U.S. Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard: “Wrong and illegal the war to remove Syrian President Bashar al-Assad”

the real Syrian Free Press

We appreciate the honesty of statements of this U.S. Congresswoman, but we must correct her when she says that the attempt to change the government in Iraq and Libya, as now in Syria, was a mistake of the American administration: because in reality what the lobby (that directs the US regime) wanted was (and still is) just to create a situation of instability and ungovernability, required for the project of geostrategic domination of the energy resources and, above all, to combat the competitive Eurasian block.

The ‘enemy’, represented by the jihadist terrorist gangs, has always been in reality a creation of the Western intelligence services (withstronglocal Arab and Zionist complicity), in order to manage the unmanageable, in a situation of total armed anarchy, remotely (but not too much) controlled.

Dear American friend Tulsi Gabbard, what you call ‘errors’ of the American administration, were therefore great success for…

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