Protecting al-Qaeda: Please Don’t Attack Nusra-FSA-Ahrar-Jihadist ‘Rebels’ ~ [Brilliant Analysis by Steven Chovanec]

the real Syrian Free Press

“What Russia is bombing in actuality is an al-Qaeda, extremist dominated opposition embedded with CIA-backed ‘rebels’ operating under their control. The not-so-moderates only operate under license from, and in support of, the Salafi jihadists, openly expressing their solidarity with them, labelling them as ‘brothers’, and begging the U.N. to protect them.

Due to porous links between Free Syrian Army, other Islamist groups like al-Nusra and Ahrar al-Sham, and ISIS, there have been prolific weapons transfers from ‘moderate’ to Islamist militant groups”


Please Don’t Attack Al-Qaeda

(By Steven Chovanec, UndergroundReports) ~ In the weeks leading up to the agreed upon cessation-of-hostilities (CoH) agreement between the US and Russia, it was John Kerry’s diplomacy that was instrumental in “downgrading” the truce from a more forceful and legally binding ‘ceasefire’ agreement to the less intensive ‘cessation-of-hostilities’ now taking effect.

As described by Kerry: “So, a ceasefire has a great many…

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