How Russia has thwarted the US plan for a No-Fly-Zone in Syria

the real Syrian Free Press


More information confirms the Russian deployment was intended as much to prevent a US plan to impose a no-fly zone over Syria – bringing about regime change there –  as to defeating the Islamic State

By Daniel Fielding, Russia-Insider

NATO’s over-the-top reaction to a minor violation by a Russian aircraft of Turkey’s air space underscores the key point about the Russian military deployment.

The West has lost control of the skies of Syria.

When I first discussed the line-up of Russian aircraft in Syria I said the four SU30 fighters were intended to provide top cover for the strike force.

I also speculated the six SU-34s were not really needed, and that they were there to test them in a combat environment.

I was right about the SU-30s; I was wrong about the SU-34s.

I overlooked the fact that as well as being a formidable strike and ground attack aircraft, the SU-34 is an extremely capable…

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