Pentagon mercenaries: Blackwater, Al-Qaeda… what’s in a name?

the real Syrian Free Press

Blackwater CASA 212 over Afghanistan dropping supplies to U.S. Army soldiersBlackwater CASA 212 over Afghanistan dropping supplies to U.S. Army soldiers. © soldiersmediacenter / Wikipedia

CIA-linked private “security” companies are fighting in Yemen for the US-backed Saudi military campaign. 

Al-Qaeda-affiliated mercenaries are also being deployed.
Melding private firms with terror outfits should not surprise.
It’s all part of illegal war making.

By Finian Cunningham ~ RT
Western news media scarcely report on the conflict in Yemen , let alone the heavy deployment of Western mercenaries in the fighting there. In the occasional Western report on Al-Qaeda and related terror groups in Yemen, it is usually in the context of intermittent drone strikes carried out by the US, or with the narrative that these militants are “taking advantage” of the chaos “to expand” their presence in the Arabian Peninsula, as reported here  by the Washington Post.

Blackwater, after suffering heavy losses, abandons Taiz, Yemen
Blackwater-after suffering heavy losses

This bifurcated Western media view of Yemen

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