA! After impersonation Ambassador of Syria, a new scandal … 13-06-11 Nouvel Observateur “I created a voice for issues that concerns me greatly,” explained Tom MacMaster simply, studying in Scotland. Installed an American student in Scotland revealed Sunday that he was the author of the blog presented as that of a young Syrian lesbian Amina  […]
Internationalnews The best articles and documentaries about how war propaganda. Updated June 13, 2011 This is the case of incubators that allowed the release of the “Gulf War” by crying in the cottages American (and worldwide). Anti-Syrian propaganda rough! I: Syrian blogger “removed” was … an American student Internationalnews Or how American students finance their education through a  […]

Interview with Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya GRTV By The process of destabliziation of Syria is Being Conducted along the same lines as Libya, with external political intérêts driving and manipulating the protest movements in Both countries. Meanwhile, Ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak HAS Appeared in court over charge of embezzlement, corruption and sanctioning the killing of protesters falling on the February uprising. Mubarak pleaded not guilty HAS to all charges. The charge against  […]

Solidarity Internationalnews Because there is no war “humanitarian”! Not in Libya, Iraq, as the “Liberation”!Where we learn that Henry Ford received a medal from Hitler … The Second World War, an American crusade for freedom and democracy? The winners write history, it is this version that has been taught since 1945 on both sides of the Atlantic. Jacques Pauwels, supporting evidence, reveals the myth of the “liberation.” In  […]

James Corbet report / PR Michel Chossudovsky As the world icts Focuses Attention on the siege of Tripoli in the NATO-led overthrow of the Libyan government, Those very same western powers who are responsible for the war crimes against the Citizens of Libya are working behind the scenes to set the stage for yet another potential military intervention, this time with embattled Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. This week, GRTV talks to Michel  […]

The toppling of the statue of Saddam Hussein was toppled in 2003 the statue of Hafez al-Assad Deera March 2011 “” debunking “of a statue of Saddam Hussein was unanimously presented by the press as a symbol of the fall Baghdad. event very telegenic as a metaphor for the “war of liberation” of Iraq as conceived Staff unien states: the overthrow of Hussein by the Iraqi people with the help  [ …]

Le Grand Soir January 9, 2011 Original Title: Breaking news Wikileaks reveal talks US-Israeli War (WSWS) Go to the original: … By Bill Van AUKEN (WSWS) The U.S. diplomatic cables cited by the Norwegian daily Aftenposten report talks between U.S. legislators and Israeli officials to prepare for the next war in the Middle East. These documents make it clear to both  […]
We have We have Reached a decisive transition in the evolution of U.S. military doctrine. The “Global War on Terrorism” (GWOT) directed against Al Qaeda in the wake of Launched 9/11 is Evolving Towards a full-fledged “war of religion”, a “holy crusade” directed against the Muslim World. U.S. military dogma and war propaganda under the Bush administration, was predicated on Combating Islamic fundamentalism: The counter-terrorism campaign was not directed against  […]

WSWS June 16, 2011  […]
We must remember the absolute desolation of 20 years of embargo, three wars and millions of victims of Iraq completely destroyed and plagued by daily attacks from the illegal US-British action in 2003  […]

Internationalnews How the CIA prepares colored revolutions (documentary) The ukraine, link the “color revolutions” fomented by the usa egypt: the abortive revolution by robert bibeau Myanmar’s “saffron revolution”: the geopolitics behind Color revolutions, old and new by stephen Lendman

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