Putin: “Terrorists use Syria ceasefire to try & regroup” ~ Russian Army Command: “U.S. & their ‘controlled’ moderate-terrorists haven’t fulfilled any Syria ceasefire deal obligations”

the real Syrian Free Press


Putin: Terrorists use Syria ceasefire to try & regroup

(RT-17/9/2016) ~ Terrorists groups, which Russia expected to be separated from ‘moderate rebels’ with US help, and be subject to joint US-Russian attacks, are instead using the ongoing ceasefire to regroup, the Russian president said.

“We agreed that the Al-Nusra Front and the likes of it would be separated from the so-called healthy opposition factions, and we would be shown where the latter are located. But what we see today is not separation of the healthy part of the opposition and the terrorists. We see terrorist forces trying to regroup”, Vladimir Putin told journalists on Saturday.

Moscow and Washington agreed last week to use their influence on the Syrian government and the so-called moderate rebel forces respectively to establish a ceasefire in the war-torn country. While violence diminished, progress is undermined by violations.

Russia has repeatedly complained that the…

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