False Flag Alert [1] ~ The Paris Terrorist Attacks, “9/11 French-Style”, “Le 11 septembre à la française”

the real Syrian Free Press

The aim, all too obvious, is to have an incontrovertible and very strong excuse, needed for a direct Western military intervention on Syrian soil, to counter the Russian anti-terrorism operations (that are putting in serious difficulty the gangs of “moderate terrorists” backed by the Western military intelligence to oppose the legitimate government in Damascus).

A plan like the Libyan one, but in a version more complicated because of the Syrian resistance and the Russian intervention. The dirty manual labor (as for the 9/11) is always wahhabi/jihadist, of the most rude and ignorant species, but always directed by the same lobbies.

What changes is that all of us already know this game, and even more is known in Moscow, Tehran and Beijing. Because for the question “Cui Prodest” there is only one answer, that as crazy as it sounds, is unfortunately the only one realistic.
(By SFP-WP-SyrianPatriots)


Terrorist attacks…

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